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1 Describe realistic strategies that Canadians could take to reduce their negative impact on land, water and the atmosphere. Intro: Begin talking about the reason for the negative impact. Global Land/WaterReducing warming and Pollution towards the nature. Cause and effect. Mostly should be the introduction towards the negativity of things that we do towards environment. household waste less materias will be going into landfill which potentially contaminates soil and water. Soil and Water will be damaged and the soil and water will be no longer usable in agriculture. Pressure the govt to increase recycling programs- Through lobbyist and other Reducing the use of household method as peaceful rally. The govt is the only big foundation that is capable of enforcing laws that will increase awareness and reduce the negative impact. hazardous wastes- Raising awareness and simple procedure for everyday citizens to pitch in. Using less hazardous waste means less waste going into the landfill and water. Once again reducing the chance of the soil and water no longer usable in agriculture. Building waste treatment plansthe waste treatment plant will be responsible of thoroughly treating the waste water to be able to return back to the water supply. It allows the water to be properly cleaned and safe to re-enter the system of water. Carefully controlling the spread of citiesBy controlling the spread of cities, it can protect sensitive areas. It also puts a control on how far human damage can reach the nature. Ex. London has a green belt which is a green area around the city that is a boundary where the city cannot expand. The nature around it is naturally protected, creating a fence of boundary. Non toxic herbicides, insecticides and patricideTo use these in agriculture. The Atmosphere Planting and non-toxic will be safer for the land rather than using harmful toxic materials for agriculture. Promote practice of 3Rs- (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle) be absorbed from the atmosphere. (Reduce global warming) usage. replanting trees- The process of planting trees will create an ecosystem where carbon dioxide will Participating in Energy Smart types of program- To use alternative energy such as solar or wind rather than using fossil fuel Carbon tax- Pressuring the Govt to use the carbon tax. The carbon tax will put large Carpool system- Using a carpool system will limit the Using a public transportation system companies a limit on their pollution to the atmosphere. Heavy fines will limit companies waste that will be entering into the atmosphere output of carbon dioxide. Public Transportation System-

will allow people to take public transportation that will also limit the greenhouse gas output. Ex. London- once again the in London public transportation is popular due to heavy payment to bring in other vehicle into the cities. Not only does that create an income for the govt to be used in other environmental system it is good for the environment creating sustainability.