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Political Science & Law 2010

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How Enemies Become Friends

the Sources of Stable Peace Charles A. Kupchan
Kupchans book is fascinating, thought provoking, and consequential. henry Kissinger Kupchans magisterial accomplishment, drawing on an extraordinary range of theories and cases, is to provide an overarching account of when and why countries in conflict move toward stable peace. . . . this book will be read by scholars and policy thinkers for a very long time. g. John ikenberry, Foreign Affairs in a world where conflict among nations seems inescapable, How Enemies Become Friends offers critical insights for building lasting peace. charles A. Kupchan is professor of international affairs at georgetown University and senior fellow at the council on Foreign relations. he served on the national Security council during the clinton presidency.
Princeton Studies in International History and Politics A Council on Foreign Relations Book 2010. 464 pages. 10 line illus. 6 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14265-4 $29.95 | 20.95

The Whites of Their Eyes

the tea Partys revolution and the Battle over American history Jill Lepore
Jill Lepore is a national treasure. there is no other writer so at home both as a trenchant scholar of American history and as an onthe-scene observer of our present-day follies. She etches the connection between past and present with a wisdom, grace, and sparkle. Adam hochschild, author of Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empires Slaves Americans have always put the past to political ends. the Union laid claim to the revolutionso did the confederacy. civil rights leaders said they were the true sons of libertyso did Southern segregationists. this book tells the story of the centuries-long struggle over the meaning of the nations founding, including the battle waged by the tea Party, glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and evangelical christians to take back America. Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper 41 Professor of American history at harvard University and a staff writer at the New Yorker.
The Public Square 2010. 248 pages. cl: 978-0-691-15027-7 $19.95 | 13.95

general interest



Who Are the Criminals?

the Politics of crime Policy from the Age of roosevelt to the Age of reagan John Hagan
this critically important book offers an incisive analysis of the links between the increase in incarceration for street crime in the last several decades and deregulation of the business suites. it is simultaneously a scholarly tour de force and a sweeping indictment of the political uses of crime. Kitty calavita, University of california, irvine John hagan is the John D. macArthur Professor of Sociology and Law at northwestern University and the American Bar Foundation.
november 2010. 320 pages. 15 line illus. 4 tables. 1 map. cl: 978-0-691-14838-0 $29.95 | 20.95

New Faces, New Voices

the hispanic electorate in America Marisa A. Abrajano & R. Michael Alvarez
this innovative book deals with a large and understudied area: Latino political behavior. its argument regarding the diversity of the Latino community is important and the authors attention to generational differences in the community is a rarity. Significant and original. Lisa garca Bedolla, University of california, Berkeley marisa A. Abrajano is assistant professor of political science at the University of california, San Diego. r. michael Alvarez is professor of political science at the california institute of technology.
2010. 232 pages. 17 line illus. 35 tables. 2 maps. cl: 978-0-691-14305-7 $27.95 | 19.95


Thinking about Leadership

Nannerl O. Keohane
Thinking about Leadership is replete with important, telling, and original insights and information. the book addresses key questions about leadership that, while not necessarily new, need to be posed, over and over again. nannerl Keohane does not know how to write a bad sentence or make an uninteresting point. Barbara Kellerman, author of Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens, Why It Matters nannerl o. Keohane is the Laurance S. rockefeller Distinguished Visiting Professor of Public Affairs and the University center for human Values at Princeton University.
December 2010. 280 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14207-4 $27.95 | 19.95


A cultural and Political history Thomas Barfield
this fascinating survey of Afghanistan is an excellent book for those wanting to go beyond headlines. . . . Barfield has captured political, social, and cultural insights of extraordinary importance to the policy arguments of today and tomorrow. ronald e. neumann, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, 20052007 thomas Barfield is professor of anthropology at Boston University.
Princeton Studies in Muslim Politics 2010. 408 pages. 5 line illus. 9 maps. cl: 978-0-691-14568-6 $29.95 | 20.95

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Not Even Past

Barack obama and the Burden of race Thomas J. Sugrue
in Not Even Past, one of Americas most prominent historians of race and rights turns a shrewd and honest eye to the contemporary scene. it should be essential reading for anyone trying to understand the changes in racial experience and argument in America since the 1960s, and Barack obamas place in them. Daniel t. rodgers, author of Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Age Award-winning historian thomas Sugrue examines the paradox of race in obamas America and how President obama intends to deal with it. thomas J. Sugrue is the David Boies Professor of history and Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.
The Lawrence Stone Lectures 2010. 184 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13730-8

Reading Obama
Dreams, hope, and the American Political tradition James T. Kloppenberg
Reading Obama strikingly illuminates the man, enriching our sense of his intellectual formation and commitments and significantly deepening our understanding of his place in history. Daniel t. rodgers, Princeton University Reading Obama traces the origins of Barack obamas ideas and establishes him as the most penetrating political thinker elected to the presidency in the past century. James t. Kloppenberg is the charles Warren Professor of American history and chair of the history Department at harvard University.
november 2010. 296 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14746-8 $24.95 | 16.95

$24.95 | 16.95

Climate Change Justice

Eric A. Posner & David Weisbach
this incisive book points the only way forward on climate change. Posner and Weisbach carefully weigh the arguments on a wide range of issues, from what policies have the strongest merit to how we should value the welfare of future generations. the analysis is provocative, judicious, and accessible. richard J. Zeckhauser, Kennedy School of government, harvard University eric A. Posner and David Weisbach teach at the University of chicago Law School.
2010. 232 pages. 8 line illus. 11 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13775-9 $27.95 | 19.95

of related interest

Racial Justice in the Age of Obama

Roy L. Brooks
roy Brooks provides savvy and succinct analyses of contending civil rights theories in the obama era. Joe r. Feagin, author of Systemic Racism: A Theory of Oppression
2009. 264 pages. 100 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-14198-5 $27.95 | 19.95

2 general interest


Capitalism and the Jews

Jerry Z. Muller
in his slim essay collection Capitalism and the Jews, Jerry Z. muller presents a provocative and accessible survey of how Jewish culture and historical accident ripened Jews for commercial success and why that success has earned them so much misfortune. catherine rampell, New York Times Book Review Jerry Z. muller is professor of history at the catholic University of America in Washington, Dc.
2010. 280 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14478-8 $24.95 | 16.95

also available

This Time Is Different

eight centuries of Financial Folly Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff
See page 25 for details.


Zombie Economics
how Dead ideas Still Walk among Us John Quiggin
See page 26 for details.



Fault Lines
how hidden Fractures Still threaten the World economy Raghuram G. Rajan
See page 25 for details.

The Squam Lake Report

Fixing the Financial System Kenneth R. French, Martin N. Baily, John Y. Campbell, John H. Cochrane, Douglas W. Diamond, Darrell Duffie, Anil K Kashyap, Frederic S. Mishkin, Raghuram G. Rajan, David S. Scharfstein, Robert J. Shiller, Hyun Song Shin, Matthew J. Slaughter, Jeremy C. Stein & Ren M. Stulz
See page 27 for details.


Identity Economics
how our identities Shape our Work, Wages, and Well-Being George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton
See page 26 for details.


The Long Divergence

how islamic Law held Back the middle east Timur Kuran
See page 27 for details.

neW PAPerBAcK With a new preface by the authors

Animal Spirits
how human Psychology Drives the economy, and Why it matters for global capitalism George A. Akerlof & Robert J. Shiller
See page 26 for details.

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Blessed Are the Organized

grassroots Democracy in America Jeffrey Stout
this original and important book develops an invigorating conception of democratic citizenship today. it is simply one of the most exciting books that i have read in ages. Danielle S. Allen, institute for Advanced Study the most important book on organizing and grassroots democracy in a generation, Blessed Are the Organized is a passionate and hopeful account of how our endangered democratic principles can be put into action. Jeffrey Stout is professor of religion at Princeton University.
December 2010. 368 pages. 3 maps. cl: 978-0-691-13586-1 $29.95 | 20.95

The Rise and Fall of Modern American Conservatism

A Short history David Farber
An absorbing and convincing history of modern American conservatism, rendered in the elegantly concise style weve come to expect from this author. Farber amply demonstrates conservatives devotion to the market and to social order, as well as the important role played by human agency and ambition; throughout, he is at once unsparing and fair-minded in his judgments. this is first-rate, original scholarship. Fredrik Logevall, cornell University David Farber is professor of history at temple University.
2010. 312 pages. 6 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-12915-0 $29.95 | 20.95


Hard Line
the republican Party and U.S. Foreign Policy since World War ii Colin Dueck
colin Dueck notes that foreign policy is made by presidents, not intellectuals, and he is right. But his smart, lively new book shows what intellectuals can add to the discussion: sharp, honest analysis that uncovers the reality behind the rhetoric. Hard Line is more than a masterful guide to republican thinking and practice over the last centuryit is a major contribution to the literature on American foreign policy in general. gideon rose, managing editor, Foreign Affairs Hard Line traces the history of republican Party foreign policy since World War ii by focusing on the conservative leaders who shaped it. colin Dueck is associate professor of public and international affairs at george mason University.
2010. 400 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14182-4 cl: 978-0-691-14181-7 $26.95 | 18.95 $70.00 | 48.95

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4 general interest


Taming the Gods

religion and Democracy on three continents Ian Buruma
ian Buruma broaches the biggest themes in contemporary world politics in this book: what are the relations, actual and possible, between religion and democracy in a globalized world? in setting out his thoughts, Buruma marshals pungent quotation after pungent quotation from Spinoza, tocqueville, and Voltairenot to mention Jefferson, Locke, and hume; classic chinese and Japanese texts; and a wide range of modern commentators, politicians, activists, and agitators. Andrew Barshay, University of california, Berkeley ian Buruma is the first writer to provide a sharp-eyed look at the tensions between religion and politics on three continents. Drawing on many contemporary and historical examples, he argues that the violent passions inspired by religion must be tamed in order to make democracy work. ian Buruma is the henry r. Luce Professor of Democracy, human rights, and Journalism at Bard college.
2010. 144 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13489-5 $19.95 | 13.95

neW neW

Numbers Rule
the Vexing mathematics of Democracy, from Plato to the Present George G. Szpiro
Which candidate is the peoples choice? its a simple question, and the answer is anything but. in Numbers Rule, george Szpiro tells the amazing story of the search for the fairest way of voting, deftly blending history, biography, and political skullduggery. everyone interested in our toofallible elections should read this book. William Poundstone, author of Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Arent Fair (and What We Can Do about It) george g. Szpiro, PhD, is a mathematician and journalist.
2010. 240 pages. 21 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13994-4 $26.95 | 18.95

On Compromise and Rotten Compromises

Avishai Margalit
the work of Avishai margalit provides a refreshing and instructive contrast to much that has become conventionally accepted in recent political thinking, particularly about the moral conflicts that arise in pursuit of peace. John gray, New York Review of Books combining philosophy, politics, and history, and written in a vivid and accessible style, On Compromise and Rotten Compromises is full of surprising new insights about war, peace, justice, and sectarianism. Avishai margalit is professor emeritus of philosophy at the hebrew University of Jerusalem and the george F. Kennan Professor at the institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
2009. 240 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13317-1 $26.95 | 18.95

general interest 5



The Politics of Happiness

What government can Learn from the new research on Well-Being Derek Bok
[Bok asks] whether governments should really try to make their citizens happier. Answer: yes, not through promoting economic growth, but through environmental policies, healthcare, and strengthening marriage and the family. glenda cooper, Prospect Magazine timely and incisive, The Politics of Happiness sheds light on what makes people happy and the vital role government policy could play in fostering satisfaction and well-being. Derek Bok is the 300th Anniversary research Professor at harvard University.
2010. 272 pages. 6 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14489-4 $24.95 | 16.95

The Blame Game

Spin, Bureaucracy, and Self-Preservation in government Christopher Hood
in this fascinating and excellent book, hood puts significant conceptsblame and blaming at the center of our thinking by looking at blame culture and blame games. he emphasizes the functionality of blame in social and institutional life, and the need for managing the frontiers of blame avoidance. geert Bouckaert, european group for Public Administration Delving into the inner workings of complex institutions, The Blame Game proves how a better understanding of blame avoidance can improve the quality of modern governance, management, and organizational design. christopher hood is the gladstone Professor of government at All Souls college, oxford.
January 2011. 224 pages. 6 line illus. 8 tables. cl: 978-0-691-12995-2 $39.95 | 27.95


The Tyranny of Guilt

An essay on Western masochism Pascal Bruckner translated by Steven rendall
Bruckner shows how selective we are about teaching history and how our media is obsessed with only one struggle (israel/Palestine) while ignoring others (Sudan/Darfur). the essay, translated into clear American english, is provocative, scholarly and accessible. Julia Pascal, Independent [Pascal Bruckners] angry book could change a whole civilizations opinion, if only that civilization had sense enough to pay attention. robert Fulford, National Post Pascal Bruckner is the award-winning author of eighteen books of fiction and nonfiction.
2010. 256 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14376-7 $26.95 | 18.95

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6 general interest


The Presidency of George W. Bush

A First historical Assessment Edited by Julian E. Zelizer
Analytically shrewd and historically rich, this harvest of a book convenes a group of leading historians to assess the countrys recent past. ranging from tax cuts to terrorism, and encompassing questions of ideology, multiculturalism, and presidential capacity, the contributions to this volume establish the scope and agenda for future studies of george W. Bushs tumultuous presidency. ira Katznelson, columbia University The Presidency of George W. Bush brings together some of todays top American historians to offer the first in-depth look at one of the most controversial U.S. presidencies. this book examines the successes as well as the failures, covering every major aspect of Bushs two terms in office. it puts issues in broad historical context to reveal the forces that shaped and constrained Bushs presidencyand the ways his presidency reshaped the nation. Julian e. Zelizer is professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.
2010. 384 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14901-1 cl: 978-0-691-13485-7 $29.95 | 20.95 $75.00 | 52.00

neW Forthcoming

A Behavioral Theory of Elections

Jonathan Bendor, Daniel Diermeier, David A. Siegel & Michael M. Ting
this groundbreaking book provides a behavioral theory of elections based on the notion that all actorspoliticians as well as votersare only boundedly rational. the theory posits learning via trial-and-error: actions that surpass an actors aspiration level are more likely to be used in the future, while those that fall short are less likely to be tried later on. Jonathan Bendor is the Walter and elise haas Professor of Political economics and organizations at Stanford University. Daniel Diermeier is the iBm Professor of regulation and competitive Practice and professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at northwestern University. David A. Siegel is assistant professor of political science at Florida State University. michael m. ting is associate professor of political science and public affairs at columbia University.
march 2010. 264 pages. 36 line illus. 21 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13507-6 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-13506-9 $70.00 | 48.95

Religion and Democracy in the United States

Danger or opportunity? Edited by Alan Wolfe & Ira Katznelson
this is a rich and substantive book. David campbell, University of notre Dame in Religion and Democracy in the United States, prominent scholars consider the ways Americans understand the relationship between their religious beliefs and the political arena. Alan Wolfe is professor of political science at Boston college. ira Katznelson is the ruggles Professor of Political Science and history at columbia University.
Copublished with the Russell Sage Foundation 2010. 456 pages. 16 line illus. 28 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14729-1 $35.00 | 24.95 cl: 978-0-691-14728-4 $75.00 | 52.00

american politics & policy 7



War Stories
the causes and consequences of Public Views of War Matthew A. Baum & Tim J. Groeling
War Stories makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of how the strategic decisions of politicians, parties, and news organizations shape the information about conflicts that is conveyed to the public. Baum and groeling contend that media rhetoric greatly influences public opinion in times of war regardless of the empirical reality such as casualties and events. Diana owen, georgetown University matthew A. Baum is the marvin Kalb Professor of global communications and professor of public policy and government at harvard University. tim J. groeling is associate professor of communication studies at the University of california, Los Angeles.
2010. 352 pages. 39 line illus. 68 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13859-6 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-13858-9 $70.00 | 48.95

The Great American Mission

modernization and the construction of an American World order David Ekbladh
in this important book, ekbladh provides one of the most compelling portraits yet of the liberal ideas that guide U.S. foreign policy. John ikenberry, Foreign Affairs The Great American Mission traces how Americas global modernization efforts during the twentieth century were a means to remake the world in its own image. David ekbladh is assistant professor of history at tufts University.
America in the World 2010. 408 pages. 17 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-13330-0 $35.00 | 24.95


Our Army
Soldiers, Politics, and American civilmilitary relations Jason K. Dempsey
interesting and important. Dempsey presents a wealth of original survey data on the views of army personnel. ole r. holsti, Duke University Our Army adds needed nuance to our understanding of a profession that seems increasingly distant from the average American. Jason K. Dempsey is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army who served in Afghanistan.
2010. 288 pages. 20 line illus. 52 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14225-8 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-14224-1 $70.00 | 48.95

also available

The Whites of their Eyes

history, memory, and the American revolution Jill Lepore
See page 1 for details.


The Limits of Constitutional Democracy

Edited by Jeffrey K. Tulis & Stephen Macedo
See page 37 for details.


New Faces, New Voices

the hispanic electorate in America Marisa A. Abrajano & R. Michael Alvarez
See page 1 for details.

8 american politics & policy

Winner of a 2008 Lannan notable Book Award, Lannan Foundation


With a new preface by the author

Electronic Elections
the Perils and Promises of Digital Democracy R. Michael Alvarez & Thad E. Hall
Will the machine lose your vote? Will it be hacked? . . . Alvarez and hall provide a rigorous analysis of electronic voting, and they come down heavily in favor of the benefits of the new technologies. michelle Press, Scientific American r. michael Alvarez is professor of political science at the california institute of technology. thad e. hall is associate professor of political science and research fellow at the institute of Public and international Affairs at the University of Utah.
2010. 256 pages. 11 line illus. 20 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14622-5 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-12517-6 $39.95 | 27.95

Democracy Incorporated
managed Democracy and the Specter of inverted totalitarianism Sheldon S. Wolin
[A] comprehensive diagnosis of our failings as a democratic polity by one of our most seasoned and respected political philosophers. chalmers Johnson, Truthdig Sheldon S. Wolin is professor emeritus of politics at Princeton University.
2010. 384 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14589-1 $19.95 | 13.95

Finalist, 2009 Pen/John Kenneth galbraith Award for nonfiction

With a new preface by the author and a new foreword by ruth oBrien

The Case for Big Government

Jeff Madrick
[The Case for Big Government] challenges us to think anew about the responsibilities that government should meet in todays competitive global economy. Senator edward m. Kennedy Jeff madrick is editor of Challenge magazine and senior fellow at the roosevelt institute and the new Schools Schwartz center for economic Policy Analysis.
The Public Square 2010. 224 pages. 5 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14620-1 cl: 978-0-691-12331-8 $16.95 | 11.95 $22.95 | 15.95

neW PAPerBAcKexPAnDeD eDition

Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State

Why Americans Vote the Way they Do Andrew Gelman
this is the Freakonomics-style analysis that every candidate and campaign consultant should read. robert Sommer, New York Observer Andrew gelman is professor of statistics and political science at columbia University.
2010. 264 pages. 15 color illus. 92 line illus. Pa: 978-0-691-14393-4 $18.95 | 12.95

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american politics & policy 9

Winner of the 2009 gladys m. Kammerer Award, American Political Science Association Winner of the 2009 Leon D. epstein outstanding Book Award, Political organizations and Parties Section, American Political Science Association


Souled Out
reclaiming Faith and Politics after the religious right E. J. Dionne Jr.
[Souled Out] is a deeply personal and searchingly intelligent reflection on the noble history, recent travails and likely prospects of American liberalism. r. Scott Appleby, New York Times Book Review e. J. Dionne Jr. is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, a regular political analyst on national Public radio, a senior fellow at the Brookings institution, and a professor at georgetown University.
2009. 264 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14329-3 cl: 978-0-691-13458-1 $17.95 | 12.50 $24.95 | 16.95

Unequal Democracy
the Political economy of the new gilded Age Larry M. Bartels
the non-partisan and non-political Bartels points out devastatingly after an exhaustive study of Democratic and republican presidents that the Democrats built a better economy and a more just society. James carville, cnn Larry m. Bartels is the Donald e. Stokes Professor of Public and international Affairs and director of the center for the Study of Democratic Politics at Princeton University.
Copublished with the Russell Sage Foundation 2010. 344 pages. 4 halftones. 40 line illus. 65 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14623-2 $22.95 | 15.95 cl: 978-0-691-13663-9 $29.95 | 20.95

Winner of the 2009 Award of merit for history/Biography, Christianity Today

God and Race in American Politics


Religion in American Politics

A Short history Frank Lambert
Religion in American Politics . . . traces the interplay between pulpits and the public square through nearly two centuries of U.S. history. Some things, [Lambert] writes, never change. Daniel Burke, Washington Post Frank Lambert is professor of history at Purdue University.
2010. 304 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14613-3 cl: 978-0-691-12833-7 $18.95 | 12.95 $24.95 | 16.95

A Short history Mark A. Noll

nolls incisive history offers a significant introduction to the tangled relationship of race, religion, and politics in America. henry L. carrigan, Jr., ForeWord mark A. noll is the Francis A. mcAnaney Professor of history at the University of notre Dame.
2010. 224 pages. 3 line illus. 8 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14629-4 $18.95 | 12.95 cl: 978-0-691-12536-7 $22.95 | 15.95

10 american politics & policy

The Right Talk

how conservatives transformed the great Society into the economic Society Mark A. Smith
[A] brilliant, provocative, well-written, and wellargued scholarly work. Philip c. Wander and Jay Busse, Rhetoric Review
2009. 280 pages. 5 line illus. 8 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14100-8 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-13017-0 $39.95 | 27.95

Fred i. greenstein, recipient of the 2004 Presidency research group career Service Award, American Political Science Association

Inventing the Job of President

Leadership Style from george Washington to Andrew Jackson Fred I. Greenstein
An elegant and absorbing analysis of the early presidents and their political styles and how they helped shape this decidedly consequential leadership institution. thomas e. cronin, colorado college
2009. 176 pages. 8 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-13358-4 $19.95 | 13.95

Winner of the 2008 Silver medal in current events, Independent Publisher

With a new preface by the author

The Myth of the Rational Voter

Why Democracies choose Bad Policies Bryan Caplan
one of the two or three best books on public choice in the last twenty years. tyler cowen, Marginal Revolution
2008. 296 pages. 51 line illus. 8 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13873-2 $17.95 | 12.50 cl: 978-0-691-12942-6 $29.95 | 20.95

Also by Fred I. Greenstein third edition

The Presidential Difference

Leadership Style from FDr to Barack obama
if i were to assign just one short book on the modern presidency, this would be it. Stephen hess, Globe and Mail
2009. 344 pages. 13 halftones. 1 line illus. Pa: 978-0-691-14383-5 $24.95 | 16.95

The Democracy Index

Why our election System is Failing and how to Fix it Heather K. Gerken
2009. 192 pages. 2 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13694-3 $24.95 | 16.95

Princeton Readings in American Politics

Edited by Richard M. Valelly
2009. 656 pages. 45 line illus. 43 tables. 1 map. Pa: 978-0-691-12472-8 $45.00 | 30.95 cl: 978-0-691-12471-1 $90.00 | 62.00

one of the Best Sci-tech Books, health Sciences for 2009, Library Journal

Taming the Beloved Beast

how medical technology costs are Destroying our health care System Daniel Callahan
2009. 280 pages. 1 table. cl: 978-0-691-14236-4 $29.95 | 20.95

The Message Matters

the economy and Presidential campaigns Lynn Vavreck
2009. 232 pages. 28 line illus. 39 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13963-0 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13962-3 $65.00 | 44.95

american politics & policy 11


The Litigation State

Public regulation and Private Lawsuits in the United States Sean Farhang
Farhang is at the forefront of a new generation of scholars who have begun to broaden the parameters of the American state and its reach into society. Drawing upon an impressive range of methods, sources, and theory, Farhang shows us how congress and the administration extended the reach of regulation by inducing private litigants and the legal profession to cocreate a vast regulatory regime. A shrewd reading of the new mode of state-building. Dan carpenter, harvard University The Litigation State investigates how American political institutions shape the strategic design of legislation to mobilize private lawsuits for policy implementation. Sean Farhang is assistant professor in the goldman School of Public Policy at the University of california, Berkeley.
2010. 320 pages. 4 line illus. 6 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14382-8 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-14381-1 $75.00 | 52.00


Presidential Party Building


Reputation and Power

organizational image and Pharmaceutical regulation at the FDA Daniel Carpenter
in this truly splendid, magisterial study, carpenter thoroughly documents and narrates the FDAs struggle with the certainties of science, the uncertainties of politics, and the requirements of reputation, an asset that simultaneously granted the agency autonomy and then took it away through ever-increasing expectations of performance. richard Bensel, cornell University Daniel carpenter is the Allie S. Freed Professor of government at harvard University.
2010. 824 pages. 13 halftones. 17 line illus. 26 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14180-0 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-14179-4 $75.00 | 52.00

Dwight D. eisenhower to george W. Bush Daniel J. Galvin

in this meticulously documented and gracefully written book, Dan galvin puts presidents at the very center of party-building activities. Sometimes he finds them investing in their party, other times exploiting it. But whether they do one or the other, galvin persuasively argues, critically depends upon their partys hold on political institutions beyond the White house. Anyone interested in the growth and decline of parties in our system of separated powers should read this important book. William g. howell, University of chicago Daniel J. galvin is assistant professor of political science at northwestern University.
2009. 352 pages. 12 line illus. 8 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13693-6 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-13692-9 $65.00 | 44.95

ira Katznelson, martin Shefter & theda Skocpol, series editors

12 princeton studies in american politics


one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2009 Winner of the 2009 Joseph J. Spengler Prize, history of economics Society co-winner of the 2009 herbert Jacob Book Prize, Law and Society Association

With a new afterword by the author

Uneasy Alliances
race and Party competition in America Paul Frymer
the vast literature on American political parties has been immensely enriched and enhanced by this pioneering work on race and parties. . . . highly recommended. hanes Walton, Jr., Political Science Quarterly Paul Frymer is associate professor of politics at Princeton University.
2010. 264 pages. 4 halftones. 8 line illus. 9 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14801-4 $24.95 | 16.95

The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement

the Battle for control of the Law Steven M. Teles
The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement provides an essential road map to the organizational mobilization of conservatives over the past quarter century. Al gore, corecipient of the 2007 nobel Peace Prize Steven m. teles is associate professor of political science at Johns hopkins University and a fellow at the new America Foundation.
2010. 360 pages. 3 halftones. 1 line illus. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14625-6 $24.95 | 16.95

Also by Paul Frymer

Winner of the 2009 Best Book Award, race, ethnicity and Politics Section, American Political Science Association

Black and Blue

African Americans, the Labor movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party
Black and Blue is an important contribution to the interdisciplinary literature on race and the U.S. labor movement. nancy macLean, Industrial and Labor Relations Review
2008. 224 pages. 4 halftones. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-13465-9 $27.95 | 19.95

Winner of the 2008 c. herman Pritchett Award, Law and courts Section, American Political Science Association Winner of the 2008 J. David greenstone Award, Politics and history Section, American Political Science Association

Political Foundations of Judicial Supremacy

the Presidency, the Supreme court, and constitutional Leadership in U.S. history Keith E. Whittington
[A] fascinating behindthe-scenes guide to the politics of judicial review that is impressive in both scope and depth. Harvard Law Review
2009. 320 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14102-2 $22.95 | 15.95


Forged Consensus
Science, technology, and economic Policy in the United States, 1921-1953 David M. Hart
2010. 272 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14654-6 $27.95 | 19.95

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princeton studies in american politics 13

co-winner of the 2010 J. David greenstone Award, Politics and history Section, American Political Science Association Winner of the 2010 Best Book Award, race, ethnicity, and Politics Section, American Political Science Association Winner of the 2008 Presidents Book Award, Social Science history Association

Fighting for Democracy

Black Veterans and the Struggle Against White Supremacy in the Postwar South Christopher S. Parker
[A] strikingly new and important analysis. Suzanne mettler, cornell University
2009. 288 pages. 13 line illus. 14 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14004-9 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-14003-2 $60.00 | 41.95

The Fifth Freedom

Jobs, Politics, and civil rights in the United States, 19411972 Anthony S. Chen
The Fifth Freedom is a masterpiecea brilliant new take on the history of equal opportunity in America. Frank Dobbin, harvard University
2009. 424 pages. 9 halftones. 8 line illus. 19 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13953-1 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13457-4 $65.00 | 44.95

Winner of the 2009 Louis Brownlow Book Award, national Academy of Public Administration

Reforms at Risk
What happens After major Policy changes Are enacted Eric M. Patashnik
eric Patashnik has written a fascinating account of why some general-interest policy reforms stick and others fall apart. Julian Zelizer, Princeton University
2008. 256 pages. 14 halftones. 13 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13897-8 $22.95 | 15.95 cl: 978-0-691-11998-4 $55.00 | 37.95

Why We Vote
how Schools and communities Shape our civic Life David E. Campbell
Why We Vote challenges us to think seriously about the role of schools in society. Andr Blais, Science Magazine
2008. 288 pages. 31 line illus. 35 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13829-9 $22.95 | 15.95

co-winner of the 2007 oliver cromwell cox Award, race, gender, and class Section, American Sociological Association

What a Mighty Power We Can Be

African American Fraternal groups and the Struggle for racial equality Theda Skocpol, Ariane Liazos & Marshall Ganz
this excellent, very readable, scholarly book fills many gaps in understanding the African American community. Choice
2008. 320 pages. 8 halftones. 8 line illus. 14 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13836-7 $22.95 | 15.95 cl: 978-0-691-12299-1 $30.95 | 21.95

Winner of the 2010 goldsmith Book Prize, Joan Shorenstein center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy Winner of the 2009 Donald mcgannon Award for Social and ethical relevance in communications Policy research, Donald mcgannon communications research center

The Myth of Digital Democracy

Matthew Hindman
An outstanding combination of theoretical and empirical work. cass r. Sunstein, author of 2.0
2008. 200 pages. 9 line illus. 20 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13868-8 $22.95 | 15.95

14 princeton studies in american politics


Winner of the 2008 Albert J. Beveridge Book Award, American historical Association Winner of the 2008 Book Award in history, Association for Asian American Studies

Little Rock
race and resistance at central high School Karen Anderson
this book takes as its subject one of the seminal chapters in the history of the modern civil rights movement, the struggle to integrate the public schools of Little rock, Arkansas. Filled with fascinating characters, it is a story replete with drama and quiet triumph. Jerald e. Podair, Lawrence University Karen Anderson is professor of history at the University of Arizona.
2010. 344 pages. 12 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-09293-5 $35.00 | 24.95

The Shifting Grounds of Race

Black and Japanese Americans in the making of multiethnic Los Angeles Scott Kurashige
[W]e are fortunate that Kurashige has given us an insightful and wide-ranging investigation into how leaders of two subaltern communities navigated the dangerous waters of race in a twentieth-century American city. Jeremiah B. c. Axelrod, Journal of American History Scott Kurashige is associate professor of history, American culture, and Asian/Pacific islander American studies at the University of michigan.
2010. 368 pages. 20 halftones. 3 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14618-8 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-12639-5 $49.95 | 34.95

co-winner of the 2006 Saul Viener Book Prize, American Jewish historical Society one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2006

Troubling the Waters

Black-Jewish relations in the American century Cheryl Lynn Greenberg
the vexed topic of black-Jewish relations in 20th-century America requires a brave writer, and greenberg confronts the issue with honesty and dedication. Atlantic cheryl Lynn greenberg is the Paul e. raether Distinguished Professor of history at trinity college in hartford, connecticut.
2010. 368 pages. 1 halftone. Pa: 978-0-691-14616-4 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-05865-8 $49.95 | 34.95


School Lunch Politics

the Surprising history of Americas Favorite Welfare Program Susan Levine
A comprehensive examination of school lunches complex history. eliza Krigman, The Nation Susan Levine is professor of history at the University of illinois at chicago.
2010. 264 pages. 8 halftones. 1 line illus. 6 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14619-5 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-05088-1 $45.00 | 30.95

William chafe, gary gerstle, Linda gordon & Julian Zelizer, series editors

politics & society in twentieth-century america 15


Nothing Less than Victory

Decisive Wars and the Lessons of history John David Lewis
this books argument is powerful and provocative, and Lewis is a good storyteller and scholar. Ambitious, stimulating, and thoughtful, this book makes a strong case for the value of the strategic offensive, and engages with the kind of problems that everyone should be thinking about today. Barry Strauss, author of The Spartacus War recognizing the human motivations behind military conflicts, Nothing Less than Victory makes a powerful case for offensive actions in pursuit of peace. John David Lewis is visiting associate professor of philosophy, politics, and economics at Duke University, and senior research scholar in history and classics at the Social Philosophy and Policy center at Bowling green State University.
2010. 368 pages. 5 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-13518-2 $29.95 | 20.95



Makers of Ancient Strategy

From the Persian Wars to the Fall of rome Edited by Victor Davis Hanson
in this outstanding collection, ancient historian and thoroughly modern pundit Victor Davis hanson has assembled a gleaming cohort of historians who deepen our understanding of the constants of warfare and illuminate brightly the peculiarities of strategy in the worlds of ancient greece and rome. Paul cartledge, author of Alexander the Great Victor Davis hanson is the martin and illie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at the hoover institution, Stanford University.
2010. 280 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13790-2 $27.95 | 19.95

Empire for Liberty

A history of American imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz Richard H. Immerman
Empire for Liberty places both the theory and the practice of empire inside history. richard immermans complex, ironic account of the American empire and its relation to the concept of liberty is an essential analysis of how the United States became the kind of power it is today and where it might now be going. marilyn B. Young, new York University Empire for Liberty tells the story of men who used the rhetoric of liberty to further their imperial ambitions. richard h. immerman is the edward J. Buthusiem Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow in history and the marvin Wachman Director of the center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy at temple University.
2010. 288 pages. 6 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-12762-0 $24.95 | 16.95

also available

Hard Line
the republican Party and U.S. Foreign Policy since World War ii Colin Dueck
See page 4 for details.

16 international politics



Rational Theory of International Politics

the Logic of competition and cooperation Charles L. Glaser
this is destined to be one of the most important books on international relations theory. glaser brings crystal clarity to a core problem that has vexed thinkers for centuries: under what conditions will the very structure of international politics drive states to adopt policies that raise the specter of war? Anyone who wants to know what contemporary international relations theory has to say about the prospects for peace must read this book. William c. Wohlforth, Dartmouth college charles L. glaser is professor of political science and international affairs at george Washington University.
2010. 328 pages. 6 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14372-9 cl: 978-0-691-14371-2 $27.95 | 19.95 $70.00 | 48.95

The Diffusion of Military Power

causes and consequences for international Politics Michael C. Horowitz
michael horowitzs The Diffusion of Military Power is a model for twenty-first-century security studies: an important question (how do military innovations spread), interdisciplinary theory, solutions to important historical puzzles, insight into contemporary policy problems, and the use of rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods. A triumph. Dan reiter, emory University michael c. horowitz is assistant professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania.
2010. 288 pages.10 line illus. 21 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14396-5 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-14395-8 $75.00 | 52.00


Gaming the World

how Sports Are reshaping global Politics and culture Andrei S. Markovits & Lars Rensmann
Gaming the World reveals the pervasive influence of sports on our daily lives, making all of us citizens of an increasingly cosmopolitan world while affirming our local, regional, and national identities. Andrei S. markovits is the Karl W. Deutsch collegiate Professor of comparative Politics and german Studies at the University of michigan. Lars rensmann is DAAD Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of michigan.
2010. 360 pages. 1 table. cl: 978-0-691-13751-3 $29.95 | 20.95


Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Daniel W. Drezner
this interesting, thoughtful, and engaging book nicely integrates the classics of zombie work with theories of international relations to make sense of humanand nonhumanbehavior. this is the only international relations textbook that will make students frequently laugh and think at the same time. indeed, this textbook is food for brains, which may, of course, only attract more zombies. Stephen Saideman, mcgill University Daniel W. Drezner is professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at tufts University.
January 2011. 136 pages. 4 line illus. 3 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14783-3 $12.95 | 8.95

international politics 17


Diaspora, Development, and Democracy

the Domestic impact of international migration from india Devesh Kapur
Kapur makes a powerful case that international flows of people are shaping the world in ways with which we have yet to come to grips. Kapur artfully combines case studies, statistical analysis, and new surveys, from both india and the United States, to paint a fascinating picture of indias experience that is full of twists and surprises. he documents how the indian diaspora has been a source, not just of remittances, but also of ideas, networks, influence, and even democratic stability. emigration leaves a large footprint on the indian polity and economy. But whether it produces good or ill effects, Kapur concludes, depends more on domestic structures than on global ones. Dani rodrik, harvard University Devesh Kapur is associate professor of political science and holds the madan Lal Sobti Professorship for the Study of contemporary india at the University of Pennsylvania.
2010. 344 pages. 27 line illus. 76 tables. cl: 978-0-691-12538-1 $35.00 | 24.95



Forbidden Fruit
counterfactuals and international relations Richard Ned Lebow
Forbidden Fruit provides a fascinating study of the use and misuse of counterfactual analysis. . . . this book deserves the attention of anyone who predicts, explains, thinks, or invests. Andrew Bennett, georgetown University richard ned Lebow is the James o. Freedman Presidential Professor of government at Dartmouth college and the centennial Professor of international relations at the London School of economics and Political Science.
2010. 352 pages. 4 line illus. 14 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13290-7 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-13289-1 $60.00 | 41.95

Securing the Peace

the Durable Settlement of civil Wars Monica Duffy Toft
Using comprehensive data on internal conflicts, toft challenges the flawed assumptions driving international peacemaking diplomacy and peacekeeping operations, which sadly may be prolonging civil wars instead of ending them. this provocative and politically incorrect book ought to stimulate a long-needed debate over the efficacy of current approaches to ending conflicts. Andrew natsios, georgetown University monica Duffy toft is associate professor of public policy at the John F. Kennedy School of government, harvard University.
2010. 248 pages. 3 halftones. 4 line illus. 14 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14146-6 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-14145-9 $65.00 | 44.95

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18 international politics



No Enchanted Palace
the end of empire and the ideological origins of the United nations Mark Mazower
A slim yet provocative volume that reveals the Uns origins in colonial imperialism. Anna mundow, Boston Globe mark mazower is the ira D. Wallach Professor of history and World order Studies at columbia University.
2009. 248 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13521-2 $24.95 | 16.95

How Terrorism Ends

Understanding the Decline and Demise of terrorist campaigns Audrey Kurth Cronin
A truly superb book that addresses the actual resolution of terrorist movements. it has a clarity and definitiveness that is rare in the literature and, moreover, will be of special interest to any official or analyst endeavoring to cope with this threatening and sinister problem. Philip Bobbitt, author of Terror and Consent Audrey Kurth cronin is professor of strategy at the U.S. national War college in Washington, Dc, and senior associate in the changing character of War program at the University of oxford.
2009. 336 pages. 6 line illus. 13 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13948-7 $29.95 | 20.95


The Other Alliance

Student Protest in West germany and the United States in the global Sixties Martin Klimke
Aptly titled, The Other Alliance rethinks the generational revolt of the sixties era. Klimke brings to life a transnational movement that linked radicals on both sides of the Atlantic to a global struggle for power and justice. must reading for 68ers and those who seek to understand the history they made. David Farber, author of The Age of Great Dreams martin Klimke is research fellow at the german historical institute, Washington, Dc, and the heidelberg center for American Studies at the University of heidelberg.
America in the World 2010. 368 pages. 30 halftones. 3 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-13127-6 $39.50 | 27.95

Winner of the 1989 edgar S. Furniss Book Award, mershon center for international Security Studies, ohio State University

With a new afterword by the author

The Weary Titan

Britain and the experience of relative Decline, 18951905 Aaron L. Friedberg
one of the best books ever written about the decline of a great power, in this case great Britain at the end of the 19th century. robert Kagan, Foreign Policy Aaron L. Friedberg is professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University.
2010. 368 pages. 7 tables. 2 maps. Pa: 978-0-691-14800-7 $24.95 | 16.95

international politics 19


How Wars End

Dan Reiter
[e]ssential reading for anyone who cares about the problem of war. Stephen Biddle, council on Foreign relations
2009. 320 pages. 3 halftones. 5 line illus. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14060-5 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-14059-9 $65.00 | 44.95

A Theory of Foreign Policy

Glenn Palmer & T. Clifton Morgan
2010. 224 pages. 11 line illus. 19 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14655-3 $24.95 | 16.95


The Power of Legitimacy

Assessing the role of norms in crisis Bargaining Christopher Gelpi
2010. 224 pages. 3 line illus. 9 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14671-3 $23.95 | 16.95

The Science of War

Defense Budgeting, military technology, Logistics, and combat outcomes Michael E. OHanlon
timely, thoughtful, and full of insight. . . . A mustread for those in the defense arena. general David h. Petraeus, U.S. Army
2009. 280 pages. 4 graphs. 12 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13702-5 $35.00 | 24.95

one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2009

Paying the Human Costs of War

American Public opinion and casualties in military conflicts Christopher Gelpi, Peter D. Feaver & Jason Reifler
[A] most fascinating volume on the human costs of waging war. Choice
2009. 304 pages. 13 line illus. 48 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13908-1 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-13902-9 $65.00 | 44.95

Power, Interdependence, and Nonstate Actors in World Politics

Edited by Helen V. Milner & Andrew Moravcsik
[t]his is a book of exceptional intellectual coherence and vigor. Peter Katzenstein, cornell University
2009. 320 pages. 6 halftones. 2 line illus. 14 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14028-5 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-14027-8 $70.00 | 48.95

Going Local
Decentralization, Democratization, and the Promise of good governance Merilee S. Grindle
Going Local makes a strong, original, and lively contribution to the literature on governance in developing countries. Judith tendler, massachusetts institute of technology
2009. 256 pages. 10 halftones. 9 line illus. 17 tables. 7 maps. Pa: 978-0-691-14098-8 $19.95 | 13.95

Contracting States
Sovereign transfers in international relations Alexander Cooley & Hendrik Spruyt
2009. 248 pages. 4 line illus. 7 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13724-7 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13723-0 $60.00 | 41.95

20 international politics


Winner of the 2010 robert h. Ferrel Book Prize, Society for historians of American Foreign relations one of the Books of the Year for 2009, Financial Times mary elise Sarotte, Winner of the 2009 DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in german and european Studies, American institute for contemporary german Studies

The Clash of Ideas in World Politics

transnational networks, States, and regime change, 15102010 John M. Owen IV
this book is a major contribution to the literature on hierarchy in international relations. it empirically demonstrates more convincingly than any other study to date that forcible regime change is a normal tool of statecraft. owens focus on the importance of transnational ideological polarization as the primary cause of such activity is an explanation that materialists cannot ignore. Stephen D. Krasner, Stanford University The Clash of Ideas in World Politics reveals how the muslim world is in the throes of an ideological struggle that extends far beyond the middle east, and how struggles like it have been a recurring feature of international relations since the dawn of the modern european state. John m. owen iV is associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia.
2010. 352 pages. 6 line illus. 4 tables. 2 maps. Pa: 978-0-691-14239-5 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-14238-8 $75.00 | 52.00

the Struggle to create Postcold War europe Mary Elise Sarotte
[t]he best one-volume work on germanys unification available. it contains the clearest understanding to date of the extraordinary juggling performance of Kohl. Philip D. Zelikow, Foreign Affairs [A] scrupulous account of the high politics and diplomacy of 1989. Economist mary elise Sarotte is professor of international relations at the University of Southern california.
2009. 344 pages. 20 halftones. 4 maps. cl: 978-0-691-14306-4 $29.95 | 20.95

The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe

religious conflict, Dynastic empires, and international change Daniel H. Nexon
this groundbreaking book provides a sweeping reinterpretation of the religious and geopolitical conflicts of the seventeenth century, culminating in the emergence of the european state system. Foreign Affairs
2009. 408 pages. 7 halftones. 5 line illus. 1 table. 11 maps. Pa: 978-0-691-13793-3 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-13792-6 $75.00 | 52.00


How Enemies Become Friends

the Sources of Stable Peace Charles A. Kupchan
See page 1 for details.


Legitimacy and Power Politics

the American and French revolutions in international Political culture Mlada Bukovansky
2010. 272 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14670-6 $27.95 | 19.95

g. John ikenberry & marc trachtenberg, series editors

princeton studies in international history & politics 21


The Big Ditch

how America took, Built, ran, and Ultimately gave Away the Panama canal Noel Maurer & Carlos Yu
this landmark book offers important new insights that will significantly advance our understanding of the national and global economic consequences of the Panama canal. it will have a profound and lasting impact on the history of U.S. imperialism in Latin America and represents a contribution to the emergent literature on the new political economy of empire. Alan Dye, Barnard college, columbia University noel maurer is associate professor of business administration at harvard Business School. carlos Yu is an economic historian and private consultant based in new York city.
December 2010. 312 pages. 1 halftone. 30 line illus. 48 tables. 7 maps. cl: 978-0-691-14738-3 $35.00 | 24.95



Beyond the Invisible Hand

groundwork for a new economics Kaushik Basu
Beyond the Invisible Hand poses a fundamental challenge to the way that economists think about many of the most important issues of economic theory and policy. Written for both economists and educated laymen, the book lays out a new vision for economics, one that will stimulate the reader to rethink current practice and give deeper consideration to issues often slighted in contemporary economic analysis. While the reader may not always agree with Basus prescriptions, the importance of his contribution to the debate over the future of economics cannot be ignored. Steven g. medema, University of colorado, Denver Kaushik Basu is professor of economics and the c. marks Professor of international Studies at cornell University. he is currently cheif economic advisor to the ministry of Finance of the government of india.
December 2010. 312 pages. 8 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13716-2 $29.95 | 20.95 Not for sale in South Asia

Exceptional People
how migration Shaped our World and Will Define our Future Ian Goldin & Geoffrey Cameron
migration is not a zero-sum game; it brings great benefits to the receiving country, the sending country, and to migrants themselves. that is the clear message of the evidence from history, economics, and the social sciences more generally. this wise book assembles that evidence in a very thoughtful, careful, and scholarly way, making an enormous contribution to this crucial subject and providing fundamental guidance on one of the key issues of our times. nicholas Stern, London School of economics and Political Science ian goldin is director of the James martin 21st century School, University of oxford, and professorial fellow at Balliol college, oxford. geoffrey cameron is a research associate at the James martin 21st century School and currently works as a senior policy advisor with Foreign Affairs and international trade canada.
December 2010. 352 pages. 37 line illus. 14 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14572-3 $35.00 | 24.95

22 political economy


Forthcoming PAPerBAcK

Running the Worlds Markets

the governance of Financial infrastructure Ruben Lee
how should the infrastructure underpinning todays volatile, rapidly evolving, and complex markets be run? ruben Lees extensive knowledge, superlative analysis, and practical guidance help answer this fundamental question. Donald F. Donahue, chairman and ceo, the Depository trust & clearing corporation Running the Worlds Markets provides a definitive and peerless reference for how to govern and regulate financial markets. ruben Lee is ceo of oxford Finance group.
February 2011. 416 pages. 25 halftones. 21 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13353-9 $55.00 | 37.95

Portfolios of the Poor

how the Worlds Poor Live on $2 a Day Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford & Orlanda Ruthven
rather than waiting for the world to debate and accept their ideas, these authors have taken them up on their own. in the war against global poverty, that feels like one small battle won. carlos Lozada, Washington Post Daryl collins is senior associate at Bankable Frontier Associates in Boston. Jonathan morduch is professor of public policy and economics at new York University. Stuart rutherford is the founder of SafeSave, a microfinance institution in Bangladesh. orlanda ruthven recently completed a doctoral degree in international development at the University of oxford.
January 2011. 312 pages. 9 line illus. 36 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14819-9 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-14148-0 $35.00 | 24.95 Not for sale in South Africa and South Asia


Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay

Assessing the economic rise of china and india Pranab Bardhan
Bardhans book is erudite, informative, and accessible, and his scrutiny of the conventional wisdom about the past quarter century of reform in china and india is always provocative. You do not have to agree with him to be stimulated and rewarded by his insightful scholarship. this book deserves a wide audience. tarun Khanna, author of Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Futures, and Yours Pranab Bardhan is professor of economics at the University of california, Berkeley.
2010. 184 pages. 13 line illus. 9 tables. cl: 978-0-691-12994-5 $24.95 | 16.95

neW PAPerBAcKreViSeD eDition

one of Strategy & Businesss Best Business Books for 2004 Short-listed for the 2005 British Academy Book Prize

With a new foreword by Daniel c. Dennett

The Company of Strangers

A natural history of economic Life Paul Seabright
[A] clear, thoughtprovoking, and elegant book. howard Davies, Times Higher Education Paul Seabright is professor of economics at the toulouse School of economics.
2010. 400 pages. 6 halftones. 2 line illus. $19.95 | 13.95

Pa: 978-0-691-14646-1

political economy 23

Winner of the 2010 mary Douglas Prize, Sociology of culture Section, American Sociological Association honorable mention, 2010 robert K. merton Book Award, Science, Knowledge, and technology Section, American Sociological Association honorable mention, 2010 Barrington moore Award, comparative and historical Sociology Section, American Sociological Association one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2009


Free Trade Reimagined

the World Division of Labor and the method of economics Roberto Mangabeira Unger
this book represents a bold attempt to question and restructure the theory of comparative advantage and the idea of free trade that springs from it. . . . [i]t is replete with new ideas and challenging propositions. mordechai e. Kreinin, World Trade Review roberto mangabeira Unger served until recently as Brazils minister of Strategic Affairs. he is widely regarded as one of the leading theorists of society in the world.
2010. 240 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14588-4 $22.95 | 15.95

Economists and Societies

Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s Marion Fourcade
this book is a remarkable study of how, in an age when economics has become an international discipline, cultural differences between three societies have influenced the way the discipline has developed. roger e. Backhouse, author of The Ordinary Business of Life marion Fourcade is associate professor of sociology at the University of california, Berkeley.
Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology 2010. 384 pages. 17 halftones. 6 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14803-8 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-11760-7 $49.95 | 34.95


Understanding the Process of Economic Change

Douglass C. North
Anyone with an interest in world poverty can benefit from this carefully crafted and closely argued book. it is a pleasure and a delight to read. Paul ormerod, Times Higher Education Douglass c. north is professor of economics and Spencer t. olin Professor in Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.
The Princeton Economic History of the Western World


Good and Plenty

the creative Successes of American Arts Funding Tyler Cowen
A rare and much needed objective look at the topic of government funding for the arts. Art Times tyler cowen is professor of economics at george mason University.
2010. 216 pages. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14626-3 $21.95 | 14.95 $27.95 | 19.95

2010. 200 pages. 12 line illus. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14595-2 $19.95 | 13.95

cl: 978-0-691-12042-3

24 political economy

one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2009

With a new postscript by the authors

Economic Gangsters
corruption, Violence, and the Poverty of nations Raymond Fisman & Edward Miguel
Economic Gangsters is a fascinating exploration of the dark side of economic development. . . . rarely has a book on economics been this fun and this important. Steven D. Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics raymond Fisman is the Lambert Family Professor of Social enterprise and director of the Social enterprise Program at columbia Business School. edward miguel is professor of economics and director of the center of evaluations for global Action at the University of california, Berkeley.
2010. 256 pages. 4 line illus. 4 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14469-6 $16.95 | 11.95 cl: 978-0-691-13454-3 $24.95 | 16.95


Winner of the 2010 gold medal in Finance/investment/economics, independent Publisher Shortlisted for the 2010 Spears Book Awards, Financial history of the Year, citi Private Bank one of the Best Business Books, economics/U.S. economy for 2009, Library Journal one of the Years Best Business Books to make Sense of the Financial crisis for 2009, USA Today one of the Favorite Financial-crisis Books for 2009, one of the top ten english Business Books for 2009, WirtschaftsBlatt honorable mention, 2009 ProSe Award for excellence in economics, Association of American Publishers Finalist, 2010 Business and economics Book of the Year Award, ForeWord Reviews Finalist, 2009 Business Book Award, current interest, 800-ceo-reAD

Fault Lines
how hidden Fractures Still threaten the World economy Raghuram G. Rajan
Amidst the welter of books about our financial crisis, rajans book stands out for several reasons: the authors intellectual distinction, his academic and realworld involvement in the problems of finance and the macroeconomy, his global perspective, his search for the roots of the financial crisis in Americas growing economic inequality, and also his prescience. in 2005, rajan foresaw the coming financial collapseand was fiercely criticized for his insight. richard A. Posner, author of A Failure of Capitalism: The Crisis of 08 and the Descent into Depression raghuram g. rajan is the eric J. gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of chicago Booth School of Business.
2010. 272 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14683-6 Not for sale in India $26.95 | 18.95

This Time Is Different

eight centuries of Financial Folly Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff
[t]he definitive book on financial crises. Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post A tour de force of quantitative analysis covering financial crises. Barrons carmen m. reinhart is professor of economics at the University of maryland. Kenneth S. rogoff is the thomas D. cabot Professor of Public Policy and professor of economics at harvard University.
2009. 512 pages. 62 line illus. 30 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14216-6 $35.00 | 19.95

political economy 25


co-Winner of the 2010 robert Lane Award, Political Psychology Section, American Political Science Association co-Winner of the 2010 Silver medal Axiom Business Book Award in entrepreneurship, Jenkins group, inc. Winner of the 2009 Paul A. Samuelson Award, tiAA-creF institute Shortlisted for the 2009 Financial Times/goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award Winner of the 2009 getAbstract international Book Award Winner of the 2009 Finance Book of the Year, china Business news one of the Books of the Year for 2009, Financial Times one of the Favorite Financial-crisis Books for 2009,

Identity Economics
how our identities Shape our Work, Wages, and Well-Being George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton
the authors make a compelling case that the group with which individuals identify shapes their decisions about schooling, work, savings, investment, and retirement. this paradigm offers better ways of understanding the consequences of public policies and business practices. . . . Identity Economics provides a new language and a useful apparatus to take measure of real people in real situations. Barrons george A. Akerlof is the Daniel e. Koshland Sr. Distinguished Professor of economics at the University of california, Berkeley. rachel e. Kranton is Professor of economics at Duke University.
2010. 200 pages. 1 halftone. 1 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-14648-5 $24.95 | 16.95

With a new preface by the authors

Animal Spirits
how human Psychology Drives the economy, and Why it matters for global capitalism George A. Akerlof & Robert J. Shiller
A truly innovative and bold work. . . . At a time when plummeting confidence is dragging down the market and the economy, the authors focus on the psychological aspect of economics is incredibly important. michael mandel, BusinessWeek george A. Akerlof is the Daniel e. Koshland Sr. Distinguished Professor of economics at the University of california, Berkeley. robert J. Shiller is the Arthur m. okun Professor of economics at Yale University.
2010. 264 pages. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14592-1 cl: 978-0-691-14233-3 $16.95 | 9.95 $24.95 | 16.95


Zombie Economics
how Dead ideas Still Walk among Us John Quiggin

Killing vampires and werewolves is easy enough. But how does one slay economic zombiesideas that should have died long ago but still shamble forward? Armed with nothing but the truth, John Quiggin sets about dispatching these dead ideas once and for all in this engaging book. Zombie Economics should be required reading for those who would dare reanimate the economic theories that brought us to the edge of ruin. Brad DeLong, University of california, Berkeley John Quiggin is professor of economics at the University of Queensland in Australia.
2010. 232 pages. 4 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-14582-2 $24.95 | 16.95

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26 political economy


The Squam Lake Report

Fixing the Financial System Kenneth R. French, Martin N. Baily, John Y. Campbell, John H. Cochrane, Douglas W. Diamond, Darrell Duffie, Anil K Kashyap, Frederic S. Mishkin, Raghuram G. Rajan, David S. Scharfstein, Robert J. Shiller, Hyun Song Shin, Matthew J. Slaughter, Jeremy C. Stein & Ren M. Stulz
The Squam Lake Report is an excellent primer on the workings and failures of todays sophisticated financial system. Few can fail to be impressed with the scholarship the Report brings to the subject of reform. Alan greenspan in the fall of 2008, fifteen of the worlds leading economistsrepresenting the broadest spectrum of economic opiniongathered at new hampshires Squam Lake. their goal: to map out a long-term plan for financial regulation reform. combining an immense depth of academic, private sector, and public policy experience, The Squam Lake Report contains urgent recommendations that will positively influence everyones financial well-being. All who care about the worlds economic health need to pay attention.
2010. 184 pages. 3 line illus. 1 table. cl: 978-0-691-14884-7 $19.95 | 13.95

also available


The Long Divergence

how islamic Law held Back the middle east Timur Kuran
Kurans book is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the middle east and the islamic world. the path toward economic and legal reforms for the islamic world can only be charted by understanding the historical impediments to economic development in the region. there is currently no better starting point. mahmoud el-gamal, author of Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice timur Kuran is professor of economics and political science and the gorter Family Professor of islamic Studies at Duke University.
December 2010. 384 pages. 12 halftones. 8 line illus. 10 tables. 2 maps. cl: 978-0-691-14756-7 $29.95 | 20.95 Special recognition, 2010 Levine Prize, research committee on the Structure of governance, international Political Science Association

The Politics of Global Regulation

Edited by Walter Mattli & Ngaire Woods
2009. 312 pages. 12 line illus. 3 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13961-6 $24.95 | 16.95 Winner of the 2010 Don K. Price Award, Science, technology, and environmental Politics Section, American Political Science Association Winner of the 2010 marshall mcLuhan Award for outstanding Book, media ecology Association

the Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age Viktor Mayer-Schnberger
2009. 256 pages. 1 table. cl: 978-0-691-13861-9 $24.95 | 16.95

From Economic Crisis to Reform

imF Programs in Latin America and eastern europe Grigore Pop-Eleches
2009. 368 pages. 40 line illus. 11 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13952-4 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-13503-8 $70.00 | 48.95

political economy 27



Great Books, Bad Arguments

Republic, Leviathan, and The Communist Manifesto W. G. Runciman
Why have Platos Republic, hobbess Leviathan, and marxs Communist Manifesto retained their enduring appeal, despite their often wildly implausible assumptions about human motivation and political action? no one is more qualified to answer this question than Britains most eminent sociologist cum philosopher and historian, garry runciman. Great Books, Bad Arguments is not only lucid, but like the best detective fiction, keeps the reader guessing until the very end. gareth Stedman Jones, Kings college, University of cambridge W. g. runciman is a fellow of trinity college, University of cambridge.
2010. 144 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14476-4 $19.95 | 13.95

Democratic Governance
Mark Bevir
Democratic Governance is a highly original, broad-ranging, and ambitious book that makes distinctive contributions to democratic theory, the sociology of knowledge, and public policy. its major contribution is to show how relatively abstract social theories have informed, down to the details, agendas of political, administrative, and policy reform. Archon Fung, harvard University mark Bevir is professor of political science at the University of california, Berkeley.
2010. 320 pages. 10 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14539-6 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-14538-9 $65.00 | 44.95


The Propriety of Liberty

Persons, Passions, and Judgement in modern Political thought Duncan Kelly
The Propriety of Liberty is an erudite and original study of an immensely important yet neglected aspect of the history of liberty in early modern and modern political thought: the relationships among liberty, character formation, and propriety. James tully, University of Victoria Duncan Kelly is university senior lecturer in political theory in the Department of Politics and international Studies, University of cambridge, and fellow of Jesus college, cambridge.
December 2010. 400 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14313-2 $39.50 | 27.95


Liberating Judgment
Fanatics, Skeptics, and John Lockes Politics of Probability Douglas John Casson
this innovative treatment of Locke emphasizes the role of probable judgment in early modern political thought. casson clearly demonstrates that Locke, like several of his contemporaries, was searching for a middle way between the skepticism and dogmatism that characterized so much of the early modern era, and that he was able to apply a probabilistic solution to the political sphere. Barbara Shapiro, University of california, Berkeley Douglas John casson is assistant professor of political science at St. olaf college.
February 2011. 296 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14474-0 $45.00 | 30.95

28 political philosophy & theory



Tough Choices
Structured Paternalism and the Landscape of choice Sigal R. Ben-Porath
Tough Choices is a marvelously tough-minded, humane, and elegantly written essay on the value of choice in the politics of free societies. Ben-Porath has fresh, sober, and compelling things to say about a topic that is commonly shrouded in a fog of ideological folly. this is a rare thing: a wise and useful book about one of our most fundamental public values. eamonn callan, Stanford University Sigal r. Ben-Porath is assistant professor at the graduate School of education and special assistant to the president at the University of Pennsylvania.
2010. 192 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14641-6 $27.95 | 19.95

The Imperative of Integration

Elizabeth Anderson
in The Imperative of Integration, elizabeth Anderson expertly blends social science research, moral philosophy, and political theory to make a lucid, compelling, and impassioned case for the desegregation of American society. Decades after the passage of landmark civil rights legislation, American neighborhoods and schools remain highly segregated by race. this clear moral statement of the urgent need for integration is long overdue and should be read carefully by all Americans. Douglas S. massey, coauthor of American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass elizabeth Anderson is the John rawls collegiate Professor of Philosophy and Womens Studies at the University of michigan, Ann Arbor.
2010. 232 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13981-4 $29.95 | 20.95


The Real World of Democratic Theory

Ian Shapiro
ian Shapiros title captures the great virtue of his latest book: he has, brilliantly and usefully, related democratic theory, an academic field in which he towers, to the real world of partisanship, public opinion polls, debates over taxes and abortion, and international diplomacy. in lucid, straightforward, jargon-free prose, he puts the politics into political science, without compromising on intellectual rigor and the highest standards of empirical discipline. Strobe talbott, Brookings institution ian Shapiro is the Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University.
February 2011. 320 pages. 6 line illus. 3 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-09001-6 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-09000-9 $75.00 | 52.00


Michael Oakeshotts Skepticism

Aryeh Botwinick
the literature on oakeshott tends to emphasize the independence of his thought and the problem of how to classify him, a problem that Aryeh Botwinick neatly sidesteps by taking an entirely different line. oakeshott turns out to be in agreement or dialogue with a range of other thinkers, including nietzsche and Arendt. this is a fresh and rewarding approach that provides a new perspective on oakeshotts thought and its significance. oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky Aryeh Botwinick is professor of political science at temple University.
Princeton Monographs in Philosophy February 2011. 272 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14717-8 $35.00 | 24.95

political philosophy & theory 29



Machiavellis God
Maurizio Viroli translated by Antony Shugaar
maurizio Viroli makes a powerful case that machiavelli, far from being a pagan or atheist, was a prophet of a true religion of liberty, a way of moral and political living that would rediscover and pursue charity and justice. maurizio Viroli is professor of politics at Princeton University.
The translation of this work has been funded by SEPSSegretariato Europeo per le Pubblicazioni Scientifiche 2010. 336 pages. cl: 978-0-691-12414-8 $45.00 | 30.95

Demanding Democracy
American radicals in Search of a new Politics Marc Stears
this book finds in the ups and downs of American radicalism the resources with which to contest contemporary political theorys often settled opinion that utopianism leads to violence and that violence has no place in a properly liberal or deliberative politics. Demanding Democracy demands to be read. Bonnie honig, northwestern University marc Stears is university lecturer in political theory at the University of oxford and fellow in politics at University college, oxford.
2010. 256 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13340-9 $29.95 | 20.95


Alibis of Empire
henry maine and the ends of Liberal imperialism Karuna Mantena
Karuna mantena provides the first comprehensive account of the centrality of henry maine in the transformation of British imperial ideology in the late nineteenth century. With great insight and erudition, mantena elucidates the connections between maines sociotheoretic model of traditional society and the ideology and practice of British indirect rule. mahmood mamdani, columbia University Karuna mantena is assistant professor of political science at Yale University.
2010. 280 pages. cl: 978-0-691-12816-0 Not for sale in South Asia $39.50 | 27.95


A Political Philosophy in Public Life

civic republicanism in Zapateros Spain Jos Luis Mart & Philip Pettit
An important account of a rare and remarkable encounter between contemporary political philosophy and real-world politics, this is also a significant work of political philosophy in its own right. Jos Luis mart is associate professor of law at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Philip Pettit is the Laurance S. rockefeller University Professor of Politics and human Values at Princeton University.
2010. 216 pages. 1 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-14406-1 $29.95 | 20.95

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30 political philosophy & theory



The Pathologies of Individual Freedom

hegels Social theory Axel Honneth translated by Ladislaus Lb
Axel honneths book is stimulating, insightful, philosophically interesting, and analytically sophisticated. its main contribution lies in its sympathetic, philosophically acute reconstruction of hegels position on individual freedom, which is made with an eye to lending it contemporary relevance. Fred neuhouser, Barnard college Axel honneth is professor of social philosophy at goethe University and director of the institute for Social research in Frankfurt am main.
Princeton Monographs in Philosophy 2010. 96 pages. cl: 978-0-691-11806-2 $29.95 | 20.95

Politics and the Imagination

Raymond Geuss
these terrific essays confirm raymond geusss status as one of the most thoughtful, honest, careful, original, and politically engaged philosophers of our time. Displaying geusss rich erudition in european languages, history, literature, art, and music, and his unique capacity to use philosophy to illuminate current political conundrums, these essays are attuned both to the most delicate dimensions of human experience and subjectivity and the cruder phenomena of war, planetary collapse, party politics, and bourgeois complacency. this is a rich and wonderful book. Wendy Brown, University of california, Berkeley raymond geuss teaches philosophy at the University of cambridge.
2010. 216 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14228-9 cl: 978-0-691-14227-2 $24.95 | 16.95 $70.00 | 48.95


Untying the Knot

marriage, the State, and the case for their Divorce Tamara Metz
in clear and jargon-free writing, tamara metz makes a persuasive case for the separation of marriage and the state. readers who pick up this book to inform themselves about the same-sex marriage debate will be led to wonder why the state involves itself in marriage at all. Shelley Burtt, author of Virtue Transformed tamara metz is assistant professor of political science and humanities at reed college.
2010. 216 pages. cl: 978-0-691-12667-8 $27.95 | 19.95

Also by Raymond Geuss

Philosophy and Real Politics

A manifesto for a new political philosophy. . . . geusss realist proposal brings forcefully to the contemporary political discussion the idea that philosophy is an engaged discipline, both in the sense of engagee, of directly speaking to the political issues of the day, and in the sense of having its own historical cultural commitments firmly in view. Katerina Deligiorgi, Philosophers Magazine
2008. 128 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13788-9 $19.95 | 13.95

political philosophy & theory 31



Prudes, Perverts, and Tyrants

Platos Gorgias and the Politics of Shame Christina H. Tarnopolsky
tarnopolskys interpretation of Platos Gorgias is original, bold, and convincing. her crossdisciplinary exploration of shame in its ancient and modern contexts is psychologically, philosophically, and politically deep. this definitive account is required reading for Plato scholars and for anyone interested in contemporary democratic politics. Jill Frank, University of South carolina christina h. tarnopolsky is assistant professor of political science at mcgill University.
2010. 240 pages. 5 tables. cl: 978-0-691-12856-6 $35.00 | 24.95

Hobbes and the Law of Nature

Perez Zagorin
Hobbes and the Law of Nature is a significant contribution. Zagorin brings almost the entire hobbesian corpus to bear, as well as a great deal of the scholarly literature on hobbes of the past several decades. he also deploys his considerable knowledge of the seventeenth-century context of hobbess thinking. the result is that he helps us see hobbess thought much more clearly. michael P. Zuckert, University of notre Dame Perez Zagorin (19202009) was the Joseph c. Wilson Professor of history emeritus at the University of rochester.
2010. 192 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13980-7 $29.95 | 20.95


A Revolution of the Mind

radical enlightenment and the intellectual origins of modern Democracy Jonathan Israel
interesting, erudite, and provocative, this book provides readers with a succinct and clear introduction to Jonathan israels wideranging work on the radical enlightenment. James Schmidt, Boston University A Revolution of the Mind reveals the surprising origin of our most cherished valuesand helps explain why in certain circles they are frequently disapproved of and attacked even today. Jonathan israel is professor of modern history at the institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
2010. 296 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14200-5 $26.95 | 18.95


Machiavellis Ethics
Erica Benner
Machiavellis Ethics is a superb scholarly book. erica Benner does truly impressive work in analyzing machiavellis views on the most fundamental ethical issuesincluding necessity and virtue, justice and injustice, and ends and means. She shows, with very solid evidence, that machiavelli did in fact worry a lot about justice and that he put it at the core of his republican theory. maurizio Viroli, author of Niccols Smile: A Biography of Machiavelli erica Benner is fellow in ethics and history of philosophy at Yale University.
2009. 544 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14177-0 cl: 978-0-691-14176-3 $35.00 | 24.95 $75.00 | 52.00

32 political philosophy & theory



Treason in the Northern Quarter

War, terror, and the rule of Law in the Dutch revolt Henk van Nierop translated by J. c. grayson
An enthralling account of an unsuspected story with surprising modern resonance, Treason in the Northern Quarter presents a new image of the Dutch revolt, one that will fascinate anyone interested in the nature of revolution and civil war or the fate of law during wartime. henk van nierop is professor of early modern history at the University of Amsterdam.
2010. 328 pages. 15 halftones. 2 maps. cl: 978-0-691-13564-9 $39.95 | 27.95

Health, Luck, and Justice

Shlomi Segall
As the first serious attempt to apply the luck egalitarian approach to health and justice, this book will be widely read. it is lucid, well argued, rigorous, and analytic. ezekiel J. emanuel, mD, PhD By focusing on the ways health is affected by the moral arbitrariness of luck, Health, Luck, and Justice provides an important new perspective on the ethics of national and international health policy. Shlomi Segall is lecturer in the Department of Political Science and the integrative Program of Philosophy, economics, and Political Science (PeP) at the hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2009. 256 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14053-7 $35.00 | 24.95


Philosophy after Darwin

classic and contemporary readings Edited by Michael Ruse
in recent years, philosophers have had plenty to say about the relevance of evolutionary thinking to questions about knowledge, rationality, and ethics. this judiciously chosen and wide-ranging set of readings . . . helps us to understand the current state of play in these debates, and also their historical roots. it is an excellent collection. tim Lewens, University of cambridge michael ruse is the Lucyle t. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University.
2009. 592 pages. 6 line illus. Pa: 978-0-691-13554-0 $39.50 | 27.95 cl: 978-0-691-13553-3 $80.00 | 55.00


On the Side of the Angels

An Appreciation of Parties and Partisanship Nancy L. Rosenblum
[On the Side of Angels] is both a critical history of political thought about parties and a defense of the contribution to democracy of both parties and partisanship. Paul Starr, New Republic nancy L. rosenblum is the Senator Joseph clark Professor of ethics in Politics and government and chair of the Department of government at harvard University.
2010. 600 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14814-4 cl: 978-0-691-13534-2 $24.95 | 16.95 $55.00 | 37.95

political philosophy & theory 33



Out of Eden
Adam and eve and the Problem of evil Paul W. Kahn
Brilliant and essential. . . . [Kahn] establishes an enormously clarifying political theology of modernity, one that investigates the limits of our contemporary imagination. igor Webb, Common Review Paul W. Kahn is the robert W. Winner Professor of Law and the humanities at Yale Law School and director of the orville h. Schell, Jr., center for international human rights at Yale University.
2010. 248 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14812-0 cl: 978-0-691-12693-7 $22.95 | 15.95 $45.00 | 30.95

With a new preface by the author

Chinas New Confucianism

Politics and everyday Life in a changing Society Daniel A. Bell
Bell paints a vivid portrait of confucianism in todays china, a society undergoing drastic socioeconomic transformation. in his writing, confucianism is no longer a quasi-religious body of dogma but a living, developing and constantly renewable stream of ideas. Yongnian Zheng, Times Higher Education Daniel A. Bell is professor of political theory at tsinghua University in Beijing.
2010. 272 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14585-3 cl: 978-0-691-13690-5 $19.95 | 13.95 $35.00 | 24.95

Shortlisted for the 2010 hessell-tiltman Prize, english Pen Winner of the 2008 ProSe Award for excellence in classics and Ancient history, Association of American Publishers

one of the Sunday Timess Best Books of 2008, Politics

Democracy and Knowledge

innovation and Learning in classical Athens Josiah Ober
Josiah ober shows us that Athens knew what the Athenians knew, because the city as a whole had devised institutions that made sure the useful knowledge of the widest possible range of individuals flowed to where it was needed. . . . Does America know what Americans know? Danielle Allen, New Republic Josiah ober is the constantine mitsotakis Professor of Political Science and classics at Stanford University.
2010. 368 pages. 15 halftones. 9 line illus. 19 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14624-9 $22.95 | 15.95

Political Hypocrisy
the mask of Power, from hobbes to orwell and Beyond David Runciman
A very intelligent, subtle, and learned guide to the classics and to the pre-eminent historical examples of hypocrisy from mandeville and hobbes to Jefferson. David martin, Times Literary Supplement David runciman is reader in political theory at the University of cambridge and a fellow of trinity hall.
2010. 288 pages. 1 halftone. Pa: 978-0-691-14815-1 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-12931-0 $29.95 | 20.95

34 political philosophy & theory

Why Not Socialism?

G. A. Cohen
the book brilliantly captures the essence of the socialist ethical complaint against market society. hillel Steiner, University of manchester
2009. 96 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14361-3 $14.95 | 10.95

How Do You Know?

the economics of ordinary Knowledge Russell Hardin
this book develops a general, economic theory of ordinary knowledge and applies it to many different kinds of knowledge and belief, providing a clear and convincing view of many of the worlds problems, such as fanaticism and nationalism. A significant contribution, . . . beautifully written and a pleasure to read. Jonathan Baron, University of Pennsylvania
2009. 240 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13755-1 $35.00 | 24.95

reViSeD eDition
A New York Times notable Book of 2008

Moral Clarity
A guide for grown-Up idealists Susan Neiman
the problem with our liberal elites, [neiman] insists, is lame metaphysicsa lack of philosophical nerve. . . . neiman is a subtle and energetic guide . . . [who] writes with verve and sometimes epigrammatic wit. gary rosen, Wall Street Journal
2009. 480 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14389-7 $24.95 | 16.95 Not for sale in the Commonwealth (except Canada)

Liberal Loyalty
Freedom, obligation, and the State Anna Stilz
Stilz offers a provocative and original answer to some very old questions about political obligation. her great contribution is to provide a new conception of solidaritya missing value in most liberal conceptionsbasing it on an individualist theory of collective intentions. John Ferejohn, Stanford University
2009. 264 pages. 1 table. cl: 978-0-691-13914-2 $29.95 | 20.95

Emergency Politics
Paradox, Law, Democracy Bonnie Honig
By redescribing emergency moments as typical of political life generally, this book makes a compelling case for the adequacy of democratic politicswhen conceived in a rich, agonistic fashionto meet and make moments both ordinary and extraordinary. Danielle S. Allen, institute for Advanced Study
2009. 224 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14298-2 $26.95 | 18.95

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political philosophy & theory 35



Cultivating Conscience
how good Laws make good People Lynn Stout
this concise book makes meaningful linkages between social science work and basic areas of the law in ways that will engage and resonate with general readers. Cultivating Conscience offers much food for reflection. robert c. clark, harvard Law School contemporary law and public policy often treat human beings as selfish creatures who respond only to punishments and rewards. Yet every day, we behave unselfishlyfew of us mug the elderly or steal the paper from our neighbors yard, and many of us go out of our way to help strangers. We nevertheless overlook our own good behavior and fixate on the bad things people do and how we can stop them. in this pathbreaking book, acclaimed law and economics scholar Lynn Stout argues that this focus neglects the crucial role our better impulses could play in society. rather than lean on the power of greed to shape laws and human behavior, Stout contends that we should rely on the force of conscience. this book proves that if we care about effective laws and civilized society, the powers of conscience are simply too important for us to ignore. Lynn Stout is the Paul hastings Professor of corporate and Securities Law at the UcLA School of Law.
november 2010. 328 pages. 3 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-13995-1 $27.95 | 19.95

Justice in Lritz
experiencing Socialist Law in east germany Inga Markovits
this is a marvelous book. it is beautifully writtenmarkovits has a wonderful, elegant, moving style; and the whole enterprise is informed by a passion for understanding, a gift for generalization, and a deep knowledge of the society and its people. Lawrence m. Friedman, Stanford Law School As a child, inga markovits dreamt of stealing and reading every letter contained in a mailbox at a busy intersection of her town in order to learn what life is all about. When, decades later, working as a legal historian, she tracked down the almost complete archive of a former east german trial court, she knew that she had finally found her mailbox. combining her work in this extraordinary archive with interviews of former plaintiffs and defendants, judges and prosecutors, government and party functionaries, and Stasi collaborators, all in the little town she calls Lritz, markovits has written a remarkable grassroots history of a legal system that set out with the utopian hopes of a few and ended in the anger and disappointment of the many. Brimming with human stories of obedience and resistance, endurance and cunning, and cruelty and grief, Justice in Lritz is ultimately a book about much more than the law, or Socialism, or east germany. inga markovits holds the Friends of Jamail regents chair in Law at the University of texas, Austin.
november 2010. 288 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14348-4 $26.95 | 18.95 cl: 978-0-691-14347-7 $75.00 | 52.00


The Litigation State

Public regulation and Private Lawsuits in the United States Sean Farhang
See page 12 for details.

36 law & legal theory



Lawyers and Fidelity to Law

W. Bradley Wendel
Lawyers and Fidelity to Law is a fine book that makes an important and original contribution to legal ethics. Wendel replaces each element of the standard conception of legal ethics with a more appealing substitute, and his writing is clear, lively, and well-illustrated. Arthur i. Applbaum, harvard University even lawyers who obey the law often seem to act unethicallyinterfering with the discovery of truth, subverting justice, and inflicting harm on innocent people. Standard arguments within legal ethics attempt to show why it is permissible to do something as a lawyer that it would be wrong to do as an ordinary person. But in the view of most critics these arguments fail to turn wrongs into rights. in Lawyers and Fidelity to Law, W. Bradley Wendel introduces a new conception of legal ethics that addresses the concerns of lawyers and their critics alike. W. Bradley Wendel is professor of law at cornell Law School.
2010. 304 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13719-3 $35.00 | 24.95

The Limits of Constitutional Democracy

Edited by Jeffrey K. Tulis & Stephen Macedo
constitutional democracy is at once a flourishing idea filled with optimism and promiseand an enterprise fraught with limitations. Uncovering the reasons for this ambivalence, this book looks at the difficulties of constitutional democracy, and reexamines fundamental questions: What is constitutional democracy? When does it succeed or fail? can constitutional democracies conduct war? can they preserve their values and institutions while addressing new forms of global interdependence? the authors gathered here interrogate constitutional democracys meaning in order to illuminate its future. Jeffrey K. tulis is associate professor of government at the University of texas, Austin. Stephen macedo is the Laurance S. rockefeller Professor of Politics at Princeton University.
University Center for Human Values December 2010. 344 pages. 1 line illus. Pa: 978-0-691-14736-9 $32.50 | 22.95 cl: 978-0-691-14734-5 $80.00 | 55.00


Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide

the role of Politics in Judging Brian Z. Tamanaha
Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide will forever change our understanding of American legal realism and its mythical opponent, legal formalism. generations of judges, lawyers, and scholars have come to see a false picture that pits radically skeptical realists against nave or deceptive formalists. tamanahas magnificent book will open your eyes and change the way you think about the law. Lawrence Solum, University of illinois, Urbana-champaign Brian Z. tamanaha is professor of law at Washington University School of Law.
2010. 264 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14280-7 cl: 978-0-691-14279-1 $24.95 | 16.95 $70.00 | 48.95

law & legal theory 37

Forthcoming PAPerBAcK

Forthcoming PAPerBAcK

Corporate Governance
Promises Kept, Promises Broken Jonathan R. Macey
if there ever were a moment in U.S. history for [this book], it is now. . . . Against a backdrop of the most pervasive corporate failures since the great Depression, maceys book is must-reading for those who want to understand how we got into this mess. c. evan Stewart, New York Law Journal Jonathan r. macey is the Sam harris Professor of corporate Law, corporate Finance, and Securities Law at Yale Law School.
January 2011. 344 pages. 1 line illus. 5 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14802-1 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-12999-0 $49.95 | 34.95

A Modern Legal Ethics

Adversary Advocacy in a Democratic Age Daniel Markovits
in a refreshing break from the positivist battle over the moral function of lawyers in an adversary system of adjudication, A Modern Legal Ethics investigates whether it is even possible for lawyers to occupy an ethical role in modern society. Harvard Law Review Daniel markovits is a professor at Yale Law School.
February 2011. 376 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14813-7 cl: 978-0-691-12162-8 $22.95 | 15.95 $49.95 | 34.95

one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2009

The Household
one of Economists Best Books of 2009

When Brute Force Fails

how to have Less crime and Less Punishment Mark A. R. Kleiman
Kleiman suggests that smarter enforcement strategies can make existing budgets go further. the important step, he says, is to view enforcement as a dynamic game in which strategically chosen deterrence policies become self-reinforcing. . . . its a revolutionary idea. robert h. Frank, New York Times mark A. r. Kleiman is professor of public policy at the University of california, Los Angeles.
2010. 256 pages. 9 line illus. Pa: 978-0-691-14864-9 $22.95 | 15.95 cl: 978-0-691-14208-1 $35.00 | 24.95

informal order around the hearth Robert C. Ellickson

ellicksons book pushes us to think more clearly about the benefits and the costs of homeownership. . . . [h]ousing policy is worthy of intense attentionbut until the current crisis housing policy existed in the netherworld of the more unglamorous public pursuits. Perhaps our present-day troubles will create the opportunity to produce better housing policies, or so i hope. robert ellicksons ideas can certainly help. edward glaeser, New Republic robert c. ellickson is the Walter e. meyer Professor of Property and Urban Law at Yale Law School.
2010. 272 pages. 2 line illus. 7 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14799-4 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-13442-0 $39.95 | 27.95

38 law & legal theory

Winner of the 2009 Best Book Award, human rights Section, American Political Science Association

Winner of the 2009 ProSe Award for excellence in Law and Legal Studies, Association of American Publishers

Hidden in Plain Sight

the tragedy of childrens rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel tate Barbara Bennett Woodhouse
Woodhouse performs an admirable job in helping readers to understand the complicated and ambiguous issue of childrens rights in the US. J. c. Altman, Choice Barbara Bennett Woodhouse is the L.Q.c. Lamar Professor of Law and codirector of the Barton child Law and Policy clinic at emory Law School. She is also the David h. Levin chair emeritus in Family Law at the University of Florida.
The Public Square 2010. 384 pages. 11 halftones. Pa: 978-0-691-14621-8 $19.95 | 13.95 cl: 978-0-691-12690-6 $27.95 | 19.95

A Constitution of Many Minds

Why the Founding Document Doesnt mean What it meant Before Cass R. Sunstein
What distinguishes the most important minds is less the answers they offer than the questions they ask. Who but cass Sunstein would think to ask what unites the arguments and assumptions of traditionalists, populists, and cosmopolitans in constitutional interpretation and elsewhere and what influences the force of those arguments at different times and in different places? exploring those questions with his characteristic elegance and insight, Sunsteinthe most prolific and significant legal scholar of our timehas written a brilliant book for all seasons. Laurence h. tribe, harvard Law School
2009. 240 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13337-9 $27.95 | 19.95

The Religious Left and Church-State Relations

Steven H. Shiffrin
this is an extraordinarily well-written, original, and persuasive book that offers an eloquent plea for recognition of the multiple values of the religion clauses, emphasizes the civil values of public schools, and shows how religious perspectives can yield compelling reasons to separate church and state. Kent greenawalt, columbia University Law School
2009. 256 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14144-2 $35.00 | 24.95

Also by Cass R. Sunstein 2.0
in [ 2.0], . . . Sunstein waxes pessimistic about todays nightmare of limitless news and information optionsand, more significantly, the limitless options for avoiding it. Publishers Weekly
2009. 272 pages. 2 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14328-6 cl: 978-0-691-13356-0 $19.95 | 13.95 $24.95 | 16.95


Economics for Lawyers

Richard A. Ippolito
2010. 456 pages. 94 line illus. 29 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14656-0 $45.00 | 30.95

law & legal theory 39


The Judge as Political Theorist

contemporary constitutional review David Robertson
this is a book by a political scientist that goes well beyond the politicalscience literature on constitutional courts and constitutional adjudication. robertson sees new types of constitutions emerging that are not just legal documents structuring the political system, but are designed to give binding force to those values to which a society aspires, in most cases after a deep break in their history. this is a remarkable piece of research. Dieter grimm, humboldt University of Berlin and Yale Law School The Judge as Political Theorist examines opinions by constitutional courts in liberal democracies to better understand the logic and nature of constitutional review. David robertson argues that the constitutional judges role is nothing like that of the legislator or chief executive, or even the ordinary judge. rather, constitutional judges spell out to society the implicationson the groundof the moral and practical commitments embodied in the nations constitution. constitutional review, in other words, is a form of applied political theory. David robertson is professor of politics and a fellow of St. hughs college, University of oxford.
2010. 432 pages. 3 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14404-7 cl: 978-0-691-14403-0 $35.00 | $24.95 $80.00 | 55.00


The Next Justice

repairing the Supreme court Appointments Process Christopher L. Eisgruber
the best short, onevolume, incisive account of what the Supreme court actually does. Linda greenhouse, Yale Law School christopher L. eisgruber is provost and Laurance S. rockefeller Professor of Public Affairs at Princeton University.
2010. 272 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14352-1 cl: 978-0-691-13497-0 $16.95 | 11.95 $27.95 | 19.95

Citizens, Courts, and Confirmations

Positivity theory and the Judgments of the American People James L. Gibson & Gregory A. Caldeira
Citizens, Courts, and Confirmations is a significant contribution to the literature on judicial politics. its findings are interesting and unique, and it provides a number of insights likely to prompt further studies of courts and the citizenry. richard L. Vining, Law and Politics Book Review
2009. 200 pages. 7 line illus. 29 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13988-3 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13987-6 $65.00 | 44.95

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40 judicial politics



Remaking the Heartland

middle America since the 1950s Robert Wuthnow
Remaking the Heartland is a compelling examination of the transformation of the midwest in the postwar era. combining an insiders empathy with the critical distance of someone who has moved away, Wuthnow debunks the myths of the heartlands decline and highlights the regions institutional riches and cultural creativity. John Schmalzbauer, missouri State University Remaking the Heartland offers an accessible look at the humble yet strong foundations that have allowed the region to endure undiminished. robert Wuthnow is the gerhard r. Andlinger 52 Professor of Social Sciences at Princeton University.
march 2011. 472 pages. 23 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14611-9 $35.00 | 24.95

Economic Lives
how culture Shapes the economy Viviana A. Zelizer
over the past three decades, economic sociology has been revealing how culture shapes economic life even while economic facts affect social relationships. this work has transformed the field into a flourishing and increasingly influential discipline. no one has played a greater role in this development than Viviana Zelizer, one of the worlds leading sociologists. Economic Lives synthesizes and extends her most important work to date, demonstrating the full breadth and range of her field-defining contributions in a single volume for the first time. Viviana A. Zelizer is the Lloyd cotsen 50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University.
november 2010. 480 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13936-4 $35.00 | 24.95


Who Cares?
Public Ambivalence and government Activism from the new Deal to the Second gilded Age Katherine S. Newman & Elisabeth S. Jacobs
the deep ambivalence Americans feel about government has always been central to our politics, and its an especially vital matter now with the rise of tea Party movements and other assaults on public power. Americans often want a smaller government that does more, a difficult recipe for politicians to follow. thats why Who Cares? is so timely and so important. Katherine newman and elisabeth Jacobs have done a superb job tracing the history of our ambivalence and suggesting where we might go from here. they will be the talk of academiaand the talk shows. e. J. Dionne Jr., author of Souled Out and Why Americans Hate Politics Katherine S. newman is the malcolm Forbes, class of 1941, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University. elisabeth S. Jacobs is a senior policy adviser to the Joint economic committee of the U.S. congress.
2010. 240 pages. 36 line illus. 4 tables. cl: 978-0-691-13563-2 $26.95 | 18.95

political sociology 41



Why People Cooperate

the role of Social motivations Tom R. Tyler
tyler suggests that the conventional story of why people cooperatefor material self-interestis actually an impoverished account, and he carefully and cumulatively builds his case to demonstrate that cooperative behavior is caused more by social motives than self-interested ones. John Darley, Princeton University tom r. tyler is University Professor and chair of the Psychology Department at new York University.
november 2010. 232 pages. 3 line illus. 14 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14690-4 $35.00 | 24.95

Dead Ringers
how outsourcing is changing the Way indians Understand themselves Shehzad Nadeem
A majority of Americas Fortune 2000 companies say that off-shoring is an integral part of their growth strategy. So whats it like on the other side? nadeem takes us into the back offices where indian workers take American calls on all-night shifts under tough conditions. Yet workers also feel elevated by the pay and imagined participation in an American lifestyle which is, ironically, receding in the United States. An extremely well-informed and deep look at a crucial issue of the age. Arlie hochschild, coauthor of The Second Shift Shehzad nadeem is assistant professor of sociology at the city University of new York, Lehman college.
march 2011. 304 pages. 3 halftones. 9 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14787-1 $35.00 | 24.95



Mafias on the Move

the globalization of organized crime Federico Varese
Federico Varese is two writers rolled into one: a fearless fact-hunter who goes after his quarry with the zeal of a thoroughbred journalist, and a dedicated academic who examines and analyzes his catch with relentless detachment. throw in a robust understanding of the impact of contemporary history on the behavior of a globalized criminal underworld and you have both a compelling read and an impeccable work of reference. John le carr Federico Varese is professor of criminology and director of the extra-Legal governance institute at the University of oxford.
march 2011. 304 pages. 9 halftones. 3 line illus. 16 tables. 4 maps. cl: 978-0-691-12855-9 $35.00 | 24.95

The Hoods
crime and Punishment in Belfast Heather Hamill
this is an interesting book on an important subject. through description and analysis, hamill uncovers the inner mechanisms of informal punishment in West Belfast and makes very clear the trade-off between its effectiveness and the greater legitimacy of state-sanctioned institutions. the picture of informal organizations and how they evolved over time is fascinating. And one can only commend hamills courage and industriousness in researching the community of hoods who are the targets of both official and unofficial justice. marek Kaminski, University of california, irvine heather hamill is university lecturer in sociology at the University of oxford and a fellow of St. cross college, oxford.
January 2011. 168 pages. 2 line illus. 2 tables. cl: 978-0-691-11963-2 $29.95 | 20.95

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42 political sociology



Economic Sociology
A Systematic inquiry Alejandro Portes
in this carefully crafted book, Portes brings to bear his sophisticated use of sociological theory and his vast empirical knowledge about the multiple intersections between economy and society in the contemporary world. he sheds light on such topics as economic reforms, immigration, social inequality, household consumption, and the informal economy, demonstrating the importance of social capital, institutions, and social class when it comes to understanding socially oriented economic action. mauro F. guilln, University of Pennsylvania Alejandro Portes is the howard harrison and gabrielle Snyder Beck Professor of Sociology at Princeton University.
2010. 320 pages. 17 line illus. 23 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14223-4 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-14222-7 $75.00 | 52.00

Max Weber in America

Lawrence A. Scaff
Max Weber in America is a masterpiece. Scaff is recognized as a leading Weber scholar and social theorist, and here he demonstrates the intellectual significance of Webers visit to the United States both for Webers work and for its subsequent American reception. there is no comparable book. guenther roth, columbia University Lawrence A. Scaff is professor of political science and sociology at Wayne State University.
march 2011. 304 pages. 6 halftones. 2 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14779-6 $35.00 | 24.95

one of Choices outstanding Academic titles for 2006

With a new preface by the authors

Why Not Kill Them All?

the Logic and Prevention of mass Political murder Daniel Chirot & Clark McCauley
What to do [about genocide]? can we eliminate love, laughter, or any other human impulse as enduring as the hunger to kill all ones enemies? . . . chirot and mccauley offer important wisdom. carlin romano, Chronicle of Higher Education Daniel chirot is the Job and gertrud tamaki Professor of international Studies and professor of sociology at the University of Washington. clark mccauley is the rachel c. hale Professor of Science and mathematics and codirector of the Solomon Asch center for Study of ethnopolitical conflict at Bryn mawr college.
2010. 288 pages. 1 table. Pa: 978-0-691-14594-5 cl: 978-0-691-09296-6 $19.95 | 13.95 $39.95 | 27.95


Reds, Whites, and Blues

Social movements, Folk music, and race in the United States William G. Roy
examining folk musics galvanizing and unifying power, Reds, Whites, and Blues casts new light on the relationship between cultural forms and social activity. William g. roy is professor and chair of the sociology department at the University of california, Los Angeles.
Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology 2010. 304 pages. 10 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-14363-7 $35.00 | 24.95

political sociology 43


The Wind from the East

French intellectuals, the cultural revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s Richard Wolin
richard Wolin has written a fascinating account of the French Lefts maoist moment, which pays all due attention to its follies and fantasies, but also manages to capture and to value its liberating effects. michael Walzer, institute for Advanced Study recounting the cultural and political odyssey of French students and intellectuals in the 1960s, The Wind from the East illustrates how the maoist phenomenon unexpectedly sparked a democratic political sea change in France. richard Wolin is Distinguished Professor of history, comparative Literature, and Political Science at the city University of new York graduate center.
2010. 408 pages. 6 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-12998-3 $35.00 | 24.95



Frances New Deal

From the thirties to the Postwar era Philip G. Nord
in this splendid book, nord takes a big topic, and addresses it with infectious enthusiasm, rigor, and humor. nobody else knows as much about the interconnections between the lives and careers of the midcentury elite of French administrators, experts, and intellectuals, who from the 1930s to 1950s emerged as the ruling class of the reshaped French state. martin conway, University of oxford A nuanced perspective on the French states postwar origins, Frances New Deal chronicles how one modern nation came into being. Philip g. nord is the rosengarten Professor of modern and contemporary history at Princeton University.
2010. 480 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14297-5 $39.50 | 27.95

Empires in World History

Power and the Politics of Difference Jane Burbank & Frederick Cooper
A major corrective to much of the literature about empire, this is destined to become a classic: it tackles a huge and topical theme, and moves at a fast pace, from rome and han Dynasty china, right down to the present. the coverage is sweeping and balanced. A stunning accomplishment. Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University With its investigation into the relationship between diversity and imperial states, Empires in World History offers a fresh approach to understanding the impact of empires on the past and present. Jane Burbank is professor of history and russian and Slavic studies at new York University. Frederick cooper is professor of history at new York University.
2010. 528 pages. 44 halftones. 34 line illus. cl: 978-0-691-12708-8 $35.00 | 24.95

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44 comparative politics



Terror in Chechnya
russia and the tragedy of civilians in War Emma Gilligan
Terror in Chechnya is a valuable contribution to our understanding of a long-neglected human rights tragedy. matthew evangelista, author of The Chechen Wars A haunting testament of modern-day crimes against humanity, Terror in Chechnya also looks at the international response to the conflict, focusing on europes humanitarian and human rights efforts inside chechnya. emma gilligan is assistant professor of russian history and human rights at the University of connecticut.
Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity 2009. 288 pages. 20 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-13079-8 $35.00 | 24.95

Japan Transformed
Political change and economic restructuring Frances McCall Rosenbluth & Michael F. Thies
Japan Transformed offers a crisply written and insightful analysis of Japans most recent meiji momentthe 1994 electoral reforms. As did the earlier and more famous events of 1868, the 1994 reforms sparked profound and interrelated changes, opening both the economy and politics to new competitive forces and incentives. gary cox, University of california, San Diego Japan Transformed combines broad context and comparative analysis to provide an accurate understanding of Japans past, present, and future. Frances mccall rosenbluth is the Damon Wells Professor of international Politics at Yale University. michael F. thies is associate professor of political science at the University of california, Los Angeles.
2010. 264 pages. 8 line illus. 7 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13592-2 $27.95 | 19.95 cl: 978-0-691-13591-5 $65.00 | 44.95

Winner of the 2009 Leeds Award in Urban Anthropology, Society for Urban, national, and transnational/global Anthropology Winner of the 2009 Best Book on Brazil Published in english, Brazil Section, Latin American Studies Association Winner of the 2010 roberto reis BrASA Book Prize, Brazilian Studies Association

Insurgent Citizenship
Disjunctions of Democracy and modernity in Brazil James Holston
one of the best books ive ever read on Brazil or on citizenship. margaret Keck, Johns hopkins University James holston is professor of anthropology at the University of california, Berkeley.
In-Formation 2009. 416 pages. 11 halftones. 6 line illus. 5 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14290-6 $27.95 | 19.95

also available
noW in PAPerBAcK

Borrowing Constitutional Designs

constitutional Law in Weimar germany and the French Fifth republic Cindy Skach
2010. 168 pages. 15 line illus. 4 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14672-0 $19.95 | 13.95 Winner of the 2010 giovanni Sartori Book Award, Qualitative methods Section, American Political Science Association

Boundaries of Contagion
how ethnic Politics have Shaped government responses to AiDS Evan S. Lieberman
2009. 368 pages. 11 line illus. 21 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14019-3 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13286-0 $65.00 | 44.95

comparative politics 45



Can Islam Be French?

Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State John R. Bowen
John Bowen has written one of the most insightful books on islam in France. he has done extensive field research in the sensitive suburbs of Paris and inside little-known islamic institutions that are shaping the future of the religion in France. Bowen admirably shows how French muslims are struggling not for minority status or multiculturalism, but for value pluralism, conciliating the secular republican tradition while asserting a new faith community. olivier roy, european University institute, Florence John r. Bowen is the Dunbar-Van cleve Professor in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.
2009. 248 pages. 7 halftones. cl: 978-0-691-13283-9 $35.00 | 24.95

Princeton Readings in Islamist Thought

texts and contexts from al-Banna to Bin Laden Edited and with an introduction by Roxanne L. Euben & Muhammad Qasim Zaman
this book is an excellent primer on the key ideas and prominent thinkers that have shaped islamism over the past century. euben and Zaman provide the reader with both text and context by pairing selections from key islamist works with their own incisive analysis. the result is a most useful and timely intellectual history of islamism. Vali nasr, author of Forces of Fortune: The Rise of a New Muslim Middle Class and What it Means for Our World roxanne L. euben is the ralph emerson and Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of Political Science at Wellesley college. muhammad Qasim Zaman is the robert h. niehaus 77 Professor of near eastern Studies and religion at Princeton University.
2009. 536 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-13588-5 cl: 978-0-691-13587-8 $26.95 | 18.95 $69.50 | 48.95

Also by John R. Bowen

Why the French Dont Like Headscarves

islam, the State, and Public Space
[An] excellent book. richard Wolin, The Nation
2008. 304 pages. 6 halftones. Pa: 978-0-691-13839-8 $19.95 | 13.95

Also by Roxanne L. Euben

Journeys to the Other Shore

muslim and Western travelers in Search of Knowledge
2008. 328 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-13840-4 $22.95 | 15.95

Also by Muhammad Qasim Zaman

The Ulama in Contemporary Islam

neW custodians of change
2007. 312 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-13070-5 $23.95 | 16.95

A cultural and Political history Thomas Barfield
See page 1 for details.

46 princeton studies in muslim politics



Islamism and Democracy in India

the transformation of Jamaat-e-islami Irfan Ahmad
this is an outstanding historical and ethnographic account of one of the most influential islamist movements in South Asia. it is the result of courageous fieldwork at a time of increased hindu-muslim tension in india. the books thesis that even a radically antisecular islamist movement can be transformed into supporting secular democracy is an extremely important contribution to todays global discussions. it is essential reading. Peter van der Veer, author of Imperial Encounters irfan Ahmad is an anthropologist and assistant professor of politics in the School of Political and Social inquiry at monash University in Australia.
2009. 328 pages. 15 halftones. 6 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13920-3 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13919-7 $65.00 | 44.95 Not for sale in South Asia

Muslim Lives in Eastern Europe

gender, ethnicity, and the transformation of islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria Kristen Ghodsee
ghodsees patient ethnography allows her to explore in rich detail the encounter between postcommunist Bulgaria and orthodox islam. in her hands, the abstract concept of agency takes on compelling specificity, as she shows the women and men of the rhodope region adapting muslim beliefs and practices to their own needs, with striking implications for gender relations. Sonya michel, Woodrow Wilson international center for Scholars Kristen ghodsee is associate professor of gender and womens studies at Bowdoin college.
2009. 272 pages. 25 halftones. 2 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13955-5 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-13954-8 $65.00 | 44.95

of related interest
one of Economists Best Books of 2008 Winner of the 2008 ProSe Award for excellence in government and Politics, Association of American Publishers

The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State

Noah Feldman
the growing clamor for a return to Sharia law in the muslim world has often been met with alarm by the West. But Feldman remains coolheaded, placing the movement in a historical context and suggesting that its ideal of a just legal system, one that administers the law fairly, is an understandable goal in a region dominated by unchecked oligarchies. New Yorker noah Feldman is the Bemis Professor of Law at harvard Law School.
A Council on Foreign Relations Book 2010. 200 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-14804-5 cl: 978-0-691-12045-4 $12.95 | 8.95 $22.95 | 15.95

Dale F. eickelman & Augustus richard norton, series editors

princeton studies in muslim politics 47



Not for Profit

Why Democracy needs the humanities Martha C. Nussbaum
martha nussbaum is the most erudite and visionary scholar writing on higher education today. once again, she has laid out a novel and compelling argument with all of the clarity and rigor we expect from her writing. Not for Profit reminds us all that the deeper purposes of liberal education go well beyond personal advancement or national competitiveness. the real project is to educate responsible global citizens who will champion democracy and human development, and who have the skills to collaborate across differences and borders to solve pressing global problems. grant h. cornwell, president, college of Wooster martha c. nussbaum is the ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and ethics in the Philosophy Department, Law School, and Divinity School at the University of chicago.
The Public Square 2010. 184 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14064-3 $22.95 | 15.95

The Great Brain Race

how global Universities Are reshaping the World Ben Wildavsky
Ben Wildavsky has given us the most thorough and penetrating account to date of how globalization is transforming higher education around the world. the details are rich and compelling, and Wildavskys judgments are, in my opinion, unerring. richard c. Levin, president, Yale University in The Great Brain Race, former U.S. News & World Report education editor Ben Wildavsky presents the first popular account of how international competition for the brightest minds is transforming the world of higher educationand why this revolution should be welcomed, not feared. Ben Wildavsky is a senior fellow in research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation.
2010. 256 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14689-8 $26.95 | 18.95

Winner of the 2009 gold medal Axiom Business Book Award in career, Jenkins group, inc. Winner of the 2008 max Weber Award, organization, occupations, and Work Section, American Sociological Association Winner of the 2007 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Business, Finance, and management, Association of American Publishers

From Higher Aims to Hired Hands

the Social transformation of American Business Schools and the Unfulfilled Promise of management as a Profession Rakesh Khurana
A fascinating history of business education. Economist rakesh Khurana is associate professor in organizational behavior at harvard Business School.
2010. 544 pages. 4 halftones. 3 line illus. 15 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14587-7 $24.95 | 16.95 cl: 978-0-691-12020-1 $35.00 | 24.95

48 education policy



No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal

race and class in elite college Admission and campus Life Thomas J. Espenshade & Alexandria Walton Radford
[A] must-have reference for everyone who pays attention to race and class controversies in higher education. robert VerBruggen, National Review No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal offers valuable insights into the intricate workings of Americas elite higher education system. thomas J. espenshade is professor of sociology at Princeton University. Alexandria Walton radford is a research associate in postsecondary education with mPr Associates inc. in Washington, Dc.
2009. 568 pages. 55 line illus. 81 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14160-2 $35.00 | 24.95

Educating Scholars
Doctoral education in the humanities Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Harriet Zuckerman, Jeffrey A. Groen & Sharon M. Brucker
this is a book that should be read by anyone interested in graduate education in the arts and sciences. neil L. rudenstine, harvard University ronald g. ehrenberg is the irving m. ives Professor of industrial and Labor relations and economics at cornell University and director of the cornell higher education research institute. harriet Zuckerman is senior vice president of the Andrew W. mellon Foundation and professor emerita of sociology at columbia University. Jeffrey A. groen is a research economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sharon m. Brucker is a project coordinator at the Survey research center of Princeton University.
2009. 360 pages. 19 line illus. 64 tables. cl: 978-0-691-14266-1 $29.95 | 20.95


With a foreword by William g. Bowen

Unlocking the Gates


how and Why Leading Universities Are opening Up Access to their courses

Lessons Learned
reflections of a University President William G. Bowen
i loved reading Lessons Learned. it is thoughtful, pithy, and wise. this is a terrific book. Lawrence S. Bacow, tufts University William g. Bowen is president emeritus of the Andrew W. mellon Foundation and Princeton University.
December 2010. 168 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14962-2 $24.95 | 16.95

Taylor Walsh for Ithaka S+R

this book tells an interesting and important story. the research is fabulous and probing, and the storyline is wonderfully focused on leadership and the decisions it makes in circumstances that are constantly evolving and uncertain. Daniel greenstein, vice provost for academic planning, programs, and coordination, University of california taylor Walsh writes on behalf of ithaka S+r, a not-for-profit strategy and research service that supports innovation in the academic community.
February 2011. 240 pages. cl: 978-0-691-14874-8 $27.95 | 19.95

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education policy 49



Working Together
collective Action, the commons, and multiple methods in Practice Amy R. Poteete, Marco A. Janssen & Elinor Ostrom
the research of elinor ostrom and her colleagues on the emergence of wellfunctioning collective rules for exploitation of renewable natural resources has overturned conventional wisdom and led to new insights of the greatest importance for both policy and the understanding of fundamental economic and ecological processes. Kenneth J. Arrow, nobel Prize-winning economist Amy r. Poteete is assistant professor of political science at concordia University in montreal. marco A. Janssen is assistant professor in the School of human evolution and Social change at Arizona State University. elinor ostrom is professor at indiana University, Bloomington, and Arizona State University, tempe.
2010. 376 pages. 21 line illus. 8 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-14604-1 $29.95 | 20.95 cl: 978-0-691-14603-4 $80.00 | 55.00

Diversity and Complexity

Scott E. Page
Page engagingly seduces readers into rather deep ideas in complex systems, including sophisticated mathematical formulas, by using a relaxed style with lots of examples. Yet the treatment is rigorous. Simon A. Levin, Princeton University this book provides an introduction to the role of diversity in complex adaptive systems. A complex systemsuch as an economy or a tropical ecosystemconsists of interacting adaptive entities that produce dynamic patterns and structures. Diversity plays a different role in a complex system than it does in an equilibrium system, where it often merely produces variation around the mean for performance measures. in complex adaptive systems, diversity makes fundamental contributions to system performance. Scott e. Page is the Leonid hurwicz collegiate Professor of complex Systems, Political Science, and economics at the University of michigan and an external faculty member at the Santa Fe institute.
Primers in Complex Systems 2010. 296 pages. 19 line illus. 26 tables. Pa: 978-0-691-13767-4 $14.95 | 10.95

Usable Theory
Analytic tools for Social and Political research Dietrich Rueschemeyer
Usable Theory is a boon to everyone in search of tools to understand the social world. those tempted to see theory simply as a means of demonstrating erudition and those tempted to substitute rigorous measurement for engagement with theory should both read rueschemeyers new book. With unpretentious but sophisticated clarity, he shows how theory can be a powerful, practical means for getting leverage on a full array of substantive problems. Peter B. evans, University of california, Berkeley
2009. 352 pages. Pa: 978-0-691-12959-4 cl: 978-0-691-12958-7 $27.95 | 19.95 $65.00 | 44.95

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50 political methodology



The Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History

Edited by Michael Kazin rebecca edwards & Adam rothman, associate editors
i can think of no better introduction to American politics than The Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History. the editors, led by the distinguished historian michael Kazin, have done a superb job of balancing traditional and innovative approaches to their subject and in assembling essays that are authoritative, insightful, and accessible. this work will quickly become an indispensable guide to the political institutions, ideas, issues, and movements that have shaped and sometimes convulsed the United States across its history. gary gerstle, Vanderbilt University michael Kazin is professor of history at georgetown University. rebecca edwards is the eloise ellery Professor of history at Vassar college. Adam rothman is associate professor of history at georgetown University.
2010. 1056 pages. 44 halftones. 3 line illus. 8 tables. 7 maps. cl: 978-0-691-12971-6 $250.00 | 175.00

A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism

Edited by Silvio Pons & Robert Service
A valuable and comprehensive research asset. . . . Among the articles are some masterful reviews by major scholars. ronald grigor Suny, University of michigan the first book of its kind to appear since the end of the cold War, this indispensable reference provides encyclopedic coverage of communism and its impact throughout the world in the 20th century. With the opening of archives in former communist states, scholars have found new material that has expanded and sometimes altered the understanding of communism as an ideological and political force. Silvio Pons is professor of eastern european history at the University of rome tor Vergata and director of the gramsci institute Foundation in rome. robert Service teaches russian history at the University of oxford.
2010. 960 pages. cl: 978-0-691-13585-4 $99.50 | 69.95

The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy

Edited by Kenneth A. Reinert & Ramkishen S. Rajan Amy Jocelyn glass & Lewis S. Davis, associate editors Benjamin J. cohen, ian goldin, ronald W. Jones, Peter B. Kenen & theodore h. moran, advisors
The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy beautifully integrates the ideas, theories, institutions, policies, and analyses of the modern global economy. . . . this is a wonderful work for the serious study of the global economy. Reference & User Services Quarterly
2009. 1336 pages. 53 line illus. 35 tables. cl: 978-0-691-12812-2 $250.00 | 175.00

reference 51

QTY. ISBN __ cl: 14305-7 __ Pa: 13920-3 __ cl: 13919-7 __ cl: 14648-5 __ Pa: 14592-1 __ cl: 14233-3 __ Pa: 14622-5 __ cl: 12517-6 __ cl: 13981-4 __ cl: 09293-5 __ cl: 12994-5 __ cl: 14568-6 __ Pa: 14623-2 __ cl: 13663-9 __ cl: 13716-2 __ Pa: 13859-6 __ cl: 13858-9 __ Pa: 14585-3 __ cl: 13690-5 __ cl: 14641-6 __ Pa: 13507-6 __ cl: 13506-9 __ Pa: 14177-0 __ cl: 14176-3 __ Pa: 14539-6 __ cl: 14538-9 __ cl: 14489-4 __ cl: 14717-8 __ cl: 13283-9 __ Pa: 13839-8 __ cl: 14962-2 __ cl: 14198-5 __ cl: 14376-7 __ Pa: 14670-6 __ cl: 12708-8 __ cl: 13489-5 __ cl: 14236-4 __ Pa: 13829-9 __ Pa: 13873-2 __ cl: 12942-6 __ Pa: 14180-0 __ cl: 14179-4 __ cl: 14474-0 __ Pa: 13953-1 __ cl: 13457-4 __ Pa: 14594-5 __ cl: 09296-6 __ cl: 14361-3 __ Pa: 14819-9 __ cl: 14148-0 __ Pa: 13724-7 __ cl: 13723-0 __ Pa: 14626-3 __ cl: 12042-3 __ cl: 13948-7 __ Pa: 14225-8 __ cl: 14224-1 __ Pa: 14329-3 __ cl: 13458-1 __ cl: 14783-3 __ Pa: 14182-4 __ cl: 14181-7 __ cl: 14266-1 __ Pa: 14352-1 __ cl: 13497-0 __ cl: 13330-0 __ Pa: 14799-4 __ cl: 13442-0

Author: Title Abrajano/Alvarez: new Faces Ahmad: islamism

UK Page Price Price 1 $27.95 19.95 47 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Akerlof /Kranton: identity 26 24.95 16.95 Akerlof/Shiller: Animal Spirits 26 16.95 9.95 24.95 16.95 Alvarez/Hall: electronic elections 9 19.95 13.95 39.95 27.95 Anderson, E.: imperative 29 29.95 20.95 Anderson, K.: Little rock 15 35.00 24.95 Bardhan: Awakening giants 23 24.95 16.95 Barfield: Afghanistan 1 29.95 20.95 Bartels: Unequal Democracy 10 22.95 15.95 29.95 20.95 Basu: Beyond the invisible hand 22 29.95 20.95 Baum/Groeling: War Stories 8 26.95 18.95 70.00 48.95 Bell: chinas new confucianism 34 19.95 13.95 35.00 24.95 Ben-Porath: tough choices 29 27.95 19.95 Bendor, et al.: Behavioral theory 7 29.95 20.95 70.00 48.95 Benner: machiavellis ethics 32 35.00 24.95 75.00 52.00 Bevir: Democratic governance 28 29.95 20.95 65.00 44.95 Bok: Politics of happiness 6 24.95 16.95 Botwinick: michael oakeshotts 29 35.00 24.95 Bowen, J.: can islam Be French? 46 35.00 24.95 Bowen, J.: Why the French Dont 46 19.95 13.95 Bowen, W.: Lessons Learned 49 24.95 16.95 Brooks: racial Justice in the Age 2 27.95 19.95 Bruckner: tyranny of guilt 6 26.95 18.95 Bukovansky: Legitimacy 21 27.95 19.95 Burbank/Cooper: empires 44 35.00 24.95 Buruma: taming the gods 5 19.95 13.95 Callahan: taming the Beloved 11 29.95 20.95 Campbell: Why We Vote 14 22.95 15.95 Caplan: myth of the rational 11 17.95 12.50 29.95 20.95 Carpenter: reputation 12 29.95 20.95 75.00 52.00 Casson: Liberating Judgment 28 45.00 30.95 Chen: Fifth Freedom 14 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Chirot/McCauley: Why not Kill 43 19.95 13.95 39.95 27.95 Cohen: Why not Socialism? 35 14.95 10.95 Collins, et al.: Portfolios 23 19.95 13.95 35.00 24.95 Cooley/Spruyt: contracting 20 24.95 16.95 60.00 41.95 Cowen: good and Plenty 24 21.95 14.95 27.95 19.95 Cronin: how terrorism ends 19 29.95 20.95 Dempsey: our Army 8 26.95 18.95 70.00 48.95 Dionne: Souled out 10 17.95 12.50 24.95 16.95 Drezner: theory of international 17 12.95 8.95 Dueck: hard Line 4 26.95 18.95 70.00 48.95 Ehrenberg, et al.: educating 49 29.95 20.95 Eisgruber: next Justice 40 16.95 11.95 27.95 19.95 Ekbladh: great American mission 8 35.00 24.95 Ellickson: household 38 19.95 13.95 39.95 27.95

QTY. ISBN __ cl: 14160-2 __ Pa: 13840-4 __ Pa: 13588-5 __ cl: 13587-8 __ cl: 12915-0 __ Pa: 14382-8 __ cl: 14381-1 __ Pa: 14804-5 __ cl: 12045-4 __ Pa: 14469-6 __ cl: 13454-3 __ Pa: 14803-8 __ cl: 11760-7 __ cl: 14884-7 __ Pa: 14800-7 __ Pa: 13465-9 __ Pa: 14801-4 __ Pa: 13693-6 __ cl: 13692-9 __ Pa: 14393-4 __ Pa: 14671-3 __ Pa: 13908-1 __ cl: 13902-9 __ cl: 13694-3 __ cl: 13788-9 __ Pa: 14228-9 __ cl: 14227-2 __ Pa: 13955-5 __ cl: 13954-8 __ Pa: 13988-3 __ cl: 13987-6 __ cl: 13079-8 __ Pa: 14372-9 __ cl: 14371-2 __ cl: 14572-3 __ Pa: 14616-4 __ cl: 05865-8 __ cl: 13358-4 __ Pa: 14383-5 __ Pa: 14098-8 __ cl: 14838-0 __ cl: 11963-2 __ cl: 13790-2 __ cl: 13755-1 __ Pa: 14654-6 __ Pa: 13868-8 __ Pa: 14290-6 __ cl: 14298-2 __ cl: 11806-2 __ cl: 12995-2 __ Pa: 14396-5 __ cl: 14395-8 __ cl: 12762-0 __ Pa: 14656-0 __ cl: 14200-5 __ Pa: 14812-0 __ cl: 12693-7 __ cl: 12538-1 __ cl: 12971-6 __ cl: 14313-2 __ cl: 14207-4 __ Pa: 14587-7 __ cl: 12020-1 __ Pa: 14864-9 __ cl: 14208-1 __ cl: 13127-6 __ cl: 14746-8 __ cl: 14265-4 __ cl: 14756-7

UK Page Price Price 49 $35.00 24.95 46 22.95 15.95 46 26.95 18.95 69.50 48.95 Farber: rise and Fall of modern 4 29.95 20.95 Farhang: Litigation State 12 27.95 19.95 75.00 52.00 Feldman: Fall and rise 47 12.95 8.95 22.95 15.95 Fisman/Miguel: economic 25 16.95 11.95 24.95 16.95 Fourcade: economists 24 24.95 16.95 49.95 34.95 French, et al.: Squam Lake 27 19.95 13.95 Friedberg: Weary titan 19 24.95 16.95 Frymer: Black and Blue 13 27.95 19.95 Frymer: Uneasy Alliances 13 24.95 16.95 Galvin: Presidential Party 12 27.95 19.95 65.00 44.95 Gelman: red State, Blue State 9 18.95 12.95 Gelpi: Power of Legitimacy 20 23.95 16.95 Gelpi, et al.: Paying the human 20 26.95 18.95 65.00 44.95 Gerken: Democracy index 11 24.95 16.95 Geuss: Philosophy and real 31 19.95 13.95 Geuss: Politics 31 24.95 16.95 70.00 48.95 Ghodsee: muslim Lives 47 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Gibson/Caldeira: citizens 40 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Gilligan: terror in chechnya 45 35.00 24.95 Glaser: rational theory 17 27.95 19.95 70.00 48.95 Goldin/Cameron: exceptional 22 35.00 24.95 Greenberg: troubling 15 29.95 20.95 49.95 34.95 Greenstein: inventing the Job 11 19.95 13.95 Greenstein: Presidential 11 24.95 16.95 Grindle: going Local 20 19.95 13.95 Hagan: Who Are the criminals? 1 29.95 20.95 Hamill: hoods 42 29.95 20.95 Hanson: makers of Ancient 16 27.95 19.95 Hardin: how Do You Know? 35 35.00 24.95 Hart: Forged consensus 13 27.95 19.95 Hindman: myth of Digital 14 22.95 15.95 45 27.95 19.95 Holston: insurgent citizenship Honig: emergency Politics 35 26.95 18.95 Honneth: Pathologies 31 29.95 20.95 Hood: Blame game 6 39.95 27.95 Horowitz: Diffusion of military 17 26.95 18.95 75.00 52.00 Immerman: empire for Liberty 16 24.95 16.95 Ippolito: economics for Lawyers 39 45.00 30.95 Israel: revolution of the mind 32 26.95 18.95 Kahn: out of eden 34 22.95 15.95 45.00 30.95 Kapur: Diaspora, Development 18 35.00 24.95 Kazin: Princeton encyclopedia 51 250.00 175.00 Kelly: Propriety of Liberty 28 39.50 27.95 Keohane: thinking 1 27.95 19.95 Khurana: From higher Aims 48 24.95 16.95 35.00 24.95 Kleiman: When Brute Force Fails 38 22.95 15.95 35.00 24.95 Klimke: other Alliance 19 39.50 27.95 Kloppenberg: reading obama 2 24.95 16.95 Kupchan: how enemies Become 1 29.95 20.95 Kuran: Long Divergence 27 29.95 20.95 Princetons iSBn prefix is 978-0-691Author: Title Espenshade/Radford Euben: Journeys to the other Euben/Zaman: Princeton

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QTY. ISBN __ Pa: 14618-8 __ cl: 12639-5 __ Pa: 14613-3 __ cl: 12833-7 __ Pa: 13290-7 __ cl: 13289-1 __ cl: 13353-9 __ cl: 15027-7 __ Pa: 14619-5 __ cl: 05088-1 __ cl: 13518-2 __ Pa: 14019-3 __ cl: 13286-0 __ Pa: 14802-1 __ cl: 12999-0 __ Pa: 14620-1 __ cl: 12331-8 __ cl: 12816-0 __ cl: 13317-1 __ cl: 13751-3 __ Pa: 14813-7 __ cl: 12162-8 __ Pa: 14348-4 __ cl: 14347-7 __ cl: 14406-1 __ Pa: 13961-6 __ cl: 14738-3 __ cl: 13861-9 __ cl: 13521-2 __ cl: 12667-8 __ Pa: 14028-5 __ cl: 14027-8 __ cl: 14478-8 __ cl: 14787-1 __ Pa: 14389-7 __ cl: 13563-2 __ Pa: 13793-3 __ cl: 13792-6 __ Pa: 14629-4 __ cl: 12536-7 __ cl: 14297-5 __ Pa: 14595-2 __ cl: 14064-3 __ cl: 13702-5 __ Pa: 14624-9 __ Pa: 14239-5 __ cl: 14238-8 __ Pa: 13767-4 __ Pa: 14655-3 __ Pa: 14004-9 __ cl: 14003-2 __ Pa: 13897-8 __ cl: 11998-4 __ cl: 13585-4 __ Pa: 13952-4 __ cl: 13503-8 __ Pa: 14223-4 __ cl: 14222-7 __ cl: 13775-9 __ Pa: 14604-1 __ cl: 14603-4 __ cl: 14582-2 __ cl: 14683-6 __ cl: 12812-2 __ cl: 14216-6 __ Pa: 14060-5 __ cl: 14059-9

Author: Title Kurashige: Shifting grounds

UK Page Price Price 15 $29.95 20.95 49.95 34.95 Lambert: religion in American 10 18.95 12.95 24.95 16.95 Lebow: Forbidden Fruit 18 27.95 19.95 60.00 41.95 Lee: running the Worlds 23 55.00 37.95 Lepore 1 19.95 13.95 Levine: School Lunch Politics 15 24.95 16.95 45.00 30.95 Lewis: nothing Less than Victory 16 29.95 20.95 Lieberman: Boundaries 45 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Macey: corporate governance 38 24.95 16.95 49.95 34.95 Madrick: case for Big 9 16.95 11.95 22.95 15.95 Mantena: Alibis of empire 30 39.50 27.95 Margalit: on compromise 5 26.95 18.95 Markovits, A./Rensmann 17 29.95 20.95 Markovits, D.: modern Legal 38 22.95 15.95 49.95 34.95 Markovits, I.: Justice in Lritz 36 26.95 18.95 75.00 52.00 Mart/Pettit: Political Philosophy 30 29.95 20.95 Mattli/Woods: Politics of global 27 24.95 16.95 Maurer/Yu: Big Ditch 22 35.00 24.95 Mayer-Schnberger: Delete 27 24.95 16.95 Mazower: no enchanted Palace 19 24.95 16.95 Metz: Untying the Knot 31 27.95 19.95 Milner/Moravcsik: Power 20 29.95 20.95 70.00 48.95 Muller: capitalism and the Jews 3 24.95 16.95 Nadeem: Dead ringers 42 35.00 24.95 Neiman: moral clarity 35 24.95 16.95 Newman/Jacobs: Who cares? 41 26.95 18.95 Nexon: Struggle for Power 21 29.95 20.95 75.00 52.00 Noll: god and race in American 10 18.95 12.95 22.95 15.95 Nord: Frances new Deal 44 39.50 27.95 North: Understanding 24 19.95 13.95 Nussbaum: not for Profit 48 22.95 15.95 OHanlon: Science of War 20 35.00 24.95 Ober: Democracy 34 22.95 15.95 Owen: clash of ideas in World 21 29.95 20.95 75.00 52.00 Page: Diversity and complexity 50 19.95 13.95 Palmer/Morgan: theory 20 24.95 16.95 Parker: Fighting for Democracy 14 24.95 16.95 60.00 41.95 Patashnik: reforms at risk 14 22.95 15.95 55.00 37.95 Pons/Service: Dictionary of 20th 51 99.50 69.95 Pop-Eleches: From economic 27 27.95 19.95 70.00 48.95 Portes: economic Sociology 43 27.95 19.95 75.00 52.00 Posner/Weisbach: climate 2 27.95 19.95 Poteete, et al.: Working together 50 29.95 20.95 80.00 55.00 Quiggin: Zombie economics 26 24.95 16.95 Rajan: Fault Lines 25 26.95 18.95 Reinert/Rajan: encyclopedia 51 250.00 175.00 Reinhart/Rogoff: this time is 25 35.00 19.95 Reiter: how Wars end 20 26.95 18.95 65.00 44.95

QTY. ISBN __ Pa: 14404-7 __ cl: 14403-0 __ Pa: 14814-4 __ cl: 13534-2 __ Pa: 13592-2 __ cl: 13591-5 __ cl: 14363-7 __ Pa: 12959-4 __ cl: 12958-7 __ Pa: 14815-1 __ cl: 12931-0 __ cl: 14476-4 __ Pa: 13554-0 __ cl: 13553-3 __ cl: 14306-4 __ cl: 14779-6 __ Pa: 14646-1 __ cl: 14053-7 __ Pa: 09001-6 __ cl: 09000-9 __ cl: 14144-2 __ Pa: 14672-0 __ Pa: 13836-7 __ cl: 12299-1 __ Pa: 14100-8 __ cl: 13017-0 __ cl: 13340-9 __ cl: 13914-2 __ cl: 13586-1 __ cl: 13995-1 __ cl: 13730-8 __ cl: 13337-9 __ Pa: 14328-6 __ cl: 13356-0 __ cl: 13994-4 __ Pa: 14280-7 __ cl: 14279-1 __ cl: 12856-6 __ Pa: 14625-6 __ Pa: 14146-6 __ cl: 14145-9 __ Pa: 14736-9 __ cl: 14734-5 __ cl: 14690-4 __ Pa: 14588-4 __ Pa: 12472-8 __ cl: 12471-1 __ cl: 13564-9 __ cl: 12855-9 __ Pa: 13963-0 __ cl: 13962-3 __ cl: 12414-8 __ cl: 14874-8 __ cl: 13719-3 __ Pa: 14102-2 __ cl: 14689-8 __ Pa: 14729-1 __ cl: 14728-4 __ cl: 12998-3 __ Pa: 14589-1 __ Pa: 14621-8 __ cl: 12690-6 __ cl: 14611-9 __ cl: 13980-7 __ Pa: 13070-5 __ Pa: 14901-1 __ cl: 13485-7 __ cl: 13936-4

UK Page Price Price 40 $35.00 24.95 80.00 55.00 Rosenblum: on the Side 33 24.95 16.95 55.00 37.95 Rosenbluth/Thies: Japan 45 27.95 19.95 65.00 44.95 Roy: reds, Whites, and Blues 43 35.00 24.95 Rueschemeyer: Usable theory 50 27.95 19.95 65.00 44.95 Runciman, D.: Political 34 19.95 13.95 29.95 20.95 Runciman, W.: great Books 28 19.95 13.95 Ruse: Philosophy after Darwin 33 39.50 27.95 80.00 55.00 Sarotte: 1989 21 29.95 20.95 Scaff: max Weber in America 43 35.00 24.95 Seabright: company 23 19.95 13.95 Segall: health, Luck, and Justice 33 35.00 24.95 Shapiro: real World 29 24.95 16.95 75.00 52.00 Shiffrin: religious Left 39 35.00 24.95 Skach: Borrowing constitutional 45 19.95 13.95 Skocpol, et al.: What a mighty 14 22.95 15.95 30.95 21.95 Smith: right talk 11 19.95 13.95 39.95 27.95 Stears: Demanding Democracy 30 29.95 20.95 Stilz: Liberal Loyalty 35 29.95 20.95 Stout, J.: Blessed Are 4 29.95 20.95 Stout, L.: cultivating conscience 36 27.95 19.95 Sugrue: not even Past 2 24.95 16.95 Sunstein: constitution 39 27.95 19.95 Sunstein: 2.0 39 19.95 13.95 24.95 16.95 Szpiro: numbers rule 5 26.95 18.95 Tamanaha: Beyond 37 24.95 16.95 70.00 48.95 Tarnopolsky: Prudes, Perverts 32 35.00 24.95 Teles: rise of the conservative 13 24.95 16.95 Toft: Securing the Peace 18 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Tulis/Macedo: Limits 37 32.50 22.95 80.00 55.00 Tyler: Why People cooperate 42 35.00 24.95 Unger: Free trade reimagined 24 22.95 15.95 Valelly: Princeton readings 11 45.00 30.95 90.00 62.00 33 39.95 27.95 van Nierop: treason Varese: mafias on the move 42 35.00 24.95 Vavreck: message matters 11 24.95 16.95 65.00 44.95 Viroli: machiavellis god 30 45.00 30.95 Walsh: Unlocking the gates 49 27.95 19.95 Wendel: Lawyers and Fidelity 37 35.00 24.95 Whittington: Political 13 22.95 15.95 Wildavsky: great Brain race 48 26.95 18.95 Wolfe/Katznelson: religion 7 35.00 24.95 75.00 52.00 Wolin, R.: Wind from the east 44 35.00 24.95 Wolin, S.: Democracy 9 19.95 13.95 Woodhouse: hidden in Plain 39 19.95 13.95 27.95 19.95 Wuthnow: remaking 41 35.00 24.95 Zagorin: hobbes and the Law 32 29.95 20.95 Zaman:Ulama in contemporary 46 23.95 16.95 Zelizer, J.: Presidency 7 29.95 20.95 75.00 52.00 Zelizer, V.: economic Lives 41 35.00 24.95 Princetons iSBn prefix is 978-0-691Author: Title Robertson: Judge as Political

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