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Three or four of these chapters have appeared columns of the Catholic Fireside. . in the They are reproduced here by the kind permission of the Editor.


et Edimb. Andr. Die i$th October 1917. S.*UbU bstat GEORGIUS CANONICUS MULLARE Censor Deputatus Jmpnmatur JACOBUS AUGUSTINUS Archiep. .

. . particular Only One is every where and always everybody s Patron. because only One is everywhere and always everybody s our state in &quot. but bequeathed to 5 . by our occupation. the love of a mother is steadfast. it with our spiritual attachments. not adopted by us. preference seems to be determined Mother . We our mother. by life. by our tempta tions or aspirations.PREFACE MATER AMABILIS WE choose our friends mother. We vary in the fervour The patron saints of childhood are sometimes more or less abandoned for those we only get to know in later years. our mother is is only one. Our by our age. of our devotion to them. or even by the a vogue saint has acquired. Friends are many So . We choose our patron saints. &quot. we do not choose our change our friends we do not change The love of friend waxes and wanes .

Name was predestined all We can eternity to be on the lips of all generations. The prodigal who has outraged and that suckled forfeited every title of son- ship creeps back with no misgiving to the breast him &quot. alas against the love of our Heavenly ! Mother. is not an optional. but a necessary virtue. who has successfully moulded the minds and hearts of the many children who have passed .&quot. neglect. refuge. casts himself at the feet of his Her Who &quot. . is not an optional. training in devotion to Our Lady not an optional. Calvary She brought forth in anguish the whole family of the redeemed. Can a woman forget her infant. so as not to have pity on the child of her womb ? Devotion to Our Lady. Singularly blessed among from women.&quot. and the sinner. but a necessary devotion just as love of parents .&quot. can rupture either bond.6 OUR LADY S MONTH Our Redeemer Mother. sin. Everywhere and always everybody s Mother the Mother of all the living. as we can sin against the love of our earthly but no frantic blasphemy. ! us by s last act and deed &quot. with no less is assurance. because on Verily. because Her &quot. then. is Therefore. behold thy &quot. : Child. has grown out of the lesson-notes of a practical teacher. no callous mother . but a necessary subject in every This little book syllabus of religious instruction.

and hymned by the joyful that this Star of the Sea being their . May Her sweet Name be lisped by little ones . Christ.PREFACE 7 through her hands in the knowledge and love of The writer s purpose is their Heavenly Mother. mine. to help her fellow-teachers to secure the like results . Our Lord Jesus *k F. to bless her. W. BISHOP OF NORTHAMPTON. protection and their guide. . and linger on the lips of the aged and the dying and may it be invoked by the afflicted. &quot. all may come to the harbour of eternal salvation/ through Her Son. happy and those who practise the same sublime art of inscribing on virgin souls the sacred characters MARIA.


76 80 .. &quot. . .15 19 24 28 32 37 42 . the Mother of Christ .. . the Virgin Most Faithful Our Lady of the Wayside .. 2.... . the Queen of Angels Our Lady of Mount Carmel Our Lady of Dolours Our Lady of Mercy . . 89 .. 13. 57 62 -67 . the Seat of Wisdom . 16. the Sweet Virgin Mary Our Lady Immaculate Our Lady. 8.. the Mother of Fair Love Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady of Good Success Our Lady. . . 5. . . 47 52 9. of Our Lady s Month . the Virgin Most Renowned Our Lady.. . Our Lady. 12. 7.. . 10. the Mother Most Admirable Our Lady. .. 14.CONTENTS PAGE The Eve 1.. . Our Lady of Peace y . . the Health of the Sick 11. .. . n . Our Lady. . . 4. Our Lady. .. ... 15..84 . 6. 3. .. 17. 72 .. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Our Lady.

the Queen of All Saints . Our Lady. . 30..103 . ..117 . . the House of Gold 29. 19. the Mystical Rose Our Lady. 108 . . Our Lady. OUR LADY Our Lady Our Lady of S MONTH PACK .. . . 23. . . 31. . .. . . . . . 24. 22. the Refuge of Sinners . 21. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart . the Queen of Apostles Our Lady.98 . Afflicted 20. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Our Lady. .io 18. the Cause of Our Joy Our Lady. .. . 26.. Our Lady.121 . 126 130 135 140 . Good Counsel . the Gate of Heaven Our Lady of the Rosary . . . 144 148 153 . . the Virgin Most Powerful Our Lady.112 . 93 of Consolation.. 27. . .. 28. the Comforter of the . . 25. .. . . the Star of the Sea Our Lady. .

of us dearest has this Month of Mary been among the and most cherished recollections of our ? childhood earliest We were taught to love flowers. lights and flowers . we are at the beginning of another her feet. Our Lady s Month on which we are about to enter. it from our of of The fairest years. May and Our Lady looks down upon us and welcomes us as we gather round She loves to see our altars with their . blossoms were for Our Lady the happiest of our lives. Our Lady s Litany. Our Lady s and it is this month Feasts. We speak of Our Lady s Altar. THE EVE OF OUR LADY S MONTH Our English-speaking Catholics the title Lady is one which falls most naturally from their whenever they speak of the lips Holy Mother of God. the sweetest and the memory here daily prayers around her statue remains as one And . a Votive Mass of Our Lady.OUR LADY To &quot. S MONTH &quot. To how many . she loves to hear our hymns and prayers she loves to see us taking part in proii . .

It is our love that she wants. so that.12 OUR LADY S MONTH honour . What then are we going to do for Our Lady during this Month of May ? Are we going If we really strove to give her what she asks ? during this one month to honour her as perfectly as we are able. but may pass . we really desire to be her children and most certainly she will show us a Mother s care. not for herself alone. that childlike devotion. offered by her. but in order that she them on and secure them for her Son. cessions in her but there is something she loves far more than this. He may more readily accept them. the homage of our hearts. who can tell what a difference these days would make in our lives ? We do not know perhaps we never shall know in this world. She will protect us in danger. be more our Mother since her that She will we shall have shown . and bring us back if we should wander from the right path. something which she expects and looks for. Let us then give her our heart s affection let us think more of during this May especially fear. we need have no . by which young and old honour her as their Mother. a difference there will be nevertheless. something for which she asks. shield us in tempta tion. Her prayers for us are of more avail than those of any saint or holy person if she pleads our cause with God. . She wants our hearts. .

so quickly or so surely as she. we shall experience following the truth of St Bernard s words Following us. her recollection. of Peace. our sweet &quot. Let us cling to her. We shall trying in our small lives measure to reproduce in our the virtues which she practised all through life her humility. : . loving. and the sweet Virgin Mary. and Advocate. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. and again as our most gracious most clement. &quot. Take for instance the Salve Regina. ness. as Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. and her resig her own nation to God s Will.&quot. Our Lady of Lourdes. Then there are the titles of her Litany. her charity. where she is invoked as Mother of Mercy. Mary &quot. so too shall we grow in we grow follow her. her latest of the title.&quot. desire imitate her. and others which are quite familiar. our life.&quot.&quot. her prayer. for no one can lead us to Jesus Father Faber tells is the short road to Jesus. &quot.THE EVE OF OUR LADY S MONTH her 13 and for this we might ponder each day for a few minutes on one of the many beautiful titles given her by the Church in her different prayers. Thus and thinking of her. All or of any matter for loving thought God Mother and ours to and as knowledge and love in of her. and our hope. and &quot. approved only since the outbreak European War of these furnish s Our Lady . her obedi ence.

you she being your guide. beneath her protection. OUR LADY S MONTH you will . . . you will not weary. look up to let Mary. her not depart from your heart.. you will not err under her patronage. Let her not depart from your lips. never go astray when you implore her aid. you . HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. . .. or other passions beat on the vessel of your soul.14 her. you will never yield to despair thinking on her. will will never wander not fear .&quot. PRAY FOR us. and that you may win the suffrage of her prayers. If anger. never depart from the example of her life. covetousness. OUR LADY.

IN the Communion Prayer for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception we find these words

Glorious things are said of thee, O Virgin Mother of God, because He that is mighty hath done great
things for thee/

This then


the secret of






us so herself in her Canticle






He that is mighty hath done great things He that is mighty Our Lady took no

She was the handmaid whose charmed the Heart of her Lord that He chose her to be His Mother. Our Lady forgot herself she had no thoughts but for Him Whom and so it is that through all the ages she loved
credit for herself.

lowliness so



God has ordained

that she shall indeed be called

that age after age, Saint, Doctor, and Pope



should vie with each other in pouring sweet




to praise thee, O Mary, we Fair and spotless alone thou art

know not


But we pour sweet titles upon thee, As they rise from our loving heart When they reach thee beyond the skies, Turn to us thy merciful eyes." S.M.X.

It is

indeed the mind of the Church that


should praise Our Mother. Does she not pray in the antiphon for the season of Lent and in words

used in her Office throughout the year,



and ? sacred Virgin may praise thee, what can be sweeter to the heart of a child than
If we are glad of the the praises of her Mother ? honour paid on earth to those we love, how much


more should our hearts rejoice at the praises of Blessed art thou, the Queen of Heaven ? O daughter, by the most high God, above all

women upon







Who made

heaven and earth




He hath

so magnified thy



day that thy praise

not depart out of the mouth of

men ...

in every nation that shall hear

thy name, the God of Israel shall be magnified on occasion of thee (Judith xiii.). Ages before Our Lady s birth God celebrated her praises. The Holy Scriptures



are full of passages abounding in sweet titles which are applied to her.

Lifted high as the palm and the cedar, Blooming low as the flower of field, Eastern Gate to the Sun of Justice, Garden enclosed and Fountain sealed. Glorious things are said of thee,

City of God, so fair to



And when Our Blessed Lord became Man, how did He not honour His Mother ? "He went down to Nazareth and was subject to He spent

thirty, out of the thirty-three years of His life, in closest intimacy with her. The first public miracle that He wrought, was wrought at the

Even when dying on the not be separated from her Cross, Mary stood beneath the Cross and all holy writers
request of His Mother.

He would





we do not need to be told that it was to Mary, His Mother, that Our Lord first appeared after the Resurrection. Who, again, taught the Saints to say such glorious things of her ? Where
agree that

did the Angels learn those

Regina Coeli, Church triumphant to that

hymns which, have passed from the mouth
of the

as the
of the

Church militant





have been bestowed on Our Lady by Holy


our What do we do to honour her ? Do we ever think of trying to make her renown. our Protectress. We are each : of us bound to Mary by the closest ties she is Mother. . love to thee. Shall we not then take every opportunity of praising her ? We can often find if means of saying a word in her honour.i8 OUR LADY S MONTH And now let us turn to ourselves. what reward may we not expect for promoting the glory of His Mother ? But apart from reward. her honour. our Advocate. thanks to thee. PRAY FOR us. O beautiful Mother ? Lily of Israel. to be allowed to extol the excellence of so great a Queen. praise to thee. her dignity more widely known ? If Our Lord reckons every honour done for His sake to one of the least among His creatures. Rose without thorn Joy to thee. as done to Himself. our Queen. Love is inventive in ways of praising the one beloved. so in comparable a Mother. ! ! OUR LADY. we are on the look out for occasions. saying &quot. Light of thy people sweet Star of the Morn What ! &quot. what work could be sweeter ? It is indeed an untold honour to us. and soon it would become our pleasure to turn to her. : shall we call thee. VIRGIN MOST RENOWNED.

This he He was and when the monks had sung the words.&quot. Mary. (Lukeii. owe the Holy Sweet Virgin to which so familiar to us as the closing Hail. O clement. O Mary how sweet is thy name. in a transport of &quot. St Bernard. O sweet Virgin . which was then the end did. exclaimed.&quot. Come thou my lips and widely proclaim. ! THE their Fathers and Doctors of the Church seem to Mary. &quot. Perhaps our cold hearts. and was asked to intone the Salve Regina. Queen. the Virgin s whom &quot. word of the prayer the great St Bernard. love. of the anthem. THE SWEET VIRGIN MARY &quot. one day in the Abbey of Affligheim. O 19 loving. We is &quot. and kindle within them a greater love for that spotless Queen excel in praising the holy name of words may warm of and Mother.&quot. Saint Luke writes &quot. after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb.OUR LADY. Jesus.&quot.). : And name was title Mary&quot.

! St Bernard found in that of Jesus. in the writings of this great &quot. &quot. viii.O name of Mary!&quot. &quot. Name of Jesus!&quot. from the desert. leaning upon her beloved &quot. to move them to love thee more. 9). exclaimed the one.of all praise he cries. &quot. ? (Cant. iii. vi. O thou who art worthy . &quot. Who is she that cometh (Cant. without filling their minds with It is said that St Anthony of Padua found joy the same sweetness in the name of Mary that &quot. honey in the mouth. melody to the ear of her devout clients St Alphonsus Liguori points out to us. &quot. that it cannot be pronounced without the name of &quot. flowing with delights. Saint. and to them.20 OUR LADY S MONTH Indeed. thou canst not be thought of. that cometh forth as the morning rising ? she And again. And . the angels asked her name Who is she that goeth up by the desert three times as a pillar of smoke ? Who is (Cant. by those inflaming who love thee. replied the other. 6). : &quot. ! the Sacred Canticle tion of we gather that on the Assump Our Lady. &quot. Thou canst not be named without . &quot. ! ! inflaming those who do so with love towards thee and God. O most Holy Virgin Mary Thy Name is so sweet and amiable. console It need only occur to the thought of thy lovers. 5). we find passage after passage. &quot. that from &quot. and up &quot. Mary!&quot. joy in the heart. which extol ! O great. O loving one Mary.

that good on earth and in heaven. and sweetness. the thing. : of Jesus. in this name when it meets with friendly hearts it breathes into them an odour of delightful sweet ness. St Bona- Mary cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who says it devoutly. The wonder of this great name is. a thousand times. THE SWEET VIRGIN MARY &quot. that sweet name in reply. of Mary. &quot. saying. the Abbot After the most sacred name Francone. that we may often remember to name thee with &quot. O Lady. Let us listen to the words of another servant of Mary. St Ambrose exhorts us to pray to Our Lady. that and divine. He so often ask the name of their Queen ? answers that it was so sweet even to the angels to hear it pronounced. what must thou thyself be. sweet. . name of Mary is so rich. : ! thus amiable and gracious ? venture declares that the holy name of alone is &quot. Blessed Henry Suso for used to exclaim lovingly O most sweet name O Mary. there is no other from which devout souls receive so much grace. that they desired to hear why. in every hope. it is always heard again with renewed pleasure. since thy name &quot. 21 do the angels says Richard of St Laurence. For there is some thing so admirable.&quot.&quot. who says &quot. Grant. that if heard by the lovers of Mary. they always experience the same sweetness each time it is pronounced.OUR LADY.

or else is a pledge that shall soon recover it. We have listened to the words of the great . or be off our lips for they will give us strength. forfeiting and invoke her name.22 OUR LADY S MONTH and confidence. : &quot. In fine.&quot. honour Mary. O Mary. desire to live and die with Jesus and Mary. And truly it is so. we should think of Mary. us permit these two most sweet names to . find We again this beautiful : passage in St Mary every danger of Divine Grace. Alphonsus. together with that of Jesus &quot. By acting rejoice thus. for this love either shows the we possession of Divine Grace. pray with Mary. weep with Mary. Glories of for these never let two names always go together. for always advance in the ways of God.In . and the Mary Son will most certainly grant all that His Mother you will will asks. but to conquer all our temptations. invoke the name of Mary. leave our hearts.&quot.If with Mary. not only not to yield.&quot. most willingly pray for you. then. have recourse to Mary. recommend yourselves to Mary. seek Jesus with Mary. For the remembrance the afflicted. may and encourages sinners that they not abandon themselves to despair. Oh. Thomas a Kempis writes you desire consolation in every labour. recalls those of thy name comforts who have erred to the way of salvation.

arms. Let us lay them up in our hearts. . obtain for repose. OUR LADY. and to take it in thy her.OUR LADY. SWEET VIRGIN MARY. and way to heaven. the name of Mary may be &quot. to come and meet my soul when it is departing from this world. O Mary. I us invoke Mary.&quot. by thy presence. THE SWEET VIRGIN MARY 23 servants of God.&quot. And in the tender words of St Bernard. for the glory of thy name. &quot. to come then and comfort me. in praise of Our Mother s name. PRAY FOR us. O Disdain not. Be thyself my soul s Do thou thyself ladder. ask thee.sweeter than let honey. the grace of forgiveness and eternal Amen. it. that for us. saying. too.

dear the familiar lines Father Faber e er None had owned Mother ! but He. We there has been one human cannot but be glad that soul that has been in very truth of all ideal of a creature in regard to the Creator His own. And He blessed thy clear shining.&quot. realising completely the one . sweet Star of the Perhaps. my beloved.&quot. even.OUR LADY IMMACULATE &quot. and the original stain is not in thee. Thou art all fair. : We know thee. of her life. the thought they suggest may have comforted us somewhat in our own feeling of 24 . mystery Immaculate Conception and not be moved to joy and gratitude at the thought that at least one of our fallen human race has been from the first of her WHO can think of God s Mother in this moment of her existence spotless and fair in the sight of her Creator. Sea. poor sinful ones can think as being absolutely spotless without stain from the very first whom we moment of &quot.

exaltation of ! women. We think of God s mercy. Wordsworth calls her. My love words of &quot. the &quot. daughters Holy thou amongst women. exclaims St Tarasius. thou. O Mary. dearest &quot. . thy glory is thy guilelessness. And St &quot. how 6). With Mary there was no falling &quot. of His love. in is delights My dove. (Cant. as the Protestant poet all God s own.&quot. and (ibid. short. where shall I find words to praise thee Maiden undefiled. of the again countless blessings us. Maiden art and thy name Epiphanius says or terms illustrious all I is : a name of purity. our tainted nature s solitary boast/ &quot. My : &quot. was Thou art all fair. 8).&quot. vi. &quot. in speaking of this and holy except God She is things she was made much higher . comely. Virgin unstained. My perfect one is but one (ibid. Church. iv. How One beautiful art &quot. day by day. hour by hour of the Infinite Patience to of that Eternal Love.I am at a loss what words raised above ought to employ Virgin. And He showers upon each one of . and we rejoice remember the glory and joy that redound to His honour because of the sinless purity of His Mother. She. ? &quot. glory blessed of Mother.OUR LADY IMMACULATE failure 25 and perpetual falling short of what we know we ought to be. 7) are the to Holy Writ applied Mary by vii.

even Christ Bright cloud through which the Son of Man hath come as the lightning. My spouse is a garden enclosed. and the throne of God ! Mother of the Sun that shineth both on ! heaven and on earth. It is certainly only a few. even on subject : &quot. speaketh A garden en in the course of his prayer. : granted to any Saint which did not shine in a higher degree in Mary.&quot. of the prophet. St Bernard says on this not wrong to suppose that that which has evidently been bestowed.26 OUR LADY S MONTH host of heaven. according to the celebrated . Gate of ! from the east even unto Heaven.&quot. no ! not the voice of angels O blessed Virgin ! ! O Mary. Theologians tell us that no gift was ever bestowed on any creature with which the Blessed Virgin was not also enriched. that lighteneth the west Hail. at O pure dove and bride of heaven once the heaven. than the cherubim and seraphim. a fountain sealed. and the whole Neither the voices of heaven nor of earth are full enough to set forth her ! majesty . was not denied to so great a Virgin. the temple. in the Song of Songs. And as it is true that there infinite difference much moment of is an between the Mother of God and the servants of God. full of grace. St Thomas of Villanova adds Nothing was ever &quot. from the very first her existence. saying : whom closed is My sister.

may &quot. Mother. . must stand ever as a shield between our sinfulness and the Justice of our God.&quot. 27 saying of St John Damascene. the brighter should be Thy beautiful shining.OUR LADY IMMACULATE &quot. Looking on her beauty. yet be saved if we call on Mary ? Deep night hath come down on us. Who can tell the sinners that have been saved through the prayers of our Immaculate Mother ? Who can tell the perils from which we Mary s sinlessness. we must certainly God conferred privileges of grace suppose that in every way greater on His Mother than on His servants. God s wrath is appeased. ! OUR LADY IMMACULATE. then. And we need more than ever the guide of thy light . PRAY FOR us. For the darker the night is. deep night. sweet Star of the Sea &quot.

Then again. shall be the peace of thy children. where is wisdom. Mary is Throne this is only another : rendering the same idea. and great Isaias liv. All thy children shall be taught of the Lord. an emblem Mary of her charity. his subjects surrounded petitioning for the solution of. where 28 is under- . King Solomon. Solomon of Immaculate Conception. 13. All this surely symbolical of could learn Mary. THE SEAT OF WISDOM &quot. . is their doubts and difficulties. the wisest of monarchs. uttered his words of wisdom it when seated on that it. throne. and for help in. symbolical of the purity was covered with gold. who seated on her throne holds on her knee Wisdom Incarnate.&quot. Solomon s throne of was made s soul of ivory. Oh that we ! &quot. that in the Little Office of the called &quot. WHAT the do we mean when we invoke Our Lady as of Seat Wisdom s ? We know &quot.OUR LADY.

fills Understanding. &quot. He me shall find &quot. (Prov. and is with the plenitude of His gifts. light up our way. is . life.. Safe to the bright eternal day. where &quot. ye children. She calls us herself : let therefore. If a man past. Now.. We know how darkness makes us stumble.&quot. the speeches. The Spirit of of Wisdom. of and judgeth subtilties . much knowledge. And desire Holy Scripture of things to tells us. .X. shall have salvation from the Lord again. how slowly we can advance if there is no light to guide &quot. and the solutions of she knoweth signs and wonders before arguments they be done. THE SEAT OF WISDOM standing.&quot. 29 is strength ? ! and who can teach us as Our &quot. ways. and refuse that shall find not. Lady can Oh. us . it Blessed are they that keep my Hear instruction and be wise. if then we us go to would make progress in perfection. therefore it is that we should &quot. .M. Seat of Wisdom. hear me. .). S. Seat of Wisdom. and of Knowledge her soul with light. Safe through the night-gloom into the day Oh. She glorifieth her nobility by being versant . she knoweth things come she knoweth . . and the events of times and ages. and viii. have recourse to her that she may be as a lamp unto out footsteps. Mary. light up our way. Our Lady filled the Spouse of the Holy Ghost.OUR LADY.

then.). &quot. the Church has always fostered and encouraged both. the only and serve God. Who knows God as sent. This &quot. Fill us with wisdom and with counsel. is is to eternal life.&quot.30 OUR LADY S MONTH God : with yea. what ever the world may for say . O Sedes Sapientiae. those great gifts of the Holy Spirit. when she was in constant intercourse with the Son of God made Man.X.M. that she may &quot. know To Our Mother. Learning and science are good. she does ? Who understands more fully than she. other- . true wisdom. turn. God (Wisd. and all is but to love God and serve Him alone. S. is the knowledge and the wisdom we beg Our Lady to teach us. and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast All the rest is folly if we exclude this. This. then. she that reacheth the vii. to know Thee. Vanity of vanities. love The great wisdom. by her prayers. Kindle our love from day to day. and the Lord it is of all things hath loved her. vanity. ? the lessons of Jesus Christ What treasures of wisdom and knowledge must she not have treasured up during the thirty years of the hidden life. we obtain for us. Make us to grow in grace and knowledge.&quot. but the powers of our soul blessed must be used God and by Him. the one true God. ledge of For &quot.&quot.

then. O Sedes Sapientiae. the Seat of Wisdom &quot. PRAY FOR . SEAT OF WISDOM. Christ s blessed teaching to obey Brace up our will to perseverance. .&quot.OUR LADY. is 31 worthless in His Let : us. THE SEAT OF WISDOM wise our so-called knowledge sight. S.X. call on Our Lady. OUR LADY.M. us. keep it lest it go astray Take thou our intellect and train ! Ah it . Here is our memory so wayward.

Standing next to the King in a vesture of THE their angels are of a higher nature than we are power and gifts far surpass those of man their love. . more and so it clearly the power and the love of God is that the angels delight to hold themselves in readiness to serve their Queen. . gifts of the angels are is God s gifts. her praise of God is deeper greater than theirs her submission to God s Will more perfect. . the gifts of Mary soul manifest . in glory untold. their Mary. s but as their nature higher.&quot. THE QUEEN OF ANGELS &quot. The is . gold. For her soul is more closely united to God than are any of the Seraphim her knowledge . and yet pre-eminently beauty far surpasses ours more excellent than the angels is the excellence of their their subtilty. Above all the angels. knowledge. They joyfully acknowledge themselves . that she is more excellent than they know that her humility gives 32 . .OUR LADY.

thy brightness hath thrown the brightness of the Archangels into shadow thou lookest down upon the lofty seats of the Thrones tions to . she understands more clearly than they do that is contained in the cry of their Prince and &quot. . mightier than all the mighty eyes see further than the . higher than the angels.&quot. . Every child of 3 . . thou wast far purer than any other creature thou . hast been chosen out of all He has made to be His Mother It is.). Who is like to God &quot. . thine earthly contemplation of the . ? So it &quot. . Mary. in a word. . before that of the Principalities compared with the Powers are weakness thou art a mighty thee. (De Assump. Leader St Michael. &quot. that the angels reverence and love Our Lady. who shall worthily set forth thy glory ? Who O shall make bold to say what thou art ? Who ? will hold himself able to tell of all art the exaltation of Thou thy splendour thou art made much humanity. Cherubim can reach but their flight is not so noble as thine the Seraphim have six wings. Queen of Angels. thou hast excelled every other work of God. is &quot. the delight and privilege of the angels to be associated with Our Lady. then. THE QUEEN OF ANGELS more praise for all 33 to God than they are capable of giving. says St Sophronius.OUR LADY. thou makest the heights of the Domina seem low thy rank taketh precedence . one.

the ? angels have when they blessed saw their Queen for How bore fully glorious and their service her was during her girlhood. Angels cluster around thy cradle.34 OUR LADY S MONTH is Adam Saints some of the guarded by a special angel have been so favoured as to have two . spotless. corresponded to . others. O full of grace We too. as St Frances of Rome. would hail thee thus. Lady s guardian Then came the . The Lord is with thee. . ! Mary was of fair. felt God wished her to What must first be. Whispering now as they whisper later. Smiling into thy little face.&quot. its perfect fruit . Mary. all and lovely in the sight God. guardian angels have been able to see and converse with their pro What then must have been the tecting angel. She was that He looked on her with delight. Each holy inspiration each grace was most faith each prayer from her lips which the angels carried before the throne of the Most High was in perfect accordance with the Divine Surely the task of Our angels was a delightful one ? Will. intercourse between Mary and the angels ? How must have hovered round the cradle of that they wondrous child who was destined to become the Mother of their God ! &quot. More than to angels thou art to us.

was the warning given which was to protect the Child Jesus from Herod s cruelty. St Elizabeth . THE QUEEN OF ANGELS nation. angels surrounded her during her journey to Beth lehem.&quot.OUR LADY. be sure that throngs of angels kept watch over the Holy House of Nazareth during the Thirty Our Lord had an angel to comfort Him may we not be sure that God sent a special messenger to console the most Years. again. with what jubilee did not the whole angelic host come out to meet their Queen and bear her up till she reached of time Mary s . &quot. : We can well imagine that from that hour the number of blessed spirits in immediate attendance on their Queen was increased. With what awe and reverence he saluted her and bowed down before her Hail. and we may . Angels accompanied Mary when she went to visit her cousin. and sorrowful Mother during all the time of the Passion of her Son ? Then years later. 35 announcement of the great mystery of the Incar and it was to the Archangel Gabriel that the message was entrusted. The tidings of joy were announced to the shepherds by angels by an angel. full of Grace. and angels hovered around and above and within that poor cave wherein Jesus was born. the Lord is with thee. Angels protected the Holy Family on their journey to and from Egypt. when at last the Assumption came. during His Agony.

QUEEN OF ANGELS. Through fields of starry light. we shall honour the enlist Incarnation of her Son. Like the sweet moon at night. Mary is assumed into heaven. sings the Church. ye angels. Holy Queen of angels. Queen this of Mary enthroned for evermore as Angels. All beautiful and bright . Oh yes that was a feast indeed for those blessed ! spirits. By invoking her as Queen of Angels. us. then. The very thought of her under is is title calculated to give us strength and courage. Sing.&quot. rejoice. PRAY FOR . to raise our hearts from the things of sense and fix them on the eternal goods of heaven. ye angel bands. FABER. FABER. For higher still and higher. There.&quot. &quot. &quot.&quot. OUR LADY. sing.36 OUR LADY S MONTH throne of the God. all we shall heaven to help us. Bid thine angels come To escort us safely To our heavenly home. &quot. Mary your Queen ascends. and shall prepare ourselves to join her company and that of the angels for all eternity.

the holy Fathers of the Old and New Dispensation dwelt on &quot.As Carmel by the Sea Blooms with flowers of every hue.OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL &quot. So is every virtue seen Blossoming in Carmel s Queen. OUR Lady the i6th. who served God in the fastnesses of Mount Carmel. Friars Blessed Mary of Mount Carmel. is Our Lady said to have visited her servants from 37 . written between 1247 and 1274. on July A tradition so ancient that its origin seems lost in antiquity. . The Carmelite archives possess a notice. Mount for Carmel. .&quot. which states in general terms that. from the days of Elias and Eliseus.&quot. . connects Our Blessed Lady with certain holy hermits and virgins. of Mount Carmel is the title under which the Church honours the Mother of God. which they were called in Papal Bulls. &quot. and that after the Incarnation they built there of a chapel in honour of Our Lady. Indeed.

38 OUR LADY S MONTH &quot. emblem could there be of Mary. we apply the words of the Canticle of Canticles. Carmel &quot.&quot. vii. . and an Eastern garden was a spices. 6). ences to this fruitful hill of Carmel its fertility made it .&quot. to feed in His garden and to gather I to my Beloved. Truly sister. 2). to whom &quot. how beautiful Thy head is like Carmel how comely in delights&quot. My (iv. treasure. to the bed of aroma tical spices. Who &quot. Beloved to me. full of flowers herbs and aromatical What more expressive &quot. means and &quot. Truly is she a garden enclosed. and its slopes seem have been noted for luxuriant vegetation even in so productive a country. time to time. say. a blessing type of country favoured by God s and here also we find the emblem of her . garden. feedeth among ticles vi. (ibid. hence the origin of the of title Our Lady The symbolism of the title is singularly beautiful. i. And again of (Canticle of Can Our Lady may we . . is a garden enclosed 12). Mount to the most fertile parts of Judea. in which virtues breathe forth their perfume. Again and again in Scripture we come upon refer art thou. 5. and the lilies my &quot. my could she say after the Incarnation. all Spouse. Mount Carmel is situated in what was once one of Carmel. lilies. a most exquisite enclosure. My Beloved is gone down into His garden. &quot. The name &quot.

which fact procured for him the surname &quot.OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL &quot. and especially penitential by their devotion to Our Lady. who was pronounced Its wooded summits and tortuous caverns formed secure hiding places for fugitives of the fitting symbol Mother and Refuge of sinners.&quot.&quot. of a good family gave in Kent . and who shields her guilty children from the anger of God. He joined their Carmel. Only three years later. Our Lady of Mount Carmel was then dear hearts of the of her Order. 39 blessed among women. to the it was members her pleasure to show them special tokens of her One of the greatest of affection and protection. in 1205. to whom no one has ever had recourse in vain. which they have so justly merited. St his and Simon came twelfth . lately introduced into England These Carmelites came from Mount St Simon was attracted by their and contemplative life. Here he served God until a divine revelation for twenty years. from to year he himself entirely he lived in a forest in the hollow of a great oak-tree. Order. bade him join a certain Religious from Palestine. God Stock. these favours was bestowed in England on an Englishman. and was sent by his superiors to Oxford. in order to complete his studies. his reputation for sanctity was so . holy company in 1212.

decreed that it should henceforth be kept on that date throughout the Universal Church. splendour heaven. O of Flower of Carmel.40 great. and of an of hell.&quot. visiting his brethren of Mount Carmel. O ! &quot. that he OUR LADY S MONTH was elected Vicar-General. he spent some years in Palestine. elected General of the Carmelites. St Simon was and soon after wards. receive the scapular of thy Order. sweet Virgin Mother. everlasting covenant. a privilege in for it. in the eighteenth century. the commending the affairs of his Order protection of Our Lady in these words. grant thy Carmel the Queen of Heaven ites. thee and all Carmelites fire whosoever dies shall not suffer Behold. it is a sign of salvation. privilege to the knowing not man. Pope Benedict XIII. It extended only to the Carmelite Order. In 1245. a pledge of peace. My dear Star of the Sea &quot. . as a sign of my the confraternity. appeared to him holding a scapular in her hands. whilst to &quot. until. a safeguard in danger. the i6th of July (the day on which Our Lady appeared to St Simon) has been From kept as the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Next to the devotion of the Rosary. Later. that time. which she gave to him with these words. again. son. all excelling. with full powers over all the Western Provinces. blooming Vine. there is .

No child of the Church should be content to be without this pledge of Mary s protection. PRAY FOR us. and Mary herself promised. as we known as Brown have seen. in conferring the scapular . has granted many indulgences to all who wear it with devotion. .&quot. obtain the palm and crown of our who is everlasting inheritance. so that we may finally. as conquerors. OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL. both danger.OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Catholics. of our decease. as that of wearing herscapular &quot. 41 no way of honouring Our Lady so well known to commonly The Church the Scapular.&quot. that in the hour head. If worn out of filial love for Our Lady. she &quot. &quot. may bruise the serpent s our adversary. it will certainly obtain for us the blessings which the Church asks for each.&quot. that it should be That it has been so.a safeguard in in the spiritual and temporal order. has been proved times without number.

Thousands of parents are mourning the loss of their 42 . (Fr. Whelmed Christ s dear Mother to behold ? THE Dolours of Mary attract us strangely. as pain and sorrow always do. and the Immaculate heart of Mary is pierced by a sword. Our glory . as if her Magnificat suffices. &quot. and in a greatness of her Sorrow. in miseries so deep. and hardly a word in mention of her little is but her Sorrows are not omitted. Is there one who would not weep. said of the Joys of Mary. her humility would allow &quot.OUR LADY OF DOLOURS &quot. The Sacred Heart of Jesus has Its thorny circlet. Digby There are several obvious reasons for cultivating the devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows just now. her grief swells the pathos of the life of Our Lord. way that even Best). In the Gospels. Lady was willing that we should contemplate the and has invited us to do so. because from the greatness of the sorrow we can learn the greatness of her love of Jesus.

. &quot. see their sons return. Our Lady appeared in company with her Son. a particular protection that their minds should have the mysteries of the Passion deeply imprinted and that Mary s prayers on their behalf on them . the Mother of Sorrows. and strength. Others suffer anxiety for the welfare of the souls of their dear ones. but Others. should have a particular power of impetration. to St John the Evangelist. hour of death . and that in his presence Our Lady turned to Our Lord and asked Him what reward He would give to those who kept her Sorrows in remembrance. : time before their death at the . cheering and soothing their grief-stricken hearts. tionate to their sorrows. some years after her death. Our Lord replied that He would grant them four special perfect contrition for all their sins some graces There is an old tradition that. who frequently pondered devoutly over her Dolours. only to require nursing and care. With her they and with stand beneath the Cross will learn to due time joy propor her too they will receive in must come as solace &quot.OUR LADY OF DOLOURS children. which in so many cases is so To all these difficult if not impossible to bestow. 43 Mothers hearts are wrung at the thought of the sons whose faces thay can never hope to see again in this world. . again. the thought of Our Lady.

making use of some approved of the book that treats Sorrows of Mary. to all who this with a contrite heart and devotion should practise devout exercise. The Rosary of the Seven Dolours is a richly indulgenced devotion in honour of these seven swords which pierced the sinless heart of God s Mother. every day of the month. . The Month of September has been set aside by the Church in honour of Our Blessed Lady of Sorrows. the Flight special devotion also : into Egypt. but Holy Church has selected seven for our Simeon s Prophecy.&quot. Pope Pius IX. The Dolours are also embedded in the Antiphons of the Divine Office on both the Feasts. for the devout recitation of which an indulgence of &quot.44 OUR LADY S MONTH Of St Catherine of Bologna it is related that when she was one day weeping bitterly over Our Lady s Sorrows. and the Burial of Jesus. the Crucifixion. the Jesus Taking down from the Cross. she suddenly saw seven angels weeping and joining their tears with hers. Our Lady s Sorrows were life-long and number less. the Meeting with on His way to Calvary. in 1857 granted an indulgence of three hundred days. and the Missal contains that most touching Sequence. that of the Friday in Passion Week as well as the one in September. the Three Days Loss. one hundred days is attached. the Stabat Mater.

It is




perhaps the thought of the immensity of Dolours, almost more than any other, that
bear bravely our share of the Cross In comparison with what she suffered,

will help us to

of Christ.

our own troubles, great though they may be, must needs dwindle down and appear less. To Mary, the Church applies the words of Jeremias To what shall I compare thee ? or to what shall To what I liken thee, O daughter of Jerusalem ?

shall I equal thee that I


comfort thee,



daughter of Sion ? for great as the sea is thy brokenheartedness who shall heal thee?" (Lam. i.). She loved most, and therefore she suffered most.










be the golden coin in which Love repays our And Monsignor Benson pointed out another

reason for Our




when he wrote
to ourselves




the bond which unites


not that she sang Magnificat, but that the sword She is the Mother pierced her own heart also.

of of





was the Mother

Redemption. She stood by the Cross of Jesus, and she is our as she had knelt by His cradle

Mother, then, by
she and

that very Blood by which both


alike are redeemed.

The Mother


Sorrows must always be nearer to the than even the Cause of our Joy."









shall be comforted."

that mourn, for Such is the teaching of


Our Divine Master, and we all lovingly recognise and confess that in this, as in all, the most blessed,

the most faithful and perfect sufferer, the Queen of Martyrs. Mary May the hand of thy Son, which wiped the tears from thine own eyes, O Mary, at thy pleading wipe

them away from our own






Holy Queen, Mother


of Mercy, hail


so sweet, clement,
miseries, that

us that






so ready to help us in our

Holy Church

we should

salute her under the title of

Queen and Mother



the great Chancellor of Paris,

a devout client of Mary, says

The kingdom of and mercy reserving power God consists in power to Himself, He, in some way, yielded the empire


confirmed by St Thomas Aquinas, in his preface to the Canonical


to His





where we find these words



Blessed Virgin conceived The Eternal her womb, and brought Him forth, she obtained
half the

When the Word in





so that she



Justice." King Mercy, Bonaventure, paraphrasing the words of David, Give to the King Thy thus interprets them

as Jesus Christ






thou. and as she wills. severity. who have &quot.&quot.48 OUR LADY S MONTH judgment. so that there no however &quot. who art the Queen of Mercy. Queen of Mercy ? And he replies that it is because we believe that she opens the abyss of the mercy of God to whomsoever she wills. who is lost. St Bernard asks why the Church &quot. assures us that &quot. O to succour the miserable jects for Mary. and miserable of sinners.&quot. Lans- Our Lady cannot send pergis away anyone dissatisfied. the Saint continues. can the miserable have. is when she sinner.&quot. who prays to her. for she inspires no terror. of Mercy. Let us listen to be over further to their words. wills. great. Saint after Saint thus speaks of this Virgin most merciful.&quot. to approach this Queen &quot. Ought we not &quot.&quot. the majesty and holiness of this great for the higher No. awed and compassion towards to her with the desire to sinners. to those who come to her but is all sweetness and gentleness. &quot. the greater is her sweetness at ? &quot. recourse amend their lives.&quot.&quot. it follows that am the most I am the first . Queen and more holy she is. if Mary What fear. says St Gregory. and shows no . and Thy Mercy to the Queen His Mother. O God. refuse ? And who are the sub mercy if not the miserable I ? And since thou art the Queen of Mercy. asks the humble St Bonaventure. protects him. canst How. calls Mary the &quot.

His Mother fed her soul on the words which fell from His lips. : How sweet. pondered these things. that the law of clemency is on her lips. Do we ponder the words of God ? will have mercy &quot.&quot. Mary kept all these words. are in Thy words to my . liable to falls and mistakes who can measure the need we have for mercy.&quot. read in the Scriptural account of the valiant woman. We be more truly said than of have only seven words of hers this recorded.&quot.&quot. weak and frail. . sacrifice. but it is not difficult for us to picture what her kindness in speech must have been Mary the Scriptures. &quot. O Lady. We all sinners. Then when Our Blessed Lord became Man. they shall obtain mercy. 4 . words of David her own &quot.I and not for all &quot. &quot. And she. O Lord. ability. canst thou do otherwise than exercise thy mercy on me ? &quot.OUR LADY OF MERCY of 49 thy subjects. How then. She could make the pondered .&quot. and reproduced them in her life. Blessed are the are merciful. We Of no woman can Our Lady. for kindly judgment ? And if we need it ourselves. lips. pondering them in her heart. who was ever so attentive to the Will of God. She had read the Inspired Writings that Our God is a God of Mercy and Compassion that His Mercy is above all His works and also the injunction according to thy &quot. be merciful. .&quot. More than once in the Gospels we are told.

am. Does Let us go together to Paradise. ! it for those who love Mary to find her. I Thou hast so many it times invoked me. said the Most Blessed Virgin. he replied. &quot. &quot. &quot. it. and to find her full of com passion and love. Lady of Mercy. then. &quot. Mother O happy confidence. I am the Mother of Mercy. am now come to take thee. illness. not. since our &quot. behove us to be devout to this . ! says Blessed Albert the Great. refuge. used to recommend himself two hundred times a day to this Mother his of Mercy.&quot. &quot.50 so do those OUR LADY S MONTH around us need spirit. behold.&quot. I &quot.&quot. Turn then. ? thine eyes of mercy upon us such joy in the thought of Our most gracious Advocate. it is related that one of the friars. named Leonard. wilt thou die. that he cried out. &quot. how easy. should be our confidence. O safe How of God is my Mother &quot. the firm. for it &quot. St Anselm felt &quot. If we strive to obtain this merciful with how great confidence can we not turn to Our Lady with the familiar &quot. petition. In the Chronicles of the Order of St Dominic.&quot. and come and dwell with And who art thou ? my Son and with me ? Queen by side. salvation depends on the judgment of a good Brother and a tender Mother Oh. and that when he was attacked by his last he saw a most beautiful : who thus addressed him Leonard. was she.

earnest hearts &quot. Get us.OUR LADY OF MERCY merciful Mother. OUR LADY. FABER. PRAY FOR . Oh. Jesus wilt give if thou wilt plead. Mother. 51 And can we not say to her with : me the grace to love thee more. I will love thee then indeed. MOTHER OF MERCY.&quot. when life s cares are o er. And.

is charity&quot. St Paul says Now love is the greatest Now there &quot. and knowledge and holy hope (xxiv. of all the virtues. and praising God. : remain of these faith. and (i charity. To help . Therefore it is end that St Paul pronounces love to be greater than faith or hope. Ecclesiasticus of fear : I am the Mother of fair love and &quot. so is she neces sarily the Mother of Love. for in we shall have no need lift of faith heaven . &quot. . As Our Lady is the Mother of God.OUR LADY. THE MOTHER OF FAIR LOVE ST JOHN tells us that God is love (i St John iv.). hope. nor any need to hope. Just as here on earth our only true happiness consists in that 52 up our hearts in Himself. Cor. but the greatest xiii. 8) and the Church applies to Our Lady those words of &quot. the Object same love. &quot. 13). Love is the . for which we were created the love of God and love will endure for eternity. for we shall possess God Our heaven will consist in loving of all our hope.

St Augustine understood this when he said &quot. we have only to ponder Our Thou shalt love the Lord thy heart.&quot. 37-39). And the second is like to it : Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (St Matt. THE MOTHER OF FAIR LOVE us to realise this. and with thy whole strength. and with thy whole mind. &quot. it Mary show and prove her love ? Was ? None of Our Lady s recorded words are specially marked by terms of endearment. This is the first and the greatest command ment.&quot. us thus to go to Holy Church teaches . and do can we more fittingly turn to teach us this lesson of love than to Our Lady. xxii. Now to whom Love. Let me feel as thou hast felt. Make my heart with thine accord.OUR LADY. is our chief duty. and with which she loves Him now eternally in heaven. God with thy whole and with thy whole soul. &quot. then. fount of love. which all the others are comprised. though no doubt she used them in all reverence did How by words . Mary for love she calls her the Fount of love. : 53 Lord s own words &quot. Make my soul to glow and melt O Touch With the love of Christ my Lord. : what thou wilt. thou Mother. nay it is the one in Love. my spirit from above. the Mother of fair love ? No creature has ever approached the perfection wherewith she loved God while on earth.

for he &quot. and yet it was to Our Lady only that the words thine own were uttered. but in : deed and in truth &quot. . He Mary was her God. as love was strong as death. St John. (i St John iii. Jesus nor did she wish to be did not spare His Mother She is the Mother of beautiful love. who had lived so long with Our the best Lady after the Ascension till her had doubtless learnt from her example Assumption. Now. was the best loved of that little company. When on the morning of her Purification. and spared. proved it by action far more than by words. &quot. and she never faltered. loved Jesus. He was not only her Child. Holy Simeon. true love.54 OUR LADY S MONTH affection. suffering than It entailed suffering. do And &quot. and But she who understood so well the nature of real love.Whatso ye. Let us leaves us this advice in one of his epistles love one another not in word. Our Lady knew it. be it done : &quot. Our Lady s love was shown principally in her entire submission to God s Will Behold the handmaid of the Lord. we read of St Joseph. Our Lady s No one ever loved. and Anna being present. way of testifying our love for God. 18). greater any of us are called upon to bear. unto ever me according to thy word.&quot. He shall say unto you. nor in tongue. and she soul a sword shall pierce &quot. she took her Divine Child to the Temple. .&quot. This was true devotion.

&quot. Him too. to love Who would have known the way Our Jesus as we ought. There was nothing exclusive in Mary s love of Jesus. Why ! do thy sweet hands not detain His feet upon their way ? Oh why doth not the Mother speak bid her Son to stay ? &amp. If thou in varied joy or woe Hadst not that lesson taught ? &quot. Mother dear His throne is far above How canst thou be so full of joy. : Come. at the loss of the visible presence of Jesus He hath left thee.\nd . most tested in the crucible of sorrow &quot.&quot.OUR LADY. to love God. and can we suppose that Our Lady was wrapped up in her own sorrow ? &quot. must have been the fact that she could help others to love Jesus. therefore was that Mary stood beneath the Cross. We can imagine her saying to us is sweet. THE MOTHER OF FAIR LOVE the love that is 55 most fair is that which has been . no one can teach us so surely as she what Certainly it it really means &quot. She loved Him so intensely that she wanted every one else to love &quot. When thou hast lost thy love ? Yes ! ! .lt. taste and see that the Lord of her greatest consolations during One the years she spent on earth after the Ascension of her Son. FABER. We are told that the Apostles left the Mount of the Ascension rejoicing.

When we &quot. &quot. we are lost in wonder at the thought of grace the degree of love to which she must have attained ! at the of love. FABER. to last she loved her Lord with the whole strength of her sinless heart. self-seeking free change that is such gain to Him ! thy love all . The Can be no loss to thee. PRAY FOR us. Mother of love.&quot. MOTHER OF FAIR LOVE.&quot. of fair then. end of her long life. that she claims the for Mother love. No wonder from first she died title No wonder. . Oh.56 OUR LADY S MONTH Ah no From is rightful love. think that the Angel saluted Our Lady at the Annunciation with the words Hail. full of &quot. teach us too to love the Lord our God ! OUR LADY.

IN the month of December 1854, the whole Catholic
world was made glad by the definition of the decree which proclaimed Our Lady s Immaculate Concep
tion to be an article of faith.

more than

three years later, that


to say, in

February 1858,

Our Blessed Mother herself ratified the decree, for

that year she appeared among the rocks of Massabielle, in the South of France, to Bernadette


Eighteen times, between the



February and the 25th
herself to the

March, did

Mary show


happy little shepherdess three times Our Lady whisper secrets to the innocent
which she commanded her not to




But there were other messages


from the words
of the parish,

Bernadette herself to the Cure


what the import

of these




people to visit the scene of the apparitions,

Our Lady wished and

Mary wished them

to build a church in

her honour.

Bernadette had faithfully delivered

these messages but the Cure naturally and rightly desired some proof of the child s truthfulness ;




the account the




said to her
proofs, for

little one gave of Our have seen the vision, and I Monsieur le Cure asks you to give some


example, to cause the rose-tree which is beneath your feet to flower, because my word does
not suffice for the priests, and they are not willing to trust me. Then she smiled, but without speaking-

Then she told me


pray for sinners, and commanded to descend even to the bottom of the grotto.

And she cried out

three times the words





drew myself on


repeated while I knees to the bottom of the




on the Feast

of the Annunciation, the

Our Lady of Lourdes to Berna As on all former occasions, she was surrounded with light and of surpassing splen dour and sweetness. Covered with a veil, her robe whiter than dazzling snow fell around her. Two roses, full blown and of the colour of purest gold, were over her feet. Her girdle was blue as the
apparition of dette took place.



Bernadette in ecstasy forgot


the beauty she saw before her. Oh, my will you have the goodness to she said,




who you are, and what is your name
in her Office



The Church
Hail, full of

was chanting




Hail, full of

But the Apparition

and only smiled sweetly on the upturned Four times did Bernadette repeat face of the child. her question, and then at last, Our Lady, unjoining her hands in which a rosary was clasped, and was

raising her

arms towards heaven, as




blessings upon the earth, said with an accent of I am the unspeakable love and gratitude



Then the
Our Lady



Now, what


the lesson

of Lourdes, the

Health of the Weak, has taught us in these latter days ? Is it not the hatefulness of sin ? True,

and strength

the healing waters of Lourdes have given health to thousands of invalids, so that fitly
of Isaias to this chosen

we may apply these words there sanctuary of Mary

shall the eyes of the

blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf man be there shall the lame man leap as a unstopped



for waters are

and the tongue of the dumb shall be free broken out in the desert, and streams

the wilderness



But how much

xi.60 OUR LADY S MONTH more does Our Lady of Lourdes do for the souls of Is it not chiefly those who have recourse to her. sinless hands in prayer &quot. that she fact up her &quot.&quot. has compassion for she can the faults and failings of our daily lives us in temptation so that our weakness uphold Let us then go to her shall not be overcome. ? The ! of her having used the ! words Penance Penance for Penance ! to little Bernadette. . pleasure cause diseases of the soul. as well as St Paul. : Who . against her those who it on account has in of past sin. She makes herself all to all. &quot. s shows us Those whom to her Mother heart is yearning. for those who lifts are spiritually blind. sinless. or deaf or weak. pitying our infirmity. is . are paralysed God service by unfilial fear those who are languid and weary. of whose lukewarmness and love them languish in even though they Son and crucified many may not have turned Him by mortal sin . 29) and who yet she is the strong and valiant woman stood by the Cross of Jesus. ready almost to give up the to all these Our Lady stretches forth struggle . is weak and I am not weak? (2 Cor. See how tenderly she helps the weak as though she. be it of body or of soul. feel the weakness which left in their souls s those who . her hands in order to heal and strengthen. She who . would assure us &quot.

as to others. firm in the knowledge that this kind Mother will show to the Health of us. that she is truly the Weak.OUR LADY OF LOURDES and cast our weakness 61 on to her strength. PRAY FOR us. . OUR LADY OF LOURDES.

feel as greater things affecting ourselves affairs. we and most often is. or in impossible. So often in life we though. and she has been pleased to grant many THIS is a title favours to those her. on our side. and of motherly care on hers.OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS under which Our Lady is sometimes invoked. Failure is a hard word. success were It may be only in small things. Our Lord chose apparent failure for His earthly portion. we do not like to face it. many. 62 that first . . all of us naturally desire that our work should turn out successfully. failure may be. humanly speaking. Who among the lookers-on. who place their petitions before and call a successful conclusion. True. to on her to bring their undertakings to It is a title which speaks us of confidence and humility. an immense blessing from God. it may be in concerning the welfare of very important But no matter what the particular need is.

Well done. to make us not with resignation only.OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS death as 63 s ? Good Friday. excel in this particular virtue or in this degree of perfection . and that is. we do our best. and requires accept the failure. in spite of Our Lord s acceptance of what the world conversions One poor we read calls failure. we know that it is natural to our nature it to love success.&quot. shall be a success great . but a most signal failure and a centurion. but as a special token of God s love. one way thing we must attain. greatest sacrifice the world can ever know. are the only two of as the outcome of the Yet. . this is the most important thing of Whether we that. results to her. and think rather of the success to which we may link Our Lady s moment name. then. confidently and leave In the successful first place. that our lives our enough for us to hear Our Lord saying to us at death. whether we attain to to or to one not quite so exalted whether we work heaven by this path or by that. the success for which if we may look for at her hands. Surely Our Lady of Good &quot. we want our lives to be all. a great grace from God. it We wish for instinctively. would have reckoned Our Lord anything thief. We will put aside for the thought of failure. enter thou into the good joy of thy Lord. thou and faithful servant.

64 OUR LADY S MONTH fail Success will not to take this cause into her hands. it can my spiritual ? life &quot. and bring it to a happy Then. if we will allow her. to be much prayer. issue. ask ourselves. after It from following that which. it may be that we shall find ourselves circumstances which seem. seems as though there were no possibility of our But let us being able to follow our vocation. as we should say. It seems no we A hopeless case. with the confidence of children. And we How Or. and asking her to give us the success we long for use. are hindered by this circum stance. Do ever think of betaking ourselves to Our Lady. to all put an obstacle to live far success. or among those who have no love for our holy religion. ? in the fight She can obtain grace for us by her or our failure prayers. we know God s call to us. there . &quot. Our success For is is means a great ? deal to her. in her hands. of themselves. it may be that we seem to be strug gling in vain against some besetting fault. again. possibly be successful under such conditions or may be that we by that. If we place our troubles remember our Mother. It may be that we from church. she not our Mother And to what mother there ? who is indifferent the welfare of her child in Again.

and. From that day. and told him that he would henceforth have no more last member. priest (some think is a story told of a young was St Albert the Great). he told his story to the people. and did all he could to ensure success. and remembering Our Lady s words. Years afterwards. She appeared to him. and prayed to her earnestly. He broke down whenever he began to preach. and his eloquence won many a heart to God. he was one day delivering a sermon on Our Lady. The worst of it was. that you but. wrote out his sermons with the utmost care.&quot. him. and then left the pulpit 5 . as one of is preaching. It seemed powers altogether. from you three years before your death. in a church crowded with people suddenly he lost the thread of his discourse. to be beyond his but the result was always the same.OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS is 65 no doubt but that she There it will bring all round to a successful end. she added. all power of language failed . that he was a Dominican. know that it is a gift I have obtained for you may from my Son. He studied and practised. &quot. who had no aptitude whatever for preaching. At trouble in preaching. the young Dominican was the best preacher in the province. the poor young friar thought he would be quite a useless the great works of the Order he remembered Our Lady.&quot. the power will be entirely taken away &quot.

. OUR LADY OF GOOD PRAY FOR us. This example may serve to show us that Our Lady is willing to obtain. we beseech thee take our cause in hand. in her hands. in the name Jesus. let us place confidence : &quot. success. not only spiritual. and for the love of Jesus. Do we want us ask Our to pass an examination Lady it to help us. paration for death. under the protection of Our Mother. Our Mother. saying with filial of to Our Lady. ? Again let Whatever be our need. Our Queen. Do we want to succeed in our studies ? Let us place them.66 for ever.&quot. as did the great St Thomas. but natural gifts for us. OUR LADY S MONTH and spent the next three years in pre. and to grant it good SUCCESS.

is not He her Son.OUR LADY. and it is but 67 undoubtedly a force . because we made our request of Jesus. We feel confident that with her. we are safe. of Jesus is an all-powerful plea. &quot. to bring our undertakings to a successful and happy issue. her beloved Our Blessed Lady to the Name of Jesus.&quot. THE MOTHER OF CHRIST YESTERDAY we were thinking of Our Lady of Good Success. to help us in our need. her God ? Can she possibly to her in His of Christ. and we saw how willing she is to take our cause in hand. the refuse to hear prayers addressed ? Name Mother For force is ? she not the Mother of Jesus We use the words almost as if we would hear and answer us for the love of Jesus/ &quot. and the chief reason of our confidence is. and for the love That The sweet Name Is an appeal she cannot resist. in the Name of Jesus.

X.&quot. After the death of St Joseph. guard ing the Mother and the Son. standing until the Son and the Mother would repay him by silently and in the most loving attentions and care.M. yearning to minister to Him still. her Beloved. . and Jesus left His Mother to fulfil the we may be sure that He visited her from time to time. In the hamlets of Galilee. reminds her of those days at Nazareth. Yes. &quot. and that she would follow Him from place to place. her Son. the most loving Mother and the most loving Son the world can ever see. The very light of her eyes. He was all in all to her. those blissful days of the thirty years in which Jesus and Mary lived in such intimate and unbroken familiarity. and to feast her eyes on His beauty Will of His Eternal Father. the Child of her love. in Nazareth s home. self the background. Even when the thirty years were finished. . the intercourse between Jesus and Mary must have been still more intense. St Joseph shared the little home for many years. &quot. S. as of yore. They were Mother and Son. Mother of Christ.68 OUR LADY S MONTH It to which she delights to be subjected. He was all in all to thee In the winter s cave. Mother of Christ. still more intimate. &quot. yet never intruding ever effacing him upon their loving intercourse .

in the words of the we may each say to her : Let us ask.&quot. that we ask her protection and her help. S.OUR LADY.X. Mother. lifts But we have our part pressed in the words for the love of &quot. And in His Name. in His Name for the grace we desire. of me. THE MOTHER OF CHRIST her King it is . . even her very God Himself. then. confidently But when we come to petition for merely natural Take for things.&quot. and for His love. Again. He will When He &quot. 69 nay. we are not perhaps well enough prepared. Still we know that if that particular grace is not given to us immediately. instance. not say nay to thee His face to thy sweet embrace. We are sure of petitions for spiritual graces being worthy. and In order to thus present our petition. such a grace is not befitting us. ask confidently. Speak to Him. brilliantly ? we want to come off Why Is it that we may obtain some post do . Jesus. to do. God will certainly bestow other Thus we can always ask spiritual gifts upon us. the case is not quite tjie same. but possibly God may see that at that particular time. in the And this too is ex Name of Jesus. and hymn we know so well.M. our request must be a worthy one. the example of praying for success in an examination.

their fellow-men &quot. I will My and will love thy Son with the whole of my strength. and we cannot couple them with the Holy Name of Jesus. this we may whether our petition is answered or not. that she will finally grant the last petition of all. Thus we see that the purity of our intention If we can go to Our makes all the difference. that we have in view ? That others may think us clever. all good and excellent.70 OUR LADY S MONTH we think God wishes us ? that to fill ? Is it to give pleasure to our parents perhaps that we may be able to earn a salary sufficient to help our parents ? Again. and for the love of Jesus. to benefit ? Or is it merely self. Then can each one of us be sure. only King shall He be &quot. that we may obtain the first place. to obtain a commission in the army. and that all will be well with us. and that . and thus There is a great triumph over so and so ? The first set are difference in these motives. for example ? Is it Or in the case of a doctor or a nurse.&quot.X. and say to her sincerely. is it for the good of our country.). (S. &quot.M. and we may confidently in the place our cause in Our Lady s hands Name of Jesus. be quite certain that the Mother of Jesus plead with her Son. But the second set of motives is unworthy. Lady.

THE MOTHER OF CHRIST when the end comes.X. MOTHER OF CHRIST. we to our prayer.&quot. at last to me. 71 shall obtain the answer When the voyage And show Him is o er. OUR LADY.OUR LADY. PRAY FOR us. oh.M. stand on the shore. . S. &quot.

Was not he who issued in 1905 the Decree on Daily Communion. It is not surprising.&quot.OUR LADY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT is one of the more recent titles of Our Lady. them not. were the words Master and Pope Pius published them and wide. issued another concerning the Communions of little children &quot. the desire of Christ to be united to each one of us ? Was it not he who. to be told that this same venerable titles Pontiff should of have added one more to the 72 Our Lady. who is known as the Pope of the Eucharist. urging on all alike. then. We THIS It all know how he it strove in every way to foster devotion to Our Lord in His Sacramental Life. .. shortly after the publication of this decree. calling even tiny children to com munion with their Lord. was approved by our late Holy Father Pius X. and of the Divine far forbid . ? Suffer the little children to come unto Me.

We may well be grateful that of Daily we are privileged to live in the days is Communion.OUR LADY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT and should have greeted her as Blessed Sacrament. for cannot exclude the Mother when honouring How can we rightly love thy Son. &quot. received their First as did the Apostles. not indeed in the Upper Room with Our Lord and the Apostles. so that she was never without the actual Sacramental in her heart . and indeed sweet Mother. accompanied her. &quot.&quot. same and that she. it is certain that Himself. but in a smaller apartment on the floor. and that Our Lady given to us under this new title to teach us how to cherish and use our privilege. Our Lady received Holy Communion frequently during the long fifteen years that she lived after We are familiar with the Ascension of her Son. Some holy writers think that Our Lady was present in the Cenacle at the Last Supper. from the Hands of Our Lord Be this as it may. &quot. pictures of her receiving the Sacred Host from the and it is a pious Ephesus belief that the Sacred Species remained unconsumed hands of St John at . if we love not thee ? the title seems only what we should naturally expect to be bestowed on her. 73 Our Lady of the We the Son. with the holy women who Communion. from one communion to another.

she will kindle within us faith and trust . by this title that of the care and custody Our Lady has for the honour of her Son in His Eucharistic Life. He puts power. There that His Mother yearns to help us to prepare ourselves for His visits. Truly might they have named Our Lady of the Blessed Sacra her. as it were. with us her own . No one knows so well as she what He desires our preparation and thanksgiving to be . as though He would have none of it. she will share she will speak to us of humility and desire until our cold hearts are warmed and we long for the coming of our King. Then. nay He hides even His Humanity Himself at our mercy. and His if . she will prepare our hearts for Him. He only He can draw us to come to hides His Majesty. ment. love . He endures even insult and sacrilege that to the poor fore is it He may be united human hearts He loves so well. His glory. no one realises as she does what To whom befitting Our Divine Guest. then as now.&quot. another thought suggested accessible to us. It seems as though in His great love for us Our Lord has thrown aside all honour. Him. then can we turn with more complete trust than to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament ? If we ask is her.74 OUR LADY &quot. if only He can make Himself is There . S MONTH Presence of Jesus.

OUR LADY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. and will fill our souls more abundantly with His grace.OUR LADY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT when we are united to in our hearts. she 75 Him. Jesus. . and our prayers united to hers will sound like music in the ears of Him Whom we love. the honour of her Divine Son is involved when ever we invoke her Had To as Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. &quot. this title which must be so dear to her let us give her charge of our preparation and thanksgiving for Holy Communion let us love to remind her that . PRAY FOR us. when we bear Him will offer with us Him both praise and thanks. would I sing. my dearest King. For her dear sake He will answer our petitions more readily. Let us then call on Our Lady under .&quot. with what bursts of fervent praise ! Thy goodness. Oh I but Mary s sinless heart love Thee with.

and indeed the painting represents Our Lady spin ning flax within the precincts of the Temple. however. THE MOTHER MOST ADMIRABLE IN the Convent of the Sacred Heart at the Trinita del Monti. and and great are the favours Our Lady bestows visited The fresco of Mater Admirabilis was painted on the wall of the convent by a postulant who was seeking admission to the Order of the Sacred Heart. It was intended at first merely to satisfy the devo tion of the nuns.OUR LADY. there is is a sanctuary dedicated &quot. to Our Lady under the title of Mater Admirabilis. by crowds of pilgrims. the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Rome.&quot. who desired to keep before their eyes the model of all industry. This sanctury many there. 76 . From the religious. the devotion passed rapidly to the pupils of the convent.

S. Thou hast many portraits. . Pope Pius IX. &quot. It is particularly as a model our of girlhood that title of Our very Blessed Lady is honoured under the of Mater Admirabilis. after having been deprived of the use of it for twenty-one months. One hymns describes its beautifully both the representation and sym bolism : &quot.&quot. But our girlhood chiefly loves thee All of And thy In thy girlhood s beauty thus. 1846. It was a pious thought. In a transport of gratitude.&quot. and from that day the favoured cloister became a real sanctuary.M. was visiting the convent. he besought the Holy Father to allow him to cele brate Mass before the fresco. sweetest title this. to represent the Most Holy Virgin at an age when she seems to have been forgotten. MOTHER MOST ADMIRABLE of all 77 at the age of fifteen years.X. Mater Admirabilis. Mary has since proved by innumerable favours he said.OUR LADY. That a missionary priest from Oceania very year. fitting Pattern indeed who are passing through their time of maidenhood.&quot. and stopped to pray before the fresco and to solemnly bless it. In October 1846. well pleased with this thought. them are dear to us. &quot. that she is recovered his voice at the feet of Mater Admirabilis. Mother.

Mater S. Open book and &quot. : sinless soul is shining In thy modest downcast face us like to thee in this. Near thee blooms the spotless lily. What sweeter example could be taken to show us the virtues of girlhood. .X. His. who had already vowed her virginity and her life to God. We have are to of a sinful world. that we are apt so to forget the quiet.M. Work for Jesus and for thee.&quot. than that of the young Jewish maiden. Emblem And thy Make of thy brightest grace. sweet Mother. and that we must not There is dis honour our Mother. &quot. keep our souls unspotted in the midst We have to remember that we Mary s children. however much the so-called rights of women may be flaunted before us by the worldly. by her example. Shall we not try to follow in the footsteps of our Queen ? Yet another danger of the present day is love of and here again Mary pleads with us pleasure .&quot. yet Mary in the Temple is still our model. ness among young girls much forward nowadays.78 OUR LADY S MONTH What a model to us all Our Lady s life in the Temple is. as we . distaff tell us Thou hast laboured too. Admirabilis.M. retiring spirit which is the honour of our sex . and therefore Mater Admirabilis. Make us thine. Let our hand and mind. S.X.

Mater Admirabilis. and to them another and a worthier object than mere Not that many of life s pleasant things pleasure ? are wrong God forbid ! but a mere ceaseless round of gaiety fit and worldly amusements cannot possibly us for the serious duties of life nor can we . saying to her with all our hearts : &quot. . enough fill try to live them for. expect such things to make us happy or admirable in any way No. Gentle Mother.&quot. MOTHER MOST ADMIRABLE. Make us pass our years of training As thou meanest that we should. of our girlhood pass rapidly 79 . S. rather will we foster in ourselves ! a love of work befitting one who is to take her place in the woman . to thy keeping Take our wayward maidenhood. Let us not thy graces miss. MOTHER MOST ADMIRABLE The years shall we not with.M. PRAY FOR us. world as a thoroughly devoted Catholic rather will we strive to pass our girlhood under the direct protection of Our Blessed Lady.X.OUR LADY. OUR LADY.

&quot. Thus that all. and Apoc. The faith Queen who. ful the faithful who stood by the Cross of Jesus. because of her faithful to fidelity.&quot. ii. THE VIRGIN MOST FAITHFUL &quot. Mother. (Ecclus. she 80 was greeted .OUR LADY. a faithful friend a strong defence. unto death. is And who does not know that constant fidelity a proof of love ? Now. At the time of the Annunciation. all that we know of Mary shows us how completely faithful she was to God. rules over saints and angels.). Mary has become is to us love. and that he that hath found vi. tells 1 will give thee the HOLY is Scripture us that &quot. him hath found a it is treasure&quot. Be thou crown faithful of life. Our Lady is most God most faithful to us. 10.&quot. for her fidelity is equalled only a treasure most precious by her She the faithful Virgin who never swerved She is from the Will of her Lord.

learnt to know God in prayer. Again. and this all through her childhood and girlhood. at work.OUR LADY. full of grace by the Angel. which ordered every Jew to be enrolled in his own city. After the Annunciation. there she served God in perfect fidelity. There were many good reasons why that journey need not have been taken. and At prayer. Mary rose with haste and went into the hill country (St Luke i. off &quot. would have liked at Nazareth. this imply ? Simply Our Lady s absolute fidelity Thus grace was to each grace as it came to her. This trust was the ground of her fidelity. we might have supposed that Mary would be exempt from the edict. Emperor s decree. But Mary was faithful. Mary was sent at the -age of three years to the Temple. &quot. She saw the Will of God in the. in she trusted Him fully. but she Our Lady. conversation. THE VIRGIN MOST FAITHFUL &quot. Later. we can to it well remain in retirement knew was God s Will that she should go and comfort her cousin St Elizabeth. in study. imagine. and so with prompt and cheerful fidelity. and therefore without hesitation she went to Bethlehem. never passed by a single grace unheeded. at the 6 . 39). &quot. 81 What does Hail. She never let one slip. ! added to grace in her soul. and knowing Him. she set on her journey. the faithful She Virgin was always attentive to God s Will.

She stood. He was lost for three days. she knew perfectly well that she was exempt from the law which bound other Jewish women.&quot. daily faithfulness of those thirty years prepare Our Lady for the great test of her fidelity during the Passion of her Son ? Mary stood beneath the Cross. on the look out to follow and perform even His unspoken wishes. and so we read of her. but she would take no excuse for herself. wilt thou not obtain for us some measure fidelity ! of thine own We &quot. law&quot. of endurance. but does not thy Son say to He that also is faithful in that which is &quot. least. strong in her power &quot. Did not the Lord . strong to bear her grief. . are placed . . that she took Jesus to the Temple. faithful to His slightest word. is faithful in that which is ? Let us at least beg of Mary to obtain greater us that firm trust in God which was the founda for tion of all her fidelity. it is true. And when she had found Him. 22. in comparison with thee us. to present Him to the and to offer a sacrifice according to the Luke ii. over few things. when. 24). Does she not say to us. without any fault of hers. &quot. strong to fulfil God s Will.82 OUR LADY S MONTH time of her Purification. Think how faithfully (St she sought Our Blessed Lord. faithful to the end. constant. . O Virgin most faithful. with what loving and solicitous fidelity would she not minister to Him.

Well done. Forsake her not. His own time of explanation. .&quot.&quot. knew to be His Will. good and faithful servant. &quot. most faithful Virgin. . THE VIRGIN MOST FAITHFUL &quot. And who can know the treasure of merit that is acquired by this constant in this. For Our Lady is faithful to her children.OUR LADY. but neither did Our Lady. and one in which we may rely on the help of the faithful Virgin. &quot. Whatsoever He &quot. they understood not the word that He spoke to them &quot.&quot. 83 We ? say to you. shall when Our Lord told Mary and Joseph that He must be about His Father s business. VIRGIN MOST FAITHFUL. do ye may not always understand God s Will concerning For we read that us. &quot. preserve obtain for us this fidelity. and she shall keep thee love her. but His Mother kept all these words in her heart. and mean waiting time neglecting none of those things which she already &quot. us. fidelity in small things as in great ? Mother We It is certainly a test of love. we may hear from the lips of thy Son.&quot. that so at last. thou shall thee. PRAY FOR . and she &quot. Mother of God. Enter thou into the joy of thy OUR LADY. I will place thee over Lord. many. because thou hast been faithful over few things. Oh. We can imitate our can be faithful to the daily grace and the daily duty.

is a It speaks to us of a Mother ever suggestive one. considering. either in church or in our homes. joyous at making our way times. 84 . her to help us to listen to our prayers to cast us those merciful eyes of hers. we in a certain sense expect the &quot. &quot. The title. to the gratitude of those who have sought testifying Our Lady s help and have not sought in vain.OUR LADY OF THE WAYSIDE IN the famous church of the Gesii in Rome. When we kneel in prayer before a statue of Our Lady. at hand to guide and protect. Our Lady of the Wayside. &quot. Wayside. We are all pilgrims to our heavenly home. But there is upon more than this expressed in the title we are now . ready often to sink beneath the burden and give up our journey. Madonna della Strada. there is a celebrated picture which goes by the name of Our Lady of the It is surrounded by numerous ex-votos.&quot. weary and Times of prayer footsore at others.&quot. .&quot.

Mary went into the hill country (St Luke &quot. continue we must. &quot. And their light I cannot see.&quot. Is it any wonder that the gladness of . 85 were not for prayer. We remember her first journey. Mother. to-day.OUR LADY OF THE WAYSIDE refresh us . Meet me on my homeward way. thus showing us that she is truly Our Her tenderness consoles of the Wayside. the journey seems intolerable. it if our goal. she and her Divine Son hallowing the roads and paths they traversed. Mother mine. Meet me. and her help gives us strength to walk on in the ways of God. and the beauty of the flowers and foliage must have intensified the longing she had to behold the human beauty of her Son. And it is just when &quot. Mother.rising i. us. I am coming Home to Jesus and to thee. when immediately after the accomplishment of the mystery of the Incarnation. But my country s hills are distant.X. Lady her smile lightens our burden. S. and the strength received from the Sacraments. we could not face But if we would reach the road we have to travel. Mother. Many thoughts of Our Lady s life are connected with the wayside. It was spring-time. &quot.M. hearken as I pray. Who was the Creator of the lovely world around her.&quot. up 39). that Our Lady comes to meet us.

&quot. And the road is rough and narrow. Mother mine. I can see nor sun nor star. wished her to travel thus in His company. on my way. Meet me. s birth we see our Mother again by the wayside this time on her way Egypt with St Joseph and her Divine Son.86 OUR LADY S MONTH that young Mother s heart broke forth into song and gave us her Magnificat ? Six months later we have another journey. A to short time after Our Lord . . Mother. that our journey through life might be made easier for us. she is always Our Lady of the &quot. of this journey have been ? The desert is ships not a pleasant place to travel through. the days This time the roads are cold and bleak .X. the our rough journey through life. Our Lady must have suffered both from the burning sun by but her Son day. And the end seems very far Lest perchance my feet should stray. S. But Our Lady does not hesitate. short and dark way long and weary. Wayside. and the chill winds of the night . to-day. : Meet me. The Holy Family must often have stopped to rest by the roadside or under the few trees to be found What must not the hard in the oasis of the desert. In winter as in spring.M. in sunshine and in storm. and blesses thereby . Oftentimes my skies are clouded.

and could say : &quot. iii.I not Him Whom my let Him go Our Lady soul loveth. will iii. (Cant. I pray. and help us Son.M. How often must &quot. or the cold blasts of trial chill journeys to will All Our Lady s troubles on those and from Egypt were forgotten because If of the Presence of Jesus. : Tell me. I shall thirst.X. 2). S. &quot. I must cross the burning desert. I I sought If Him and I found Him not &quot. sin meet us and turn our steps by which only we can lose to persevere in the love of her .&quot. stoop. we ask her earnestly. when the heat temptation oppresses us. where is my Beloved. ? she not obtain the same grace for us &quot. give up hope. Tender Mother. 4).OUR LADY OF THE WAYSIDE that 87 of we might not our hearts. may we not be sure that from the paths of Jesus. : In the mystery of the Three Days Loss we have again a picture of Our Lady of the Wayside. Up and down the streets she seeking the Child of she have questioned the passers-by beseech thee. I hold Him and I will (Cant. we remind her of her anguish on this occasion and of her joy have found when she found Him. Give my soul to drink to-day. thy vessel at the Fountain Of thy Son s sweet Heart Divine Lest I faint upon the way. wandered with St Joseph her heart. Fill O Mother mine .

Our Lady of the Wayside comes before us in the Passion. heart then ? She was not allowed to console Him. thy ways are beautiful. .&quot. PRAY FOR us. Who is coming weighed down beneath the Cross which He is carry of What were the thoughts of her ing for love of us. her one care is to comfort : and sustain &quot. Think of her there at the bend the road. so that we can say with confidence O Mother of the Way be with us throughout our journey. and all thy paths are peace. waiting for Jesus. for all side.88 OUR LADY S MONTH Lastly. us. but when we go to her in trouble. OUR LADY OF THE WAYSIDE. or to help Him.

and especially during this Month of May.&quot. to call on Our Lady. pray for us. Queen of Peace.. Pope Benedict XV. this title of Our Lady has been added by our Holy Father. The reason is obvious. and the special peace for which the Vicar of Christ bids us lift up our hearts and call on Mary is the concord long. the Queen of Peace.OUR LADY OF PEACE QUITE recently. Now we close the titles of endearment under which we invoke her in that prayer by the words &quot. In more It is than one of the collects for the Feasts of of the Mother God. It among nations for which we hope and behoves us to be mindful of the wishes of the Supreme Pontiff. for instance. not only at a special time of stress and sorrow such as the present that the title of Our Lady of Peace is put before us by the Church. in those of her Nativity 89 and her . to her Litany. since the outbreak of the Great War.

heavenly good will. Mary. so does He. forgive the crimes of sinners. And there was a rainbow about the throne &quot. His Mother. peace. the Queen of Peace. St Epiphanius says that peace was once for all given to the world by Mary. that on looking at it He might remember the eternal peace which He had covenanted to man.&quot. And Blessed Albert the Great. it was rainbow that God spoke when He promised Noah that He would place it in the clouds as a sign of peace. &quot. continues the Saint. the rainbow seen by St John.I Again. but bidding us look on her as the Mother So also in the Little Office of Our Lady find the invocation &quot. at the prayers Mary.&quot. makes am that dove of Noah which brought her say the olive branch of universal peace to the Church. .) St Bernadine of Siena tells us &quot. for as God on seeing of is it this bow of eternal remembers the peace and confirm promised to the earth. : at Matins we so Mary. was an express figure of Mary. in writing of her. : &quot. what this of Peace.&quot. the Liturgy prays that of by the intercession and increase of peace . of this i. may the Lord grant us salva Virgin tion and peace/ As Jesus is the Prince of Peace. (Apoc. Through the Mother of God. which encircled the throne of God.90 OUR LADY S MONTH Mary we may obtain an is Visitation. Our Lady is the Mother of Peace also because the birth is of her Divine of Son was to bring peace on earth to men &quot.

no slightest deviation from the Will of God and it is in the absence of sin and Christ Jesus . the Queen Ghost. i. 27) giveth St Paul is speaking of this same precious fruit when he says May the peace of God.OUR LADY OF PEACE His peace with them. and mercy who are in Therefore was she called by the Divine despair. maker. for those pardon for sinners. In the tents of David. you. &quot. &quot. the reconciliation enemies with God. &quot. My peace give to not as the world : all understanding. My . which surpasseth . and thus does Holy Scripture give us to understand that this Mother of Mercy never treats of war and vengeance against sinners. questions of war alone were treated. who finds and obtains. writes Cardinal Hugo.&quot. 4). Now what Lord spoke so is this spiritual peace of which Our is often. ? It is one of the great Holy It is God s peace.&quot. and of which Our Lady fruits of the I &quot. Bridegroom in the Canticle beautiful as the tents of Solomon (Cant. What must have been the ever-flowing fount of peace in the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady ? There. 91 Mary of is the great peace &quot. peace I leave to you do I give to you and (St John xiv. there was no sin. keep your minds and hearts in Our Lord. but in those of Solomon only questions of peace were entertained . .&quot. but only of peace and forgiveness for them.

of Peace. sin. . If we would have rest and peace of heart. PRAY FOR us. that at last thy Son may have pity. that our only true peace consists. peace with others.&quot. then to the Will of God. with the words. Lift up thy sinless hands in prayer for the storm-tossed ourselves world. &quot. to brought peace to her &quot. and by thy powerful prayers maintain peace in the Church of God. Peace. from She can teach us to keep our She can obtain grace for us. be it done to : me Thy word. echo her soul our difficulties. own Behold the handmaid of according to own words which and peace to us all the Lord. be still. O with Mother .&quot. peace . and calm the waves of tribulation that threaten to destroy us. QUEEN OF PEACE. OUR LADY. This must we conform ourselves is where Our Lady of Peace can help souls free in all us.92 OUR LADY S MONTH the complete submission to our Creator. give us the peace for which we long peace with God.

The r fresco. near Rome. tell me I fly to what I thee for guidance. to do. Be my Counsellor sincere and true . and finally rested upon a low wall in an unfinished church at Genazzano. and thus it has remained to this day. In all my doubts Mother. This is of course concealed by the framework of the altar which enshrines the miraculous fresco. remains standing on this low wall.&quot. which is about the thickness of a penny piece.OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL &quot. then. upon w hich it descended in the fif It was unsupported on either side teenth century. 93 . am WHO fresco. does not ? know The the picture of Our Lady is of Good Counsel original representation a which was miraculously detached from the wall of a church in Scutari. &quot. crossed the Adriatic. Be of all my friends the best and dearest. and which under the form of a thin cloud passed through the door of the church.

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Counsel went on increasing.. following in the footsteps of his pre decessors. on purpose that he might pray before this picture (Northcote s Shrines of the sufficient foundation. Pontiff after Pontiff have given proofs of their love. This was towards the end . Pope Urban VIII. came to Madonna). added the invocation for us &quot. used to gather his household daily round a picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Mother of Good Counsel. who sanctioning resting on so resolutely against the of miraculous stories. &quot.. who would not believe that the picture remained unsupported. and came to Genazzano provided with the necessary authorisation making a thorough investigation. in any way no the sanctuary at Genazzano in 1630. the Sacred Congregation of Rites approved a proper Office to be used by all the Augustinian Order. Pope Leo XIII. for the devo tions of the Month of May. by Pope Pius IX. The heavy framework was removed. but this can be removed and the picture may be seen There is a story told of a certain Cardinal.94 OUR LADY S MONTH in its original position. and the Cardinal was for then able to judge for himself as to the truth of the statement that the detached fresco remains un supported on either set himself side. In 1779. their gifts to the Sanctuary at Genazzano. pray to the Litany. &quot.

many wrong views entertained. . self enrolled in 95 this title. prudent Mother. whom we The world It is shows the bright. Unless thou tell us what to do.X. wise and good. are dazzled by the glare. counsels more deep than the great ocean (Ecclus. such evil counsel given. S. and whose &quot. so much folly in the world.&quot.). Is not this the reason as that wise why Our Lady is put before us shall and good Counsellor to do well to have recourse ? &quot. Then. earth have sought light and guidance from the Mother whose thoughts are more vast than the sea. Many wise ? of the saints the guidance of have put themselves under Our Lady. And we who tread it weak and blind. xxiv.M. ! And we : S. the way is long. And great the risk if we go wrong. stoop to hear Ah whisper as a Mother should Thy loving Counsel. the world is fair.&quot.&quot. false as if the true. The way is dark. and shall we be less &quot. he had had him a confraternity of Our Lady under Thus we see that Christ s Vicars upon &quot. such a spirit of worldliness to be found everywhere. And hard There is again the path to find.X. We cry to thee in doubt and fear. &quot. but long before.OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL of his Pontificate.M.

us that she goeth about (Wisd. .96 OUR LADY S MONTH There is plenty of advice to be had in the world. in their : doubts and perplexities. His lips are breathing happy things. 13). seeking such as are worthy of her that is.X. &quot.&quot. People give it freely right and left. To her. She only desired. vi. And to those who says her. such as are not too wilful and headstrong of tells &quot. let us have recourse through life. Our Lady The Book is ready to receive all who need Wisdom to be counselled and advised. vi. her. our need from her Son. Eternal Wisdom to thee clings . Thy pressed against His cheek.). Thou hast not far the word to seek. love to seek their Mother and beg her help &quot. Holy Scripture She is easily seen by those who love is and found by them that seek her &quot. and about which their opinion has neither been asked or It is not so with Our Lady. face is S. The picture of Good Counsel is sym bolical of this. and often on matters about which they know nothing. under the sweet title of Our Lady of Good Counsel.M. (Wisd. advises us when we turn Our Lady to her of of She draws her knowledge and ask her help. then. that we may arrive safely under her guidance at our eternal home.

us.&quot. And speak His answer back to ! us. OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL.OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL &quot. S. PRAY FOR .X. In doubt and danger counsel thus. Still whisper of us to thy Son.M. 97 Oh ever till the goal is won.

How Mother of God. And truly Our Lady never fails to comfort. let my poor love A mother s prayers and pity move Look at us. THE COMFORTER OF THE AFFLICTED To thee do we cry. There &quot. whose heart is capable of compassionat is &quot. 98 . piteously we look to thee. to thee do we send up our sighs. then. SURELY this title of Our Lady appeals life to us all.&quot. mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. we can turn in our sorrows. The compassion of her Mother s heart goes out to her suffering children.&quot.&quot. and call for this reason Holy Church bids us on Mary from this valley of tears that she may cast upon us her eyes of mercy. no one amongst the saints in heaven. says St Antoninus. FABER.&quot.OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION. of Consolation. like the heart of the ever Blessed Virgin. Mother Mary see ! . ing our sufferings. poor banished children of Eve. We cannot pass through without sorrow. To our Lady all &quot.

the sufferings which can crush the body. my heart mourneth tion 18). well us It is only we will turn to her. of the to dwell on this thought boundless compassion of the heart of our Mother. how deep us. &quot. the anxiety which can torture the mind. (Jer. Of her it is said My &quot. Therefore Mary. sin. . What afflic ever our sorrow is. she has borne the weight of the punishment of sin. It was for our sakes that God willed Our Lady to suffer so intensely. the Comforter of the Afflicted. : sorrow is above within all me&quot.&quot. one exception Mary has not of felt. and viii. 99 not in order that she might become the a sword that of all afflicted souls her own heart &quot. we always find that the truest sympathy comes to be our consolation that to us from those who have themselves suffered. ? Was it not again Our Lord bequeathed His Mother to us from the Cross ? Again. who is pre-eminently the Queen and the Mother of Sorrows.OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION Was Mother pierced it &quot. she has felt Full well she knows all its bitterness on Calvary. there is no sorrow that the anguish which can rend the heart. soever the which for befalls if Our Lady can and will comfort us. has a Martyrs most certain right to be. sorrow. of Like Jesus. above all other crea With the tures.

lost riches. she will show us how they might have she will lead us to proved a snare and from that humble home will Nazareth. How often. is in reality a great blessing. prove to us poverty. she will show us that what seems such a misfortune to If we have us. was placed in her therefore none can comfort us with the true love of sympathy as Mary can. nay. comfort for all. Do we mourn the loss of those we All. Him of. love ? Mary gave up her Son Who was her she loved .ioo &quot. That in the vastness of its love There might be room for me. Jesus can take the of Whosoever finds Jesus a good . FABER. . is Yes in ! there room for us all in the heart of the Mother of God. if we go to her. of may be suffering unutterable woe. OUR LADY S MONTH Mother of God. that &quot. as never mother loved her son no loss ours can ever compare with of Jesus the loss she felt when the dead Body arms . He broke thy heart That it might wider be. tens of thousands. as they our sinless and yet the heart of Mother has compassion for all and are to-day. that we can Have we lost find happiness in our ? a friend Mary place finds will all whisper to us.&quot. The world may be plunged people indeed thousands. grief .

and who have indeed called upon her to she will prove herself be the Mother of Consolation. Are we something in union with Our mental anguish ? We have but to approach Our Mother and unite our grief to hers. and borne with the help of her motherly care even this can become bearable. Truly. the heart of Mary will be more will us further and than ever eager to console us affliction and of trial. if we do this. so that we may rejoice suffer in Lord. she in A honour of our Mother . And Lady There us.). will lift a load from those who are in trouble and enable them to bear up more bravely. certain that to us. can we not try afar in is off to imitate Our consoling and helping ? often much we can do for those around this office of kind word.OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION treasure. by our reparation and our love. in our own time of . &quot. n. help teach us to try to comfort even the Sacred Heart of her Son. perhaps. sure of who have gone before Us help. as to all Mary. viii. good above all goods Do we suffer from others ? yea. Thus in all our sorrows we can look to her help. even a look some times. 101 (Imit. Mary can learn to pour into our hearts the sweetness and strength of her own to heart. a kind smile. Surely we can do this and then.

To OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION. OUR LADY S MONTH Sojourners in this vale of tears. Pray for the mourner. PRAY FOR us.&quot.102 &quot. . Refuge in grief. calm our fears. pray for me. Star of the Sea. thee. we cry. And soothe with hope our misery. blest Advocate. Pity our sorrows.

I rejoice in herself.OUR LADY. amongst all mankind the Cause of Joy. THE CAUSE OF OUR JOY WHY it our Lady called the Cause of our Joy ? Is not because God waited for her consent to become is &quot.&quot. the Mother of Jesus. place : The Word was made is This. She even tells us of her own joy My soul doth magnify the Lord. and dwelt Our Lady is to why flesh Joy of the is the second of the twelve beautiful fruits these gifts Holy Ghost. and my spirit doth rejoice in God my We see here at once her joy and the Saviour. Now Our Lady possessed all and fruits in a far greater measure than any other mere creature ever has or can. us.&quot. Our Lady did not &quot. &quot. and straightway the stupendous miracle of the Incarnation took &quot. then.&quot. will rejoice in the Lord. 103 and I . but in God. and Mary said : Be it done unto me according to Thy Word. : secret of it.

How often must she have felt the truth of those words of Holy Writ Joy is come to me from the Holy One&quot. iv. A wedding is a joyful occasion. all our gladness. He was her joy and her (Bar. Cause of Make remember the first public miracle which is recorded of Our Lord. for the hosts. It would certainly be a great embarrassment. thou art the joy of Israel Cause of and again in her Litany (Judith xv. &quot. Fill them to the brim. and the Mother of Jesus was there. : Thou that Holy Church says to our Mother art the glory of Jerusalem. us. and at a wedding it was certainly not . 22). and so gladness. FABER. It was in Cana of Galilee. Our Lord and His Mother accepted the invitation to the &quot. not to say humiliation. : our joy.104 will OUR LADY joy in S MONTH (Hab.) &quot. God my Jesus&quot. Among the Jews the festivities were kept up for some days . pray for &quot. We marriage. Now what do we read ? The wine fell short. . iii. His joy welled up in her heart. us glad in Him. Wine was the ordinary drink of the country.&quot.&quot. Fill our hearts with fervour.&quot. That was the ever-flowing fountain of Mary s joy. but it was evidently to the principal banquet that Jesus and Mary were invited. &quot. Now what was the occasion ? It was a wedding feast. it is : &quot. 18).

dear Mother We would owe all to thee. and at once set herself in her own sweet way to set things right. to thy Tell Him our needs in thy own sweet way. See the kindness with which she whispers to the waiters to pause a telling moment Look before at the master of the : feast. Our Lady saw the difficulty. even in to bear . Sorrow she certainly had. but sorrow is and this joy.OUR LADY. There was nothing of sadness or of gloom about Our Lady. S. THE CAUSE OF OUR JOY 105 expected to be stinted. saved by the thoughtful kindness of our Joy. and said to the waiters : &quot. There was no need to say more. Son as thou didst of old Speak That feast-day in Galilee. : .M. she trusted Him completely. do ye/ We know result. Whatsoever He the shall say to you. There can be deep peace and a holy joy.X. the Cause thou not help us.&quot. ? And wilt of Mary. is that of which Holy Scripture speaks . O Causa Nostrse LsDtitiae. deeper and more piercing than any we shall ever be called upon not sadness or melancholy. the joy of the feast was changed was saved. &quot. And although Our Lord told her that His hour had not yet come. her approaching her Divine Son They have no wine. The water into wine. &quot. which comes hearts steeped in grief from God.&quot.

s example then we are not following rather let us say to her : Keep us in all that is blest of God. Hearts that are kind and pure. Lips that have smiles and words for all. Mary. Our Lady sincerely &quot. Give us the joys that endure. and what she continues to be from her throne in heaven.106 &quot. It was certainly the part Our Lady took while on earth.&quot. life To go through as a joy-giver is a most desir able. and pass our lives in the sunshine of it. it duty because natural likes or dislikes.X.&quot. and answer our petition when we say the company : of .M. . The age in which we live is essentially a pleasure- If we crave after pleasure. she will look lovingly upon us. OUR LADY S MONTH is Joyfulness of heart a never-failing source of holiness. If we study her example and try to imitate she will help us so that in our measure we shall then bring gladness to those around us. but not always a very easy thing to accomplish. and to choose or reject just according to our which are off in themselves harmless. if we neglect or hinders pleasure. ourselves be carried away by those pleasures even &quot.&quot. if we make put it a point always to seek the maximum of enjoy ment. too. S. then. if we let loving age.

O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae. 107 Come when Mother earth s tears and smiles are o love. er. OUR LADY. So shall we laugh in the latter day. THE CAUSE OF OUR JOY &quot. And joy to the hosts above. of peace and Show us to Him Who is joy to earth. CAUSE OF OUR JOY.M. PRAY FOR us. S. .X.OUR LADY.&quot.

she above all the Saints is most powerful to obtain whatever she wills. says When the Mother goes to seek a favour for us : from Jesus Christ. venture Peter Damian. her Son esteems her prayers so greatly. that when it seems as if she rather commanded than and was rather a Queen than a handmaid.OUR LADY. : petition of thine can be &quot.&quot. And St &quot. us that &quot.&quot. As if He had said : My Mother. prayed. St Bona- Mary has this great privilege that. void. speaking of this power of Mary. therefore ask all that thou wilt of Me. THE VIRGIN MOST POWERFUL MARY Son. and is so desirous to satisfy her. with her Son. In the revelations of St Bridget we read that one day she heard Jesus talking with Mary and thus address Ask of Me what thou wilt. for no ing her she prays &quot. that she obtains.&quot. thou knowest how much I love thee. is all-powerful over the Heart of her Divine What tells she asks. for it is not 108 .

used to Germanus. Mary is also powerful on earth. whom : needest no other recommendation. I will deny thee nothing in heaven. powerful written that (Genesis). VIRGIN MOST POWERFUL possible that I 109 should refuse thee anything. My Mother.OUR LADY. thou didst never refuse to do anything for the love of Me. it is right that I should deny thee nothing. and with God thou all-powerful the are &quot. showing that there is nothing she asks for that she fails to obtain from her Son.&quot. St Our Blessed Lady. against devils weak and impotent. Mary. she shall crush the serpent s head She is the safe tower of refuge. addressing Thou art the Mother of God. And : the reason that &quot. and now that I am in heaven. also &quot. for thou art the Mother of true life. then. to Who this can number the miraculous images through which God has been show forth In how many prerogative of His sanctuaries does she not dispense her favours.&quot. She it is over the demons. when thou wast in the world. and say to her to save sinners. pleased Mother. . was beautiful Because thou didst never deny Me anything on Our Lord gave for this earth. for of her is &quot. is all-powerful with God.&quot. Has anyone ever exercised such sway over the hearts of God s Has she not shown us her creatures as Mary ? power again and again.

torn by war and misery. : Who is this that cometh up from the . consoling and aiding the dying. powerful Mother of God. She says of herself He that is has done great things in me. in the Canticle of Canticles : we read &quot. and holy is mighty His Name. what teaches us ? it is equally rich in both. and in effectual succour is Now. let thy power move more thou art powerful. should thy mercy &quot. for St Bernard assures us that the most powerful and merciful charity of the Mother of God abounds in tender compassion. from the hands Mary battle-array.&quot. exert thy blessed influence more and more over the world of to-day. and the soldiers invoking their powerful &quot. On the battle-fields of Europe she is her power exerting strengthening the arms of those who fight for justice and for right.&quot. strong as an has time after time turned the is She who tide of battle in favour of her clients. Oh. encourag Oh ing the weary. Let us lift up our hearts in earnest appeal to Mary. the greater be. Our Lady of the Trenches. To-day we read of statues of Our Lady being set up in the trenches. &quot. the lesson that Our Lady of Power .&quot.& OUR LADY S MONTH times do of How many army in we read ? of victory obtained &quot. let thee.&quot. for the thy nature move thee. Again. With St Peter Damian let us call upon her Protectress under the title of : ! : &quot.

and God s alone. and my Strength strong arms of . We want strength. &quot. and has made her powerful beyond all the united power of the saints and angels . Thou &quot. leaning on her Beloved of all &quot. we can abandon ourselves into the Our God. OUR LADY. so that we are told that a single sigh of Mary can do more than the united suffrages of all the saints.&quot. we want courage and power to and this combat the many enemies of our soul strength we can draw from God. was the Source Our Lady strength on earth. : I can do things in Him that strengtheneth me. giving us victory over our enemies. If we too lean on Him. and God alone. and therefore He clothed her with strength as with a garment. VIRGIN MOST POWERFUL in desert. my Refuge. then we shall find that He strengthen our weakness and confirm us in His service. She was entirely submissive to Him. .OUR LADY. ness. PRAY FOR us. if we can say with earnest . art if my Helper. ? God. and is the Eternal Source of her power in heaven. so that will we all shall be urged to say with St Paul &quot. VIRGIN MOST POWERFUL. entirely abandoned to His Will.

on Mary. God cannot But from let forgive sin that try is not repented deliver call a sinner only of to himself the bonds will wickedness. powerful help of her pro recorded of St Bridget. who their eyes to the otherwise would not dare to of lift Heaven. REFUGE OF SINNERS To how many Immaculate hearts. Our Blessed Lady told St Bridget. title Refuge of Sinners. and he experience It is tection. sin-laden and sorrowful. but were willing to repent. of. and led them to the feet of their Mother ? We are all sinners.&quot. that she the 112 .OUR LADY. The obdurate and unrepentant sinner cannot take also of sinners. We all need much mercy from God.&quot. under the &quot. has this title Queen brought hope and comfort. and &quot. that she was the Mother not only of the just and innocent. provided they shelter in the safe City of Refuge. Therefore we should - all call on Our Lady.

OUR LADY. r &quot. Oh. for my own. and thy consolations : never &quot. send thy kind FABER. and I promise that.Show Thyself a Mother.&quot. and the power of her patronage ? If at any time it has seemed that Have we Mary has been deaf quite ours. and others sins. But the Blessed &quot. to me the chief. There was once a sinner who said to Mary. undoubtedly. and not felt the kindness of her help. our sin. to our petitions. To sinners all. implored her Have we ever said : help. Another . 113 day heard Our Lord thus address His Thou assistest him who endeavours Mother are to return to God.&quot. Mary.&quot. Our Lady. we may be wholly certain that the fault has been must show ourselves anxious to be her children. make haste thy child to win. free pardon win . thou wilt find Mary more ready Have to love thee than any earthly Mother.&quot. Show thyself a son. REFUGE OF SINNERS one &quot. Seventh wrote once to the Princess Matilda : Resolve to sin no more. who canst. Send Mother. St Gregory the wanting to anyone.&quot. ever prayed thus to her. relief. Do thou. not we ever felt the truth of this ourselves ? Have and we ever been to ? been forsaken &quot. We Virgin replied. and to turn aw ay from. From sin and from the love of sin.

the benignity. one once who the her Son. that sorrow for sin and a desire of You sinners. &quot. and anguish. goodness.&quot. Mother of Mercy. . and answered. sinner invoked her as &quot. and at the amendment are essential to obtain It help from Mary. the fidelity. Refuge of the says Blosius. the Refuge of could not be otherwise. Touch our hearts with that deep sorrow That afflicted thee of yore. touched with compassion. By By By thy tears and troubles sore. Let us then pray to her to give us this sorrow for sin. is But heart Our Mother is her pity for boundless.&quot. the mercy. do not cease by your sins to make me a Mother of Sorrows. These examples show us. we beseech thee. call any help. Gentle Mother.&quot. when you want me Mother of Mercy.&quot. the love. the benevoSinners. Who can ever &quot. the compassion. the bloody wounds He bore. Holy writers almost seem to vie with each other in speaking of the mercy of Our Lady. same time. for Our Sinners. &quot. the death of thy dear Offspring. and the tender solicitude of Mary. Lady is cannot wilfully re extend a helping hand to crucifying pents. the clemency.H4 she OUR LADY S MONTH &quot. which will secure us the forgiveness of Jesus. tell.

cast ourselves at Let us then. this the whole reason of the hope that is in me. What else do we want. The angel giveth her this Thou hast found grace with God. Plainly He joyful assur Can we do better than follow in the footsteps of the saints. REFUGE OF SINNERS lence. until she blesses us. is This my chiefest trust. or not Himself be heard cannot. and be devout to Our Lady. my brethren ? Let us seek grace. of Sinners ? we are weak. And again. the feet of this good Mother.&quot. for he that seeketh. the sinner s ladder. since by grace we are saved. It is &quot.OUR LADY. says St Bernard. For why ? Can her Son thrust her away. calls her &quot. and cannot be disappointed in his hope.&quot. and thus accepts us for her children. and let us seek it through Mary. Holy Church. the Refuge If If we fall. teaches us thus to have recourse to Mary s .&quot. findeth.&quot. and embracing them. such that no words can express it. this holy doctor &quot. in speaking of Our Lady. and grace in all that we need. in one of her most familiar prayers. will always find grace with Him. or endure that she should be thrust away ? Can He ? either not hear. My little children. she will help us to rise. the charity of this Virgin 115 Mother towards men ? &quot. let us not depart. she will obtain strength for us from her Son. &quot. this is is the sinner s ladder to heaven. She ance.

OUR LADY. . REFUGE OF PRAY FOR us.n6 intercession : OUR LADY S MONTH &quot. most merciful God. Grant Thy help to our weakness. that we who are mindful of the Holy Mother of God. may by the help of her O intercession arise from our iniquities/ SINNERS.

and entered into the world. We can reach Him only 117 thus. GATE of Heaven &quot. for very good reasons.M. and all the faithful of Christ. Mary is the Gate of Heaven. Art thou. THE GATE OF HEAVEN &quot. ! &quot. FABER. S.X. yet secures God s inmost Sanctuary Gate of the One true Dawn art thou. But fairest of all gateways. and He thus taught us that we might &quot. Christ came down from heaven. love to honour and invoke Mary. . because through her. the sinless Mary The Gate that opens. Thou unto the King of Kings Wert a gate to earth and us We must go to Christ through : thee.&quot. . Gate of the one sweet Even. And they do so. far. also easily find access to heaven. is a title under which the Church. Gate of the Angels into earth. by passing through this Gate.OUR LADY.&quot. The Gate of souls to heaven. indeed.

uses these words of her.&quot. whom we &quot. of grace that this country. And St Ephrem calls devotion to &quot. And in like manner Holy Church. When Jacob awoke from and angels descending and ascending upon it. The gates of heaven will St Bonaventure says. through which we all in our turn must pass to go to God. so familiar in Mary. happy Gate of . the Felix Coeli Porta. But she is herself the Gate.&quot. &quot.&quot. sing. Mary the unlocking of the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem.&quot. Heaven. in Heaven. &quot. so does every grace that comes from God to the world pass through the hands of In the words of the hymn. All then join her praise to Yes. the Heaven.n8 OUR LADY S MONTH the sleep during which he saw the ladder stretching from earth to heaven.&quot. through which we She is the Eastern Gate.&quot. invoke in As every mandate is sent by a king. he This is no other than the Gate of exclaimed. All our joys do flow from Mary. her Vesper hymn for St Bernard says.&quot. passes by the palace gates. &quot. she receive all. is indeed the Gate. speaking of Our Lady. the &quot. She is also the Golden Gate. open to all who confide in the protection of Mary. St Bonaventure says that Gate of . &quot. through which the Sun of Justice has come to save us. the Gate called Beautiful.

(Richard of St Laurence). nor can they come to Our Lord. Another holy writer tells us. And how these foolish sisters. That we may still see the light. so none can enter heaven. So may Our Lady always be an open Gate through which we may attain to Jesus. but by Our Lord Jesus. Gate of Heaven. O Portal blest. whereas oil for the Foolish had no their lamps. that &quot. unless we first enter the gate. Charming all the gloomy night. who is the Door. nor reach the door. We remember the Parable of the Wise and Foolish How the Wise had their lamps trimmed. because they had slumbered and virgins slept.&quot. S.&quot. and were ready to meet the Bridegroom. begged oil from their wise who : prudently Lest refused the request. 9). saying. we Open stand. are invited &quot.M. &quot. If the Gate is open.X. Just as we cannot enter a palace but by the door. Mary as Queen of of Heaven commands as she will. and encouraged to advance to the Door. Our Lord in the Gospel calls Himself the Door (St John x. Virgins. and as Gate Heaven.OUR LADY. admits whom she wills &quot. but by Mary the Gate. THE GATE OF HEAVEN Mary is 119 called the &quot. because no one can enter that blessed kingdom without passing by her. there be not enough for us and for you go perhaps . Lifting up our hearts in hope.

and they that were ready went in with Him to the marriage. The door in this case is the same The gate of heaven. O Mother dear.&quot. open to &quot. saying. oh. They went. said. &quot. for the soul that should find that gate closed against her. PRAY FOR . open. OUR LADY. I know you not Matt. we shall find the portals of our eternal home opened wide to and we shall enter in to &quot.&quot. When the midnight cry is heard. us. S. xxv. sleep We must knock now. how terrible as the gate. Our Lord Knock. and it shall be opened unto you. us. and the door was shut. Lord. and while they were away the Bride groom came. receive the joy of Our Lord.). need not be so for anyone. Thy gate ! But because we loved thee Let us in. receive us after our exile. and buy for yourselves. If we do this. Do not let thy children call Open. I to you. But He answering.M. Lord. Do not let us be too late.&quot. The say (St Door was shut.120 OUR LADY S MONTH you rather to them that sell.&quot. Amen. as if there were no hereafter. At last came the other virgins.X. here. &quot. GATE OF HEAVEN. Lord. says. and not slumber and through our life. It &quot.

We gather to thine honour Buds white. While from our Father s garden.&quot. : this prayer as a sword to destroy the monstrous 121 . Pius As St Dominic employed IX. and gold. Urban IV. Sixtus IV. over again have the Holy Pontiffs us to love and use the Rosary. Queen of the O Holy Rosary. And offer thee our roses In garlands day by day. &quot.. dangers. to appease the anger of God and to implore us that the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. and red.&quot. With loving hearts and bold. Gregory XIII. the Rosary was instituted by St Dominic. bless us as we pray. and was well fitted to avert tells impending &quot.OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY &quot. OVER and favours for Christendom.&quot.&quot. taught testified that the obtained fresh Rosary daily &quot. declared that this form of prayer redounded to the honour of God and of the Blessed Virgin. in 1869. wrote &quot.

the many errors infesting the world will be uprooted and of the Rosary. published Ancient and modern history. for We may recall some of they are certainly no less needed now than when they were first written. issued five official documents on the subject two of which are Encyclical Letters to the Universal Church. the faithful recitation of the Rosary will obtain that of by the all-powerful protection of the Mother God.&quot. his words. . to-day than when the great St Dominic preached the Rosary of Mary as a remedy to heal the wounds of Christendom. We who seek a remedy for like of the Afflicted.. Consoler Mighty in War. Victorious. &quot.122 OUR LADY S MONTH heresy of the Albigenses. . do not doubt that the prayer introduced by that most holy man. given and tranquillity which she has obtained from God. Hence her in return. evils In the sixteenth century the efficacy and power . so likewise in our times. In his first Encyclical on this subject. . we read : witness to public and private supplication addressed to the Mother of God to the help which she has . Leo XIII. .&quot. in our own day. and the sacred annals of the Church. destroyed. PeaceOur need of divine help is not less giver. . alike bear in 1883. and of to the peace illustrious titles Help of Christians. . will have the greatest power against the calamities of our times also.

&quot. At the same time. St Pius V. in honour of this success at Lepanto that Pope St Pius V. that her Psalter would renew the world in ruins. .&quot. . and met their foe near the Gulf of Corinth. into that of the &quot. and in 1889 he extended the use of of the Our Lady the special office of the feast to the entire Church. Truly it would seem to be in &quot. The Pope. a Dominican.. imploring her to give the victory to their companions who were engaged in the fight. roused up resolution of among the Christian princes a common defence. Our Lady did grant her aid and the It was Christian fleet gained a magnificent victory.OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY of the devotion of the 123 shown. completed the work of his predecessors by decreeing that the special Feast of Rosary was to be kept over the whole world. who called on Mary and unitedly hailed her again and again in the words of the Rosary. 1884 Pope Leo XIII. Men went forth to shed their blood for their Faith and their country. which name was afterwards changed by Pope Gregory Our Lady of the Rosary. those who were unable to take this active part formed a band of suppliants. at Holy Rosary were wonderfully The vast armies of the Turks threatened that time to devastate Europe. Our Lady is reputed to have said to Blessed Alban. In XIII. instituted an annual commemoration under title of the Feast of Our Lady of Victories.

Abbot Smith in Our Lady s Litany). His Mother. No wonder. is a cause of unfailing joy to His Mother. is always by His side. Rosary. and in this hour to the Church rouses herself to give more glory Him and more honour to His Blessed Mother.&quot. and Mary. ruins at this time is but we know &quot. is the Life of Our Lord lived in company with His Mother (The Right Rev. through means of the Holy Why does Our not because in Lady Rosary ? Is it it we commemorate all her Divine and for us all ? so love the Son has done for her Anything that gives glory to Jesus. that Mary watches with maternal regularly care over those who and devoutly ponder the more and more to understand them and to make them their own. Him and for Who suffered and died to redeem . We meditate on the chief mysteries of the Rosary. and thus finding in them ever more cause for The Rosary joy and wonder and thankfulness. events of that Divine Life lived for us .124 OUR LADY S MONTH . the final triumph not to be for Satan but for God . In the Sorrowful Mysteries we see the for us in order that Man-God drinking His cup of bitterness we may bear our sorrows with Him. the Joyful all Mysteries put before us the Child-God in His beauty and perfection. striving &quot. any devotion that stirs our hearts to more gratitude and love for Him. then.

we lift up our hearts in triumph at His Resurrection. PRAY FOR us. in joy and wistful longing when we think of the heaven to which Mary was assumed and in which she reigns as Queen. in Hope at and His Ascension. And in the Glorious Mysteries. OUR LADY.&quot. . May we indeed meditate on what the &quot. QUEEN OF THE HOLY ROSARY. Mysteries of the Holy Rosary contain. So may the alternations of our human lives of joy and sorrow bring us to the glory of our heavenly home. that we may obtain what they promise through Jesus Christ Our Lord.OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY 125 us. in gratitude for the Gift of Pentecost.

when the help demanded be under all perpetual. Do we such an Perpetual ever think what means for us to have Advocate and Mother Succour ? a Mother of It means that no matter 126 . all know how to lend a helping hand occasionally sometimes. one call for help.OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR WHAT this title gives us an insight into the character of Our Lady She is the Mother of Perpetual ! Succour. It matters not whether the occasion be great or small. We . continual. whether the suppliant be young or old. She is ever ready to succour her children. indeed. rich or poor. saintly or sinful one look to Mary. circumstances and at this is the help we both look for Yet all times ? and receive from Mary. and she turns her merciful eyes towards it us and hastens to our aid. our charity extends itself into weeks or even into months but what .

: &quot. we can always look on Mary. None came to thee. had the picture brought on deck and publicly invoked Mother of Perpetual Succour. Remember. being stricken with into port. thee. Mother. call on Mary. . Our Lady under the title of The storm ceased and a favourable breeze soon brought the vessel from whence the merchant proceeded to Rome. the request of dying man was about to be accomplished. but .&quot. none have ever sought In hours of care or pain. which had been invaded by the Turks.OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR what befalls us in life . And came to thee in vain None from thy side with sorrow have departed Remember this. We can go to her and say culties or our distress . 127 no matter what our diffi no matter even. Afterwards. desolate or dying. seeing the danger to which he and his companions were exposed. Shortly afterwards. The merchant. when escaping from the Island of Crete. It with many others belonged to an Italian merchant. his last illness. : The miraculous picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour dates back to the close of the fifteenth century. who was threatened with shipwreck. what our sins. he took means to ensure the Picture set of Our Lady being up for veneration in one of the the Roman Churches. my Queen.

To whom shall need more succour than ever Since that time the devotion to &quot. the Surely in these days we greater her help will be. to give it. a hostile St army occupied the capital of the Catholic world. Our Lady herself settled the question. Matthew s Basilica was destroyed.&quot.&quot. ever. church of St Matthew. and until in 1866 it was restored hidden. but the Picture was rescued who sought shelter in Santa Maria in Posternla. The Church calls Mary the Perpetual Succour of all the faith The greater the necessity for her help. to I desire to widow s daughter and said have my home between my beloved the of Church of St Mary Major and that son St John. Here the Picture remained for three centuries.128 OUR LADY S MONTH whom the Picture now belonged. ful. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour has spread rapidly. which is built almost on the site of the old by the Augustinian Fathers. and Our Lady fully justified her title of Mother of Perpetual Succour. ! . During the days of the French Revolu tion at the end of the eighteenth century. could not decide to which of the three hundred the widow. How She : appeared &quot. to churches then existing in Rome. there kept it to its present place of honour in the Redemptorist Church. my adopted This then indicated clearly the Church of St Matthew on the Esquiline Hill.

&quot. Smiling down from thy loved image.&quot.OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR we turn help is &quot. Through this life of weary exile. we shall Then we shall surely need it still more at death. nor where. PRAY FOR us. when clouds of sadness Hide the light of heaven above. fear. Succour us in every need.&quot. nor under stances death will us. Rays If of cheering light and grace. OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR. but if what circum Our Lady is with her we need have no . need Hail Mary. we ask her Every time we say the We know to pray for us at the hour of our death. ! free us. ah then indeed. In this hour of gloom and peril Show to us thy radiant face. She will look after children her help will never fail. And when death shall come to Succour us. we need Our Lady s help so much now. &quot. And we dare not think we love. 129 in our distress if not to the Mother whose ? ever at our disposal Succour us. come . neither when. .&quot. Hope expires and Faith scarce lingers. Our Mother to protect us from the enemy.

Star ol the &quot.&quot. Mother. Our Lady used by the It Church Vesper is. a ray From heaven.&quot. / &quot. Save us from peril and from woe. The Starlight of this earthly strife. my life. in these : As explains the sailors are guided 130 title to us by a star to . Thou Anthem we use in Advent and at the Christmas season is Mary invoked as the Stella Maris. Guide of the wanderer here below Thrown on life s surge. . Hail. Sea.OUR LADY. occurs in the &quot. Hymn Ave Maris Stella.&quot. to show the heavenward way. ONE of the favourite titles of &quot.&quot. ! A Sweet Daystar light to let thy beauty be soul to thee. And again. Star of the Ocean. STAR OF THE SEA &quot. the Ocean Star. in the Hail. art my hope. draw my FABER. we claim thy care. St Thomas Aquinas words &quot. in again and again our familiar English hymns we greet Our Mother And as Star of the Sea. be love of thee. Queen of Heaven. Thou Mary.&quot.

being over this world s tempestuous sea. look up at the Star.. to Our Lady under Star this title. so the Son of Mary detracted is in no way from her integrity. so are Christians guided to heaven by St Bernard had a particular devotion Mary.&quot. shines placed forth by the lustre of her merits and example. which in giving forth Fitly its light. you . says : We will dwell awhile on this interpreted name the of Mary. call on Mary. but which one can never tire of repeating O. turn not your if eyes from the brightness not be overwhelmed by of this Star. she compared to a Star. the whose splendour rejoices Heaven. you would If boisterous waves. He &quot. terrifies Hell. the winds of temptations rise. passage we have already quoted.. As the ray of the star lessens not its brightness. since she brought forth admirably is her Son without stain to her Virginity. She is truly the Star which. . STAR OF THE SEA 131 the port. suffers no waning. And then the holy Doctor breaks forth into the &quot. . She star therefore that glorious star of Jacob which casts its radiance over the whole world .&quot. if you fall among the rocks of tribulations. . you who find yourself : tossed about by the storms its of life.OUR LADY. and sheds its mild and beneficent influence on the poor exiles of earth. which is is rightly of Sea/ and therefore appropriate to the Virgin Mother. If she be your propitious Star.

Our Lady of Light. Thus. and chose to have her instead of light. I am come a Light into the world &quot. And the Virgin Name was Mary/ Holy Church applies the following words of the Book of Wisdom to Our Lady. found before being compared with the light. Star unto me according to word. brought to her by Gabriel : Behold the handmaid of the Lord . &quot.&quot. Thus is Mary (Wisd. in many climes Our Lady. and above all the order of &quot.). I loved her above health and beauty. the stars .&quot. She is more beautiful than the sun. For she is the bright ness of eternal light called sometimes. We God are. yourself the truth of the words. the and beautiful Star of the Sea of &quot. they replied. Is not this a beautiful sinless description of Our Lady.132 OUR LADY S MONTH and experience for s will arrive safely in the port. for her light cannot be put out. 5 (St John xii. &quot. read in the prophecy of Baruch. &quot. and they shined forth with cheerfulness that to Him made ? them.&quot. God s Listen to her cheerful acceptance message. she is it. Here we &quot. or the Mother of Light. vii. that when called on the stars. has been a title particularly loved by . be it done Mariners guide thy the course of their vessels by their observation of the stars.&quot. of the Sea. for her Son Jesus is He Who said of Himself. 46).

xxi. time . the Light thereof (Apoc. Now. may and we may lose our bearings. 23) . We may be carried may easily away in the strong current of worldliness and But if we look to Mary. pleasure. there are plenty of rocks of danger upon which we be shipwrecked. are particularly fond of invoking her under this title. . Darkness at times envelop our souls as with a thick mist. will lead us to the City of for Light. as the Breton coast is rocky. and call on her. where there is no need of sun or moon. &quot. 133 devout The Breton Catholics. nor sorrow is Lamb &quot. They have a boat-song. over which we must pass before we can reach the eternal shore ? We have heard what St Bernard says. Her light will give us hope. by the light of this star we shall be enabled to continue our voyage. the &quot. which they are accustomed to sing in her honour on setting out or returning in their boats. the Morning Star. and sailors. what is this world but a sea. nor crying. who work are mostly whose endangers them. and shall we not then raise our eyes to Mary and call on her ? We cannot expect our lives to be always calm and storms there must be from time to unruffled . and the sea about there stormy. she will most certainly be our light and guide.OUR LADY. Mary. or hymn. STAR OF THE SEA sailors. where neither mourning.

134 shall OUR LADY S MONTH (will be any more. have) Ave Maria Harbour thou portal of heaven. . (Apoc. ! Lost in the darkness. PRAY FOR us. 4). by stormy winds driven. Shine on our pathway. fair Star of the Sea. to thee do we flee. &quot. for the former things passed away&quot. xxi.&quot. OUR LADY. STAR OF THE SEA. of refuge.

and carving. to find hearts that were true. fair House of Gold. The most High hath He chose Our Lady. xiv. it was overlaid 135 We with read plates . and for precious delicately embroideries.&quot. then. All love be thine. FABER. a Mother for Himself. wrought were em that of ployed the Temple which he planned. he spent years in collecting together richest materials from the furthest the of parts the then known stones. we wonder. of grace untold.&quot. Solomon built. Can sanctified His &quot. GOD wanted He looked o er the world. all and metal. and among all possible creatures. THE HOUSE OF GOLD &quot. 5). Of matchless light.OUR LADY. and which his son when finished. Wood. own Tabernacle (Ps. be. &quot. finest world. that one of Mary erect s titles should House of Gold ? When David the all wished to a Temple to Lord. He scanned the ages.

S.&quot. O Lord is &quot. Incarnate. the finest gold doors. Mary The Divine Architect would was the chosen when applied to Our Temple of God highest degree. Purbrick. St Paul says.). walls. and ourselves ? If we remember the constant indwelling of the Holy His Spirit in her the soul with the fullness of Grace. The altar. and all the all were vessels. (2 Paral. Now. in. His chosen Mother would be possessed. the Cherubim.). all Our Lady. (Ps. it And thus intends to indicate Gold. &quot. the bowls.J.). that every virtue is to be found in the heart of Mary. what is the special connection between Our Lady. is more by calling excellent than gold. made &quot. and even the nails. in the &quot. for virtue. Know it has a deeper meaning still Lady. &quot. House of according to Solomon. the House of Gold. and ceilings were all covered with the precious metal. This is what the Church xcii. the tongs. certainly build for Himself a mansion worthy of Himself. Temples of God. or nine months she bore the . to Mary that ye are the ye not. &quot. the dwelling-places of the Holy And if this is true of each one of us. Spirit ? &quot. of every quality which would render her precious in His sight (Fr. Yet what s soul ? was Solomon Temple compared &quot. of the finest gold s &quot.136 OUR LADY S MONTH . the candlesticks. Holiness becometh Thy House.

fit dwellings for the Or are they poor. His delight is to be with the children of men. give Me And what do we answer ? Are our heart. thy hearts so of many homes ? of gold. And God found a home where the sinner finds rest.&quot. thinking of ourselves. familiar glorious Earth gave Him one lodging.&quot.&quot. THE HOUSE OF GOLD Son belief 137 of God in her womb. For the Heaven He left. still true. He was won by thy shining. &quot. home upon earth. looks o er the world to find hearts that are He still &quot. twas deep in thy breast. we see that Our Lady was pre-eminently God s &quot. sweet Star of the Sea. Kings King perhaps even bleak and cold ? Is the home we offer Him whem He comes to us in Holy Communion made durable and beautiful by the plates of golden charity with which constant and pure. we remember that Our Lord again a little further on &quot. In the words of the hymn. and wretched. He found Heaven in thee.OUR LADY. And we read.&quot. which according to a pious was continued from Communion to Com munion. My child.&quot. from the Ascension to the Assumption. tells us. He &quot. seeks our hearts as a home where He can dwell. His home and His hiding-place both were in thee. or His Sacramental presence in her heart. it is adorned gold ? Is our love ? as highly burnished .&quot. we remind our Mother of this privilege of hers. Now. &quot.

and teach the words of the humble cen worthy that Still. tells us. too.). this Holy by using herself. God is refining the gold which is to adorn our Our Lady is never far from us hearts for Himself. that &quot. be it bodily. Lord. Thou how much more pleasing a dwelling our hearts might be. House of Gold. or spiritual. if we were to beg Our Lady. turion. if we remember that by our suffering. when the Hand of God is upon us. be un we to &quot. so is us a little in our sorrows. us We always always short . shouldst enter am not under my I roof. of ? Do we shall fall opportunities preparing our hearts for Holy Communion worthy. Is it not by fire ? The we may Holy Scripture the fire. which gold is refined.138 OUR LADY He S MONTH Are not the graces for the dwelling of each day God s preparation has chosen for Himself ? And ? how do we use these graces of We have seen how neglect the even the nails that fastened the cedar-wood of the Temple were small pure gold. although there was no dross mixed with . mental. the heart of the just man tried by It will perhaps serve to comfort (Ecclus. call to mind the manner in Then. shall Church implies ing use. as gold is tried in pain&quot.&quot. to obtain a greater measure of the pure gold of her love of God. She suffered intensely.

if we ask her. THE HOUSE OF GOLD 139 her gold. And she will.OUR LADY. sustain us in our pain. PRAY FOR us. and watch over our hearts which are so frequently the chosen dwelling-places of her Son. HOUSE OF GOLD. OUR LADY. .

&quot. flowers of roses in the days of i. Let us crown mention of the rose. spring&quot. (Ecclus. embodied difficult to in her Office of Our Lady. and as a rose-plant in Jericho These last words the Church has (Ecclus. by brooks of &quot.). frequent Our Lady ourselves with &quot. waters&quot. THE MYSTICAL ROSE &quot. In Holy Scripture.). Mary from the Church doth claim ! WHAT is in the Litany. roses (Wisd. &quot.).A in colour. It is not emblem appreciate the fitness of the rose as an of her who is full of grace and filled with the fragrance of every virtue.). As the (Ecclus. xxix. xxi. which denotes love : 140 . Blessed Raymond Jordano rose is red and fiery used to say &quot.OUR LADY. we find is compared. Mystic Rose ! that precious name. I was exalted like a &quot. the rose We know that the meaning of this title ? is the only flower to which &quot. Bud forth as the rose planted &quot. ii. palm-tree in Cades.

The rose has many characteristics.&quot.&quot. informed love of Him. on account of of the ardent love with which the heart Mary was is always inflamed towards God and man. but transfixed. THE MYSTICAL ROSE of 141 God and our neighbour . She is not exclusive in her love nor in the disposal of her favours. wholly possessed. and those rich in spiritual .&quot. It is not confined to one country.&quot. says St Bernard. merely pene trated with the love of God.OUR LADY. Sweet falls the peerless dignity Of God s eternal choice on thee. and poor.&quot. the poor pluck climbing up their Mother. It is especially Mary s love that is symbol Rose. a Mother to all. she called a &quot. when we invoke her as the Mystical &quot. from the hedge-rows or have it So is Our Blessed cottage walls. and of Our Lady as the Rose wherein the Word Divine was made Incar rose. but is found in nearly all It is available alike to rich lands and climates. ised &quot. The rich cultivate it it in their gardens. of her ! O Flower of Grace s s light thy life. Her life and transformed by was love. That all alone with virgin God God divinest Flower love thy dower ! ! ray Dost make in heaven eternal May. &quot. She was not. sum and substance &quot. and love was the life.&quot. Dante speaks of the rose as the flower of sacred love. therefore. nate. FABER. Those rich in this world s goods. actuated.

all can have recourse to Mary. &quot.&quot. She is the Health of the weak. . Sorrowful ? She is the Comforter of the afflicted. the Mother Good ? Counsel. the rose is known under a great variety of names so too Our Lady has numberless titles . remember that no one has ever had recourse to thy protection. is Does darkness overcloud Are we is our souls Mary the Morning Star. energy . Remember. Are we in of doubt ? She is the Seat of Wisdom. Light of thy people sweet Star of the Morn What ! &quot. Again. Sinners find in her a Refuge and a powerful Advocate. sends forth her sweet fragrance to all. all will experience her protection. the aged the strong and the weak the sick and the dying as also those who are full of health and . and been left unaided. thanks to thee. the Mystical Rose of love. &quot. Mary. poured upon her by those who love her. says St Bernard. OUR LADY S MONTH the sinner and the saint . For those striving after perfection. she is the Queen of Saints. shall we call thee. the poor of the world and the poor in the young and . love to thee. praise to thee. O beautiful Mother ? Lily of Israel.142 blessings spirit . Rose without thorn Joy to thee. ! ! Are we joyful ? Mary is the Cause of our joy. implored thy help and sought thy intercession. O most gracious Virgin Mary. and &quot.&quot. ? depressed and ready to despair Our Mother .

of the virtues that find the deep Rose. which Jesus. fit The rose emblem is also remarkable for its variety of hue . is so often dwelling-place of OUR LADY. which is but a reflection of the Eternal Beauty of her Son. crimson of love. . Mary is ever the Mother to of Perpetual Succour. THE MYSTICAL ROSE. her if we call upon her. to . lighten the dreary desert of life our eyes to and show us own loveliness. And in is Mary. the whiteness of purity.OUR LADY. the gold of constancy and resignation. God. on all occasions. and lift her. the pale tints of virginal bloom In her we in the Mystical modesty. beautiful Flower of O Mystical Rose. 143 we can turn in If we are anxious and troubled Our Lady of Peace. THE MYSTICAL ROSE the Mother of Hope. the varied and always sweet. In all dangers. is a small plant. come and adorn the chosen my heart. all needs. Our Lady. which Our Lady is compared. but it bears such beautiful flowers so too does that it makes the whole plain lovely fragrance given forth The Rose of Jericho. as in the rose. God s Mother. PRAY FOR us.

that she might instruct them more fully. St Luke tells us how &quot. St Jerome tells greater degree. (Acts i. us that Mary remained for a time on earth after the Ascension of her Son. with Mary the Mother of Jesus&quot. We often have title. Who had &quot. What a comfort and strength she must have been to them in those early days of their arduous labours. them of her He was to her in to All in all. since she had seen and handled things more familiarly and was i 44 .&quot. though undoubtedly true in their literal application. have no very special reference to ourselves. with the Apostles. fulfil ling her part as Queen and Mother of the Apostles. a still often she must have spoken been to them. as &quot.OUR LADY. 14). How Son. How think of Mary. after the Ascension of Jesus. all were persevering in prayer. THE QUEEN OF THE APOSTLES we invoked Our Lady under this and simply classed it among those which.

&quot. says With them : too was the great house of God. St Eusebius writes Mary being most wise. Mary the Mother of God.&quot. but by It greater number are not thus chosen.&quot. has a special Faber. are called to the cloister.). &quot. : preserved in her heart and kept them their recital for us.OUR LADY. of Thus would Our Lady enter into the work the Apostles and guide and counsel them with her in her words of wisdom. says Father vocation. one sent. Nevertheless. and caused them to be regis tered in order that. and dictation should be published and preached throughout the world and given to us to read. apostles. Assump. that is. St Dionysius of Alexandria. or &quot. It must have been Our Lady who told St Luke many of the facts he has recorded for us in the beginning of his Gospel.&quot. according to her instruction. &quot. The word Apostle means &quot. For things (Sermon on the &quot. all the words of Jesus Christ.&quot.&quot. Some. s would called not be consistent with God plan for the world all were it otherwise. And in this &quot. Everyone. far the it is true. forgetting herself entirely mission towards the Infant Church. speaking of the Apostles at this time. QUEEN OF THE APOSTLES therefore better able to express them. the great mansion of God. can be. Messenger. This does not at all necessarily mean a religious vocation. 145 we better know we better utter &quot. we are 10 . wide sense we are all.

Rich the grain but the labourers few. pray for us. ! None will help Child of Mary.X. apostles. is plenty of scope for this. Fair the fields over Lift your eyes all our country. and behold the land White already unto the harvest. If we instruct the little ones. in our we nurse the we can make sure that they have it is all the spiritual If help power to procure for them. Some may be able to further the . we no can lay foundations of piety in their hearts which after-stress of temptation will be able to shake or overthrow. can be done. in Who does not of which countless God s messengers or know and admire the way our fellow-men and women prove themselves real Apostles in the circle within which their lot is cast.&quot. What has been done.M. &quot. look to you. oh calling thus. Waiting but for the reaper s hand. we can whisper words of encourage ment or of resignation which may strengthen them not to lose heart. Tis thy Son Who ? Queen of Apostles. We cannot plead lack of example. ! S.146 to be. we visit the poor. If There sick. Me My I is sheaves to garner. to OUR LADY some extent S MONTH at least. Hark the Lord of the harvest calling. We cannot say there is no need for us to exercise an apostolate. W hat 7 then can we do Some of us may be able to help others by our active works of zeal or charity.

calling. QUEEN OF APOSTLES. oh pray for us.OUR LADY. patience. Until the end of time. &quot. good would never fail us. and we can help one soul to God.&quot. Slow to conquer and swift to yield. ! S. especially this last If quality that we want. Who will rescue from death and danger ! The souls for whom I laid down My life ? Tis thy Son Who is calling thus. where they messenger of kindness.M. we should find that opportunities of doing Fierce and loud is the battle raging. we were more in earnest. the if struggle between good and evil will continue.X. can imitate &quot. joyousness and peace. high standard of faith. PRAY FOR . hers the It is. Hark the Voice that is calling. THE QUEEN OF APOSTLES Kingdom drawn to of Christ 147 by the use of their pen. Queen of Apostles. of whom St Ambrose writes: Hers was the hidden treasure of modesty. hers the self-sacrifice of earnestness. can be God Our Lady. All. perhaps. Few and weak are the King s battalions. Who will help in the deadly strife. us. can exercise a most fruitful apostolate in their own homes. our lives will not have been spent in vain. whatever their age or state. none s of these things. Others. Dead and dying are on the field.&quot. OUR LADY.

s mother. nor nor thrones. nor martyrs. nor apostles. has exalted her above all the Saints in glory. nor patriarchs. xxiv. Now what does that coronation mean ? It means that Our Lady is enthroned in the highest heaven. that &quot. And in the multitude of the elect she shall shall have praise. her Son. Ecclus. nor dominations. seraphim. And on a throne was set for the king his right hand. are told to consider the Coronation of Our Lady^ and the glory of all the Saints.&quot. It means that for ever and for ever Mary is the chosen Queen of Heaven. angels. prophets. and among the blessed she be blessed. we IN the last of the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. St neither John Chrysostom writes of her.OUR LADY.&quot. 148 . &quot. nor nor cherubim. THE QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS &quot. It means that Jesus Christ. and she sat 3 Kings ii. nor any other creature.

and her knowledge eclipses that and one to of their chief delights. THE QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS visible or invisible. all pray for us. to proclaim themselves her happy Think of the splendour with which subjects. Queen of Confessors. Queen of Prophets. is greater or more excellent than Holy Church invokes her as Queen of Patriarchs. steadfastness outreaches that of fortitude all Confessors. the heavenly courtiers minister to their Queen. her zeal that of all Apostles . Queen of Martyrs. does not equal the Her purity surpasses that of all sanctity of Mary.&quot. collectively.Queen of all Saints. Queen of Virgins. who have so loved her on earth. of St John. of an individual Saint. 149 can be found that she. It is the privilege of the Saints. nay. acknow ledge her dignity.&quot. &quot. and St Catherine. of the Prophets.OUR LADY. Picture the joy of those great Saints. Queen of Apostles. her the Virgins. Truly Mary surpasses them in The glory as she surpasses them all in holiness. St Theresa. St Bernard. to glory in their Queen. of St Gertrude. her exceeds that of all Martyrs. as if to sum up all the perfection of this matchless Queen. Think of the ever-increasing gratitude of those . St Anselm. Mary s perseverance shone more resplendently than that of the Patriarchs. and then. the sanctity sanctity of all the Saints. she adds.

FABER. and exercises over them the full rights and functions of royalty. &quot.&quot. for whose glory she has tended and loved so long ? them Again. folding them in her arms. The angels answer with their songs. with what joy does Mary meet the souls so dear to her. and exclaim &quot. S. and wonder. and so the Queen of Saints acknow ledges them as her own. and are therefore holy. therefore the Souls in Purgatory are all Saints.). queenly (Fr. But there are other Saints besides those of the Church Triumphant of whom Mary is the Queen. The word Saint only means holy. Purbrick. how tenderly does &quot. clemency. (ibid. . And heaven with bliss o erflows. and conducting them to her Divine Son. Bright choirs in gleaming rows. munificence.J. And Saints flock round thy throne in throngs. Well : may we look.).150 OUR LADY S MONTH souls happy who owe their place in heaven to her prayers. queenly power Oh. Does she not go of forward with her court to greet them. All who are in sanctifying grace. are in their measure holy. &quot. there are the holy ones of earth. They have passed from this life in sanctifying grace. And when their time expiation is over. Mary bend from her throne over that abyss of sacred suffering&quot. queenly &quot.

the quicker our passage through Purgatory. let us think of the countless Saints who have gone And so before us. and of their peerless Queen. her sinless hands to implore for us the graces and When earth s exile seems long helps we need.OUR LADY. how can we love thy Son. Sweet Mother. In every heart in which Jesus reigns as King. let us encourage ourselves to endure manfully to the end.). Our Lord and His Mother cannot be separated in the Catholic heart. THE QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS All 151 who are striving after perfection &quot. all fit subjects for the kingdom she bids the happy Saints of Surely the Church Triumphant lift up their hands with make us all of her Son. &quot.&quot. Mary there reigns with Him as Queen. and dreary. Where For. None can teach us the ways of true holiness as The more entirely our whole being Mary can. she is not. if we love not thee ? &quot. Purbrick. the greater be our growth in holiness. to more constant and untiring Advocate Her one desire holy. We have no is than Our Lady Queen of Saints. let us think of our heavenly home. Jesus can never be. &quot. S. oh. . is will consecrated to her love and service.J. may be said to be also saints in their measure. the higher our place in heaven &quot. (Fr.

. QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS.&quot. Spotless Mother. OUR LADY S MONTH Queen art thou of the shining angels. All the love of our hearts is thine. PRAY FOR us.152 &quot. Queen art thou of the happy Saints. OUR LADY. and Queen divine. Send us help when our courage faints. Mother and Queen of exiled children.

trust of men sceptre unto thee is given. of the We have thought Mother under some is many beautiful And now. to imitate the virtues of Most Pure Heart of Mary. the . Queen of the Sacred Heart in heaven ! &quot. The humility. on the of the by which she of her invoked. then shall we be more the ready to learn the lessons of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A Delight of angels. way Our Lady is Mary s mission always to lead us to Jesus. therefore it is fitting that the month dedicated to her should be immediately followed that consecrated to the honour of the Divine by Heart of Our Lord. the eve last day month and month of June. let us pause awhile to con sider her as being in a very special of the Sacred Heart. the 153 love. the zeal.OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART &quot. according measure of grace. ! OUR LADY S Month has run of our titles its course once more. to our If we have striven.

at called once divine and human.154 OUR LADY S MONTH meekness and obedience.Be ye followers of me. is No wonder Mary Sacred Heart Who Our Lady of the ever knew that Heart. Whatsoever He shall say to you. do ye &quot. and bone of her bone ? Did not she. therefore it is in order that we may be more prepared for a closer following of Christ that Mary has called us round her each She might have day of the month of May. . (St John ! ii. the Heart beat in unison with the Heart of Jesus. as she did ? Was not Jesus her Son.&quot. as also am Christ. And the last lesson might well be that of the Marriage Feast of Cana. said to us in the words of I St of Paul. flesh of her flesh. &quot. was not the heart of the Mother torn with the sorrow she felt for own His pain ? All through the three-and-thirty years of from Bethlehem to Calvary. Mary Mother of God thy Heart and His Inseparably shine The Sacred Heart thou worshippest ! . did not her When heart throb in response ? When It felt grief and anguish.&quot. time after ? time. &quot. &quot. 5). It have that beat with Heart beating next her own love. Is dutiful to thine. the generosity and forti tude of Mary are surpassed only by these virtues in the Heart of her Son .

Jesus explained that as well as other mysteries of His Heart to her. but that she kept the words. or ever can have. but if more than of for Jesus is God. must did be not about My in Father her that &quot. pondering them believe heart. and the measure His love for sinners is infinite. to Our Lady from the fullness of His Heart. s business ? Mary well of understand. on Our Lord for this s breast is reason he the Last Supper. Jesus loved. We may during tender intercourse Nazareth. so many that of no creature has. and called the Disciple whom at . Our Lady did constantly If St John is called the Disciple whom Jesus ! loved. as for instance.OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART 155 We read that when Jesus spoke &quot. a tithe the knowledge of the Sacred Heart that Mary We know that St John leant his head has. what can we say of His love for Mary ? And on Our Lady s side. the best it is of sons for the tenderest of mothers this. child as Mary loved Jesus ? . Did you not know that I when He said. the Disciple of the Sacred Heart but what he did once. was there ever a mother who loved her He was her All. Who can what must we say of Mary ? fathom the depths of the love of that Divine and Human Heart of Jesus for his Mother ? His love for her is that of .

! . For the love and glory of the Heart of Jesus. Mother ! of us all. us. will She for where Jesus still. Trustfully may we leave ourselves in the hands of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Mary . then. Her one aim is to procure more love and more honour for Him. sinners for heart must have broken Refuge of sinners. She teaching us His lessons. behold thy son Our Lord and there and then Mary became the &quot. for Her love stopped short only Mary is finite as we are. by becoming the exchange. &quot. of the infinite. we may fitly honour Our Mother as Queen of the Sacred Heart. . has succoured us during the past month surely she has turned those merciful eyes upon us as we have gathered daily around her beg her to not forsake finish the feet ! Let us then in work she has begun is. day by day. What an Jesus Surely her Mother s with grief that day. said Mother.156 at OUR LADY S MONTH once her God and the Child of her heart. let us allow her to lead us to Jesus. our will is souls. there also Mary. if she had not thought of the glory she could bring to her Son. guiding our steps we strive to walk in the footsteps of her Son as be with us . For all these reasons. It was for this end that she bowed her head in acceptance of the charge bequeathed to her on Calvary.






love thee, Mary,

Trusting all to thee, What is past or present What is yet to be."











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