Pumpkin Disorder, a fashion outlet in Kudus, got a new saleswoman. She got one day trial from the manager, on her first day work. Then a man came as a customer. But in fact, he brought important news...

Anggoro as Narrator Nita as the Manager Sakinah as the Girl (saleswoman) Rizka as the Man

Place : in a fashion outlet named Pumpkin Disorder in Kudus Time : daylight

Manager and a girl come in. Manager Girl Manager : Gladly I say, welcome to PUMPKIN DISORDER. : Thank you. : You have passed interview test, and this is your first day as our saleswoman. Here, I am as your manager would like to tell you that today you will have one day for a trial. Our supervisor will assess your performance. I hope you will show us what you have gained from your internship as a bell ringer in our sister company. So, have fun with your job. Girl Manager : Okay, I will do my best. : Once more. Just an advice. Don’t try to do a captive lunch. The previous one, before you, she caught when she did that. She was a real cowboy, so we decided to dehire that dead wood. Girl : Yes, manager. I understand.

(Manager goes out of stage. Then a man comes in.) Girl Man Girl Man : Excuse me, Sir. What can I do for you? : I just passed by this place unintentionally. Then I decided to take a look. : Do you need something? Clothes for your wife or for yourself, maybe? : I haven’t decided it yet.

and Surabaya.. Excuse me. Jogjakarta. So.. PUMPKIN DISORDER is a clothing line designed by Eko Kusumo Rahayu Anterejo Kemalingan aka EKRAK. (help the man choosing skirt) Um. we also have branch offices in Pekalongan.. : (pick a skirt) What about this? : For you. Malang. and they are handmade. no. Man Girl : Ah. : Oh. I think I saw this kind of shop in Semarang. including me. (see closer) CEO! Man Manager Man : Hi. And one more for me. I didn’t do this by myself for a long time.. What does she look like? : Um. (pick a skirt) Ah. What do you think? Man Manager : I will take it. : Let me help you.. I don’t know about the new products. this is it... Kalimantan. Sir? : Of course. She has beautiful long legs. manager! : What are you doing here. For my wife. Sumatra. Bandung. Sir.. too. even though our target market is alpha pup. Our products are made from best quality cloths from Indonesia. could it be. a little bit surprised when see the man) Oh. What is the USP of your goods? Girl : Our Unique Selling Proposition? Well. I think this is good for your wife.. I’m new here. the price tags are ridiculous for local product.Oh.. oh. Jakarta.. : That is one of our branch office in Semarang. what is the name of this brand? Girl : PUMPKIN DISORDER. Sir? : I am doing monthly M&E. Man : But. It seems that you know much about business. We are proud that our products are best in breed. and Sulawesi. (give the clothes to the girl) 2 .. but our products still look good for forties. I buy this. I can buy overseas brand with this price. (choose t-shirt) : (come in. are you Clevel? Man Girl : Do I have the charisma? : I’m just guessing. like in Bali. Man Girl Man Girl Man Girl Man Girl : I heard that you have new products. We also have branch offices out of Java.. she is tall. When will you launch? : I’m sorry. Sir. Not only in Kudus. we have hundreds of employees who rely on us.

Next week she will have a trip to Bali.000. And then I called you. Manager : But. So.. at office hours. Manager Man : Okay. manager. let’s keep this as a secret between us. right? Man : I think we don’t need face time for this. You should proud that this girl is the “Employee of The Month” for our branch office in Kudus.00. you know... that is customer. Sir. Bye.000..... leave the manager alone) Manager : Bali.. manager.. And. That is for employee. Thank you. (give the shopping bag) Thank you. Oh. yeah.. Girl Manager Girl : Excuse me. (come in) 3 . right? What about the manager? Don’t you think that manager is key employee? Man : Manager. Here you are. Your money is Rp 250. : Thank you. : You are welcome. I had to buy something for kitchen.. how come? She is new here. Actually. Here is your change. May I ask my leave for next week? : Yes.. when I arrived in Kudus. I saw you in a place like.000. you may.. Manager : I went to meet our supplier....(The man does the payment in cashier) Girl : You purchase Rp 230. um.000. Um.00. Rp 20... I have to go.. yesterday.. Will I get the axe? No. Man : Manager... (come in. I want to inform to you that “Employee of The Month” will get vacation to Bali as their bonus.

Sister company Typically separate companies that share the same owners or parent company or a company which is owned by the same parent company as another company. just when you thought you could escape to run a few errands. 11. does in order to gain experience. 8. 4. especially a student. Supervisor Person in the first-line management who monitors and regulates employees in their performance of assigned or delegated tasks. Manager An individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks. 7. Brand A type of product made by a particular company. Bell ringer (n) A door to door salesman. that has a particular name or design. Cowboy (n) A worker that is difficult to supervise.Glossary 1. 5. A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her. that someone. Dead wood (n) An employee that no longer contributes anything meaningful to an organization. One parent company can have one or many subsidiaries. 4 . Captive lunch (n) When management wheels in the sandwiches at 12 pm. Internship A job that lasts for a short time. Dehire (v) To fire. 3. 9. 2. 6. which all are sister companies to each other. Saleswoman/salesman/salesperson Someone whose job is selling things. or a certain subset of a company. 10.

O. A group of costumers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards.O.F. Best in breed (adj. Target market a. 20. 18. Clothing line A clothing line is a line of clothes made by a designer.12.. Generally.O.E. Goods Things that are produced in order to be sold. Branch office A location. The amount that something costs. 21. b. 14. etc. Seller/companies costumers are those who are most likely to buy from the producer.O. marketing. where business is conducted.. C. A piece of paper with a price on it that is attached to something in a shop. 19. C-level (adj. accounting. 17. C. 16. Price tags a. Most branch offices are comprised of smaller divisions of different aspects of the company such as human resources. Important targets for marketing to this age group. other than the main office. 15. 5 . 13. b.) Alleged or perceived superior quality among similar products offered by competing companies.) Describes the people at the top of a company that get “C” titles such as C. usually in order to be sold. used as an excuse to explain a noticeable price difference. Launch To introduce a new product. 22. Alpha pup Trendsetting young people. with publicity. USP Unique Selling Proposition—what makes this product different than all others. Product Something that is grown or made in a factory in large quantities.

CEO Chief Executive Officer--The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies. b. 6 . Leave A period of time that you are allowed to spend away from your work for a particular purpose. 26. 29. Unproductive time spent at the office meant to project the image that you're a hardworking employee. and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations.23. Face time a. 28. managing the overall operations and resources of a company. Supplier A company or person that provides a particular product. Key employee Any employee that is considered to be critical to the business of of the enterprise. 27. 24. The opportunity to sit down to discuss an issue in person. Get the axe To be fired. M&E Monitoring and Evaluation 25. making major corporate decisions.

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