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Previously I was thinking like we cannot increase the broadband speed. The reason is we are getting a fixed bandwidth from ISP so there is no way to improve the speed due to this fixed bandwidth. Later I found one tweaking program while searching in forums called TCP/IP optimiz er. After using TCP/IP optimiz er I feel a noticeable increase in download and upload speed so I would like to share the same idea with my readers. I would like to let you know at the beginning itself that I am not a part of this program development but I just used this program and experienced improvement in my Internet speed. I know it would be better if I show some results from my PC itself. So I provide screen shots of my Internet connection speed before and after using this program for your reference.

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Many readers asked me about more manual steps to increase their Internet speed rather than rely on third party tools. So I update this article with some manual steps to increase

Internet speed.

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If you are not impressed with the idea of installing a third party software and run on your computer, you can follow the manual steps provided below to improve your Internet Speed.

1. Remove Reservable Bandwidt h limit in your comput er Many are not aware of a Windows feature to keep 20% of Internet connection bandwidth as reserve for applications running on the computer. If you remove this bandwidth reservation, you can add the not using 20% Internet speed to the current Internet speed you are enjoying. In order to do this you have to edit group policy edit and change the bandwidth reserve from default 20% to 0%. Follow the steps below to perform this and increase your Internet speed up to 20%. 1. Type gpedit.msc on Run and click OK 2. Select Computer Configuration and go to Administrative Templates 3. Click on Network
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4. Double Click on QOS Packet Scheduler

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Now the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" Window opens and you can see it as not configured. If you read the note there you can see "If you disable this setting or do not configure it, the system uses the default value of 20 percent of the connection." We have to enable this and change the default 20% to 0%. This will increase your Internet speed up to 20%.

Reboot your computer after closing the window.

2. Perf orm a Power Cycle Most cases a proper power cycle on your network can improve the Internet connection speed currently you are getting. To know more about this follow the link below. How to Perform Power Cycle 3. Remove Temp f iles and cache It is advised to delete temp files and browser cache in your computer occasionally to speed up your Internet connection. How to Delete Temp files 4 .Make sure no one else is Sharing your Int ernet Connect ion If you are using Wireless Internet connection, it is better make sure there is no Internet sharing with unauthorised users. To ensure this you have to use best wireless key encryption to protect your wireless network from hackers and intruders.

5. Make sure no unwant ed Programs consuming Int ernet Bandwidt h Many users complained about getting slower Internet connection than the ISP offered. After checking their computer, we found many back ground programs consuming considerable protion of their Internet bandwidth. One example is torrent (peer to peer software). After denying the Internet access to those applications, users feel considerable improvement in Internet speed.

6. Make sure Net work component s are working f ine Faulty network swith, Ethernet cable, modem etc can slow down your Internet connection. So you should check your network devices thoroughly and make sure they are working fine. 7. Make sure no Net work worms and malicious programs running Malicious programs like network worm etc can consume the Internet bandwidth. So you have to run periodic scan to avoid the presence of these type malicious infections.


The pictures I provide below show the Internet speed I was getting (throughput) before installing TCP/IP optimiz er and the current Internet speed I am getting. The Speed I was get t ing bef ore inst alling t he TCP/IP opt imiz er This picture shows my old broadband speed before installing the optimiz er.

The two things we need to notice are download speed and upload speed. Download speed: 0.46 Upload speed : 0.24 Improved Broadband speed af t er inst alling TCP/IP opt imiz er This is the screen shot of the Internet speed test after installing optimiz er in my PC. I found a huge improvement in my broadband connection speed.

You can understand the improved broadband speed from the details below. Download speed: 1.00 Upload speed : 0.44 The result shows now my computer has almost double the speed compared to the previous broadband speed. How it is possible? Anyway I am getting the same connection from the ISP with same bandwidth. So the change is not from the ISP side but from my computer side. So what would be the possible reasons for the improved broadband speed ? The possible reasons f or t he bet t er broadband speed: 1. It changes the Windows registry value for the optimum performance. 2. TCP Optimiz er works by tuning up all the important TCP/IP parameters (MTU, RWIN,QoS,ToS/Diffserv prioritiz ation). It optimiz es the TCP/IP suit for better MTU and so the stateful connections(eg:video streaming, downloads) will be faster.

Furt her Reading and Resources To check your Internet connection speed click on the link below. Check your Internet Connection Speed To download TCP/IP optimiz er click on the link below. Technology blog
Share | Labels: network security at 12:39 AM Posted by Siju George

nive t ha said... Thanks fo r Yo ur info rmatio n abo ut the increase the internet speed.Its really very useful to increase my internet co nnectio n.I check my internet speed in the site mIts really incresed fo r Yo ur tips.Thank U. 3:32 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... Thank yo u fo r yo ur co mment. I saw the site m and it is really go o d. The result is almo st right :-) 6 :12 AM

Ano nym o us said... if yo u wanna o ptimize yo ur internet perfo rmance, i suggest do wnlo ading dsl speed, it can bo o sts internet co nnectio n, thereby speeding up yo ur co mputer 6 :32 PM

Saurabh said... Nice po st ...Initially I learned abo ut tcp hacks at http://www.sudo m but there it was explained using an encrypted file that lies o n ISP...but I want to kno w actually ho w it

happens? 7:0 3 AM

Dilhan said... try this .. but u to ld to change the registry values ... so o o , ho w can i do it ? plz help .... 2:38 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... We do n't need to change registry settings manually fo r impro ving the bro adband speed. This TCP o ptimizer will auto matically change the registry value. No te: I am just intro ducing this so ftware o nly. The installatio n and further result is at yo ur risk o nly :) 2:45 AM

Han said... I did exactly as yo u said . No w I have 30 % mo re bro adband speed. Thank yo u man 12:16 AM

jit e ndra said... really yo ur tips are valuable.i fo llo wed yo ur advice,and get a hike in my internet speed. thanks a lo t. 9 :21 PM

Ano nym o us said... can u please tell us wht are all d changes we need to do in tcp o ptimizer to increase d speed???? 8 :32 PM

Ano nym o us said... so ho w do yo u use the TCP o ptimizer?

1:55 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... We can do wnlo ad the Optimizer fro m wnlo ads.php Then install this in o ur co mputer. The so ftware itself will make o ptimum changes in yo ur co mputer to use Internet co nnectio n mo re effectively. 11:0 8 PM

Ano nym o us said... Why yo u in 1st screen use Firefo x (slo w speed) and Chro me in 2nd screen ("fast" speed) ? We kno w that Chro me is mo re faster than Firefo x, so I do n't trust this pro gram that to uch so mething in my PC !!! 12:33 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... That happened accidentally that I o pened the speed test windo w in a different bro wser (I never imagined this po int while testing the so ftware). Any way in my perso nal experience, I go t a hike in speed (bo th in Firefo x and Chro me). Perso nally I co ngratulate yo u fo r sho wing it. 2:15 AM

akash3221 said... there was a change after i went thro ugh with this pro gram o f yo urs. MY SPEED DECREASED FROM 48 9 KBPS TO 30 9 KBPS. at first i tho t i must hav do ne so mehting wro ng, filled he info wro ng, but after readin the who le do cumentatio n o f the so ftware i went as it was stated in it. then also my speed insstead o f INCREASING go t DECREASED. I WONT SUGGEST IT TO ANYONE 11:41 AM

adit ya said... bad i do nt see anychange in my speed do nt dissapo int us

4:38 AM

Pre sale Calif o rnia said... Go o d article and mo st peo ple will no t igno re reading this po st as well as to co mment. No w a days, many internet users wants to kno w o n ho w to find o ut their internet speed and this article is a very big help. Thanks. 5:21 PM

Ano nym o us said... If yo u Tata pho to n plus is no t pro viding sufficient speed then right click o n my co mputer, go to pro perties,the click o n hardware and then device manager, a device manager windo w o pen up and then change po rt setting by clicking o n po rts, yo u will get a po rt name Huawei mo bile co nnect, just right click o n that o r tho se po rt(s) and go to pro perties then click po rt setting and set bits per seco nds to 11520 0 then click o k and restart yo ur co mputer. Yo u will surprised with the internet speed. ENJOY SURFING. 6 :52 AM

Que rt im e said... Nice po st. Thanks fo r sharing. Yo u may try this free Do wnlo ad Accelerato r to increase the do wnlo ad speed. cheers. m/article/arn-20 10 -10 -0 3-1-install-free-do wnlo ad-accelerato r-to increase-do wnlo ad-speed/ 9 :12 AM

Ano nym o us said... Ano ther way to increase internet speed is to use an internet o ptimizer like Internet Cyclo ne. 8 :28 AM

Ano nym o us said... It didn't wo rk!!


WTF 11:26 PM

Siju Ge o rge said... Yo u sho uld rebo o t yo ur co mputer after installing TCP/IP o ptimizer. Then o nly yo u can see the speed difference. I tried this so ftware to day to o , and I go t impro ved speed. 12:11 AM

Min Ht e t Z aw said... Hey guys, this is all fake, see his pictures when he is using go o gle chro me to check his speed, In 1st pic : many tabs + o ne mo re go o gle chro me, i think he might be do wnlo ading so mething which made his speed decrease in In 2nd picture befo re taking the speedtest, he already has clo sed all the tabs + the o ther go o gle chro me!

WHAT A LOSER!!!! 7:45 PM

Siju Ge o rge said... Hi Min Htet zaw, I understand yo ur do ubt is genuine and I will sho w yo u mo re co nvincing pro o f. BTW have yo u tried this so ftware ? 9 :30 PM

Abdulla said... Thanks Siju. My Internet speed increased 20 percent mo re than regular speed.

11:39 PM

Ano nym o us said... Thanks co nsiderable change in Internet speed. 12:47 AM

Ray said... Thanks I am seeing an impro vement in my Internet speed. 11:54 PM

Muf addal said... thnx yaa it really wo rks can u po st easy metho d o f PC hack 7:0 8 PM

Muf addal said... thnx yaa it really wo rks can u po st ho w to PC in a very easy metho d 7:0 8 PM

Ano nym o us said... hello sir, mine is 10 GB mo nthly data usage plan. I'm getting superb speeds untill I co mplete 10 Gb data.After that I'm getting slo w do wnlo ad speeds especially in uto rrents 3.0 . I didnt change anything at all in uto rrents. Yo ur tcp/ip o ptimizer also failed in this case.. Is there any better Tweak which can give do wnlo ad speeds especially fo r uto rrents.. (my avg do wnlo ad speeds befo re usage o f 10 GB is 9 0 kB/s.. after usage o f 10 GB is 15kB/s) 1:0 9 PM

So nu said... Hi Guys,

I have ano ther pro blem. TCP Optimizer is o nly sho wing my LAN/WAN Interfaces but no PPP interface which Huawei Mo dem uses in Pho to n+. Ho w to reso lve it? 4:41 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... @Ano nymo us It seems yo ur ISP is restricting yo ur Internet speed after cro ssing the 10 GB limit. Please co ntact ISP and check if there any settings like that fro m their end. @ So nu I do ubt this issue is because Pho to n plus is dial up and co nnected by a USB po rt instead o f LAN po rt. I will get back yo u later after checking the issue. 12:0 5 AM

Ano nym o us said... duh!!! JUST USE IDM guys.. Internet Do wnlo ad Manager search o n go o gle. :)) 9 :33 PM

Vaibhav Mav said... If u want to t learn ho w to hack yo ur bro adnamd internet and increase yo ur speed to as much as u want then go to link bello w .in/index/hacking_bro adband_internet/0 -33 11:50 PM

Ne e l_0 0 7 said... plz tell me yaar i didnt feel any different ... And tell me ho w to use it.. In cho o se setting what kind o f setting to do reply me @ dhvanil_20 0 m 12:45 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... If yo ur system settings were default o ptimized fo r the max speed, yo u may no t find any difference after running this o ptimizer. Fo r further info rmatio n please visit the link belo w wnlo ads.php 10 :41 PM

Ano nym o us said... hey its wo nderful wo rked fo r me :) 11:26 PM

Out ride r said... co chehey i am using ubuntu.....can u tell me an alternative fo r TCP o ptimiser.exe ?? can u help plzz.... 9 :44 AM

Siju Ge o rge said... Please check the link belo w to have any alternate o ptimizer fo r Linux. wnlo ads.php 2:43 AM

Wase e m said... There are numero us o ther facto rs which affect the do wnlo ading. Like if yo u are do wnlo ad multiple files at the same time, yo u my get slo w do wnlo ading speed. Cho o se o ff peak time fo r do wnlo ading. Try to do wnlo ad fro m alternate lo catio ns. 11:38 AM

Ne e lam said... I did all the steps yo u mentio ned and after restart I see a change in my Internet speed. I canno t say it is a big change but I feel my Internet is faster than befo re. Any way thanks fo r putting so me light o n this.

1:43 AM

Ano nym o us said... Hey I did the po wer cycle thing, very impressive no w almo st do uble my Internet speed. I kno w it has no t do ne anything but may be disco nnecting and reco nnecting the cable did the wo rk. Any way I wo uld never try it if it was no t mentio ned in yo ur blo g. Thanks fo r po inting this step. 11:48 PM

Ravi said... Will this increase my do wnlo ad speed ? I mean can I get higher bro adband do wnlo ad speed ? 11:52 PM Po st a Co mment

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