Bronte School Headmaster’s Newsletter

6th July 2012
We are all absolutely delighted with the Inspection report. Do let me have your comments. I suspect that I may be giving you my comments next week at Speeches and Prizegiving!
For the first time ever, we had an Art Exhibition on Tuesday evening in the Isaac Newton Building next door—and what a success it was! We were so thrilled by the large attendance of both children and parents and by the size as well as the quality of the display. It was one of those special and memorable school events. Thank you, Mrs. Britton, for organising the event and, of course, for your inspiration in guiding the children towards such distinction in their art. Mr. Marriot, the Head of Art at Mayfield Grammar School, was extremely impressed. We thank him for giving us so much of his time and for judging so sensitively and professionally. We shall have another Art Exhibition (probably the winners’ items) in the school hall on Thursday 12th July—before and after Speeches and Prizegiving. A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was ‘a triumph’ - and so say all of us, including Mr. Spain, the school bursar. ‘Once more my wife and I were very impressed at the performance put on by Years 5 and 6. We observed a wealth of budding talent amongst the players, some of whom could well be destined for greater things. We continue to marvel at how well children of such tender years can not only learn such a huge amount of dialogue, but actually understand it too, thanks to their excellent coaching. We cannot finish without also commenting on the colourful costumes and splendid backdrop which all contributed to the overall effect.’

Today is the Summer Fayre and we are looking forward to a really enjoyable day thanks to Mrs. Dio and her team of helpers, who have worked so hard to make it a success. A report and all the photographs will appear next week. Sports Day: Please make sure you are aware of all the arrangements for Monday – picnics need to begin on time at 12.30pm ready for sports to start at 1.30pm. We are keeping fingers crossed for the weather. As last year, DE Photo will be present, for you to have photographs of the events as they happen.

Speeches and Prizegiving: Again please be aware of all the arrangements I set out in last week’s newsletter ♦ Infants – 4pm – the children will be taken to the church next door for you to meet them there. ♦ Juniors – 7pm – Please make sure the children are with their class teacher no later than ten minutes before the start. There is a reception afterwards in the (school) Hall. Both ceremonies celebrate the achievements of the boys and girls throughout the year. Inevitably there will be some disappointment at not receiving a prize or trophy but please remember that the teachers have thought long and hard about who should receive the awards and, of course, we do recognise and applaud each other’s success and achievement in the weekly assemblies. We hope the school ballet dancers were successful in their exams last Friday. They certainly looked the part—here are some of the younger performers.

On Monday we had a visit from Callum Brown’s ChYps nurse. She talked about her care of Callum but also about her work generally in the community—and this had particular meaning for Year 6 who have raised £700 this term for the charity. Next Friday there will be a special ‘Leavers’ Assembly at 0900 and then a final assembly at 11.00 when some of the sporting medals/certificates will be handed out. Last week’s House Rounders resulted in a win for Hood by 12½ to 10. Please note that next Monday, after Sports Day, ProFutures will be holding their last session of the term and giving out the special awards. Parents are welcome. ….. And look what happened yesterday….. Look out for the review next week …..

Later that afternoon Isabella amazed us with her gymnastics and the ‘Bronte’s Got Talent’ winners showed off their talents—which they will be doing again at the two Speeches and Prizegivings next week.

The minutes of Monday’s Parents’ Council meeting are in the pouches.

On Wednesday Year 6 had their West End theatre visit, thanks to Bronte Friends. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show with comments including: ‘Wow, that was great. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.’ ‘The actors were outstanding and the special effects were amazing.’ ‘Afterwards we went to TGI Friday. We all ordered different food but we all agreed it was scrumptious.’ ‘On the train ride back all we could talk about was how enjoyable this had been.’

Great news for the start of next term! Thanks to Mrs. Prescott, we now have some tickets for the Juniors to go to the PARALYMPICS on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th September. More details next week in the final newsletter of the term.
We have received the music for the Young Voices Concert in January. We are singing at the 02 on Monday 28th January Please put the date in your diary. New members of Junior Choir will be most welcome.

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