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Kiddicare does the essentials well

Kiddicare customers are happy customers. The vast majority of them have positive things to say about the quality of Kiddicares products (92%), the value for money they get from their Kiddicare purchases (87%) and the variety of products that are available for them to choose from when shopping with Kiddicare (98%). Eighty one percent of Kiddicare customers who voiced spontaneous sentimental opinions about Kiddicare expressed love or affection without speaking specifically about their shopping experiences.

Kiddicares customers like to engage the brand digitally

Kiddicares customers are digitally engaged and keen to make use of online resources. Trufflenet found that Kiddicare customers prefer online customer service and enquiry methods to the telephone, with Twitter (38%) well ahead of both email (16%) and Facebook (8%). Mentions of Kiddicare TV clips were also five times higher than those of traditional written product reviews. There were more conversations on the topic of Kiddicare special offers than anything else. However, a disproportionately high number of those conversations (31%) focused on negative aspects, in particular the perceived quick expiration of special offer codes.

Delivery process well received by customers in Great Britain

Eighty five percent of Kiddicare customers who used the business delivery service expressed happiness with its function. The remaining 15% consisted predominantly of customers outside of Great Britain who were frustrated by either the limited delivery times available, or the cost associated with delivery.

Kiddicare needs to increase online awareness

Kiddicare has a robust digital presence, but it could be stronger. The number of relevant results returned (660) during the two and a half week search period was five times less than Kiddicare suppliers Huggies and Pampers (3295) as found in a previous four day search conducted by Trufflenet. While Pampers and Huggies are highly visible global brands, this stark difference in total was unanticipated. Kiddicare has a high level of customer appreciation that should be leveraged to increase its consumer base.

Parents love Peterborough

Ninety one percent of customers who experienced the physical retail environment of Kiddicares Peterborough store and spoke about it online were very happy with what they found, compared to 75% of Kiddicare online customers. In part, this difference can be explained by the larger volume of results for online shoppers who outnumbered their physical counterparts by over three-toone - therein providing a more diverse set of results. A majority of customers were also happy with their experience of Kiddicares returns and complaints system (56%) which, when compared with data Trufflenet analysts have found in previous retail searches, is a very positive result.



Phone: 020 7812 6565

The following recommendations are just a sample of what can be anticipated from a more in-depth examination: Start with what is easily accessible and do-able: the low lying fruit. Improved moderation of Kiddicares Facebook and Twitter pages with an increased focus on diversity would be an easily implemented and cost effective strategy. Putting the customer centre stage in these forums can foster a relationship which transcends that of traditional customer/retailer by creating a sense of ownership and participation that leads to brand advocacy. This can be achieved through simple methods such as encouraging parental stories/pictures online and bolstering socialising events in addition to promotions and sales and rapid responses to customer queries. Kiddicares online moderators could also benefit the business by engaging transparently in online parenting forums to heighten brand awareness and draw consumer interest toward Kiddicare websites and product solutions. Minor changes to the Kiddicare website homepage to increase the visibility of the community pages (in particular Kiddicare TV) are advisable. This area has proven interest among customers, and drawing greater awareness to it would be beneficial. A 'Youtube' or custom Kiddicare TV icon next to the Facebook and Twitter icons on the homepage would also help to identify these pages. Another option is to develop a smart phone sales application for Kiddicare enabling time-poor parents to shop on-the-go. Though more costly to setup and manage, this is a strategy that has been proven successful by other pioneering retailers.


Further analysis should focus partly on the increased prevalence of Kiddicare TV reviews when compared with traditional written product reviews. Product reviews are proven attraction mechanisms for online shoppers and the effect that video reviews are having on written reviews should be examined to guard against a counterproductive outcome.

Trufflenet conducted a powerful automated search of social media mentions of "Kiddicare" from 22 April to 9 May 2011. It then used a 4-step process of intelligent human analysis. This provides a more naturalistic picture of what people think than is possible through traditional market research. Automated search yields larger sample sizes of consumer groups than would otherwise be costly to identify.

@kiddicare is morrisons takeover effecting your usually good customer service Terrible attitude on the phone today Website gives wrong info Nick_Buckland i got my out and about nipper 360 on and i love it. it was on sale and i got it delivered for 200 euro ... poppy1deux @laurenhousewife Kiddicare in Peterborough is really good apparently. My cousin & his gf have been shopping there a lot for their baby heid_n_seek8

Absolutely THRILLED with our new carseat from @kiddicare LvanO Thanks to whoever mentioned Kiddicare to me. Was it @ThiensMummy anyway my orders arrived all in one day in the time slot they specified :) nayla123jervis


Phone: 020 7812 6565