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Jubilee Takes Off with a Bang!

Praise was sung for Norleys own budding pyrotechnics coordinator, Landlord John Whitlow after he kick started the villages jubilee fun with a fireworks display. Rain held off and the weather was kind as the display got going at 10.30pm on Saturday 2nd June at the Tigers Head pub. A great success, the show attracted a large and appreciative crowd to the pub. People said the fireworks were better than bonfire night said John, who put this down to his having more experience now. They are nothing to what I have planned for this bonfire night, he added. As the bar staff was run off their feet in a busy top bar John joked that he should do fireworks every weekend.


June 2012

The show goes on as inclement jubilations spark Plan B

As Sundays pouring rain threatened to dampen spirits, the Jubilee Committee sprang into action to save the day. And stoically shrugging it all off, Norley people partied through regardless. Confident that the weather would happen, said not let Norley Claudia. People down on Sunday were amazing, 3 rd June, the working hard and J u b i l e e showing a true Committee Dunkirk Spirit. planned a grand In addition to the street party Tigers Heads outside the front tent, five more of the Tigers Head. But by Sunday morning grim weather arrived as well as forced a hasty rethink and urgent crisis talks were held a gazebo and a outside the pub. tarpaulin. For a moment we even considered cancelling, said Jon The Jubilee Wild. Team was I felt so disheartened. After all the work we put inI could s o have cried said Claudia Wild. But Noreen Ashbrook impressed galvanized everyone into action saying they mustnt even w i t h think about calling it off. Sebastien So Jubilee Lo we s C o m m i t t e e hard work me mbers, Jon that he was Wild, Ann the first to Crawford and pub receive a Landlady Tracey Jubilee Medal from Alison Greasley. Whitlow quickly Wellies and raincoats were out in force on the day as the Big devised Plan B decamp to the beer garden under News Inside canvas. Meet our new Chair .......................................... The challenge was to beg or borrow enough tents to Making Hay?..................................... Bee latest accommodate everyone. Historical Response ............................ to photo But after Ann made some urgent telephone calls round the village everyone pulled together and many people including All the answers................................................. the Scouts came to the rescue with extra tents. July & Aug deadline................................. 1 July When push came to shove so many people actually made it Norley NewsJune 2012 1

Lunch got underway with more than 200 people turning up determined not to let the weather spoil their party. Despite driving rain, Joe Gadd soldiered on to run the beat the goalie game outside and the coconut shy and golf nets games also continued as planned. Everyone who came to the party received a souvenir programme and all the children got a

Her Majesty was very amused.

commemorative mug, as well as lollipops, and medals. Periodically chilly faces turned up at the bar ordering hot drinks. But smiles and laughter were never in short supply and the tents remained busy until late afternoon.

Brian Wainwright
WHITBYS LANE GARAGE Whitbys Lane Winsford CW7 2LZ 01606 593619
2 Norley News June 2012

Ready, Steady, Push!

Hilarity and keen competition at Norleys first pram race! Sunshine returned just in time on Monday as five teams limbered up for the pram race down Pytchleys Hollow, up Hambletts Hollow, along Norley Road and down Maddocks Hill.

A steady flow of music was supplied by Arnold Ashbrook.

Nikki Platt, in running shoes and cycling shorts, made light w o r k o f propelling her 9 month old baby, Jack Bairstow, round the course Registration Numbers NACS 94/341 HETAS 059-NACS-98

Black Cat
Chimney Sweeps

Members Of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIAITON OF CHIMNEY SWEEPS HETAS Approved Chimney Sweeps / Fully Insured / Certificates Issued Calls Answered 8am8pm 7 Days a Week

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Sweeping Across Cheshire Since 1992

Norley NewsJune 2012

and finished a convincing first. In second place was Andrew Querelle and baby.

At a slight weight disadvantage, comedy value was provided by fearless Chris Latham, 23, and his 26 year old baby Dave Whitlow on a homemade cart. An old pub chair was incorporated into the design for ultimate comfort as they hurtled down Maddocks Hill. Defying predictions of broken bones and bleeding knees, they made it to the finish line unscathed in third place. More comedy and delight came from the family team in final place, with Trevor Gleave as mother, in a beautifully tailored low cut floral maxi dress, which was charmingly complemented by black lace-up boots. Mark Platt as father and Richard Stone as the son completed the team, pushing Tilly Stone dressed as the baby girl in a pink romper suit. In a suspicious turn of events, however, half way round the route this family team lost their pram to marauding children who raced it back at a good pace. Then it was back to the beer garden for a barbeque followed by dancing to the live entertainment by Cheeky Monkey, a band with a big local following. The music they play is varied and they are very

entertaining said John.

Norley Makes an Exhibition of Itself

Villagers make a fantastic range of themed scarecrows, and celebrates Norleys past with tea, cakes and lots of pictures.

Parish Councillor Jon Wild adds the final touches.

While on Tuesday morning some slept off the antics of the night before, others were busy working their way round the scarecrow trail and voting for their favourites. Participation was excellent and there were 29 official entries to the scarecrow route. Several extras were also dotted around Norley pictured here in case you missed them.

Unisex Salon Hollow Lane Kingsley

Welcome back Leah

from her maternity leave
Please Call In Or Phone:

01928 788575
4 Norley News June 2012

Best Executed: Ginger Spice by Sue Richards

During the afternoon, around 55 teams of people made their way around the trail, completing the Scarecrow Quiz en route. Brian and Barbara Sturtevant judged the scarecrow

Most Patriotic: Winston Churchill by Mrs. Coglan

competitions and awarded prizes for the quiz, and best scarecrows in the categories listed below. All villagers had a chance to have their say by voting in the peoples choice category.

St Johns Church, Norley

Camel Olympics Race Night & Barbeque

Friday 13th July, at

Norley Parish Centre Olympics Desert Track

Course, Tote & Bar open from 6.30pm. st 1 Race starts at 7.00pm Tickets: Adults 8, Children 3 Stalls-Tote-Licensed Bar-Raffle Prizes for Best Olympics outfit by Adult or Child Make this a Village event, NOT just a Church event ! tickets from: Brian Coglan (01928 787426) Robert Downes (01928 788748)

Most Humorous: Eco cyclist by the Methodist Chapel

Wednesday Club events June & July

20th June 27th June 4th July 11th July 18th July 25th July Trip - Tour of Wales Club meeting Club meeting Sales Table Mystery Trip & afternoon tea Club Meeting 5

Norley NewsJune 2012

People's choice:

Most Regal & 2nd place in the Peoples choice.: The Queen and Prince Philip by Ann Crawford

1st Dobby the house elf - EllieHolloway

3rd Guardsman - Judith Hull

Judge's Choice: Children by Norley School

Norley Hill Top Playground Users

Yoga Class
@ Norley Village Hall
Fridays 9:30 - 10:30 am

For more information contact Lyndsey on

Do you have some spare time to join the small group of volunteers who manage and maintain Norley's fine, new playground? Nothing too onerous or demanding is expected: about 5 committee meetings per year, fundsome enthusiasm and imagination for fundraising and a little of your time.
eFor more information please e-mail or call 01928 788014

07919 563075

Bee keeper offers to take bee swarms Call Ron on 07817181726

Childrens' Dance Classes

at Norley Village Hall on Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:00pm. To include: baby ballet, tap & street dance. Contact Sara 07837053539

Norley News June 2012

Turnout for teas and cakes donated via Les Summers at the village hall was brisk and a display of fantastic old photos of Norleys people, buildings and lifestyle over the years, brought local history to life. There was much to learn; not least that Norley once had a petrol station, slaughterhouse, a hunt, and lots of shops!

And at the Tigers Tracey invoked temporary tax all on small change to raise money for Claire House and Cancer Research UK.

Souvenir Photo Book Planned

As you can see from these pages, there were lots of great pictures taken over the weekend. Claudia Wild is planning to produce a high quality picture book in the weeks to come, as a fitting souvenir of Norleys celebrations. We dont know the price yet, but any profits will go to village causes. If you want to put your name down for a copy now, please e-mail to usual address at

Getting to Know You . . . .

I'd like to introduce myself as the new Chairman of the Parish Council.Those of you who already know me will be aware that Janet and I have lived in the village for 17 years now. I have become involved in the PC through a concern over Planning Applications over the past few years. Originally I never really had an axe to grind about planning matters, but realised that when my own views were awakened on the subject many of my friends and neighbours held the same views. The problem was no-one seemed to be saying what everyone was apparently thinking and so some campaigning began. I am not a huge fan of the current system of objecting or commenting on individual applications as it always has the potential to become confrontational, which is why I welcome so much the opportunity given to PC's and community groups by the governments Localism Act. Through the formation of a Neighbourhood Plan there is at last the chance for communities such as ours to express the majority opinions and views and wishes for the place in

Thank You!
Norley News would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed their time to making the jubilee a success. A huge amount of work was put in by so many people, including the jubilee and village hall committees, staff at the pub and of course all the creative people who made a scarecrow. It was great that the celebrations involved so many villagers.

Charity News
With their teas and cakes The Village Hall Committee raised 151 for the windows fund.

Please come along and support the Trust which is responsible for developing the Village Hall area in Norley. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions. Pauline Coglan - Trust Secretary

Norley NewsJune 2012

which they live. This is not a process for stopping change or development, but for managing the changes which will inevitably come if we are to achieve the growth necessary for our economy to recover. The goal is a better place to live for all members of the community, not just for individuals or developers. Sustainability is a key issue under which all proposals should be considered. Some of you will already have heard me speaking about a Neighbourhood Plan, but the sheer scale of work required to achieve it is only now becoming clear as communities throughout the land become involved. Some villages already have design statements or Parish Plans in place. In Norley we are starting completely from scratch, and so it is vital that when the opportunity to get involved comes along please embrace it. Norley is a great place to live, it can remain so and be better still in future.
John Davidson

Missing Out on a Load of Hay

Parking On Fingerpost Lane a Polite Request

We have received a request from local residents that all who park on the narrow footpath on Finger Post Lane please be more considerate. Some cars are parking so that the most or all of the path is blocked, requiring pedestrians to walk in the road to get around the cars. This is not a safe practice, particularly for those who are less confident walking in the road, are older, have prams etc. The plea is to please think of your neighbours and other pedestrians when parking!

Mike Kay
Norley 01928 787292 Local Reliable Established for over 25 years. Prompt attention to all your property repairs and maintenance. ROOFING GUTTERING FACIAS BLOCKED DRAINS etc

A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay, a swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon, a swarm of bees in July isnt worth a fly. So runs the old saw, relating to fact that getting a swarm when there is a likely to be a good nectar flow is a guarantee of both honey and beeswax. So when Dave at The Stores told me that there was swarm down Stanneybrook way I was keen to collect it especially as I had sadly lost a colony during the winter, weakened as it was by the depredations of wasps. Unfortunately the swarm had already flown high up into a chimney and was now happily making a new home blissfully unaware of its annoyed neighbours, a pair of nesting jackdaws. They werent a swarm from my bees, I suspect someone nearby keeps bees ( So maybe Im not the only apiarist in the village) as they usually fly a relatively short distance from their original home to settle.

No job too small!!

Very Competitive RatesNon Vatable Please call anytime01928 787292
8 Norley News June 2012

The last few warm sunny days have shown a dramatic surge in activity of the bees, literally tumbling out of their hives to bring back pollen, nectar, propolis (resins/gums) and water. Water is needed to dilute the honey so it can be fed to the larvae (baby bees) and is especially vital when it is hot to allow the bees to cool the hive. If the internal temperature gets too high the waxcombs will soften and collapse and the colony will die of heat stroke. In the hive, worker bees strop drops of water over their tongues which unrolls like a butterflys tongue (though not as long!) whilst fanning their wings. This causes the water to evaporate and this like sweating has a cooling effect. At the entrance of the hives more workers are furiously fanning moving the warm moist air out of the hive. The bees will do something similar with nectar and in the evening the smells from the hive are redolent of the flowers the bees have visited. Through the night you can hear a constant roar as the nectar is converted into honey. So intense is the activity that in the morning you can often find little puddles of condensed water at the entrance. The false spring in March allowed pussy willow, snowdrops, celandines and crocuses to be a very welcome source of pollen for the young bees, and enabled the brood (the bee nursery) to increase dramatically. But the cold wet wintry weather which persisted for weeks meant that this vital food became in very short supply. In some similarly awful springs it can get so bad that the brood either starves or cant be kept warm and you can find their pathetic little white corpses flung out on the lighting board. But bees are resilient and seeing them plundering my Tayberry flowers for the pale brownish pollen made me optimistic again of honey as well as jars of Tayberry jam. The Lime trees in School Lane look

in fine fettle, last year the honey from them was delightful, very pale with a slight greenish tinge and a lovely delicate flavour. So fingers crossed ,when the Norley clocks stand at ten to three there will be honey for everyones tea. Hopefully it will be on sale in the The Stores and at the Garden show in September. If things really go to plan there will also be honey fudge, spice balls dubbin, furniture cream, pine cone firelighters ,candles and even (sorry!) Christmas decorations. Finally avid readers of Parish council minutes will have seen mention of beehives. I like many beekeepers are reticent as to the siting of their hives as bee rustling (honest) is all too common. And on the subject of Commons, the late Reg Holmes knew that honeybees on and near Flaxmere had been kept there since time immemorial he always had a bait hive there to catch a stray swarm. On the ecological side the presence of hundreds of thousands of pollinating insects has been shown to maintain a diverse healthy plant population, the very basis of a thriving web of life. Any harm caused by two or three visits a week by a beekeeper are negligible compared to the benefits. Only the lizards sunning themselves on the hives (maybe catching one or two stray bees) have any legitimate cause for annoyance or alarm at the disturbance. As for the removal of any walkways the family of badgers that use it too may also have something to say on the matter. I suspect old Brock has been a resident in these parts for as long as the Moss itself has been here.
by Phil Gifford -Norley Beekeeper

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Norley NewsJune 2012 9

Dear NN

supported the car wash and entrusted their vehicles to the rookie car washers. I am the daughter of one of the scholars on the front row 3rd from the right, including the boy kneeling. It is Jessie Lewis. Next to her on her right is Alice Chrimes. I live in Stratford upon Avon now, but we still see the Norley News!
Gilly Carter Ann Crawford

Christian Aid Collection 2012

Very many thanks to everyone who donated and collected for Christian Aid this year. The final total is not yet known but it will be high. Many people in need will be very grateful to you for your generosity of money and time.
Ruth Lane & Rita Boon

Workin' Down The Car Wash

As part of their Community challenge 1st Norley Scouts held a car wash on Tuesday 29th May. Their aim was to raise funds for the Village Hall windows fund, they succeeded in raising almost 40 and had a great deal of fun in the process - there wasn't a dry Scout in the Village by the end of the evening. Many thanks to all the drivers who


Norley News June 2012

Following a period of consultation Cheshire West and Chester has made a Dog Control Order covering the whole borough. The Dog Control Order came into effect across the whole borough of Cheshire West and Chester on 14 May 2012. The Order makes it an offence for any person (subject to the statutory exemptions) to fail to clean up after a dog (they are control of) has fouled any land to which the Order applies. Land includes all land open to the air to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access with or without payment. Forestry Commission land is excluded by statute from the Order. Andy Challinor Regulatory Services Manager (Compliance and Commercial Support) Cheshire West and Chester Council 01606 288658

Norley CE Primary School Newsletter June 2012

Wednesday 18th April, class three went on a school trip to Ironbridge, it was a joint trip with Kinsley st John. Wednesday morning, at 9:15am the bus came to take us to Ironbridge, Kinsley got picked up first so they were already on the bus. We all lined up at the door raring to go, all mums and dads coming to wave good bye. We got on the bus and started are journey.

After the one and a half hour journey we arrived at Blists Hill. We got off the bus, relieved the bus journey was over, and then went to change our money to Victorian money in the Victorian town. After changing our money we went shopping in the Victorian shops. There was a wide variety. My personal favourite shop was the sweet shop. There was also a fair-ground. After all the shopping, we all met in a lunch shed and had are lunches. When we had finished we shared our favourite bit so far, then we went shopping a bit more to get round more shops. The year six girls went to the fair-ground and there we two rides, and other little activities. We went on one ride twice and the other ride once. When we had finished shopping we got back on the bus and went to settle down in the youth hostel we were staying in. To settle down we had some free time where we could unpack our bags and the make the beds and things like that. When we had finished we went down for tea. After the yummy food we went to a different part of the building and played two games these were: marble run and mine sweeper. After that we went to our rooms to get ready for bed (we didnt go to bed that early!) In the morning we went down for breakfast at 8:30am. After that we did a variety of games: photo hunt, Victorian games, candle dipping and drama (this took the whole day). Next we went back to the main part of the building and had tea, and then we went to bed.(we had a midnight feast, yummy!) This was the day we were going home, but before we did we went on the bus to Enginuity hands on science museum.

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Norley NewsJune 2012


This was great fun but we eventually had to leave. We got on the bus and started our journey home. Over all the trip was thoroughly enjoyable and we would like to go again.
By Tabi and Hannah.

which were very enjoyable. Everyone did very well and 6 of us excelled. There had to be a play off to decide who the best 6 were! We had a great time and would like to thank Roger Shutt for organising it.
Class 3

Golf Skills

Forest Walk in Delamere

On Thursday 17th of May we had a trip to Delamere Forest.

On Wednesday the 2nd May a mixture of children from classes 2 and 3 were chosen to take part in a Golf Skills Challenge at Pryors Hayes golf club. When we got there we met a man called Roger Shutt who talked us through what we were going to do; a variety of skills, putting, chipping, long shots First of all, we did three chipping challenges, the results of how good we were would decide if we went through to the final. Points were given if a golf ball landed in the significant area and were also given if it went in the hole.. We had activities to do between the main ones

First of all we arrived at school as usual and in our school clothes. Then we started our torturous journey through the mud and rain. It was a fun journey to the forest and I learnt a lot and one thing was not to fuss when we had to walk through 10cm deep thick and slushy MUD! Next we met up with our forest ranger called Helena in the Whitefield car park, and then we walked to visitors centre


Norley News June 2012

and dropped off our bags at the classroom. Then we were off on our *Bogling walk. We Bogled all sorts of things like pine cones, sandstone and pine needles and put them in our *herbie poshtigs. Then we walked back to the classroom and had our lunch. Unfortunately one of the girls in year 2 lost her tooth so we had to wrap it up in a tissue so she didnt loose it. Then some of us played last touch. On the way back from the forest it wasnt raining so it was a better walk than on the way there. When we got back lots of people were saying Ive survived, and were pretending to faint and I thought it was really funny!!! *Bogling- collecting things from the forest *herbie-poshtigs- bags made out of natural materials.
By Eleanor Cosford Y4

full the teachers let us play old fashioned games outside all afternoon. We played marbles, skittles and hoola hoops. It was a brilliant day that was finished off with us being presented with a special bookmark to commemorate the Queens Dia mond Jubilee.

The Jubilee
Today (Fri 1 June) we celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee in school. Everybody wore red white and blue- the colours of our flag. one boy even came as a punk rocker!! There was a competition to design a crown, with some great prizes such as money boxes and cups and plates. The crowns were really good and Mrs Griffiths had a job to pick the best. We had a lady called Jess come to school and teach us circus skills. I learnt how to juggle with 3 scarves and how to spin a plate. At lunch time the whole school came together and we had a street party picnic on the playground. Miss Diane had worked hard all week to prepare sandwiches, pizza, sausage roll, cakes, biscuits, jelly and ice cream. When we were all

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Norley NewsJune 2012 13

Long established 100% equine veterinary clinic based in Norley Practice covers most of Cheshire, extending to Southern Lancashire, South West Greater Manchester, Merseyside and The Wirral Excellent purpose built facilities 24 hour Emergency Cover Most advanced and portable digital X-ray equipment Ultrasound, Endoscopy, ECG and In-house laboratory facilities All our vets and staff are experienced riders and horse owners themselves No call out charge for Norley patients!

Norley WI Meeting May 10th 2012

Helen welcomed everyone including visitors and new members. Some of us had been to see Phantom in Manchester Palace Theatre what a spectacular musical evening it was. The Meadow Bank evening was superb. After a superb meal some walked and some rode in the trailer round what was a farm but is now a safe haven for birds, beasts and butterflies. Thank you Helen. Coming events are ~ The Jubilee event on June 7th. Party clothes, nice hats etc. to be worn. The August outing on 9th will be a Grappenhall Heyes garden tour. The Haworth trip on July 7th will start at 8~30am in the Village Hall car park. Our fund raising evening on 27th October will be a Barn Dance in Kingsley Village hall with a Fish and Chip supper. Rounders is proving to be a lot of fun. We have never done this before and we are allowed to use the playing field of Norley Junior school. She then asked for help to dress our Scarecrow our entry into the Jubilee competition. Dont forget the Village Show and the Cake stall on 1st. September. The biscuit quiz was won by Pauline Chesworth.We raised 48 for ACWW. (Associated Countrywomen of the World). Big walk little splash this is National (All groups of WI, based in London) who are challenging us to raise money by Walking or Swimming 209 miles ~ the equivalent of the distance between Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogeryychwirndrobwllllantysiliogogo goch to the Olympic Stadium, London. (As the crow flies)

No one has to do it all, just some of it goes towards the whole. If you see what I mean. The talk was given by Mr. Ed Salt who gave a fascinating talk with Milk and Cheese tastings, on Goat Farming and in particular Delamere Dairies which is not now at Delamere but has touches with a fair amount of the world. Goats milk is slightly sweet and very nice to drink. It can have very beneficial results to health.
Mary Ramskill

There has been an increase in the number of reports of theft of horses in the Kingsley, Cuddington, Crowton and Norley Area. Some of the animals were thankfully returned to their owner but the incidents are worthy of note for all horse owners across the Rural Area and I would encourage a review of any security measures that are in place. A white van (no further details) was seen acting suspiciously near one of the incidents. High value mountain bikes have been stolen from an unattended vehicle in Delamere. They were secured to a cycle rack which in turn was secured to the vehicle. There have been similar reports of theft where the property has been secured by the owner and the thieves have none less managed to steal the property. Please be aware and consider additional measures such as choosing the location your

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Norley News June 2012

vehicle is left so as not to be remote or vulnerable in any way or by keeping your property with you at all times. A house in Station Road, Delamere has been the subject of a Burglary overnight Thursday 10th May. The offender(s) smashed their way through the back door to gain entry and steal jewellery and computer equipment. Any sightings of suspicious activity around the time in question or anything that just didnt look right would be appreciated. You may recall several weeks ago that I advised I was interested in any sightings in the Tarporley area of a blue BMW with blacked out windows, possibly on a 51 plate. The request was in relation to it potentially being involved in the theft of milk in the area. Can I remind you of this request as I am still very interested to identify the vehicle and believe it is still in the Tarporley area. A reassuring example of a recent outcome from a reported incident and subsequent police investigation - Two males from the Frodsham area have been convicted at court in relation to an assault and a theft from a motor vehicle which occurred at Frodsham Railway Station on 7th December 2011. One received an 18 week custodial sentence and the other a 12 month community order. Officers are making enquiries into a spate of damage that has occurred to vehicles in the Hayes Crescent Area of Frodsham overnight Friday 1st June. Mindless acts of damage such as this are fortunately a rare event but when they do happen cause unlimited amounts of concern and upset. If you have any information as to who the offender may be or have CCTV that could possibly help in our enquiries please contact Frodsham Police Station. Finally can I thank you for your continued support and awareness across the Rural Area. I have noticed this week a significant number of you have contacted the police with reports of suspicious activity in your localities. Some of these have been checked out by officers and have transpired to be all in order, others have assisted in identifying

offenders(s) or creating an overall intelligence picture to assist my deployment of staff. The fact that you are looking out, aware and letting us know is most appreciated.
Inspector Keith Curbishley 0845 458 6393

Norley Affordable Housing

PlusDane Housing Association and Norley Parish Council invite all Norley residents to a Public Consultation on proposed sites for affordable housing development at the Village Hall on Saturday 7 July, 10 am to 12 pm. You can also view sites and comment via parish-council/ or contact Megan Rosney, Clerk to the Parish Council, 01928 739772.

Thanks To All Our Sponsors

for supporting Norley News. We do obtain money from our advertisers and the Parish Council contributes towards the cost of community advertising, but it is sponsorship money that makes it possible to produce 10 issues a year. So, if any reader wishes to become a sponsor and help us in the continuing development of the News, please contact Penny Clarke 2 The Spinney, Norley, WA6 8LS, tel 787496, email
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Norley NewsJune 2012


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Frodsham Police Stn:~ CAT (Community Action Team) 0845 458 6393. For Non-Emergency Dial 0845 458 0000 In an Emergency always dial 999 Home Watch Officer:~ Liz Biddle, Cheshire West and Chester 01244 614291 It is possible to leave a message for your local police team, based at Frodsham police station, to ask for advice

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Auditions for The Amazing Mr Scrooge

The story of Charles Dickenss Christmas Carol in music and song. To be held on Sunday 15th July 2012 at Kingsley Community Centre, Smithy Lane, Kingsley 2pm to 3pm 6 to 11 yr olds 3pm to 4pm 12 to 18 yr olds 4pm to 5pm Adults Characters:
Male Scrooge Bob Cratchit (Clerk to Scrooge) Marleys Ghost Mr Fezziwig Scrooges nephew Female Lizzie & Flo A young girl Mrs Cratchit Male or Female A Ghost of Christmas Past A Ghost of Christmas Present A Ghost of Christmas Future Spirits Carol Singers/Street Chorus Tiny Tim (under 11yrs)

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Norley Directory
Parish Council ~~ Dennis Ford (Chairman) ~ 01928 788398 MP ~ Graham Evans MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA tel: 020 7219 7183 email:

A musical written and composed by Arnold Ashbrook Directed by Mary Lightfoot To be performed 5th December to 8th December 2012 Principal roles will require some solo singing. If you have any queries regarding the auditions then please ring Mary Lightfoot 01928 787742

Norley News June 2012

or information about non urgent, community police matters. Our local community police team are based at Frodsham police station - 0845 458 6393. An officer will return the call within 24 hours Bus Service Number 48 to Frodsham via School Bank, Hough Lane and High St: 0930, 1130. 1330. 1535. 1730 - Last bus from Northwich 1705 to Northwich via High St, Hough Lane and School Bank: 0756. 1036. 1236. 1436. 1636. Last bus from Frodsham Co-op 1609 St. Johns Parish Church ~ Rev Pete Rugen ~ Ruth Downes 01928 788748 ~ the Parish Room can be hired Norley Methodist Church ~ Revd Pat Christopher 733180 ~ Schoolroom for hire ~ contact Ruth Lane 788071 Sunday School 10-45 am Hazel Dale 787216 Craft Club ~ Alison Twinn 01829 760371 Walks ~ Bruce Lane 788071 ~ Walks on the 1st Wed each month. Everyone welcome! Cheshire Wildlife Trust ~ Bob Greenwood 01928 788475 THE STORES (Our village shop) ~ USE IT, OR LOSE IT ~ 01928 788044. Opening Hours: Mon & Tues 7am to 7pm Weds 7am to 2pm Thurs & Fri 7am to 7pm Sat 8am to 1pm Sun 8am to 1pm Norley C.E Primary School ~ Headteacher: Mrs A Griffiths ~ 01928 788471 ~ Fax 01928 787554 Norley Mothers & Toddlers ~ 0-5s ~ 10 til 12 Weds at Norley CE Primary School. Further details from Jane Paget 07977426923 Village Hall ~~ Available for Hire. To book, call Marie 01928 788181 (on behalf of the management committee). Hall hire facilities include, equipment, bar space, tables, chairs, heating etc Mobile Library Every other Wednesday: Norley School Car Park 11.00 to 11.15 am Norley Nursery Park 11:20 to 11:35 am Hatchmere Fortune Palace 11:40 to 12:10 pm For more information contact Northwich Library on 01606 44221 or log on to Scouts (in the scout hut in Crabmill Lane) ~ (Age 10 to 13) Tuesdays 7-30 to 9 pm. Beavers Tuesdays 6-7 pm Cubs Mondays 6-45 to 8-15pm More details from Bruce Lane ~ 01928 788071 The hut is also available for hire. Contact Contact Les Bennion 787636 Guides ~ Sue Clough 01606 333733 W.I ~ 2nd Thursday in the month 7-30 pm in the Village Hall ~ Di Ramsbottom 01928 788 969 Wednesday Club (Over 60s) ~~ Wednesdays 2-4 pm Village Hall ~~ Joan Barclay 01928 788394 Bingo ~ Every other Monday in the Village Hall ~ Ruth Broome 788026 Bowls behind the Village Hall ~ Eric & Barbara Bryan 01928 788203 Bowls at the Tigers Head ~ Trevor 01928 788309 Horticultural Society ~~ Margaret Worrall 01928 788278 Junior Badminton meets most Thursday evenings during term time from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Norley village Hall. We offer Professional Coaching for only 2 per session. New members aged 8 & over are always welcome! For more details phone Norma Kelly on: 01606 881941 Ladies Badminton: Shirley Craven 787251 Cheshire West & Chester Council ~ 0300 1238123 or e.mail There are various voluntary/not for profit organisations operating in Vale Royal who may be able to offer advice, or arrange for work to be carried out in residential

properties eg: ARENA Options Ltd ~ Care & Repair Services 0845 142 2064 Weaver Horizon (part of Weaver Vale Housing Trust) maintenance team will quote for all types of maintenance work for private home owners 01606 813452 Help the Aged ~ Handy Van Scheme 01255 473999 Furniture Finders ~~ Donate or collect furniture (recycling) at Winsford. 0845 0264727 email ~ ~ website: Rural Buses ~ 01606 810 660 (Door to Door ~ Book the day before your journey) Travel for Over 60s and disabled persons ~ Wyvern House ~ 01606 867928 Age Concern ~ David Goodwin 01606 888921 Pensions Office ~ 0845 60 60 265

Community Classifieds
PUBS: Tigers Head 01928 788309 ~ Carriers Inn 01928 787877 Chinese Restaurant:~ Fortune Palace ~ Eat in or out (No delivery) 01928 788293/Fax 01928 787682 Holland Pharmacy ~ 01928 788559 Electrician:~ SWP Electrics 01928 740415 or 01928 740237 Electrician ~ Kingsley Electrical, Frank Pilgrim 01928 788971, 07711 258677 General Household maintenance, rubbish removal, general joinery ~ Munroe & Son 01928 787025 or 07875 304664 Property Repairs:~ Mike Kay 787292 ~ ALL EXTERIOR & INTERIOR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE. The Ovencleaners ~Lorraine~ 01928 723 906 or 0795 8610 403 or

Going for Gold!

Frodsham and District Choral Society will be performing with Frodsham C.E. pupils in their next concert,

on Saturday July 7th at 7.30 pm in Frodsham Community Centre.

The theme will be London 2012 and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. There will be a mixture of old and new favourites. The children will perform Be the Best that You Can Be and songs from round the world, part of the opera to be performed in Chester amphitheatre on July 1st composed by Chester composer and musical director, Matt Baker. The conductor is Howard Kane and accompanist Robert Woods.
Refreshments of wine and juice are included in the price of 8 or 6 for children. Tickets are available from Frodsham Frames on Main Street or by contacting Ros Rowe on 01928 733247 or Kath Stockdale on 733377 17

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Scarecrow Quiz Questions & Answers

Name the Beatles psychedelic movie - Yellow Submarine Name the Queens four children in birth order. - Charles - Anne - Andrew - Edward Who just beat Sir Edmund Hillary to the summit of Everest? - Sherpa Tensig

Which of these badges could a Scout not have earned in 1952? - IT badge

What state honour did the Queen bestow on this chap in 1965? - State funeral

Name the famous daughter of Grantham Lincolnshire. - Margaret Thatcher

Who was the first member of the Queens family to represent GB at the Olympic games? - Princess Anne

How many times did Elvis perform at the Royal Variety Show? - Never

How long has this couple been married? - 65 years

Who was the first British driver to win the Formula One World Championship in 1958? - Mike Hawthorne

Which British woman won the Ladies Singles Title at Wimbledon in the Queens Silver Jubilee year? - Virginia Wade

Who was the movie A Summer Holiday? - Cliff Richard


Norley News June 2012

Scarecrow Quiz Questions & Answers

Under which brand name does a member of the Royal family marked his organic produce? - Duchy Originals Just like what? - That

What were the two symbols held by the Queen at her Coronation? - Orb & sceptre

What bird would this chap not want to see fly away? - Ravens

Where does Cheshire meet Greece? - Delamere

What do the socks mean to Dobby? - Freedom/ he is not a house elf anymore

Whose royal rear did this Spice Girl pat? - Prince Charles

Which British Prime Minister had a rough ride when he addressed the organisation represented by this lady? - Tony Blair

Hes at Orchard End but where does he usually change? - Buckingham Palace

Who was Mary Quants hairdresser? - Vidal Sassoon

How many solar panels are there on the Chapel? - 16

Which MP was responsible for stopping schoolchildrens free milk? - Margaret Thatcher

What was free around here in 1905? - Church

How many times have England won the Ashes during the Queens reign? - 12 times

Norley NewsJune 2012


Scarecrow Quiz Questions & Answers

Who is the bright jewel in the Lords crown? - Drunkard At which house near the Village Hall might the Queen have learned the sad news of her fathers death? - Tree Tops What is their purpose? * - Visibility How old was the Sunday School when the Queen was crowned? - 115 years What does ER stand for at WA6 8JN? - Elisabeth Regina What are the national flowers (leaves) for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland? - Rose, Daffodil, Thistle and Scottish Bluebell, Shamrock Where do mixed up nomads live?(anagram) - Damson Cottage Who was on the throne when Ivy Dene was built? - George IV Where would you get through if you phoned 788741? - The School What iconic emblem of Britain is to be found at Torside? * - Oak leaf What is this style of black and white railing called? - Cheshire railing What is regal about the Old Post Office? - Crown Where is the kingfisher? - Casa Loma The Queens favourite animal would need three more of these. - Horse shoes Wheres Lisa? - Mona House

What is worth two in the bush? - Bird in the hand What time is it at Woodford? - 3.53 Which is the most common British pub name? Red Lion

NCK Fridays: Formerly known as Xtreme youth club, NCK Fridays meets every Friday evening 6:30-8pm at Norley parish centre. After a busy week at school, what better way to welcome in the weekend then hanging out with your mates in a place that you can call your own! We offer games of pool, table football, wii, outdoor sports and also crazy themed nights which will leave you laughing for weeks. We will also be offering the odd weekend away, so watch this space... School years 6-11 welcome, 50p entry (newcomers free).

Date 22/06/2012 29/06/2012 06/07/2012 13/07/2012

Activity BBQ Night Grill a Christian evening ask anything bring your own marinade and sauce! Youth night Man vs. Food night (stuff that can cook 10-12 mins) Bring your own ingredients.


Norley News June 2012

Christians Together in Norley

Churches and Clergy
St John the Evangelist, Norley Vicar: Curate: Revd Peter Rugen Revd Gill Stanning 01928 787180 01928 788623

Norley Methodist Church Minister: Revd Sue Levitt 01829 741022

Roman Catholic
St Lukes, Frodsham Priest: Mgr Peter ONeill 01928 733127

Church Services
The nearest Roman Catholic Church is St Lukes, Frodsham. Services normally are;
Sunday Mass Weekdays 9 am, 11 am 9.30 am except Saturday 6.00 pm Tuesday when 7.15 pm

Norley Anglican and Methodist Services JUNE

9.30am 10:45am 6.30pm

Sunday 10


St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist United Service for Methodists & Anglicans at St Johns, Norley

CW Communion Holy Communion Evening Prayer

Sunday 1 July 9.30am CW Communion 10.45am Morning Worship 11.15am All Age Worship 6.30pm Evening Worship


St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist

Sunday 8 July
9.30am 10.45am 6.30pm CW Communion Morning Worship Evening Prayer St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist United Service for Methodists & Anglicans at St Johns, Norley


Sunday 17 June
8.15am 9.00am 9.30am 10.45am 6.30pm BCP Communion Norley@9 Morning Worship Morning Worship Evening Worship


St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist Norley Methodist

Thursday 12 July
10.00am St Johns, Norley 8.15am 9.30am 10.45am 6.30pm CW Communion


Thursday 21 June
10.00am CW Communion

St Johns, Norley

Sunday 15 July
St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist Norley Methodist St Johns, Kingsley Norley Methodist BCP Communion Morning Worship All Age Worship & Holy Communion Evening Worship St Johns, Norley St Johns, Norley Norley Methodist Norley Methodist

Sunday 24 June
10.00am 10.45am 6.30pm Worshipping Together All Age Worship ENCOUNTER (Contemporary Worship) Holy Communion


Sunday 22nd July

10.00am 10.45am 6.30pm 6.30pm Worshipping Together Morning Worship Holy Communion ENCOUNTER Christchurch, Crowton Norley Methodist Norley Methodist St Johns, Kingsley

Norley NewsJune 2012


You are very welcome to join in these activities:Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays 13th June 21 June 28 June 28 June 4 July 11 July 19 July 26 July 26 July
th th th th th th th st

10.00 12.00 7.45pm 10.30am - noon Noon 2.00pm Noon 1.15pm Meet 9.45am Noon 2.00pm Noon 1.15pm

Craft Club at Norley Methodist Church. Contact Alison Twinn (01829 760371) for information House Group at The Vicarage, Norley. Contact Gill Stanning (788623) for more information. Coffee and Chat in the Parish Centre. Contact Gill Stanning (788623) for more information. Open Door Lunch at Norley Methodist Church contact Joan (01606 301198) by th Sunday 10 June if you want to attend Norley Ecumenical Ladies Group at Norley Parish Centre - Contact Joan Loukes (788874) Open Door Lunch at Norley Methodist Church Contact Ruth Howarth (788564) th by Sunday 24 June if you want to attend Thursday Club at Norley Methodist Church First Wednesday meet at Norley Methodist Church Contact Bruce Lane (788071) for details Open Door Lunch at Norley Methodist Church contact Joan (01606 301198) by th Sunday 8 July if you want to attend Norley Ecumenical Ladies Group at Norley Parish Centre - Contact Joan Loukes (788874) Open Door Lunch at Norley Methodist Church Contact Ruth (788071) by nd Sunday 22 July if you want to attend Thursday Club at Norley Methodist Church


Norley News June 2012

Whats On In Norley June and July 2012

Day Dates


Time Details

Village Hall Diary

For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries ~ contact Marie Cliffe tel 01928 788181

Monday June 4 18 July 2 16 30 Tuesday June 12 19 26

July 3 10 17 24 31

Bingo Ladies Badminton Senior Badminton will continue to play throughout the summer Wednesday Club Zumba Classes W.I.

Eyes down 7.30 pm Everybody welcome! Contact Ruth Broome 788026 1 :00pm 3:00 Contact Shirley Craven 01928 787251 7pm Contact Mark Perry 01928 732194 Or Jean Welch 01928 731776 2pm Contact Joan Barclay 788394 7 :00 8:00 Contact Sara 07837053539 7:30pm Contact Helen 01928 787092

Tuesday & Friday June and July Wednesday June 6 13 27 July 4 11 25 Wednesday June 6 13 20 27 July 4 11 18 25 Thursday June 7 July 12 Thursday June 7 14 21 28 July 5 12 19 Friday June 15 22 29 Sunday June 10

Childrens dance classes 4:30 6:00 Yoga Private booking Private booking

Contact Sara 07837053539 9:30 10:30 Contact Lyndsey 07919 563 075 10am 2pm 4-6pm

June 10 17 24 July 1 8 15 22 29

School Diary
For more details on booking the School Hall call Cath Tomlinson 01928 788471

Wednesday 20 June Tuesday 3 July Wednesday 11 July Tuesday 24 July Wednesday 5 Sep Thursday 18 Oct

NW Regional Tag Rugby School Sports Day Tag Rugby Finals

IF we get through!

Sale Sharks Training Ground call school for further details 1.30pm Rugby School 7 pm 7 pm 7 pm

Parish Council Meeting Parish Council Meeting Parish Council Meeting

Other Events
Week commencing 18 June Saturday 7 July Friday 13 July Saturday 1 September Saturday 13 October

New Recycling & Waste Arrangements Norley Affordable Housing Consultation Camel Race Night
Norley Parish Centre

Full details: Norley Village Hall 10 12pm with Plus Dane Housing From 6.30pm Tickets from Brian Coglan 01928 787426 or Robert Downes 01928 788748 All Day Booking details to follow

Village Garden Show

Tigers Head

Allo Allo
Norley Village Hall

If you have a forthcoming event planned, email the details to us and we can include it here
Norley NewsJune 2012 23

Have you remembered The Show? How does your garden grow?

If you grow it you must show it!

Norley Village Garden Show,

Saturday September 1st 2012 at
Classes for flowers, fruit and vegetables. Crafts and cookery. Special classes for the children - handicrafts, cookery, etc.

DOG SHOW. Schedules for the show will be in the Norley News and available soon from THE STORES and the TIGERS HEAD.
If anyone would like to have a stall at this years show or for further information, contact 01928 787173 or

Visit us at and see what goes on!


Norley News June 2012