Jim Grandy jgrandy@obliscent.


18 years' experience in professional software development, with large and small systems, in large and small work settings, with diverse technologies. Experienced engineering manager over multiple product cycles, blending people, project, and technical leadership. Seasoned engineer with up-to-date skills and extensive experience in product development and research. Entrepreneurial experience. One issued patent (sole inventor), four patent filings. Flexible, creative, and disciplined.

1998 M.S. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University 1989 A.B. in Computer Science and A.B. in Mathematics, Brown University

2005-Present Director of OpenLaszlo, Laszlo Systems Director of the world-class open source technology OpenLaszlo. Operationally responsible for internal engineering (6-10 direct reports), community management (1000’s of active users), and project infrastructure. Worked intensively with CTO and CMO to develop strategic plans and to improve competitive positioning. Active spokesman for OpenLaszlo. Drove infrastructure upgrades and development process improvements. Green-lighted and managed the Legals project, which dramatically increased OpenLaszlo’s visibility and was delivered on time and significantly under budget. Also made significant technical contributions to OpenLaszlo, including rewrite of a full-featured tool for automatic generation of reference material. 2004-2005 Development Manager, Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU), Microsoft 2002-2004 Development Lead, MacBU, Microsoft 2001-2002 Software Design Engineer, MacBU, Microsoft. [Feb 2004-present] Development Manager for MacBU in Silicon Valley with responsibility for Macintosh PowerPoint, Entourage, and Virtual PC. Collaborate with other managers across two sites to set product direction, define development processes and methodology, track and adapt schedules, and work with external partners. Responsible for budget, recruiting, organization, compensation, promotions, etc. Set technical direction and defined architecture for next major release of Entourage. Twenty-four reports. [Aug 2003-Feb 2004] Co-lead of Entourage 2004 development effort. Lead responsibilities include people management and collaborative project management. Development responsibilities include significant new features and maintenance of HTML renderer. Four direct reports. [2002-2003] Development lead for browser technologies group in MacBU. Chief architect, development and project lead for browser half of MSN for Mac OS X, launched in May 2003. Managed team of six developers to bring product to market on time. Responsible for cross-team collaboration with browser engine development team. Development lead during initial planning of Macintosh Internet Explorer 6. Three direct reports. [2001-2002] Developer for browser technologies within MacBU. 1998-2001 President and CEO, Colorfield Digital Media, Inc. Co-founder of this software startup, developing color design tools for graphic designers as well as non-

designers. Responsible for product design, software development, business development, and operations. Recipient (sole author) of U.S. patent 6,456,293 describing a technique for manipulating groups of colors using constrained nonlinear optimization. Developed and launched Xproof, a real-time color previewing application for the Macintosh. (2002) Developed and launched Colorfield Insight, an innovative Photoshop plugin that simulates colorblindness. Garnered mentions in NY Times and Science News. (2000) 1994-1998 Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University Member of graphics lab, working with Andrew Witkin and David Baraff. Specialized in applications of physically-based modeling to graphic design. 1990-1994 Software Engineer, Newton Group, Apple Computer, Inc. [1993-1994] Contributed to Newton’s handwriting recognition software. Responsible for maintaining and improving lexica and dictionary lookup technology. [1992-1993] Worked in a small team to prototype an advanced pen-based user interface in Dylan, an object-oriented dynamic language. [1990-1992] Designed comprehensive architecture to support customization and scriptability of an early Newton prototype. Designed and implemented a high-level scripting language that was a predecessor of AppleScript. Contributed to specification of Newton architecture. [1990-1993] Contributed to overall design and implementation of Dylan. Proposed and defended language extensions; helped maintain and extend runtime and compiler. 1989-1990 Software Engineer, 1987-1989 Student Intern Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship, Brown University Designed and prototyped a scripting facility for Intermedia, IRIS' groundbreaking hypermedia environment. This scripting facility, built on a heavily modified Smalltalk interpreter, was one of the first used to drive a modern object-oriented application framework and pioneered many of the concepts underlying AppleScript and other modern scripting languages. 1986,1987 Summer Intern, Advanced Development Group, Apple Computer, Inc. Member of team working on the visual programming language Fabrik, under supervision of Dan Ingalls. Participated in design. Wrote demonstration programs. 1983-1985 Contract Programmer, D.C. Heath Wrote student tracking module for three Apple II educational software titles. References available upon request.