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Intern Agreement

This Intern Agreement is entered into between Heartwood Farms Co-op ,


________________________ of ________________________ , a
committed individual who has been pre-approved and desires to participate in our
food production activities and community experience, as an intern. Heartwood
Farms grows organically and operates on permaculture principles and can be a life
changing experience.

Heartwood Farms is a private business operating on land owned by

Heartwood Cohousing. You will be involved in both Heartwood Farms Co-op and
the Heartwood Cohousing Community.

Participation as it relates to Heartwood Cohousing

As an intern at Heartwood Farms Co-op I understand that I will attend an
orientation meeting to acquaint me with the rules and culture of Heartwood
cohousing. I will also read the Vision and Values and Interpersonal
agreements under the Agreements section of the Heartwood Cohousing
website and agree to live in accord with them during
my stay as an intern. I also agree to attend one community meeting.
I will be invited to participate in common meals (Tue. & Wed evenings) and
the potluck dinner Friday evenings – all at 6:30 PM – for which there is no charge
but a potluck contribution is expected on Friday. I will be encouraged to attend
other community activities such as celebrations and work parties.

I acknowledge that I will NOT be allowed:

-use of the workshop or power tools
-use of heavy machinery, including the tractor
-use of the community hot tub.
-use of the common house laundry.
-to bring pets with me for this internship.
-open fires outside of the fire rings provided.
-overnight guests without pre-approval.

Participation as it relates to being an intern for Heartwood Farms

I am committed to stay from ___________ to ___________ . It is
possible to extend this time period. I will receive a stipend of $150 each month. I
will also have access to the foods grown onsite for my personal use. Heartwood
Farms will do its best to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and will offer
educational classes in off hours and library access. There will also be an intern
liaison who will be insuring my needs and the needs of Heartwood Cohousing are
being met.

-Provided shelter will be individual tents or I may choose to bring my own.

-A covered cooking, eating, and lounging area will be provided.
-Heartwood Farms will provide solar showers and portable or composting toilets.
-A parking area will be provided.
-Internet access will be provided, but I will need to bring a laptop computer
or share with another intern.

I recognize that I am responsible for providing my sleeping gear, personal

hygiene needs, and clothing.

All of the above will be provided within reasonable proximity to the fields and
each other. It is a brief walk to the common house.

Work Schedule and work specific rules

I understand that I am to take direction in my labors at the farm from those
supervising each activity. My regular hours of participation shall be according to
need. This is not a summer camp or hang out, nor is it a 9 to 5 'job'. This is a lifestyle
experience requiring what time it takes – some days will be long and some short.
However, we will generally work together from sunrise to mid afternoon, Monday
through Friday. On a revolving basis, you will be expected to attend the Farmers'
Markets on Saturdays, including early morning harvesting that day, when required.
The use of tobacco products in any form is prohibited, both onsite and offsite,
due to viruses carried by tobacco which can infect a number of different crops in the
fields and greenhouse. Even association with others who use tobacco products can
be a danger in this way, due to the viruses being carried on our person and clothes.
Any intern who will not abide by the terms of this agreement will be subject
to having this internship cancelled without notice. Our administrative director and
intern program mentor, Bevan Williams, has worked with interns many years and
has never had to let anyone go yet.

Background checks
Heartwood Farms will do a criminal background check as well as a search of
the Sexual Offender Registry for each intern before their final approval for this
program. You will be required to fill out and sign an applicant release and
authorization form so this can happen.

Hold Harmless, Release from Liability and Indemnification Agreement

As a participant (i. e., intern) in farming, marketing, community activities,
and during my free time during my intern stay at Heartwood Farms Co-op (800
Heartwood Lane, Bayfield, CO) I release Heartwood Farms Co-op, Heartwood
Cohousing Community, and Heartwood HOA, and all and any members, officers,
and board members of same from any and all responsibility for accidents and
injuries to me or my personal property. I also understand as a participant in the
intern program at Heartwood Farms and Heartwood Cohousing Community, that
activities may exceed the boundaries of the land to county and state roads and other
land not owned by Heartwood entities. In light of the conditions associated with
being an intern at Heartwood and knowledge of same, I assume and undertake full
responsibility for all risk inherent in activities during my stay, including but not
limited to bodily injury and physical harm to myself or other participants, and or any
private property I may bring with me. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and
defend Heartwood Farms Co-op, Heartwood Co-housing, and Heartwood HOA from
all suits and actions, including reasonable attorney fees and costs of litigation, for
any damage, injury or loss resulting from my actions or those of any other person
connected to me while participating in this internship. I will not drive any motor
vehicle without a valid drivers license and required insurance, nor will I allow any
other person to operate any motor vehicle I may bring with me without the same.
I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this agreement and I
understand the terms and have signed of my own free act. I have fully informed
myself of the contents of this document before signing.

______________________________________ Date
Intern Applicant

Printed Name


Drivers License # and State it is from

______________________________________ Date
Heartwood Farms Co-op representative

______________________________________ Date
Heartwood Community acknowledgement