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Question – Visit the websites of all the new IITs and rank them on the basis of their look, content available, ease of browsing. For making comparison between all new IIT’s website, I would take three base criteria. Every website should look like visitors want to come again and again to visit that website. They feel comfort ability to reach their content and could do their task easily. It should also important to ease to browsing of that website, so they can save their time and money also if they are using cyber cafe. According to this points which are out of 100 carrying by the three criterions are:1. 2. 3.

Ease to browsing Look Content

50 30 20

Ease to browsing According to me IIT Hyderabad is at top position. It has very less time of ease to browsing. Because of ease to browsing every one can visit easily this site and save their priceless time. Due to this visitor can get good idea of all the activities of the institute. I will give maximum marks to IIT Hyderabad website. In second position I will put IIT Rajasthan website. It is also nice website because of ease to browsing. In third position IIT Roper is best. But IIT Gandhinagar acquires least no. of points in this criterion. Due to this, visitor has to spend more time in viewing the site step by step. This institute has last position in this area also. Look In look wise IIT Patna’s website is at the top position as they have very nice colour contrast which attracts the visitor to visit website again and again. It is most and first important factor to attract the visitors. After this IIT Bhubaneswar’s website is at the second position due nice arrangement of all the content in the home page. IIT Indore become third due to good colour combination, nice slide show of the pictures and beautiful arrangement of the all the contents. IIT Gandhinagar again got last position in look wise due to lack of colour contrast , slide show and arrangement of contents.

IIT Hyderabad has acquires last position in criterion because of least contents. We can also see IIT Gandhinagar is at least position in all over ranking. So IIT Gandhinagar has very poor website. In second position IIT Rajasthan is good because it also has good content in website. There is no more difference in top three position. The following table of the ranking of the websites of new IITs is given below:Rank IITs EASE OF LOOK BROWSING 30 25 23 45 40 35 22 20 25 22 20 18 20 20 15 12 CONTENT TOTAL POINTS(OUT OF 100) 12 67 20 77 13 15 15 12 10 10 56 78 75 67 47 42 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 IIT Patna IIT Bhubaneswar IIT Indore IIT Hyderabad IIT Rajasthan IIT Ropar IIT Mandi IIT Gandhinagar From above table we got that the maximum no. It is good to save time and visit easily to reach visitor’s purpose. second and third position goes to IIT Bhubneswar and IIT Rajasthan accordingly. Reported by:Anil kumar alwaria J08013 . of points acquires by IIT Hyderabad .Content According to content IIT Bhubaneswar has maximum content which is available in the first page of their website.