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Product Information Feb 2011

Styrolux 684D
Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer (SBC)

Product Description Styrolux 684D is a thermoplastic styrene-butadiene block copolymer which is suitable for injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming. It offers an outstanding combination of crystal clarity and good toughness. In addition, a No Wax version of this product is available. RHEOLOGICAL MeltFlowRate(200C/5Kg),g/10min. PHYSICAL Density - Specific Gravity, g/cm Mold Shrink, Linear-Flow (in/in) Waterabsorptionsaturatedat23C,% MECHANICAL Hardness, Shore D Tensile Modulus (2 in/min), MPa (psi) 23C(73F) Tensile Strength, Yield (2 in/min), MPa (psi) 23C(73F) Tensile Elongation, Break, % 23C(73F) Flexural Modulus, MPa (psi) 23C(73F) Flexural Strength, MPa (psi) 23C(73F) IMPACT NotchedIzodImpact@23C(73F),J/M(ft-lbs/in) Instrumented Dart Impact (total energy), J (in-lbs) Instrumented Dart Impact (Peak force), J (in-lbs) THERMAL DTUL @ 264 psi -UnannealedC(F) DTUL @ 66 psi -UnannealedC(F) Coef. of Linear Thermal Expansion, Normal, E-4/C,mm/mm Vicat,B/1(120C/h,10N),C(F) ELECTRICAL Volume Resistivity Surface Resistivity Dielectric Constant (1000000 Hz, 0,0394 in) OPTICAL Light Transmission, % Refractive Index INJECTION PROCESSING Processing(Melt)Temperature,C(F) MoldTemperature,C(F) EXTRUSION PROCESSING MeltTemperature,C(F) BLOWN FILM PROPERTIES, 1 mil (0.025 mm) Elongation at Break - MD, % Elongation at Break - TD, % Tensile Modulus - MD, MPa (psi) Tensile Modulus - TD, MPa (psi) Elmondorf Tear - MD, g (lbs.) Elmondorf Tear - TD, g (lbs.) OxygenTransmissionRate(23C/0%RH),cc/100in/day (cc/m/day) WaterVaporTransmissionRate(23C/100%RH),g/100in/day (g/m/day) Free Falling Dart, 66cm (16in) - MD, g(lb) Haze, % Note Although all statements and information in this publication are believed to be accurate and reliable, they are presented gratis and for guidance only, and risks and liability for results obtained by use of the products or application of the suggestions described are assumed by the user. NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE MADE REGARDING PRODUCTS DESCRIBED OR DESIGNS, DATA OR INFORMATION SET FORTH. Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of the products are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement and are not recommendations to infringe any patent. The user should not assume that toxicity data and safety measures are indicated or that other measures may not be required. ASTM Test Method D-882 D-882 D-882 D-882 D-1922 D-1922 D-3985 F-1249 D-1709 D-1003 ASTM Test Method D-256 D-3763 D-3763 ASTM Test Method D-648 D-648 E-831 D-1525 ASTM Test Method D-257 D-257 D-150 ASTM Test Method D-1003 D-542 ASTM Test Method D-790 D-790 D-638 D-638 ASTM Test Method D-1238 ASTM Test Method D-792 D-955 D-570 ASTM Test Method D-2240 D-638 Property Value 11 Property Value 1.01 0.0065 0.07 Property Value 68 1,310 (190,000) 26 (3,770) 250 1,170 (170,000) 31 (4,500) Property Value 43 (0.8) 22 (196) 11 (97.8) Property Value 70 (158) 77 (170) 0.72 86 (186) Property Value >1E13 >1E14 2.5 Property Value 90 1.573 Property Value 180 to 250 (356 to 482) 30 to 50 (86 to 122) Property Value 190 to 230 (374 to 446) Property Value 260 100 1,320 (191,000) 1,180 (171,000) 253 (0.56) 237 (0.52) 520 (8060.0) 2.9 (44.9) <70 1.5

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