May 9th, 2009

SSIP Quiz 2


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Strategic Selling of Innovation, PGSEM Elective, Mar-May 2009, IIM Bangalore Mid-term Quiz 2, May 9, 2009 Note: 1. This is an open-book test, and you may use your notes, the textbook, your laptop and any other reference material. 2. The duration of the quiz is 30 minutes. 3. You need to write brief answers in the space provided after the questions. 4. Please attempt all questions. All the questions carry equal weight. You will get zero credit for an unattempted question. 5. This quiz will count towards 10% of the overall course grade. You are expected to observe the IIM-B Honor Code. 1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Direct and Indirect distribution channels to target the rural population. Consider Hindustan Lever's Project Shakti opportunity. Describe three challenges and the solutions. What are your views on the ethical issues related to bringing consumerism to villages?

2. What were the three principal reasons for the success of SAP in America? At the time of the case, what are the problem facing SAP in its quest for further growth? If you are the CEO of an Indian software products company wishing to enter the US market in 2007, what are the pros and cons of using SAP’s entry strategy?

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PGSEM Program, IIM Bangalore

2009 SSIP Quiz 2 3. What challenges do you expect to face? How can you help your channels create value? 4. One involved a pure product solution and the other a service solution. What are the pluses and minuses of each approach? Page 2 of 3 PGSEM Program.May 9th. emerging market. Apply this to how HP might approach a new. for instance that for video creation and distribution by corporate end users. If you are the marketing manager for a startup company with jewelry products targeting affluent buyers in India. describe how you would design your channel architecture. IIM Bangalore . According to Kasturi Rangan’s analysis. Xerox had two choice to go to market for their Books-in-Time concept.

solar. netCustomer followed a channel strategy with iLogistix to enable it to get to major clients. how would you go about convincing the customer that they should switch? What channels will you pursue? How would you overcome the resistance based on existing specialized assets in channels? Page 3 of 3 PGSEM Program. Consider the challenges faced by an innovator in an emerging industry such as alternative energy. eg. 2009 SSIP Quiz 2 5. IIM Bangalore . Assuming there continues to be a cost premium for solar over conventional energy. How were they able to convince iLogistix to be their partner? What did the two parties gain out of the partnership? How could netCustomer have improved their ability to reach out to marquee customers like Sony.May 9th. Dell etc? 6.

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