ABOUT THE INSTITUTE National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli is a deemed university under the control of Ministry of Human Resource

Development, Government of India. It is located about 22 kms from Tiruchirappalli on the Thanjavur National Highway. The institution offers Under Graduate Courses in ten branches and Post Graduate Courses in twenty three disciplines of Science, Engineering & Technology besides Ph.D. in all the Departments. ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT Computer Applications Department, established in the year 2004, strives towards excellence in the field of computer science and applications. The vision of the department is to establish computer science & applications center of excellence for learning and research. The department offers Master of Computer Applications (MCA), M.Sc in Operations Research and Computer Applications and Ph.D programmes. OBJECTIVES: Technology advances in communications, computation and storage result in huge collections of data, capturing information of value to business, science, government, and society. Data volumes are currently growing faster than Moore’s law. The huge size of data is imposing big challenges on infrastructure for data storage, which can achieve economical scaling to even more than Petabyte, massively parallel query execution and facilities for analytical processing. Data management was already a challenge when the enterprise universe was limited to the data center walls. But now virtualization and the cloud

extends the universe around the globe, potentially, increasing the challenge exponentially. Cloud-based data storage and management is a rapidly expanding business and have reduced the cost of data storage and delivery by several orders of magnitude. There is a significant complexity involved in ensuring large data service, which can scale to ensure consistent and reliable operation under peak loads. In addition, it can also ensure data security and access control when users outsource sensitive data for sharing. The research communities as well as large internet enterprises are working with the challenge to build consistent, available and scalable data management systems, which is capable to serve petabytes of data for large number of users. Earlier, cloud design is found to be not sustainable beyond a few machines due to the crippling effect on performance caused by partial failures and synchronization overhead. As a result, most of these systems have never been extensively used in industry. Recent years have seen the emergence of a different class of scalable data management systems such as Google’s Bigtable, PNUTS from Yahoo and Amazon’s Dynamo. All these systems deal with petabytes of data, serve online requests with stringent latency and availability requirements, accommodate erratic workloads, run on cluster computing architectures, The goal of this seminar is to discuss the research issues in managing ‘Big Data’ in Cloud. This seminar also focuses on laying research foundations for designing the secured scalable data management systems serving the next generation of applications in the cloud.

Department of Computer Applications National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli - 620 015 REGISTRATION FORM ONE DAY SEMINAR on “DATA MANAGEMENT ON CLOUD COMPUTING PLATFORMS” (AUGUST 01, 2012)
Name:________________________ Designation:___________________ Organization:__________________ Address for Correspondence: _____________________________ _____________________________ Ph: (Office)_________ Mobile________ E-mail:__________________________ Experience (in years): Teaching_________________ Industry__________________ Research Interest:_______________ ______________________________ Payments Details Draft No:_________ Date:_________ Amount: Rs_______ Applicant’s Signature Forwarded by the Head of Institution Dr./Mr./Ms. ______________________ is a faculty member / research scholar of our institution and will be permitted to attend the seminar, if selected.



Resource Persons Experts from NITs and Industries will deliver lectures. Registration Registration fee of Rs. 1000/(Rupees One Thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Director, NIT, Tiruchirappalli” payable at Tiruchirappalli should accompany the Registration form. Who can apply? Faculty members and Research Scholars working in the area of Cloud and Distributed Computing. Important Dates: Last date for receipt of application: 25..07.2012 Acceptance Notification 27.07.2012 :


Address for Correspondence: Dr. S. Nickolas, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Computer Applications, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620015 Tamil Nadu, India Email: nickolas@nitt.edu; msb@nitt.edu; vadi@nitt.edu Mobile: 94860 01131 94429 70006 94438 95177

Course Coordinators

Organized by Department of Computer Applications National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli - 620 015 Phone: 0431-2503731 0431-2503737 Fax: 0431-2500133 URL : http://www.nitt.edu

Dr. S. Nickolas Dr. S. Mary Saira Bhanu Dr. A. Vadivel

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli - 620 015 Tamil Nadu, India URL: http://www.nitt.edu

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