I’ll Be There

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Yamada Ryosuke Fanfiction Author Asy-Syauqie Yamazaki (Indonesia) Edited by Amel Chan Hey! Say! JUMP Lounge & がんばってYume wo Kanaeru Production 2012

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: I’ll be there~ : OneShot : Friendship – School Life - Romance – Angst : General : I’ll be there - Westlife : Rizuki Yamazaki Asy-Syauqie a.k.a Zakiyah :

Yamada Ryosuke [Hey!Say!JUMP] Shida Mirai Kei Inoo [Hey!Say!JUMP] Rika (OC) – friends at school Olive (OC) – Mirai’s rival

Note: If you find some un-clarity in the story, that’s just because of my “amateur”. After all, happy reading, minna san! ^^

Quote: I’ll be there to comfort you~ I’ll be there to protect you~ Just call my name, and I’ll be there~


#Yamada Ryosuke’s POV Friend becomes love. First time I laughed at the cliché. For me it's a silly thing. Boy and girl who have been friends for a long time might not love each other, and even dating. They would know the plus and minus of each. Friendship relations are usually more open than love relationships. But now I admitted that I was choked back the words that have been said firmly by me, I will never love my friend - more than just friends. I never thought to love Mirai, my friend. But what’s my control? That feeling came without my invitation, and what I hate was that I could not throw it out. I've been friends with Mirai. Many friends were gossiping about us going out and we just responded with a laugh. Mirai was a type of girl that was easy to be predicted. Easy to express her feeling. Easy to fall in love, but easily discouraged. She was unique - I think. Umm, maybe because of that I love her. Mirai often came to me with a variety of expressions. Sometimes she came with a big smile and beaming eyes - when she has just received her admired man's love. Sometimes she came to me with his face bent in such a way and teary eyes - when she had just broken up with her boyfriend. And I ~ I always welcome her when she came to me with any circumstances. I tried to always be there whenever she needed me. I did this because she's my best friend? Or because I love her? I dunno.Obviously I just wanted to see her always smiling. I promised to myself, I would protect her until the last limit of my ability - until I stop breathing. ~ (^ _ ^) ~ Tiit~ Tiit~ Click~ "Moshii-moshii~, what’s up Mirai?" I said to the girl across the line. "Moshii-moshii~, Ryo," Mirai’s voice sounds a bit hoarse. "What happened? Are you okay?" I asked, worried. Mirai was silent, sobbing. "Are you crying?" I asked again.

"Kanata~" she replied curtly. And I could conclude that she just broke up with her boyfriend - Kanata. "Ah ~ don’t worry, are you okay now? Don’t cry," I tried to calm her down. "Stay with me tonight to talk~" she said. "Of course~" I replied firmly. A few minutes after we talked, I did not hear her voice again - she's already asleep. I purposely did not turn off the phone first, to listen to her breathing. "Oyasuminasai~" I whispered, and then switched off the phone connection. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

"Ryooo~" called Mirai from below my room. "Yes," I said from the top. I immediately looked out the window and waved at Mirai, "Chotto matte, I am coming," I shouted and Mirai just nodded. "Ikou~" I said. "You have not had breakfast anymore, huh?" "He he~" I scratched the back of my head which did not itch. "Bad habit," she said, crossing her arms on her chest. "But don’t worry, I bring bento, you can eat it," she softly patted my shoulder. I just nodded and smiled. "By the way, sorry I fell asleep last night, he~" this time Mirai scratched her no itch head. For me it didn’t matter at all, it was her habit, she asked to chat, but she was asleep first. "Yeah, it's okay. You wanna know something? "I whispered. "What?" she asked curiously. "Hhhmmm~ last night I heard the girls who snore when sleeping," I joked on Mirai. "Huh?" she looked very surprised to hear that. Her cheeks flushed. Then she muttered quietly, "Did I snore,"

"Ah, no Mirai, I'm just kidding. You do not snore really ...," I glanced at her face that looks a little better. "Not only snore, but also delirious ~" "Huh?" Mirai hit my back with her bag. "Auwh~! What you did. It hurts, you know? " "Wicked~" she said, pursing her lips. So funny. "Hahaaa~. Delirious girl," I teased her as running. Mirai after me and beat me mercilessly. Clunk~ Suddenly I hit someone in front of me until we both fell. "Sumimasen~" I apologized to him. "Yes, it's okay," he stood up and patted his dirty pants. His uniform was same with us, but I've never seen him before. "I go ahead," he immediately turned around and walked away from us. I walk again, but after a few yards I stopped when I saw Mirai was still frozen in her position. "Mirai, hayaku! We're almost late," I said a little shouted. Mirai was just realize from her reverie, "Ah, yes," then she ran after me. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

"Kei Inoo desu. Indonesia kara kimashita. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu," a tall enough boy with glasses stood in front of class, introducing himself. He bowed in greeting. A new student from abroad. He was the boy who had collided with me this morning. I saw Mirai paid serious attention to that boy - such as when we met this morning. May I conclude that Mirai interested in that boy? He sat next to Mirai, in front of my desk. "Shida Mirai desu, yoroshiku," Mirai whispered, followed by a slight nod and kind smile of him. I tried to ignore them and focused on the subjects that were being delivered by Mukai-sensei. I did not want to care about them.

All the way home from school, Mirai kept talking about the new student. Although I was not interested, but I tried to listen. "Ryo, what do you think about the new boy?" said Mirai seriously. "What do you mean?" I replied flatly. "Yeah, what do you think about him?" "I don’t know, we've just met him. I have not been able to conclude because I don’t know him," "Hmmm," Mirai pursing her lips. It was her habit when she was upset. "So what? Are you attracted to him? " "Eh? No, I don’t," Mirai stuttered. I put my hand to Mirai’s shoulder, "Listen, my dear best friend. Your eyes and your face can not lie, especially in front of me. Those are clearly legible, you know?" Mirai glanced at me, wrinkle her forehead, one angle of her lip lifted, and then slowly pushed me away from her, "What do you know!" she said curtly. Mirai left me ahead. Sometimes I knew what you're not saying, Mirai. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

It has been almost two months of Kei in this school. I saw he was kind, friendly and sociable person, especially with Mirai. Well, although I was very jealous, but I supported Mirai closed to anyone. As long as he's a good person. Mirai’s proximity to Kei began to intense. They often ate lunch together, sometimes they did home work together. And, it made distance between Mirai and I. "Ryo, it’s not usual you’re alone," Rika suddenly was on my side who had been sitting under a tree near the sports field - daydreaming. "Ah, nope. Just wanna be alone," I replied flatly.

"Where’s Mirai?" she asked again. This girl was famous as gossip-girl and always wanted to know other people's business. "She has business," "Business of love?" she smiled sardonically. "What do you mean?" "Ah, everyone already knows. Mirai is close to the new boy from Indonesia. They are rumored to be dating, blah ... blah ... blah …" While Rika still busy exposing her knowledge about Mirai, I immediately turned to go away. I was not interested in hearing. "Eh, Ryo. Wait. You are rude, go when I am talking!" Rika ran after me. After her steps same with me, she raving again. "Ryo, Mirai is stupid, yes. She just closed to you when she needs you. After there is Kei, she left you. Ckckck~ "Rika shook her head. I'm almost fed up with her useless talk. "Hey, do not talk if you do not know anything!" I glared at Rika. "Do not know anything? I know all things related to all the students in this school, Ryo. I also know if you like Mirai and jealous with Kei," she spoke as she folded her arms across his chest. This time I was really upset, "Heh! What do you know about my feelings?! Come back and take care of your own business. If you need to get out of this school and register yourself to be paparazzi. Gossip-girl!" "If you're angry, so it is true, right?" Rika squinted at me. My snarling did not work on her. "Ahh~ never mind. I do not have time to listen to that crap," I waved my hand in front of her and go. How dare she bring up about my feelings for Mirai. I did not even tell it to anyone. What did she know? I walked to class because rest time was going to end. Suddenly I stopped when I saw in the classroom there were only two of them - Mirai and Kei. Kei looked teaching Mirai mathematics - the most difficult subjects for Mirai to receive. Yes, since there was Kei, Mirai never asked me anymore about math homework. She and Kei...

"What did I say? You're jealous of them right?" Aish~ Rika suddenly was beside me. She was a ghost or what?!? "Hey, stop following me. What the hell do you want?" I yelled. Mirai and Kei turned to me. "What’s up, Ryo?" Mirai asked me. "Nope," I shook my head and headed for my seat. Soon the other students were coming to the classroom. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

Already a few weeks, I almost never go home and go to school with Mirai. She was more frequent with Kei, and did not remember me. At least take me back together or anything. "Ryo ...We go to school together tomorrow, yes," Mirai sent an email to me. "Yes, but where’s Kei?" I responded. "He said he would leave from his uncle's house. Not pass here, so he will not pick me," "Oh, alright." "Have you been studying for math test tomorrow, Ryo?" "A little," I said simply. "Haha~ I know, the master of mathematics does not need to learn anymore, right? :)" "Yeah, you knew it, haha~" "Well, see you tomorrow. Good night. " I did not reply Mirai’s last email. I replied it in my heart, good night, my love. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

The class was almost started ten minutes later, but I was still standing in front of my house waiting for Mirai. She had not come to pick me up. I've sent emails but no reply. "Ryo, have not gone?" "I’m waiting for Mirai, Ma ..." "In this time, she must be have left," Tiit ~ Tiit ~ "Ryo, sorry. I’ve been in school. Kei had to pick me up. He ride the motorcycle. Are you leaving?" My eyes widened. I shut my cell phone flip violently and quickly slipped it into my pocket. I quickly ran to the school. Kuso! This morning will be a math test, and I must be late because of this? Mirai did not even tell me earlier that she would not go with me. I added my running speed. Without regard to people who accidentally I hit. I just shouted "Excuse me" as continue to run. I should not miss the test. "Hhhh hhhh hhhh ~ ~," I finally got to the front of the class. I breathlessly came into the classroom. "Sensei, I'm sorry I'm late." "Yes, please take the paper, but remember, no additional time to work on." I immediately took questions and answer sheets and then headed to my desk. At glance I saw that Mirai looked at me, but I do not care. Maybe I'm mad at her!? "Ryo~" Mirai called me after all the students gather the test-paper. "Are you mad at me?" "Why do I have to be angry?" "You were late for test because of waiting for me..." she began to bend her face. "No it wasn’t. I had an upset stomach and a long time in the toilet, so I'm late," I lied.

"Really?" I nodded. How can I tell her that I was angry because she had made me late and consequently I could not solve all the test questions? "Hhmmm~ As an apology, I will buy you a lunch, yes?" Mirai patted my shoulder. I looked at her, Kei was standing beside her. He smiled at me. "No, this is not your fault anyway," I forced a smile. "Go with us, Ryo," this time Kei offering. "Ah~ do not bother. I do not feel like eating lunch, I'm still stomachache," They finally relented and walked to the cafeteria. "Ryo~" Rika suddenly was in front of me. I exhaled a long breath - upset. "They are more intimate, yes," I tried to ignore the girl in front of me. "Do you know Ryo? They are officially a couple now, I think..." Rika put her finger to her lips, her eyes staring upward. "Two weeks ago," she snapped her fingers and looked back at me. Her eyes were dilated. Made me even more disgusted. I squinted at him - looked suspicious. "This time you have to trust me, Ryo. I convey the news is true. Why do not you ask other friends? They already know as well," I still set do not care expression. "Didn’t Mirai tell you? Ckckck ... outrageous at all..." Rika shook her head. Do I have to believe Rika’s words? ~(^ _ ^)~

It was not usual, the sport lesson PE this time made me lazy. I did not spirit as usual. I kept thinking about the words of Rika. Ah! I shook my head hard. Why should I believe in people who known as gossip-girl? "That new student was great, yes," "Yes, just a few months in this school, he had got Mirai. I have had long targeted Mirai but can not get her,"

I turned to the sound when I heard vaguely that there Mirai’s name. Conversation of my classmates dispersed me of my reverie. Did Mirai really dating with Kei? What did all these mean? Why I felt that I was not considered when Mirai went home from school with Kei? Why did I feel cheated when Mirai broke her promise to me by Kei? Why did I feel disrespected when she no longer tells me about a man she likes? Why I can not stop thinking about it? Why now I felt hurt when Mirai with Kei? All these were driving me crazy! Dash! Suddenly a soccer ball hit my head hard so it makes me fell. I felt my head hurts. My eyes were dizzy and my vision dispersed, then a second later I did not see anything. "Ryo~, wake up," I opened my eyes slowly. My head was still dizzy from the blow of the ball. I got up slowly while continuing to hold my head. Dimly, but then my vision became clear. Mirai and Kei. "Are you okay, Ryo?" asked Kei. I nodded slowly. "Not like you to pass out like this. Are you not well?" Mirai put her back hand on my forehead. I quickly deflected. "I'm okay." "Really?" "Yes," "You'd better permit to go home, Ryo," Mirai still looked worried me. "Never mind, I said I am fine. I went to class," I'm getting out of bed and tried to walk out from health room. Ah~ shit! The effect of lacing the ball is still felt. Mirai and Kei were still in the infirmary. They looked at each other, surprised by my attitude. "Kei, do you think he's mad at me because I had left him?"

"Maybe. After all why do not you tell him first if you have left? And do not tell me you've also got an appointment with Ryo," "So you blame on me?" "No. But you had better apologize to Ryo," "Hhmmm~" ~ (^ _ ^) ~ "Ryo, come on~ do not behave like that ..." petulant Mirai. She followed me, holding my shirt cuffs. I finally relented and turned to face her. "I forgive you." I said firmly. "But your attitude still like that to me?" "I have problem with Mama," I lied. "Really? But you look like okay," Mirai shrank, making small folds on her forehead. "How do you know, you do not even come to my house anymore," I still could dodge. "Ah, well. I am relief you're not mad at me. Promise, do not be angry anymore," she pointed her little finger in front of my face. I smiled sardonically, "You must promise me not to make me late again when there is a test," I joked. And I welcomed her little finger, linked with mine. "Haa~ still talking about that. Yes promise, not again," Mirai smiled. Hhh~ Mirai, what's wrong with you? You're so easy to be predicted but you could not read and see other people's feelings. "How’s Kei?" I asked suddenly. "Ah, well," "Mirai, do you think that I am not your friend anymore?" "Eh, why did you say that?" "Then why are you keeping something from me?"

"Eh? What secret? " "Don’t pretend as you don’t know. I’ve told you many times that I can read your mind. I know that even though you don’t tell me," "Hhhmm~, Yes, I'm sorry I did not tell you about Kei," Mirai down her face. Then lifted again with a smile spreading there, "We've been together, Ryo," she smiled more broadly. "Ah, good. Is he kind to you?" "What are you asking about? Of course he’s kind," I nodded. "Tonight we will have dinner, in the restaurant…" My heart skipped a fraction of a second to hear it. I imagined a candle-light dinner which was very romantic and there were only two of them in the restaurant. Not only my heart stopped beating, but also my heart on fire. "Hey, Ryo ~ what’s up?" "Ah, nope. Yeah that's good. I'm so glad," I forced a smile on my face. The corner of my lips felt heavy when I would bend my smile. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

#Author's POV Mirai arrived at a fairly fancy restaurant. She was directed by a waiter to get to the table already provided. There’s only the dim orange light, with a few candles on the table. That’s like exactly what Ryo imagined. Romantic impression directly felt when classical music wafted softly and aromatherapy fragrances that created an atmosphere as if pamper the guests whose attendance there. "Please..." the waiter invited Mirai to sit and wait. Mirai was stunned to see that luxury restaurant. This was her first time visit a luxury restaurant. "It's been a long time?" "Ah, Kei. No. I was just arrived," Mirai smiled.

Kei then sat in front of Mirai. "The food will arrive soon," he said with a smile. "Kei," called Mirai half-whisper. "Yes," "How much money did you spend to rent this restaurant? It looks very expensive," "Haha~" Kei laughed softly. "Just relax, this restaurant belongs to my grandfather," said Kei relax. "Huh~?" Mirai did not think that Kei was apparently a derivative of the rich family. "Please," a waiter preparing meals and some drinks on the table. "Arigatou," 'KEEEIIIII ....!!!” suddenly a loud voice interrupted their meal time. Kei looked at the people that called him. He gasped and surprised. "Olive?!?" The girl who looked like being angry immediately approached Kei and Mirai. "Oh, so this woman who has snatched away my fiance?" a girl called Olive staring hard at Mirai. Mirai rose from his seat, and still with plain face she asked "What do you mean? Who are you?" "Heh! Kei is my fiance, you know?" Olive was still in high-volume sound. Made a loud voice in Mirai’s ears. "Hey, keep your words, who is your fiance? I have not said I approve the engagement," protested Kei. "Kei, our parents have agreed, and you have to agree as well. Tonight we return to Indonesia," "What?" "Excuse me, but, could you explain what all these mean?" Mirai ventured to ask.

"Shut up, conqueror other’s boyfriend. Kei is my boyfriend, my fiance, my future husband, so you should not go near with Kei, you know? " "But," "Mirai, I can explain it," "Come on Kei, let's go home. You know, your grandfather is sick in Jakarta, and he told me to take you home, you do not have to live in Japan again. We'll get married and live in Jakarta," Mirai back and turned to leave. "Mirai, wait! Ahh~!" Kei kept his hands off Olive’s hand by force, and then chased Mirai. "Mirai, hear me out," "Hiks~, I've heard, Kei. Hiks. Go with her. Why? Why did not you say you're engaged?" "Mirai, she is not my fiancee? I just fixed up. I have not even agreed for the match," "Kei," Olive forcibly pull Kei’s arm and was about to pushed him into a waiting car in front of the restaurant. "Come on. We return to Indonesia," Mirai just stared at them. Kei even was beaten by the woman. Or he would give in, because she was his fiancee? Mirai walked with unsteady steps back to her home. She took her phone from her bag and connected to one number. Tuutt~ Tuutt ~ "Hai, what's up Mirai?" "Ryo~ hiks ..." "Eh? What’s up? Why are you crying?" Ryo who was lying suddenly changed his position to be seated. "Pick me up, I am alone," "Ah, well. Where are you right now?" Ryo knew that Mirai was afraid to walk alone at night, so he rushed to the place that Mirai mentioned.

~ (^ _ ^) ~

#Yamada Ryosuke's POV I still did not dare ask about Kei. I could only condemn in my heart, why did Kei dare to leave Mirai alone? Her steps was still unsteady, she walked very slowly. Unfortunately I did not have vehicle, so I should let her walked through her house. "Umm, Mirai, you must be tired. How if I rais..." I had not finished my sentence, Mirai hugging up against me. I froze instantly. Mirai just cried in my chest. Slowly I lifted my arms and hugged her. "Calm down, Mirai, I'm here. You’re okay. You're safe now," Kei has been absent from school for a week, but Mirai also never told me anything about him. And I chose not to talk about it. Kei might have returned to Indonesia. When Mirai and I were having lunch in the cafeteria, I saw Kei suddenly approached us. He did not wear school uniforms. "Mirai," Mirai looked for a moment and then went as took my hand away. "Come on, Ryo," "Mirai, wait," Kei held Mirai’s hand - held her off. Slowly I let Kei’s hand go from Mirai’s hand, and then threw it roughly. "What do you want?" "I have no business with you, Ryo," "Your affair with Mirai is my business too," I pulled Mirai’s body and hid behind me. Kei did not know my promise to protect Mirai. "But this is a problem between Mirai and I," "Kei, listen to me. After you left her alone at midnight, I guess that you have no business anymore with her,"

"That's not my wish. I do not intend to leave her," I still set a cold face and stared at Kei. "Okay, I'll talk to you," Kei finally said. "Huh?" "Yeah, you! Come with me to the top of the school," said Kei then running off. I was motionless. I glanced at Mirai who was still hiding behind me. "I meet him first. Please wait here," ~ (^ _ ^) ~ "So, can you explain what happened?" I started the conversation. Kei was still silent staring at the vast expanse of the city of Tokyo from the top of the school. "I'm sorry," "Eh?" "This afternoon I will go back to Indonesia. And maybe won’t be in Japan again," "So," I said as cold as possible. "I want to apologize to Mirai" "Is it necessary?" "Ryo, you do not understand. My grandfather is dying and he continues ask me to get married to Olive," "You have not even left school, you had talked about marriage," "I know, my family is very conservative. They still hold the tradition of arranged marriages. I can not get anything. I owe a lot to my grandfather. Willy nilly I have to obey his wishes," "Then why did you approach Mirai from the start if you already have a fiancee?" "I went to Japan to avoid the arranged marriage. I disagree with that. I do not want. But, it all had to be like that. I have to go back to Indonesia, if not I would feel guilty to my grandfather as my lifetime,"

"You know! I do not like a man who has no establishment. Define your own life! Why should anyone else control you? If you feel guilty to your grandfather, what you do not feel guilty to Mirai?" I talked a bit yelled at Kei. "Ryo, I..." "Mirai~" I saw Mirai was standing behind us. It seemed a long time, and enough for her to hear all Kei’s confessions. Kei turned around immediately. "Mirai~" Kei hasn’t completed his words, but Mirai left us both. I was about to catch her up, but I stopped and turned my steps towards Kei. "Kei, I think our business has finished. Take care, bye," I patted his shoulder, then go after Mirai. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

"Ryosuke-kun, is Mirai in your house?" said Mirai’s mother from across the phone. "No, Auntie. She is not here," "Ah, where is she? I have called all her friends, but she was not with them. I am so worried," "Ah, don’t worry, Auntie. I'll look for her, and take her home as soon as I find her," "All right, thank you. Sorry to bother," Mirai did this because of Kei. She was usually afraid to walk alone at night, but now she just hang out at night. Beware if I found you! I rushed to the park we used to visit. Mirai really liked the place, and always there when she has problem. And sure, she was there. But, she's not alone, there were four men dressed like thugs approached and gathered around Mirai. "Hey, pretty girl. What are you doing here," they teased Mirai. "Ah~ stay away from me,"

Those men were more tempting and seducing Mirai, they hugged and clapped her when Mirai shouted. Clunk~ I punched on the face of one of them until he had collapsed on the ground. But another friend soon caught and held my hand. The man, whom I punched, quickly got up and gave me a hard punch in the stomach till made me nauseous. Not satisfied, he was repeatedly punched my left and right cheeks. Blood trickled from the corner of my mouth and nose. I was trying to escape. I fought three thugs while another man was holding and smothering Mirai. Bugh ~ Pow ~ Dash~! Alternately we cast each other and dodging punches as much as possible. Three against one, it's not fair, huh? But for Mirai I’d kill you. I made K.O one of them. After ascertaining that the person did not move anymore, I turned to fight two thugs who still blindly hit me. I was about to give a punch to their stomachs when .... I felt a sharp and cold pierced my back - several times. That man apparently just pretended to lose that I lost off guard. Before I fell down, thugs in front of me stuck a knife right into the pit of my heart. Instantly I felt my blood stopped flowing. Before then it flowed out of the gaping wound in my body. I could not feel anything. Only the rustle of my blood was flowing out of me. I collapsed. Those four men were running when they saw I lost. "Ryoooo~" Mirai ran towards me and lifted me off. She hugged me. "Ryoo, hold on ..." Mirai sobbed. "Mirai~ promise you will not go out alone in the night again," Mirai just nodded. Then she hugged me again. "I'm sorry, Ryo~ It's all my fault," I could feel her tears on my face. "I'll get someone to call an ambulance," Mirai wanted to move but I stopped her. I wanted to survive, but I thought my condition was very severe. I could not feel anything. My body felt empty, my blood seemed to have gone all out. I could not feel Mirai’s embracement anymore. I could not hear the voice of her crying anymore. I couldn’t ... As she slowly faded from my sight. Then everything was dark ~ Well, at least I had fulfilled my promise to protect Mirai till my last breath. ~ (^ _ ^) ~

You and I must make a pact , We must bring salvation back ~ Where there is love, I'll be there ~ I'll reach out my hand to you ~ I'll have faith, you know you do ~ Just call my name, and I'll be there ~ I'll be there to comfort you ~ I'll build my world of dreams around you ~ I'm so glad that I've found you ~ I'll be there with love that's strong ~ I'll be your strength ~ I'll be holding on and on ~ Oh yes I will ~ Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter ~ Togetherness ~ Well that's all I'm after ~ Whenever you need me, I'll be there ~ I'll be there to protect you ~ With an unselfish love, and respect you ~ Just call my name , I'll be there ~ If you should ever find someone new ~ I know he better be good to you ~ Cos if he doesn't , then I'll be there ~ Dont' you know baby, I'll be there ~ Just call my name, I'll be there ~ =The End= Glosarium:
Moshii-moshii: Halo Oyasuminasai: good night Chotto matte: wait a minute Ikou: let’s go Bento: lunch box Sumimasen: sorry Hayaku: hurry up Kara kimashita: come from Yoroshiku onegaishimasu: Nice to meet you Sensei: teacher Kuso: shit Arigatou: thank you Hai: yes

Rizuki Yamazaki Asy-Syauqie, Bandung, July 2012 2012年7月1日

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