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About the project This abstract presents a brief description of the outcomes of the strategic development plan and not how to implement it. This can be considered as a first step towards the implementation of a group of important development projects that meet the needs of the local community. Furthermore, this plan draws the necessary steps to achieve the vision of this community in partnership the organizations and individuals who represent this community. This strategic development plan was prepared by the institutions and the people of the town of Sier, and under the supervision of the Municipal Development & Lending Fund (MDLF), in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government, and under the supervision and technical support of the consulting group composed of the National Center for Sustainable Development and the House of the Palestinian Expertise for Consultancies and Studies. The main objective of the project is to institutionalize the participatory strategic development planning process. The Vision The Vision for the town of Sier, as envisioned by the local community (individuals and institutions) "Toward Sier as a distinguished and prosperous city in providing services towards a sustainable development, beautiful, and safe environment" Development Issues, Objectives and Projects matrix. Issue
Limited infrastructure of the health services

Improving the level of health services

1. Upgrade of primary health care clinics in Aledisa, Biet Ainun, and Aqwesyba 2. Establish and equip a comprehensive health care center 1. Construction, equipping, and operating of a typical kindergarten 2. Maintenance and rehabilitation of existing schools 3. Construction of new schools

Shortage of educational institutions

Developing the infrastructure of schools and kindergartens

Weakness and limitation of existing roads

Developing the internal network and linking roads

Weakness in the water system

Developing of existing water network

Lack of cultural and sports facilities

Improving and enhancing the cultural level Development of sports facilities Create a suitable entertaining environment Development of infrastructure for the development of the industrial sector Investment in the agricultural sector

1. Rehabilitation and maintenance of internal roads 2. Rehabilitation of linking roads 3. Rehabilitation of the ring road SierBani Naim - Tekoa 1. Replacement of household water meters 2. Rehabilitation, maintenance, and expansion of existing water network. 3. Construction a water tank with the capacity of 1000 cubic meters Construction, equipment, and operation of a multi-purpose cultural center Construction of a sports field Construction of a public park 1. Rehabilitation of the roads leading to the factories and quarries 2. Construction of the water line to the factories and quarries areas 1. Reclamation and development of agricultural land 2. Support the livestock breeders 3. Establishment of a market vegetables and livestock 1. Development of technical, financial, and administrative manuals for the Municipality of Sier 2. Development of infrastructure in the municipality 3. Building the capacity of municipal staff in the preparation of financial budgets

Limited infrastructure for the development of the local economy

Limited efficiency of institutional capacity

Raise the efficiency of the institutional capacity of the Municipality