Under section 3 of the UGC act 1956, notification no. F-9-12/2001(A)-U-3 of the Govt. of India) - Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade MBA – International Business [2011 – 2013] SEMESTER – III - TIME TABLE w.e.f 2nd July’12 WED THUR FRI SAT Investment Analysis Mr. Shantanu Gokhale TEST TEST TEST 8.45am to 10.45am 9a.m. to 10a.m. 9a.m. to 10a.m. 9a.m. to 10a.m. [Finance] + Marketing (Finance AND SCM ) 10 sessions

MON Pricing Mr. Nikhil Ajinkya 9 am to11 a.m. [Marketing] + SCM 15 sessions

TUE TEST 9a.m. to 10a.m. (SCM and HR)

SUN Banking Mr. S Kalidas 9a.m to 11 a.m [Finance + Marketing ] 10 session

Services Marketing Ms. Adya Sharma 9am. to 11am . [Marketing] Corporate Valuation Dr.Arpana 9am. to 11am. [Finance] Financial Modeling Mr. Sameer Gunjal 9am to 1.30pm [Finance] (5 sessions) Employment Relations and Labour Laws Mr.Nagesh Kumar 10am to 1pm [HR] 10 Sessions

Consumer Behavior Ms. Adya Sharma 9a.m. to 12noon [Marketing]

Free SLOT Mkgt Free Slot SCM (11.15AM TO 1.15PM)

B2B Marketing Ms. Deepa Sahasrabuddhe 10.15a.m. to 1.15p.m. [Marketing] + SCM 10 sessions Applied Behavioral Techniques - I Dr. Sunita Ramam 10.15 to 1.15p.m. [HR] 10 Sessions Mergers and Acquisitions Dr.Latha [Finance] 10.15am to 2.15pm (8 sessions)

Guest Lecture 10.30am to 12.00noon (1st Friday) OPEN HOUSE 12.30 to 1p.m. (Once in a month)

Industrial Relations & Trade Unionism Mr. Dinkar Nimbalkar 8.45 AM to 10.45 AM HR+SCM (15 Sessions)

Transforming SCM

9a.m. to 11a.m. [SCM]

Business Analytics Ms. Viraja Bhat & Mr. Rajiv Gupte [FIN+MKT+SCM] (11.10am to 1.10pm) FREE SLOT (HR) 10.15am to 4.30 pm

Compensation & Rewards Management Ms. Soumi Rai 10.15am to 1.15pm [HR] 10 Sessions FREE SLOT (FINANCE)10.15am to 1.15pm

Production, Planning and Control Mr. Shyam Dikshit (SCM)11.15am to 1.15pm (15 sessions)

WORKSHOP 11a.m. to 2pm MKT FIN HR SCM]

Financial Engineering and structured Finance Prof. Prantik Ray [Finance] OR Fixed Income Securities Dr. Prantik Ray [Finance] New Product Development [Marketing + SCM] Prof. Atul Tandan OR Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Mr. Jakate [SCM] OR Warehousing Management Mr. Deepak Jakate [SCM] OR Designing & Managing the Supply Mr. Hemant Tambade SCM + Marketing Learning & Development







Retail SCM [SCM] Mr. Ashok Kumar 2 to 5p.m. [SCM] 10 sessions

Global Financial Markets Ms. Padmini Sundaram [Finance] 2 to 5p.m. 10 Sessions

Insurance Dr. Medha Joshi 4.45p.m. [Finance] (15 sessions)

Futures & Options Mr. Vishwas Takale 1.30 to 4.30p.m. [Finance] 10 sessions

Strategic Marketing Management Mr. Anil Pillai 3 to 6p.m. [Marketing] 10 sessions

Rajesh Deshpande 6. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya 1. {Marketing] 10 Sessions Mr.30pm to 8.00pm Onwards Day after 5/6pm Leadership. Ravi Kulkarni 5.30 to 9. Asha Naik 4.30PM Onwards . COMPUTER LAB (From Mid-August onwards) Marketing Modeling Mr.m. S K Kulkarni 2 to 5p. Rajesh Deshpande 6. 10 sessions [HR] International Mkt. [Marketing] 10 Sessions Marketing Modeling Mr. [HR] 10 sessions On Line Marketing Strategy Mr. [HR] Role of HR in Mergers & Acquisitions Dr.30pm to 8.15 to 6.30p.4th and 18th Aug.1st Sep. [SCM] 10 Sessions Day after 5/6pm Cross Cultural Management Dr.Nivedita Sharma) [Marketing] 2pm to 4.30 to 4. Balaji Reddie [SCM] 2p.m.30p.30 to 7. Pradeep Apte 2.m. [SCM] 10 Sessions FREE SLOT FINANCE 6.30p. Balaji Reddie 4.15p.30 to 9. [SCM] + AB Sr.30 to 4. [Mr.m.m. Kavi Arasu [HR] OR Negotiations.30p.30p. Padmini Sundaram [Finance] 2 to 5p.30 to 7.15pm (Mkt+SCM+FI) 8 sessions Employer Brand Management Mr.45.30pm [10 sessions] [Finance] Materials Management SCM Mr.30p. M K Gandhi 5 to 8p. [HR] 10 sessions Econometrics Dr.30 to 4.30pm FREE SLOT (SCM) 2. to 4p.00pm NA NA NA Operations Management Mr. Ravi Kulkarni 6. Dhananjay Bapat] 5.22nd Sep Retail Management Mr. [HR] 10 sessions Day after 5/6pm Building Learning Organizations Mr.30 July to mid Aug FREE SLOT (HR) 5.m. [Marketing] + Finance 5 Sessions Business Analysis using SPSS [ FIN+MKT+SCM] Dr. Santosh Bhave 6.45 to 7.m.m. 10 Sessions Quality Management Mr.m.m.30 to 9. M K Gandhi 5 to 8p.15 p.30p.m.15pm to 6. [HR] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 3pm to 6pm [Finance] 21st Jul.m.m.Sutapa Mujumdar 1.30 to Sharad Gangal 6.Brand Management (Ms.m. Influence & Power Dr.30p. Ravi Kulkarni 5.m. FREE SLOT (SCM) 1. Ashok Kumar [Marketing] 3 to 6p.m. Varun Patel 1. [HR] Talent Management Dr.30 to 8.30 to 8. to 4. Manisha Ketkar 1. [SCM] + [MKT] NA NA Day after 5/6pm Financial and Services SCM Mr.m. 10 sessions Integrated Marketing Communication Mr.m. [HR] 10 session Day after 5/6pm Managing People & Performance Mr. N S Iyer [HR] OR Organization Design & Structure Ms.m.m. Asha Naik 4 to 6p. Hemant Tambade SCM + Marketing 6.m. Hemant Tambade SCM + Marketing 6.45p. BATCH – I COMPUTER LAB Mid Aug Designing & Managing the Supply Mr. [Marketing] 10 Sessions Sociology Ms. BATCH – II COMPUTER LAB (From Mid-August onwards) Designing & Managing the Supply Mr. Sameer Gunjal 5pm to 8pm [Finance] (5 sessions) Financial Risk Management [Mr.m. Shekhar Naik 3 to 5p.15p.30 to 9.m. Sharad Gangal 6. [HR] 10 sessions Day after 5/6pm Business Analysis using SPSS [ FIN+MKT+SCM] Dr. Manish Sinha] 5.15 to 9.00PM ONWARDS till 5. [Marketing] + Finance 5 Sessions Business Analysis using SPSS [ FIN+MKT+SCM] Dr.30p.30 p.m.30p. Sanjivani Sadani [HR] OR Debopriyo Financial Services Marketing Ms. 10 Sessions Strategic SCM Ms.30pm Financial Modeling Mr. Parveen Prasad 2 to 5p.30pm till 5. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr.m.00pm 15 sessions Organizational Change & Development Dr.

15 p.15am to 6. 16. Deepak Jakate (11.15pm) [HR] Financial Engineering and Structured Finance: 8th. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr.15 p. Deepak Jakate (11.N.2nd Sep.15am to 6. 2012 9th and 23rd September.Iyer Kavi Asaru Learning and Development (10.00 PM Kavi Asaru Learning and Development New Product Development Prof.) [SCM] [HR] [HR] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 11.30am Onwards [Finance] Negotiations.16. Tandan (11. and 17th Sep .) [SCM] Hr in Service Sector.15pm) OCTOBER 7 Mr.15 p.15 p. 2012 22 Mr.15 p. Tandan (11.15am to 6.m.00 AM to 7. Deepak Jakate (11.23rd Sep 22nd July. 2012 12th and 26th August.FIN+MKT+SCM+HR Batch –I 3rd to 6th September 2012 (Mon – Thurs) Batch – II 15th to 18th October 2012 (Mon – Thurs) SUNDAY TIMETABLE: JULY 8 Hr in Service Sector.15pm) 9 Prof.and 17th Sep [Finance] 14 Mr.30am Onwards [Finance] 22nd Jul. Tandan (11.m.15am to 5.) [SCM] [HR] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 11.15am to 6.Debopriyo 10.9th and 10th Sep 15.) [Marketing + SCM] Prantik Ray Financial Engineering and Structured Finance: 8th.00 AM to 7.15pm) (10.) [SCM] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 11.m.15am to 5.15am to 6.) [Marketing + SCM] (10.Six Sigma Green Belt Certification .15am to 6.m.15am to 5.S. Deepak Jakate (11.) [SCM] Kavi Asaru Learning and Development Kavi Asaru Learning and Development (10.00 PM AUGUST 2 Hr in Service Sector.15 p.5th and 19th Aug.Debopriyo 10.15am to 6.Iyer [HR] 14th July: (AB 11-13 Batch) 15th July: (IB 11-13 batch) 22nd Jul.m [Marketing + SCM] 16 Mr.15am to 6.m.15am to 5.S.2nd Sep.Debopriyo 10.15 p.5th and 19th Aug.m.N.00 PM SEPTEMBER 2 Mr.m.15 p.00 AM to 7. Deepak Jakate (11.15 p.30am Onwards [Finance] Negotiations. Deepak Jakate (11.m.) [SCM] 12 Prof. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr.23rd Sep 15 Fixed Income Securities: July: 14-16 and 28-30 [Finance] 5 Mr. 9th and 10th Sep 15.15am to 6.

m.5th and 19th Aug. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr.15am to 6.2nd Sep.15 p.23rd Sep Negotiations.23rd Sep Negotiations. 2012 9th and 23rd September. Deepak Jakate (11. 2012 29 Kavi Asaru Learning and Development (10.m.) [SCM] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 11.S.N.5th and 19th Aug.30am Onwards [Finance] [HR] Fixed Income Securities: July: 14-16 and 28-30 [Finance] Hr in Service Sector.15 p. Deepak Jakate (11.S.15am to 5.2nd Sep.2nd Sep. 2012 12th and 26th August.00 PM Mr. Deepak Jakate (11.Iyer [HR] [HR] [Finance] 22nd July.22nd Jul.15 p.m. 2012 9th and 23rd September.15am to 5.N. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr.Iyer [HR] 22nd July.15am to 6.15am to 6.) [SCM] Kavi Asaru Learning and Development (10.) [SCM] [HR] International Economics Padmashri Mujumdar 11.23rd Sep .m.5th and 19th Aug.15 p. Deepak Jakate (11. 2012 9th and 23rd September. 2012 19 Mr.00 AM to 7.30am Onwards [Finance] 22nd Jul.Debopriyo 10.) [SCM] 22nd Jul.15am to 6. 2012 22nd July.15pm) 30 Mr. 2012 12th and 26th August.15pm) 15 Hemant Tambade [Marketing + SCM] 23 Mr. 2012 12th and 26th August.

2012 12th and 26th August. 2012 Dates for the below subjects yet to be Finalised Corporate Governance [Finance] Risk in SCM TUV Ltd. Debopriyo [HR] International Financial Management Dr. [SCM] Sociology HR HR for the Service Sector Mr. 2012 9th and 23rd September. Conflict Management & Collective Bargaining Mr. P G Apte [Finance] .15 p.S.m.) [Marketing + SCM] Negotiations.N. Tandan (11.Iyer [HR] 22nd July.20 Hemant Tambade [Marketing + SCM] 26 Prof.15am to 6.

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