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Why do I fly my flag upside down?

Where do I start? First it is not my wish to upset people, but rather make them think. I do not hate my country, but I do hate my government. Our Freedom and Liberty no longer exist. It was not just Obama; it was not just the Democratic Party. It was brought on in steps; incrementally we have become the country our forefathers came here to escape. It is known as the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.

It started with the election of 1912 between Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow

Wilson. Wilson gave us the IRS and the Federal Reserve. The progressives gave us the IRS saying taxes would never go over 1%. Once in place shot up to top rate of 78%. They gave us the Federal Reserve, which is not a part of the government but


conglomeration of separate bankers. That was when it all started.


was the Progressives that gave us compassionate killing called Eugenics. Thanks

to people like Margaret Sanger who simply wanted to eliminate undesirables like Negros. Whether you know it or not, that is the premise that Hitler used to

start killing off handicap people in Germany for the GOOD of the MOTHERLAND. Yes The American Progressive gave Hitler Eugenics and Propaganda.

The Federal Reserve was supposed to stop the economic cycles that led to valley and peaks. 2 years after its creation, a depression deeper than the Great Depression hit in 1920. How did the Feds help? They stood in the way as Calvin Coolidge cut the top marginal rates and eliminated regulation and gave us the Roaring 20s. But the economic cycle would continue and a depression turned into the Great Depression thanks to propaganda and economic policies that did nothing but run up debt and prolong the impact.

that did nothing but run up debt and prolong the impact. It was the Progressives that

It was the Progressives that implemented KKK and Jim Crow laws. Woodrow Wilson even screened the first movie in the WHITE HOUSE, Birth of a Nation. The movie depicted the KKK as heroes and then he SEGREGATED the military. It was the Progressives that rounded up the German citizens during WWI and the Japanese in WWII.

It was the Progressives with the New Deal and the Propaganda behind it that led to the

first steps away of the individual to dependency.

came up with corporate welfare and led to success of some at the expense of those that fell out of favor of the ruling party. FDR NRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) This bureaucracy marked for the first time the Federal Government dictating what businesses could and could not do. All that really happened is it was the first blow to the Free market. Larger companies could raise their process, but if a smaller company did not go along they could end up in jail. It was the Progressives that forced a farmer growing crop

on his own land for his own consumption be declared an impact on Interstate commerce.

It was the Progressive Movement that

on Interstate commerce. It was the Progressive Movement that Then the progressive gave us the Great

Then the progressive gave us the Great Society and the war on poverty. This war on poverty has destroyed the black family unit. It has taught generations of young black men that they need not be concerned about rearing a child and the state would do it. As a result a black child more likely to be born out of wedlock than anyone else and consequently will likely foster the same result of having children out of wedlock and more dependent on the government dole. To the point that we have generations lost to poverty war and that these dependencies have grown into they expect the state

to pay for their comforts. I agree with Benjamin Franklin that we should make people uncomfortable in their poverty to help them strive to get on their own feet.

Then came September 11 th and the progressives in both parties gave us the DHS, TSA and Patriot Act. They are more concerned about grandma going through an airport gate but let a Muslim women in full burka go through the airport line virtually untouched while the rest of us get groped.

Then we had Obama stimulus that gave us a Health Care Database, what does that have to do with stimulus. A stimulus that was supposed to be shovel ready and turns out to be a jobs bill for UNIONs retirement funds. The bailout of GM and Chrysler that put the taxpayer on the hook for the Union pensions and screwed over the bondholders that should have been first in line according to bankruptcy laws. Now there is talk of yet another bailout.

They gave a Health Care bill that gives the Federal Government access to not only look into your bank and retirement accounts, but full access to take what they want if they so desire. A health care bill that the congress and Executive branch are exempt from, making them more equal than others? The Health Care bill funds a Civilian Army out of reach of the congress and its control. A health care bill that mandates you buy something or face a fine.

Then the appeals were filed, while we were waiting on that, congress gave the administration the authority to pick you and detain any one at any time and hold them without trial indefinitely simply by stating it is terrorist related. As we know this administration has called the Tea Party movement terrorist. When will they call you a terrorist?

Then to have a Chief Just rewrite law from the bench and say the Mandate is unconstitutional but survives as a tax is far worse than any nightmare and sad thing is nobody yet realizes that the Pandora’s box of taxation for non-compliance door has just been opened.

We are no longer the land of the free and liberty. We are the land of the serfs’ answering to our feudal masters’ whim. You are no longer free

That is why I fly my flag upside down; I no longer believe we have the FREEDOM and Liberty in this land. We may never see it again.

Barry Bench

Orlando FL

down; I no longer believe we have the FREEDOM and Liberty in this land. We may