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A microcontroller is a small computer on a Single Integrted Circuit containing a processor core ,memory and programmable input/output peripherals.Program memory in the form of NOR flash or OTPROM is also often included on chip,as well as a typically small amount of RAM.Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications ,in contrast to the microprocessors used in persnel computers or other general purpose applicatiobs. Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications in contrast to the application purpose.. Other microcontrollers may serve performance-critical roles. 1.It satisfies market needs microcontrollers have so many features ,and it is designed for satisfying embedded system needs.That means perfom functions only for its (embedded systems) purpose.So users can meet their needs directly by the advantage of microcontroller in embedded system market. 2.Microcontrollers provide wide marketting area for embedded systems: The invention of microcontrollers made unexpected changes in many sectors.It is mostly apted for embedded system applications.So several applications were introduced or invented with microcontrollers.These applications were needed in all over the world.That means microcontrollers provide wide marketting areas. 3.Microcontrollers upgrade standard of embedded system market: With the invention of microcontrollers many applications with microcontrollers are introduced ,or many intellectual applications will introduced.Consequently it helps to marketting with standard

applications.Microcontrollers helps to upgrade standard of embedded system market. 4.It simplifies the complexity of market needs. 5.It act as a motivtion factor for embedded system market. 6.Microcontrollers helps to made innovations (standard applications) 7.Power consumption factor is more favourable: We know that microcontrollers requires or consumes less energy.Which is the main factor,which can satisfy user needs.... 8.Heart of the embedded system: Microcontrollers are the heart of embedded system,because it gives life for embedded system applications.The invention of microcontroller made an unexpected changes in embedded technology.....

9.Applications have high perfection: (perfection in embedded system applications by the invention of microcontroller). 10.Reduces cost of embedded system applications: Embedded systems are designed to do some specific task in oppose to a general -purpose conputer which is used for multiple tasks.Some embedded systems also have real-time performance constraints that must be met,for reason such as saftey and usability;others may have low or no performance requirements,allowing the system hardware to be simplified to reduce costs.Considering the advantage of embedded system over general-purpose computer,many day-to-day appliances have been developed using embedded system.Although most of the embedded systems are designed and developed for one specific job,this work describes how the capabilities of such system can be extended for multiple tasks. 11.It makes embedded systems flexible in market: Microcontrollers makes the embedded systems more flexible in market,because it has wide users...and the main deature us that it can satisfies users needs appropriately.. 12.Make effective use(due to cost): Many embedded systems more microcontrollers ,which..... self sufficiency and cost-effectiveness,instead of a general purpose microprocessor . 13.Embedded systems are typically far cheaper than geberal-purpose personel computers: In addition to the lack of peripheral devices,this is due to very large volumes of output for many embedded chips and systems.It can also be the result of the use of relatively slow processors and small menories that are often used,which are made practucal by the narrow range of function performed.The lack of peripheral devices and narrow range of functions also cobtribute to a lower power consumption. 14.Interconnection: Once the hardware is decided upon ,an interconnection fabric must be devised.Particularly for high-bandwidth applications and on chips with a lot of components this is highly challenging problem which will be trated in seminar talk. 14.Low power design: A general goal in embedded systens,low power desigb is particularly important for SoC intended to be used in portable devices such as cell phones.A recent problem in this area that has a particularly large impact on ICs manufactured at the latest small gate sizes is static leackage. 15.Testing and verification: The increase in complexity combined with a lack of knowledge about individual IP blocks that comes with reuse techniques leads to problems in adequate testing and verification of the complete systems. 16.Energy management: Efficient metering systems helps in

controlling energy usage in homes and industrial applications.These metering systems are made capable by incorporating microcontrollers. Applications in various sectors::::: 1.Touch screens: A high number of microcontroller providers incorporate touch-sensing capabilities in their designs.Portable electronics such as cell phones,media players and gaming are examples of microcontroller-based touch screens. 2.Automobiles: The microcobtroller finds wide acceptance in providing automobile solutions.They are widely used in hybrid vehicles to manage engine variants.Additionally,functions such as cruise control anti-break system have been made more efficient with the use of microcontrollers. 3.Medical devices: Portable medical devices such as blood preasure and glucose monitors use microcontrollers will to display data,thus providing higher reliability in providing medical results.