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ASRS Horizontal Carousel - Vertical Lift Module Replenishment Best Practices For O rder Picking Inventory Replenishment Plays

s A Critical Role In Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Horizontal Carousel Vertical Lift Module Vertical Carousel Order Fulfillment an d Order Picking Operations. Hatfield, PA - ASRS Efficiency Yields More Accurate Order Picking By Categorizin g Fast Movers and Slow Movers In Material Handling Systems For Small Parts, Smal l Item Handling, Distribution, MRO, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Pick and P ack, Maintenance, Horizontal and Vertical Storage Carousel System. Horizontal and Vertical Carousels and VLMs offer significant advantages in space utilization, picking accuracy, employee productivity, system throughput, and im proved ergonomics. Improved productivity resulting from the installation of auto mated storage and retrieval systems can reduce labor costs, make more efficient use of floor space and reduce maintenance and energy costs. These savings often result in a return on investment (ROI) in 12 months. Likewise, these systems oft en help organizations realize sustainable design, Lean, JIT, Six Sigma, and Good Manufacturing Practices objectives. Through up front planning replenishment eff iciency, as well as picking efficiency, can be optimized. One aspect of automated storage and retrieval system operation that organization s often misunderstand is the replenishment side of the automated storage and ret rieval picking and fulfillment operation. The misconception is that automated st orage and retrieval systems, such as Horizontal and Vertical Carousels and VLMs, cannot be restocked as easily and efficiently as traditional rack and shelving systems. By taking the time to categorize parts and group them by families or common usag e, the time saved in retrieval, and, consequently, replenishment will be signifi cant and productivity will improve. The data collection process should include a listing of part numbers and descriptions, part sizes and weights, stock quantit y, reorder point and reorder quantity, the quantity of the individual product pi cked, a list of products that are used or picked together, which products move f aster because of seasonal and other factors, and product/process throughput and flow. Use this information to categorize the inventory. Assign products into categorie s of velocity, for example, fast, medium and slow movement. Categorize them by t heir physical characteristics such as small, medium and large sizes, light or he avy, conveyable or not conveyable, and by the manner in which they are packaged. If items move so fast that the replenishment requirement is more than 10% per da y, then a storage and retrieval approach different from Horizontal and Vertical Carousels and VLMs should be considered. One alternative is the flow rack pick module. These rack systems can be replenis hed from the rear of the rack while picking is done at the front. The disadvanta ge is that pickers have to walk and search for items. It is not uncommon for pic kers to have to walk miles per day and use up to 75% of their time traveling rat her than picking. A solution is the universal workstation concept. The universal workstation is a combination of Horizontal or Vertical Carousels or VLMs and a manual pick-to-light flow rack. The benefits of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) including Horizo ntal and Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) provide improved th roughput, more accurate picking, less operator strain and fatigue. The result is significant improvement in order picking and order fulfillment efficiency. About Sapient Automation

Sapient Automation is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval syst ems that reduce leading organizations requirements for labor, floor space and in ventory while dramatically increasing productivity and operational efficiencies with often a nine to 18 month Return on Investments (ROI). Industries served inc lude: manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, healthcare, institutions, retail and wholesale organizations. The Sapient Automation technologies include the Vip er Vertical Lift Module (VLM), Avenger Vertical Carousel, Hornet Horizontal Caro usel, XPress Pix Inventory Management Software, PickaMed Carousels and Spit Fire Pick Carts and pick to light systems. For information about the Avenger Vertical Carousel Self Lubricated Wheel Guides call 888-451-9711 or visit the Sapient Automation web site at m Contact Information Ed Romaine, Chief Marketing Officer Sapient Automation 2398 North Penn Road Hatfield, PA 19440 USA 267-640-8172