April, 12-14, 2013

Assiniboia Downs Winnipeg, MB

This is a juried show with the primary basis for acceptance being the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. You must be the designer, creator and producer of the work to be sold. Only work produced by you or under your direct supervision will be considered.
Business Name: _____________________________ Name(s): _________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City:_________________________ Province:________________Postal Code:____________________ Phone: (H) ______________________ (W) _____________________ (C)________________________ Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Please provide us with as much information as possible about your craft/art that will fit in the space provided.
____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ***Please include 5 pictures – no exceptions*** Emailed preferred or hard copy / labeled on the back.

Please provide a brief biography for the Jury Committee.
____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate any special needs or preferences (e.g. electrical, wall space…) in order to help us allocate tables, we will do our best to put you where you indicate.
____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Category: (please check items which apply) Clay ____ Glass ____ Jewellery-Costume ____ JewelleryFine_____Clothing____ Food ________ Cards / Stationary____ Wood______ Paintings/Folk Art____ Toys______ Fibre____ Bath & Body Products ____ Other _________________________

Jury process: This is a juried show with the primary basis for acceptance being the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. You must be the designer, creator and producer of the work to be sold. Only work produced by you or under your direct supervision will be considered. To ensure this process is fair and efficient, your application must include 5 photographs (digital, emailed or prints labeled on the back) representative of what you will be offering for sale, regardless of previous participation in other shows. If you wish to change or add to your product line, please inform JM2H. The Jury Committee is made up of a combination of new and returning jurors every year, therefore PHOTOS MUST BE INCLUDED IN APPLICATION - NO EXCEPTIONS! • Facility: all booths will be set with black 8 foot pipe and drape, you are responsible for your own tables and chairs. Central Display will be available, pre-order forms will be included in the acceptance package for vendors chosen to participate in JM2H. • Please send a cheque for the full amount with your application. Indicate your preferred booth size. If you are looking for a corner please send a separate cheque with GST included. We have a limited number of corner booths it will be a first come first serve basis, if you do not get a corner your cheque will be returned. ____10x10 foot booth $360 ____10x15 foot booth $530 ____10x20 foot booth $700 ____ I would like a corner $50 Set up and dismantle time: Set-up commences at 9:00 AM. Friday, April 12. All booths must be ready for the public by 4:30 p.m. • Friday hours: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. • Saturday hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm • Sunday hours: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Artisans may commence packing and dismantling their tables at 4:00 pm Sunday, not before.

Notices of the Show will be put on our website, sign boards will be displayed, ads placed in local newspapers and on popular radio stations, also a PSA announcement will be sent to the media.

Checklist :
• Have you emailed or enclosed photos of your work, with name on back? • Have you enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of your photos if you so choose? – Make sure it is large enough for your photos and has enough postage!!!! • *Please note that this application does not guarantee a spot in the "Just My 2 Hands" spring craft sale and participation in this sale does not guarantee a spot in subsequent sales. • Have you enclosed a cheque for the full amount of your preferred booth size plus 5% GST, and separate cheque if you are looking for a corner?

I understand that it is my responsibility to comply with all Federal, Provincial and local regulations regarding the sale of goods at a craft sale. I agree to keep within the display size regulation. I and my heirs do voluntarily waive and release each and every right or claim or damages we and each of us have or may have against the "Just My 2 Hands" Craft Sale , their agents or representatives for any and all injuries, accidents or mishaps however occasioned.
Signature_________________________________________________________________ Print Name_________________________________________Date__________________ *3 page application & 5 emailed or hard copy photos only* Do NOT submit applications in large binders/folders etc… or include dozens of photographs. Please send applications to:

By Mail Just My 2 Hands 34 Sandra Bay Winnipeg, MB R3T 0K1

By Email Info@justmy2hands.com

Please keep this sheet for your own information.

Exhibitors Tips
Written by Simon Wroot. Reprinted with permission of the author.

The image that most craftspeople present to the public is one created by revisions to a basic community craft show table: a table with a cloth and some 'stuff' put on it. Lights are added, as are risers, or some sort of display. This is then refined or updated occasionally until here we are now a mishmash of display and lighting. People will base their perception of your product's value upon how it's presented. The way your display presents you and your work will define the apparent value that you, and therefore the public, place on your work. Compare the look of a large discount retailer to that of a prestigious retail outlet.

Decide on your image before you start designing a booth

So what is your image? How do you want the public to see you and your business? Start to think, now, how you want your entire booth display to appear. Do you want to it be earthy, natural, slick, exciting, cosy, alluring, sexy, expensive, cheap, quality, hand-crafted, unique, traditional, sophisticated, authentic, professional etc. You're not just selling your work you're selling yourself (artist), how do you want to appear and be remembered?

The Facilities Basic Booth shape or layout Do you need wall space, floor space, or table/display space? Will you work from behind a table, or will you invite the customers into your booth? In general, vendors with larger items for sale will have the public walking around the product, looking, touching, trying on, and those with smaller items would rather be behind the table or display to keep an eye on their more easily "scooped" items, and also be able to talk to the customers face to face.

Space Requirements Your next consideration is how much floor space and/or wall space you actually need to adequately display your product. Note that it is not necessary to have all of your product out on display at one time, you can keep variations in size, colour etc. in storage to bring out when making a sale, and this will keep your booth from being cluttered and possibly overwhelming for the customer.

Basic Booth Facilities What does the organizer provide? Make a list of what you get (or what you can pay for) so you can decide what you need to provide yourself. Each show will be different so you will need to be ready to supply whatever the organization doesn't.

The Structure
Surroundings (walls or backdrops) What do you want to stand in front of ? There are lots of possibilities of expression here, but remember that this is the frame for your work, and should support what is in front of it. It should not be an afterthought, but part of the overall theme.

Display Furniture: How are you going to support and show-off your product. The quality of your display units, and the creativity used to design them will define how the buyers perceive the quality and creativity of the work shown upon them. Great work on a grungy set of shelves usually looks like grungy work. My challenge to you is to find new and exciting ways to support and showcase your work.

Layout and Product Placement: Product placement has a direct impact on sales. How you arrange the flow of your work, what groupings you use, how you draw the eye to specific items will all determine how the public look at your work. How their eyes travel around your display, ultimately, will be reflected in how many of those eyes are drawn closer. Lighting is necessary, good lighting is critical. Lighting sets the mood, illuminates your unique creation (booth), separates you from your neighbours, showcases and highlights your work. It brings your whole creation (your booth) to life! The key to good lighting is to have the light source over the customer's head, highlighting the work displayed before them. Getting this to happen is one of the hardest challenges to the booth designer and requires a lot of ingenuity! Extra Furniture You do need a small, secure 'office' for a cash-box, space for credit-card slips and imprinter, your lunch, coffee cup, purse, etc. You also need packaging/wrapping space. This may be inside risers or shelves, inside a showcase back, behind a portion of hard-wall, or even a unit in a corner or out of the way.

Signage Your identity is initially established through the use of graphics and signage. Be bold! Announce who you are, your business name, where you're from, and possibly a graphic or two to announce the theme of your work. Your signs should be large enough to be easily read from 30 feet away, and should be lightly lit to bring them off the backdrop. This can attract customers from the aisles to your booth; it gives them a point to start to recognize you and your work; it gives them a label to remember you.

Be bold, Be daring, Be unique, Be creative... Be successful

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