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Pravin note =========== Hey guys, this is just a starter practice project ive got up here for us to get

used to game development, and using mercurial (i.e. bitbucket). Tools I use =========== Programming in unity this site has really good basic tutorials, for how to use the unity editor, and teaching javascript for programming the scripts: 3D models in blender my favorite site for tutorials: - check out the blender int ro videos 3D sculpting: I use sculptris is Im also using Zbrush, but thats not free. (its the absolute best for sculpting though, they used to to make avatar and all todays games) Sculpting is used for creating and detailing a high-res model, then Blender is u sed to make a proper game mesh that you use to animate and texture. 2D work - GIMP. its just like photoshop - Paint.NET is also really good and easy to use, grab it if you dont see yourself doing much 2D - graphics intensive stuff. Sound - I use Audacity for basic sound editing, but i really need a good sound recording/ music program, so if anyone can handle sound that would be great. (not a huge priority at the s tart though) That pretty much sums up all the tools im using for game development, im decent at all of them and im happy to teach you as much as you want for any of em. So pretty much just choose what youd like to do best, eg programming/art/animati on/concepts/level building/sound etc. and try it out. I have a few digital books on unity and zbrush, tell me if you want me to send e m to you. Whats this 'Bitbucket'? ======================= Bitbucket is where we can work on our projects, by completing issues and collabo rating versions so we all have the best (latest) version of the game. Eg I download the latest version of the project, work on it abit, and upload it again - now everyone can get the improvements that ive done on the project. See below for a better explanation of this (its easy) IMPORTANT NOTE!: Get, itll make your life alot easier when us ing mercurial for this site. (nice graphical interface instead of console comman ds) There are two main types of version control (i.e. team website things like bitbu cket) - subversion (SVN) and distributed (DVCS). Subversion is easy to understand, read this:

/a-visual-guide-to-version-control/ Bitbucket uses Distributed version control, which is better. It uses Mercurial. Distributed is a little trickier but is quite basic really: http://betterexplain Also read this et Then set up Mercurial by reading the bitBucket 101 page they have here. I will have a main branch that we will keep updated with stable versions, so our project will be centralized. NOTE: When pulling a branch, working on it, then pushing it up again, dont inclu de the stuff in the 'Temp' folder in the commit. (not necessary) Ily you all