When you go fishing you should always be prepared because all sorts of equipment is needed for specific types of fishing and there are also different places where you can catch fish i.e. the sea, lakes, rivers and streams; all of these places confront you with different types of dangers (our walk is dangerous). Scripture speaks of the sea of humanity, so viewing fishing from a scriptural perspective is a very exciting event to contemplate. We are told to enter in at the narrow gate for the road to hell is wide and many there are who travel it. You can put this understanding to practise by seeing where the schools of fish (people) are swimming. Also a good thing to keep in mind is that different kinds of fish have different habits and these fish can be procured with the knowledge of their habits. If you put yourself in the fishes` shoes (HA HA HA)  then you are likely to understand that when the fish takes your bait in its mouth, the fish is not aware that you have planted an iron hook within the tasty morsel, which you have dangled before it - you have actually deceived your prey! This hook is going to rip into the side of the fishes mouth and give it great unsuspected pain and of course the fish is going to try to wriggle or flip it's way out of this situation, as many people do when they are hooked. Remember, the word of Yahusha is a two-edged sword and can cut into the heart of man even into the marrow within the bone. This hook (the word of Yahusha) is going to inflict great pain to the unsuspecting recipient. Of course the fisherman now knows and realises he has a fight on his hands to acquire this hooked morsel. Sometimes the fish can get away so we need to be cunning to net him. The fish is now hooked by the word and yanked out of the stream of it's traditional environment into an oxygen filled environment where it finds itself suffocating to death. The fish has to die to become food for the fisherman's family. All this action can be viewed from a scriptural perspective. We all have to die to ourselves and be completely possessed by our Saviour to be used as the Master sees fit. This is the sort of surrender HE is expecting of us. Yahusha wants us to put aside all the bait that this world offers to entice us. Yahusha wants us to be willing to go to these streams, lakes, rivers and oceans to fish for those he has called. He will walk with us and lead us to His fish, so we are not alone. Remember, for the fish to be hooked and yanked out of the water into an unfamiliar environment then change into what the Master wants, it suffers great agony from within itself. This caught fish has to be gutted, washed and scraped. Yahusha wants thorough cleansing and all the foul insides cut out (put this in scriptural terms) before the fish is fit for consumption. And so is our walk with Him. The world and it's cancerous black innards need to be cut out of us to stop us infecting others with disobedience to Torah. So to understand the hurt and pain that goes on inside every believer is paramount, but not with sympathy, it is UNDERSTANDING that is needed, for Yahusha is doing the inner workings of His flock - we can do nothing about what a believer is experiencing within i.e. the knife of Yahusha. This is a necessity from the Master's hand and is something we can understand and show love to the inflicted believer but never sympathy. Sometimes people use dynamite to blow the fish out of the water. Of course this is dangerous to the rest of the ecology. Lotsaluv, CHRIS HILTON

What a vision of Yahusha's mission in us all!  Yahusha spoke in just these kind of terms, using fishermen's terminology and so forth. Thank you brother for sharing what He showed you. This definitely makes sense of so much of what we encounter as we share the message with the lost…….brother Lew

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