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Dear Friend of ICM/ATS Kenya: One of the greatest joys in my work is teaching at our seminary, ATS in Kitale.

The students are some of the most appreciative and attentive you will ever experience. If you have an MA you can teach in the BA and if you have a BA you can teach in the Diploma. Classes normally lasts 8-11 days and you will need about 2 weeks door to door. ATS also offers accelerated programs for pastors who are also teachers during the Kenya schools term breaks (April, August and December). In these, the length is 6 to 8 days. The teaching day is extended into the afternoon to make this possible. Both experiences are as rewarding. Please look over the schedule for the BA and if you are interested in teaching a course email us back and we will check availability as some courses will fill soon. If you are interested in the diploma level get back to me. List your first three choices if possible. If you have a serious interest, it would be good if you would attach a copy of your Curriculum Vitae and scanned copy of your highest degree. You will need to raise funds for your air ticket (usually between $1400 $1900 check your agent or with Brian Aho who does travel for us 800417-9138), in country travel (anywhere from $50 - $300 depending on level of comfort desired), $50 for a Kenya visa, and pocket money and meals off the campus. When you are at the campus you will have room and board provided. We will pick you up at the airport and a missionary guest house runs about $50 a night. Most teachers use the books we have for the courses we teach. We loan one copy to the students during the course. Some teachers have favorite books they want to bring and donate for the school. In that case you would need 15-25 copies. That is appreciated but you will need to sort out book approval with Alfred Rutto ( first. We have a basic syllabus for each course but again Alfred can advise you if you have suggestions for changes. All teaching questions go to Alfred and cc me. I would be happy to answer general questions. When a date is set Alfred will email you some forms (some just information but some to return). Be sure and make sure each email you send goes to me and Alfred both. If you have the time we would suggest a visit to the best game park in the world, the Masai Mara. My wife Deb can make all those bookings for you. Questions? Looking forward to seeing you on this side Blessings, Greg Snell

ATS BA schedule for 2013 Jan 8-18 Jan 8-18 Jan 21-31 Jan 21-31 Jan 21-31 Jan 29-Feb 8 Feb1-12 Feb 1-12 Feb 1-9 Feb 4-14 Feb 5-13 Feb 13-21 Feb 14-22 Feb 15-23 Mar 6-14 Apr 9-17 Apr 18-26 Apr 18-26 Apr 27-6 Apr 27-May 5 May 7-15 May 7-15 May 14-24 May 16-28 May 16-28 May 27-Jun 5 May 29-Jun 7 May 29-Jun7 May 27-Jun 7 Jun 8-19 Jun 6-17 Jun 11- 21 Jun 18- 26 Jun 24- Jul 2 Jul 1-9 Jul 3-13 Jul 15-25 Jun 18-28 Jul 22-Aug 1 Aug 6-12 Aug 6-12 Aug 13-21 Aug 13-21 Aug 22- 28 Aug 22-26 Sep 10-18 Christology Marriage and Family African Christian Theology Pastoral Counseling Community Development Spiritual Life Formation Introduction to Philosophy Acts Church History 1 Elements of Greek Islam in Africa Introduction to Sociology Eschatology Islam in Africa Homiletics African Christian Theology Comm. Development Spiritual Life Formation Pentateuch Theology proper & Angelology Church History 2 Introduction to Sociology Synoptic Gospels Africa Traditional Religion Introduction to Philosophy Youth Ministry Eschatology Soteriology Pauline Epistles Pentateuch Introduction to Philosophy Galatians and Romans Christian Education Christian Leadership Youth Ministry Church Administration Major Prophets Expository Preaching Church Administration Christian Leadership Elements of Greek Missions English Composition Church Growth Homiletics Islam in Africa

Sep 19-Oct 1 Africa Traditional Religion Sep 19-Oct 1 Introduction to Psychology Sep 17-26 Church History 1 Sep 27- Oct 9 Pastoral Counseling Sep 27-Oct 9 Christology Oct 2-10 Introduction to Sociology Oct 8- 18 Synoptic Gospels Oct 8-18 Major Prophets Oct 10-22 Pastoral Counseling Oct 10- 22 Christology Oct 22-Nov 1 Acts Oct 22-Nov1 Galatians and Romans Oct 23- Nov 2 Africa Traditional Religion Oct 23-31 Conflict Management Nov 2- 13 Pastoral Counseling Nov 2- 13 Introduction to Philosophy Nov 12- 18 The Bible and the Church Nov 12- 18 Christian Education Nov 14-22 Islam in Africa Nov 14-22 Eschatology Nov 19-27 Major Prophets Nov 28-Dec 4 Islam in Africa Nov 28-Dec 6 Hermeneutics Dec 5-13 Marriage and Family Dec 7-17 Christology

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