Fall 2012 Instructional Baseball Program (IBP

Registration for Win Within Baseball’s Fall 2012 Instructional Baseball Program (IBP) is now open! This program focuses on the fundamentals of proper skill development. The program begins after Labor Day and runs through October 28, 2012. Please read carefully for details.

Win Within Baseball’s Instructional Baseball Program is designed for young players who love baseball and want more than what a recreational experience can offer. It will accommodate players of all abilities, including more advanced players who also play on other teams or other sports in the fall. Beginner players are also welcome at each level (and their instruction geared toward them). Our practices and curriculum will be specifically tailored to accommodate all players, who will be potentially on track to join our Tribe travel teams in future seasons. We are able to tailor instruction by ensuring a high ratio of coaches to players, instituting skill-based circuit stations during practice, and following a differentiated curriculum of instruction. Based on numbers, we will have Sunday games or game-like situational play where individualized, targeted instruction for each player will be a strong focus.

There are two IBP age groups: 8-9U 10-11U

A player’s technical baseball age this fall will be the age that he or she is on May 15, 2013. However, players who are 7 years old in the fall and turn 8 in the spring are welcome to participate in the IBP, as are players who are 11 in the fall but turn 12 in the spring. Boys and girls of all abilities are welcome in each age group. We can be flexible with these groupings, and will handle each situation differently depending on what we think is best for each player. For example, it may be appropriate for a less experienced 10year-old to play with the 8-9U’s, while some 9 year-olds should move up to 10-11U's. We understand that parents may have strong feelings about the age grouping of their player. Please understand that this decision is one made solely by the coaching staff, and remember that we are making our decisions based on each player’s developmental needs. WE WILL HAVE TWO PARTICIPATION OPTIONS!!!! It is important to Win Within Baseball that our players are able to remain active with their local little leagues and also play other sports. Accordingly, we will offer two practice options: 1. One session per week – families choose which of the two days best suits their needs, and attend one of them. 2. Two sessions per week – for the player who wants more baseball experience.

Once the season gets underway, and we become more familiar with each IBP player, practices will combine drills and activities by age group or smaller groups by experience, ability or specific instructional need. This will allow us to more effectively tailor our instruction (in throwing, catching, hitting, base running, pitching and other positional play) to the specific needs of individual players and small groups. We will be able to teach the basic fundamentals to younger and less experienced players and, at the same practice, teach more accelerated techniques to the more advanced players. This type of specific instruction will progress throughout the season, and we will constantly be evaluating the development of each player so that they are properly challenged at each practice. All players will have equal access to all of our coaches and get the same number of repetitions at practice.

GAMES: (On Sundays in lieu of practice - based on enrollment - need 14+ players per group)
WWB coaches will umpire and manage the teams. (Players will, however, have the opportunity to work with various coaches not assigned to their team during IBP practices.) All games will be kid-pitch. If deemed necessary, coaches may jump in to help finish off the at-bat or inning.

We plan to begin our Fall 2012 season the week after Labor Day and run through Sunday, October 28. Tentative Schedule– subject to change based on field availability: Practice: Most likely Tuesdays OR Thursdays (start time between 4:00 and 5:30pm) @ NW DC location Practice/Game: Sunday afternoons (based on field permits) @ NW DC location. **Note practice and game details are ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE pending field permit issues.**

There will be an early bird discount for all families who register before July 31. This discount applies to any of your friends as well – so please spread the word! Financial aid available upon request. OPTION 1: (1 session per week) Instructional Baseball Program Fee: $300 Early-Bird Discount – Register before July 31 and save 15%: $265 OPTION 2: (2 sessions per week) Instructional Baseball Program Fee $: 450 Early–Bird Discount – Register before July 31 and save 15%: $385

To register for the fall season, fill out the registration form on the following pages and mail it along with payment to Jason Larocque (info on agreement). Alternatively, you can e-mail us at winwithinbaseball@gmail.com for more details.


1 Session / week _____________ 2 Sessions / week __________

PLAYER NAME __________________________ DOB_____________ AGE________ PLAYER ADDRESS___________________________________________________ CITY _____________________________________ PLAYER HOME PHONE ______________________ PARENT #1 NAME______________________ CELL # ______________________ PARENT #1 EMAIL _________________________________________________________________ PARENT #2 NAME _____________________CELL # ______________________ PARENT #2 EMAIL _________________________________________________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME _____________________PHONE _______________ *Should not be parent please* RELATION TO PLAYER _____________________________________________________________ STATE ________ ZIP ____________

PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY Win Within Baseball was created with the idea of serving the athletic, social, and developmental needs and aspirations of local baseball players and their families. Program goals include the development of young athletes as competitors and productive members of their community. Winning is important, but teaching lessons about accountability, responsibility, team-building, sacrifice, and selflessness will be a strong focus of our instructors and programs.

WIN WITHIN BASEBALL EXPECTATIONS At Win Within Baseball, we believe in honoring the game of baseball. That means that players, coaches, parents, fans, and umpires are all expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship and commit to a positive culture on and off the ball field. By choosing to be a member of the Win Within Baseball TRIBE, players, coaches, and parents believe in the following:

WWB players look forward to challenging themselves, their teammates, and their opponents because they realize it pushes them to perform at their highest potential. There is no fear of failure, only an opportunity to learn and get better. WWB players understand that it is a privilege to play sports, and value the time they are able to spend interacting with different people, learning important lessons, and having fun with their teammates and coaches. Players commit to:  Arrive on time to practices and games  Be a positive teammate  Give maximum effort from start to finish  Communicate directly with coaches at all times, before involving parents  Wear the WWB uniform with pride: clean, shirts tucked, hats on straight  Be responsible for own equipment before, during, after practices and games  Respect the field – picking up trash, keeping dugouts orderly

WWB coaches realize they are not only teaching the game of baseball; they are teaching valuable lifelong lessons that carry far beyond the field into the classroom, the home, and will stay with their players as they mature and develop. Coaches have their players, and team as a whole, focus on effort and personal improvement, rather than simply on winning or losing. WWB coaches help players realize that mistakes are inevitable and an important part of the learning process, and that the key to success is being able to bounce back from mistakes with renewed determination. The goal is to have players gain a sense of control over their own development and confidence in their ability to succeed – on and off the ball field.

WWB parents understand that the goals of youth sports are to learn and have fun in a positive culture. They commit to getting their player to practice/games on time. Parents use only positive encouragement toward their player, his/her teammates, coaches, umpires, and opponents. Parents refrain from yelling out instruction to their player (regardless of whether right or wrong) because they realize that is the coaches’ job, and receiving instruction from multiple sources is confusing for the player. They refrain from making negative comments about their player’s teammates or coaches in their player’s presence, as they realize this can negatively influence their player’s motivation and overall experience. They support and encourage their player at all times.

**Parents, please review this page together with your ball player.**


I/we know that participation in the sport of baseball may result in serious or deadly injuries and protective equipment does not prevent all injuries to players. I/we hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Win Within Baseball, the organizers, participants, and coaches from any claim arising out of the injury to my/our child whether the result of negligence or any other cause. In the event of an emergency where medical treatment is needed and I/we are unreachable, I give permission to the coaches/instructors to secure proper treatment and medical care for my child. In no event will Win Within Baseball, the District of Columbia or St. Albans School be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct or indirect, special, incidental, moral or consequential damages, loss of profits, opportunities or information or for expenses arising in connection with any services provided.

PARENT NAME _________________________________

DATE ________________

PARENT SIGNATURE ______________________________________________________

Please sign and return this form with a check made payable to Win Within Baseball to reserve your roster spot. Forms can be mailed to: Jason Larocque St. Albans School Mount Saint Alban NW Washington, DC 20016

Questions? Contact us anytime at winwithinbaseball@gmail.com. Go Tribe!

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