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M Crash U
By Art Zamarripa

3rd Time
November 7th is our first anniversary and our next anniversary could be November 3rd. I suppose I could research our second wedding’s date, but the Las Vegas chapel wedding was such a lark that it didn’t really impact my memory. Ok, I do remember Elvis being involved, but that’s it. For the record, we didn’t break up. We just took a 10-year vacation. – The Eagles

Motorcycle Crashes Lead to Weddings
Ensenada, Baja California 1981, we crash a motorcycle. Months later we’re married. Placentia, OC 2011, I crash my motorcycle, which of course means I’m getting married again. Our children coin the phrase, “I motorcycle crash you.” Loosely translated, “I love you.” Sylvia is my hero and savior. I motorcycle crash you Syl.

Save the Date!
Syl’s Birthday
Nov 2, 2012 We celebrate her birth on Dia De Los Muertos.

Nov 3, 2012 Location: TBD. You’ll be notified by: SnailMail, FaceBook or eMail

The Election
Nov 6, 2012 Does Obama get a second term? I hope so.



SylviArt Version 2.0
Old joke: Why are divorces so expensive? Because they are worth it! - So… why are we remarrying? Because we are worth it! We divorced because we were not the same people, years ago when we met. Now we are remarrying because we are not the same people we were, when we divorced. We have such a rich history together. I love her. She loves me. I can still make her laugh. She is sexy.

Despite the Children
Some couples stay married for the children. Ours survived the 10-year divorce and separation without flipping out. They haven’t been featured on the 6 o’clock news as violent criminals, and none of them have spent any serious time in jail. They have given their approval and that means a lot to us.

No More Motorcycles for Me
I’m 60, I done splitting lanes. I will not be riding a motorcycle anymore. I have plenty of miles logged, plenty of stories, and I’ve survived enough crashes to know I’ve pushed my luck as far as any sensible person should. That is not my opinion; it was Gov. Arnold’s. I received two letters signed by him declaring me “among California’s worst drivers.” I had 5 tickets with 2 crashes within 12 months.

Our New Family Members
Five children weren’t enough? We have four dogs and two cats. Separately we had two dogs and a cat. There are: two mini Dachshund sisters Opie and Georgie, Miss Baylee a Boxer, and our male puppy an English Mastiff, Boc. The cats: a Tabby, “Opti” (short for Optimus Prime) and Kitty, a 17 year-old Tonkinese that remains indoors unlike her younger counterpart that roams outside freely.

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Looking Back & Forward
What did we do over the past thirty years? Probably the same as you… we lived and survived the unexpected while raising a family. We did it together, then separately. Now we want to try it together, again. We continued with our careers as teachers. She changed school districts, sites and grade assignments and excelled at them. After I met Sylvia, I remained at the same school until retirement. My assignments changed and I loved teaching regardless of what I taught. We share the same child raising philosophy. Love them, pay attention to them, spend time with them and remind them, “We brought you into this world and we’ll take you out if necessary.” They all turned out beautifully and we count our good fortune. Sylvia and I look forward to her retirement and camping. Camping at our age? Yes, indeed. We currently go camping once a month at our Marriot or Hilton timeshare. It’s a great getaway for us. The kids are old enough and trustworthy enough to be independent. When I think about how life has developed for me I am often reminded of my cousin Chaz’s Sr. Suerte, (pictured above left) because I’ve been very lucky too.

De Mi Alma aka Sylvia’s Mini Me She is truly Sylvia’s Spirit Incarnate Our favorite daughter is a beautiful tall drink of water and quite the scholar. She is a sophomore on the Volleyball team at El Dorado HS. She’s learned the basics of how to cook and shop. She can hold her own when dealing with her four older brothers. At 13, I began teaching her how to drive in the high school parking lot. Now she is anxious to get her driver’s license. She will ALWAYS be our little girl.



The Boys
Our first-born will be thirty this year. He found his passion early in life. He instructs children on the history of cargo sailing during the 1890’s at the Ocean Institute aboard The Spirit of Dana Point and The Pilgrim, two tall ships in Dana Point. He’s found a good woman and he rides a Harley.

Deuce is an English major at CSUF. He’s our sharpdressed man. He started making videos at thirteen and now he writes scripts too. I believe he wants to combine those two skill sets in the future. If you need garment printing or embroidery for your company or team he’s been doing great work for years. Arturo and Dan live together in Santa Ana.

ITT has opened technical career opportunities for our middle child. Soon he will be moving out to live with his cousin in Commerce. Unlike the rest of the family this rebel has chosen the Dark Side. MicroSoft and Google are his preference, unlike the rest of us that worship at the altar of Apple/Mac OS-X.

Our latest high school graduate and youngest son has his sights set on becoming a dentist. I should have seen this coming. The clues? He spent more time than any player on his La Crosse team in the penalty box for inflicting pain on his opponents. You see the sadist connection, right?


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I Must Respond First & Then You’re Invited to Our Humble Wedding
Do you know all these people? – George Do you know how much it costs to raise so many children and pay for their college education? A FORTUNE!! – Paul The marriage will never last. – Art He’s a cradle robber. – BGI faculty 1981 She’s your problem now. – Father-inlaw to make this a double wedding? Heck, if it ain’t broke, why fix it huh? BGI faculty of 1981 - Yes I was a cradle robber if you think a ten-year age difference is important. I chased and chased her until she caught me. We kept it a secret for several months. I credit the Project Director for hooking me up with Syl.

I think I’d like to respond to all these quotes now. Yes. George we work and play with all these people. Some are family and most are friends. We love them and they must like hanging out with us. Why else would they be here for the free food and booze?

Paul, it’s true we didn’t bother to figure out the monetary cost raising and educating our tribe through the years. We assumed it would be monumental. Looking back on it now, we feel we made the right decision. We can’t imagine life without any of them. They’ve made us proud and we’re not even grandparents yet.

Father-in-law, I wish I had met you before our wedding day. You might have stopped me, but I think Sylvia would have found a way to make it happen anyway. I’ve never been able to say no to her. She’s never been a problem for me. She’s been a great mother, chef, wife and companion all these years. I want you to know that you and Amparo were the best inlaws a guy could have.

Art, Twenty years wasn’t a bad stretch for the first set and now we’re ready to do it again. We’re going to continue torturing each other for a few more years. I have to give you and Gloria credit for being together before Syl and I met and still living together all this time. Care

Our first wedding took place in my childhood home. The second wedding transpired in a seedy Las Vegas chapel. Third time is a charm declares the cliché. The location is yet to be determined. You are invited. When we decide where, you’ll be notified: by snail mail for those so inclined, by FaceBook for the geeks, and by email for the rest.




Aguirre Zamarripa
Often we are asked, “What is your ethn… er, ah the origin of your name?” We just say we are Mexican/American even though both are name’s origin is Basque. The double R is the telltale sign. Sylvia loves to tell people our family name translates to Love & Peace if you move the Z to the end, Amar y Paz. We are working on the iconic logo now… lol.


When Are You Getting Married?
When I can dance is the answer. Currently I dance like a tall fat Cholo, cool and slowly, swaying side to side. I could get away with that, but I want to bounce all over the room in a Conga line to something like, I want to be sedated, by the Romantics. When I stumble around the room, I want it to be because I’m tipsy, not lame from my accident. It’s not going to be a shotgun wedding. Last time some people thought we HAD to get married. Arturo was born 12 months after our marriage. You do the math. Bazinga! It’s likely that there will be plenty of shots, but they’ll be of the 80 proof varieties… Tequila, Scotch, Rum, Vodka, and Southern Comfort are preferred. Our children will be there. That’s different. Most of you weren’t there the first time. Nobody was there the second time. That’s different. The deity will be absent again from our wedding. We are still looking for somebody to perform the ceremony. Any suggestions? We will probably write our vows. Perhaps we will webcam the ceremony for those unable to attend. We will have to discuss that together. Finally, thanks to all of you that have supported our plan to remarry. If one is to be a fool for anything, it may as well be love.

Sylvia & Art Zamarripa

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