1st Semester

ADVANCED MATHEMATICS (MTH-503) Ordinary and Partial Differential equations: Application to boundary value problems, Laplace and wave equations, time dependent equations with vibratory systems. Theory of complex variables and conformal mappings: Complex numbers, the elementary functions, cauchy’s theorem, infinite series. Elementary conformal mapping - conformal transformation of harmonic functions and boundary conditions. Matrix Theory : System of linear equations, determinate, finite dimensional vector, space matrices- matrix rotation. Calculus of tensors with its applications to differential geometry. Application of matrices and tensors to simple problems. Numerical methods in engineering analysis : Interpolation and relaxation methods. Methods of minimum potential energy, variational principles, Rayleigh-Ritz Method, Galerkin’s Method, Treffitz’s Prcedure, Pargers Functions. Percubation and collection procedures. Solution of linear and nonlinear equations by numerical methods Numerical Integration – Newton Cotes, Gauss Integration. Text Books 1. S Grewal- Higher Engg. Mathematics 2. S S Shastri – Engineering mathematics 3. Gorakh Prasad – Advanced Mathematics for Engineers References 1. Venkatraman, M. K., Higher Mathematics for Engineers, National Publishing Co. 2. Jain and Iyengar, Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation, John Wiley

THEORY OF ELASTICITY (STR-501) Elasticity: Stress tensor and transformation, equilibrium conditions, simple state of stress, Strain displacement relations, strain tensors and its transformation. Compatibility condition. Constitutive relations, energy principles, problems of linear elasticity- basic equation, boundary value problems, solution of basic equation and equation of plane problems

Text Books 1. Timoshenko and Goodier - Theory of Elasticity, McGraw-Hill & Co. Newyork 2. Wang - Applied Elasticity, Dover Publications Inc. Newyork 3. Irving Shames, Mechanics of deformable solids, Eastern and economy edition, Prentice Hall References 1. Scholer, Elasticity in Engineering, McGraw-Hill, International Edition

Properties of Concrete. Ltd. Taylor. Coates & MG Coutie. Numerical methods in Engineering. Richardson’s extrapolation. Concrete Technology 3. Azar.ADVANCED STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS (STR-502) Buckling loads of prismatic and non prismatic beam columns. Polymer Concrete Composites. Fibre Reinforced Concrete. Matrix Structural Analysis. Jamal J. Matrix methods of analysis for beams and frames. Baron. Text Books 1. Matrix Computer Analysis of Structures. Rubinstein. Sinha & P. Dhanpat Rai & Sons. R. K. K. Self-Compacting Concrete. Longman Ltd. L. PWS. N. Ferrocement. Pergamon press Inc. Analysis of frames by Kani’s method. P J M Monteiro. New Delhi 6.London 2. Orchid. Smart Concrete. Concrete Technology . Light weight concrete. Newyork 2.C. sack. Weaver. New Delhi 3. Mehta.. Finite difference and integration methods. J M Gere & W. Structural Analysis. Kanchi. Wiley Eastern Ltd. ELBS Edition.) Longman Ltd. N. Analysis of frame structures. C. Reinforced concrete. High Performance Concrete Text Books 1. Fly Ash Concrete. Gayen. PrenticeHall of India. FG Kong. Thomas Nelson and sons. ELBS Edition (4th ed. Hollow concrete blocks.M. Allied East West Pvt. Numerical analysis of beam and column structures. Admixtures. Neville.Y. Prentice Hall. Matrix Structural Analysis. John Wiley. Advanced theory of structures. G. New Jersey ( Special student edition by Indian concrete institute Chennai References 1. Moshe F.. Prentice Hall. London 3. Neville&Brooks Concrete Technology. Godden.. Matrix Structural analysis. Pre-stressed Concrete. Cellular Concrete. New york 2. Concrete. G. New Delhi 4. Flexibility and stiffness methods. P. References 1.A. Salvadori & M. M. 5.London 2. Extrapolation by Aitken’s delta square procedure. W.Kent Publishing Company ADVANCED CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY (STR-503) Plain Concrete. Ronald L. Newmark’s approach.

P.. C.W. Khanna Publishers 3. Loathers. K. Text Books 1. Kulkarni – Limit design of reinforced concrete structures. design of typical foundations Steel concrete composite beams and columns. control of cracks and deflections. Krishnamurthy. shear. Prentice Hall of India. New Chand & Bros. Safety and serviceability. New Delhi STRUCTURAL LAB –II (STR-591) Field related structural design problems and their solutions by using software packages. Advanced Design in Structural Steel. . Plastic design of structures. slender column. E. Advanced reinforced concrete design. Purushothaman. Limit State Design of Structural Concrete Chatto and Windus. Deep beams. Arya A.DESIGN OF STRUCTURES (STR-504) Limit state design concepts in flexure. torsion and combined stresses. Ductile design. C. Design of connections. Prentice Hall of India References 1. Design of steel structural elements using Load and resistance factor design (LRFD) methods. and A. Design of Steel Structures. Regan. S. Field related testing of structural materials and components. limit state design of beams and frames. Yield line analysis of slabs : Work and equilibrium methods. Gharpure S.T.C. Tata McGraw-Hill Company 2. Roorkee 4.. Reinforced Concrete Design. P. Verghese. Corbels and nibs.B. and Yu. P. London 2.

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