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Adapted Harvard Referencing Technique

ACTA ACADEMICA Adapted Harvard referencing system CONTENTS 1. Books author(s)/editor(s) 1.1 Single author 1.2 Two authors 1.3 Multiple authors (three or more) 1.4 Editor(s) 1.4.1 Editor(s) chapters written by different authors 1.5 Conference papers (Unpublished) 1.5.1 Conference papers published in proceedings 1.6 Corporate bodies (Societies/Institutes) 1.7 No author indicated 2. Theses and dissertations 3. Government publications 3.1 Acts 3.2 Departmental government publications 3.3 Provincial government publications 4. Newspaper articles 5. Journal articles 5.1 Single author 5.2 Two authors 5.3 Multiple authors (three or more) 6. Websites 1. BOOKS AUTHOR(S)/EDITOR(S) 1.1 SINGLE AUTHOR Brown M 1996. Powerful people: a survey of Britains professionalworkforce. London: Guardian Publishing Group. Chomsky N 1965. Aspects of the theory of syntax. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Leedy P D 1997. Practical research. Princeton, NJ: Educational Technology Publications. Thio A 1983. Deviant behavior. 2nd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 1.2 TWO AUTHORS Grieve D W & J Pratt 1976. Certificate English language. London: Evans Brothers Ltd. Maslach C & M P Leiter 1997. The truth about burnout: how organizations cause personal stress and what to do about it. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 1.3 MULTIPLE AUTHORS (THREE OR MORE) Delbecq A L, A H van de Ven & D H Gustafson 1975. Group techniques for program planning: a guide to nominal group and Delphi processes. Glenview: Scott Foresman Company. Olivier M A J, D J H Venter & N de Lange 2004. Emotional intelligence of academics. Unpubl presentation at the second South African Wellness Conference, North-West University, Potchefstroom campus, 17 September 2004. 1.4 EDITOR(S) De Wet J J, J L Monteith, P A de K Venter & H S Steyn (reds) 1981. Navorsingsmetodes in die opvoedkunde: n inleiding tot empiriese navorsing. Durban: Butterworths. Keita G P & Hurrell J J (eds) 1994. Job stress in a changing workforce. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Leber H R (Hrsg) 1954. Heinrich Heines Werke in einem Band. Salzburg: Das Bergland Buch. 1.4.1 EDITORS CHAPTERS WRITTEN BY DIFFERENT AUTHORS Lessing A C & J Dreyer 2007. Every teachers dream: discipline is no longer a problem in South Africas schools! Oosthuizen et al (eds) 2007: 120-31. Oosthuizen I J, J P Rossouw, C J Russo, J L van der Walt & C C Wolhuter (eds) 2007. Perspectives on learner conduct. Potchefstroom: Platinum Press. PLEASE NOTE: Two entries are made. 1. Make an entry for the author(s) responsible for the specific chapter referred to, including page number references and 2. Make a separate entry to indicate the editor(s) and title of the book from which the specific chapter was

consulted 1.5 CONFERENCE PAPERS (UNPUBLISHED) Smith M H 2005. Perceptions of educators concerning fundamental rights and discipline. Paper presented at the annual Education Association of South Africa (EESA) conference held at North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 14 January 2005. PLEASE NOTE: No italics. 1.5.1 CONFERENCE PAPERS PUBLISHED IN PROCEEDINGS Hsiao H 2008. Evaluating technology and research knowledge gaps for prevention of falls from scaffolds. Bust (ed) 2008: 185-190. Bust P D (ed) 2008. Contemporary Ergonomics 2008: Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Ergonomics (CE2008), 1-3 April 2008, Nottingham, UK. London: Taylor and Francis. 1.6 CORPORATE BODIES (SOCIETIES/INSTITUTES) National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO) 2000. Mapping the future: empowering the youth. Kenwyn: Juta. Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) 2001. Pan South African Language Board: Annual report 2002. Arcadia: PanSALB. 1.7 NO AUTHOR INDICATED Anonymous 2005. Most judges support change. News24, 27 May 2005.,6119,2-7-1442_1711660,00.html Anonymous 2006. Bar Council concerned. News24, 30 January 2005. http://www.news24/South_Africa/News/0,6119,2-7-1442_1711660,00.html 2. THESES AND DISSERTATIONS Sayed Y M 1995. Educational policy developments in South Africa, 1990-1994: a critical examination for the policy of decentralisation. Unpubl PhD thesis in Education, Bristol University. Louw A J N 2005. Staking van studies aan landbou-opleidingsinstellings in die Wes-Kaap: waarskynlike oorsake en moontlike strategie vir studente-ondersteuning. Ongepubl PhD-proefskrif in Kurrikulumstudie. Stellenbosch: Universiteit van Stellenbosch. 3. GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS 3.1 ACTS Republic of South Africa (RSA) 1996. South African Schools Act 84 of 1996. Pretoria: Government Printer. Republic of South Africa (RSA) 1997. The Higher Education Act (No 101). Pretoria: Government Printer. 3.2 DEPARTMENTAL GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS Department of Education (DoE) 1999. Consultative paper no 1 on special education: building an inclusive education and training system, first steps. Pretoria: Department of Education. Department of Health (DoH) 1997. White paper for the transformation of the health system in South Africa. 3.3 PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS Gauteng Province 1996. Regulations for the establishment of the Education and Training Council Notice. Gazette No 140. Pretoria: Government Printer. Free State Department of Health (FSDoH) 2003. Proposed plan for the implementation of ARVs in the Free State province. Bloemfontein: Free State Department of Health. 4. NEWSPAPER REPORTS AND ARTICLES Barron C. 2005. When fighting crime depends on a vigilante. Sunday Times 2 August: 18. Anonymous 1997. The death penalty a grim return. The Daily News 24 March: 1. Kockott F & H Keal 2003. Vigilante link to KZN attacks. Mail & Guardian online 12 Feb 2003. 5. JOURNAL ARTICLES 5.1 SINGLE AUTHOR Geldenhuys D 1999. Staatsverval. Politeia 18(2): 37-55. Geldenhuys D 2004. Brothers as keepers: Africas new sovereignty regime. Strategic Review for Southern Africa 28(1): 1-29. Lethbridge J 2004. Public sector reform and demand for human resources for health. Human Resources for Health 2: 15. http://www.human-resources-healthcom/content/2/1/15 PLEASE NOTE: Give the volume as well as the number of the specific journal consulted.

5.2 TWO AUTHORS Fairbrother K & J Warn 2003. Workplace dimensions, stress and job satisfaction. Journal of Managerial Psychology 18(1): 8-21. Stibbe A & A Ross 1997. The Truth Commission: at the crossroads of discourse analysis. South African Journal of Applied Language Studies 5(1): 14-28. 5.3 MULTIPLE AUTHORS (THREE OR MORE) Bekker L G, C Orrell, L Reader, K Matoti, K Cohen, R Martell, F Abdullah & R Wood 2003. Antiretroviral therapy in a community clinic early lessons from a pilot project. South African Medical Journal 93(6): 458-62. PLEASE NOTE: In the text the article is cited as Bekker et al 2003 6. WEBSITES Dempster C 2002. SA vigilantism fills police gap. BBC News online. England R 2004. Experience of contracting with the private sector: a selective review. London: Department for International Development, Health Systems Resource Center. Republic of South Africa (RSA) 1973. Hazardous Substances Act (15). Acts Online.