RESEARCH PROPOSAL Green marketing on corporate strategic – A comparative study of two Indian companies

Submitted by: Section-C Gagandeep Dhillon Anuj Diwakar Sugandhi Ahuja Rishiba Rai Sultan Omar Salim

57) but early nineties there is a change in the firm’s strategy where the company must consider the effect of its action on all stakeholders including animals and nature (Klonoski. Traditionally. the market strategy of the company was to increase the profit (Peattie 1999. it has not been extensively explored/researched to the extent it should have. To understand how the green marketing strategies are developed by the two companies 2. The first indication of consumer interest in green products came through the study conducted by Peattie (1999) which indicated that in India for environmental protection almost 56 percent of the people are willing to pay. Thus. and as a consequence. particularly in India. To analyze the benefits of having green marketing strategies . revealed that Indians want their country to address issues related to environmental. there is an increased awareness and interest on green marketing strategies as evident from the sharp increase in number of ISO1400 companies. 1991). p. AIM: To examine the green marketing strategies adopted by companies OBJECTIVES: 1.BACKGROUND: In India. as a concept is pretty nascent. this made the researcher to study the marketing strategies adopted by the Indian companies. In another survey conducted by Gallup. Green-marketing.

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