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HK Wedding Functional specification

Date: 4/2/2006
Revision: 1.0
1) User registration
• User registration is for user to add themselves as member online. Email
confirmation will be implemented to preventing mass flooding.
• User can still browse the site in trial period, which is without email confirmation
in X days from registration. The site should remind and can resend confirmation if
user login after trail period.
• Send password through email to user if user forgot password.
• Details fields can refer to db schema, here list out some special fields:
o Wedding register date (optional)
o Couple’s information, including name, email (optional)
• Registration flow:
Agreement -> form filling (1. personal information, 2. additional data) -> email


2) Exhibitor Company registration

• Exhibitor registration contains 2 functionality:
o register by exhibitor – more informative
o register by user – less informative
• Details fields can refer to db schema, here list out some special fields:
o Company logo
o Photo
o Introduction
o Category, sub-category
o Upload BR
• If exhibitor is register by user, add a comment/ranking function for convenient
and fast access

3) Exhibitor Company browsing and searching

• Exhibitor browsing:
o browse by category and sub-category
• Exhibitor searching
o Basic search – by name
o Advance search – by name, category/sub category, location Area
• Sorting
o Default sorting: last comment time
o Sort by ranking
o Sort by name
• Dynamic advertisement
o Relevant advertisements are loaded by browsing/searching
o When browsing, shows sponsor links on the top of browse results
[Internal reference: Search/visit log]

4) Exhibitor Company Comment display and edit

When the exhibitor company is selected and it has more than 1 branch, all branches will
be showed with few comments. The number of comments showing can be dynamic
according to number of branches to be displayed.
Exhibitor comment will operate in real-time fashion. Comments are displayed in list
mode in time descending order. Users can reply the specific comment in news thread

Exhibitor basic information …

Add new comment (1)
Total Ranking (2)

User (3) Send private Ranking: Quality,

message (4) Price (5)
Comment body (6)

Time (7) [+] Reply #Num (8)


1. user can add new comment

2. display total ranking and breakdown (quality, price)
3. show user who log the comment
4. link to send private message
5. ranking logged by user and breakdown (quality, price)
6. Comment body
7. log date and time
8. User can reply to specific comment. It shows how many reply(s) and default is
collapsed. User can expend to view the reply messages.

5) News
• News can be text or flash read from database

6) Forum
Forum should reuse the user registered

7) Language
• Multiple languages are supported. basic include: English, traditional Chinese,
simplified Chinese
8) Concurrent logged in user and private user message
• Once user logged into the system, current logged in users will be showed in a
login user bar. User can send private message to each other through the login user

9) Administration
Administrating pages should provide add/update/delete function on following
• User
• Exhibitor
• Comment
• Advertisement
• News
1) Database and development environment setup
 MySQL create account, add database
and import database structure Completed 3hrs
 Revise original php code (previously developed) Completed 4hrs

2) User registration
 User registration with 2 steps (required & optional) Completed 4hrs
 Exhibitor registration Completed 1hr
 Email confirmation Completed 4hrs
 User login with checking user type (using cookies) Completed 3hrs
 Security checking for require login page Completed 3hrs
 User expire after trail period Incomplete
 Remind password thru email Incomplete
 User update their own information Incomplete

3) Exhibitor Company registration

 Company registration by Exhibitor Completed 4hrs
 Branch registration Completed 3hrs
 Company registration by User Incomplete
 Exhibitor upload photo Incomplete
 Exhibitor upload BR Incomplete
 Category / Sub-category (3 Levels failed, Only 2 Levels) Completed 10hrs

4) Exhibitor Company browsing and searching

 Browsing by category & subcategory Completed 4hrs
 Basic search by name Completed 6hrs
 Advance search (Except location area) Completed 4hrs
 Sorting (last comment time / ranking / name) Incomplete
 Dynamic advertisement Incomplete

p.s. All searching /browsing result shows branch only.

5) Exhibitor Company Comment display and edit

 Leave comment message Completed 2hrs
 Reply message W.I.P.
 Display comment message Data (not format)
 User rating Incomplete
 Private message Incomplete