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For Immediate Release

Collaboration. Communication. Compassion.

Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt announces candidacy for Councillor, Dartmouth Centre-District 5 Dartmouth-Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt is happy to officially announce his candidacy for councillor, District 5Dartmouth Centre. Bryn was born and raised in Dartmouth, he is deeply committed and passionate about serving his community. Bryn is a proud member of Halifax’s LBGT community and is ready to represent all voices of Dartmouth and HRM. “It is not simply enough that a councillor be skilled at helping citizens navigate the city bureaucracy, we need councilors with a strong voice and a progressive, inclusive vision. We need councillors who can take a stand, debate and make decisions in the best interest of the region”

Government Transparency “I believe in being inclusive, collaborative, and accountable and I’m committed to listening to every voice in Dartmouth Centre. Public service is an honour, not a privilege and at the heart of every decision, thought and aspiration should be the citizens of HRM. I want to foster a collaborative relationship between constituents and councillor. I will work to achieve this with monthly town hall meetings, newsletter, strong social media communications and a website. I want to provide as many means possible for citizens to communicate with and have conversations with their councillor in Dartmouth Centre” Sustainability “It is time we hold regional council to account on honouring documents such as RP+5, HRMbyDesign and other developmental policies without bending to the whims of developers. Affordable housing, poverty reduction, strong youth and recreation programs, support for families, diverse programs for seniors and ensuring that not one single person is left behind should be our drive. We can do better, to support a Dartmouth that is evolving and growing: it’s time for a fresh vision and engaged perspective. Together we can build a more vibrant, healthy community based on the tenants of sustainability: socially, economically and environmental.” Time for a fresh voice “Dartmouth is a vibrant community with immense potential. Today, we can make a plan together to chart our future: one that is inclusive, sustainable and supports and engages every citizen. It’s time for collaboration, communication and compassion, all of which will guide every decision I make. Campaign contributions also need a fresh take, I will not accept financial contributions to my campaign from corporations or organizations—only from individuals.”

For more information, you can contact Bryn via: Tel (902)448-9233 --30--