If man shall repent and turn away from his evil deeds, the creator will hear the

prayers and heal the land.

It has nothing to do with climate change, it has to do with spiritual change. The rulers of mankind has lost their connection to that from which it was created. They can deny it, but it will be by the fire this world will be destroyed. Not only by the natural weather, but the actual stresses that the weather has and will cause, in turn causing man to contribute to it himself through the nuclear activities that will follow. On earth, as it is in heaven. The heavens will make it bitter first, then the physical man even more so. As they continue with the materialist notions of Darwinism and evolution, they apply those beliefs in the social sphere which in lay terms, it upsets the balance of nature. Nature is something that mankind has misdiagnosed. This realm is tied to the spiritual realm and once again, and this can‟t be overstated, the decisions that our politicians are making are causing the destructions, while no one is tied in spiritually. Basically, the creator is not accepting any of mans‟ deceitful prayers. I have said it before, that if what man believes in is real, this materialism and self indulgence, then why is something happening of which they have no power. They claim they are powerful, but they worship to a idealistic religion. So, why doesn‟t that to which they believe in help them? The creator will bring it out in them, the lies, and that which is the truth. Both Connecticut, and Massachusetts, are considered the true extensions of that of which they worship. In their applications and decisions regarding people such as myself, the truth to whom they really are manifests itself. There is no hiding that. We see the appointments of the people in these states, which signifies the belief that these rulers have. The heat as the nation they rule has to come to grips with what is „real„ versus the fictions and illusions they put forth, all to eventually crumble. Their lies and sins will dry out in the heat, and all will crumble. Don‟t blame this on global warming, it is hell warming. On a national level one of the Congressional legislatures supposedly married another man. This is in conjunction with the loss of peoples‟ rights through SEBAC and the theft of those rights which in turn establishes the right for men to marry men in Connecticut. Both, trumpeted by this extension of the religion to which they hold to. They forged their right to exist at the expense of African descendants and their families through destruction. In this, they deny creation, they promulgate deception which is evil disguised as “piece of the pie” or Marxist, Darwinist materialism. Of

If man shall repent and turn away from his evil deeds, the creator will hear the prayers and heal the land.

which, and to a more pronounced degree, communism. We see the destruction that caused. However, they get the larger portion of the pie, and that is all of the pie. Michael Cozzolino is one of them, he got his share. Me being not one of them, received none, they reduced people like me to slave standards. The heat will continue. Until the prayers of the righteous reaches up into heaven and to the throne, the heat will continue. It won‟t only be heat. It will be winds coming as the angels stretch forth and allow. Until the joy of the heart of those elected by the heavens is felt, there will be no relief. The prayer of one righteous soul is greater than the dead utterances of all those that do evil. Truly, they are walking dead, souls that are to be cast away and into the heat. Even the prisons they build for the lies of their justice will bare witness as they will be used and become used for the same purposes of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler The truth of whom they are will be manifested, just as the heat manifests itself. Everyone will be made a believer. Every knee shall bow. They will be made rulers of the nothing that they have created. They just don‟t see that of which they created is nothing. The Governor of Massachusetts actually presided over the union of Barney Franks to another man, and you can‟t be more committed than that. Their religion allows, and that of which they bow permits, no matter what the tongue deceives. “Ye shall know them by their deeds.” The governor of Connecticut is guilty of the same track. They disavow the truth, as all of them were created from the womb of a woman. It is not that which is so disturbing, it is knowing that this ilk of person controlling government, doesn‟t allow individuals such as myself to benefit from the laws of this state, and enjoy that which we believe. They actually prevent the activities of heterosexuals to enjoy the rights of the laws, that they grant themselves as homosexuals. They don‟t allow the African the same rights as they do the Roman. Equality is not equality in their realm of belief. The drought in their souls manifests in the weather. However, they refuse to accept it. Therefore, the soil will be drought. As the soul is, the soil is. The earth is living. The soul is living. They are connected. They didn‟t evolve into that, they were created as that, and they are connected as one. So, their actions are transmitting right into the earth. They cannot hide, nor escape, worst they cannot see it. It is above all of which they do. Their filth is absorbed right into creation, as anything dead, and the earth discerns all of it. It is amazing that people doing these wicked things in high places are confounded as such. They are the blind leading the blind. The rain,

If man shall repent and turn away from his evil deeds, the creator will hear the prayers and heal the land.

without need and coming after the heat, it will be late, but on time, along with the breeze. Beware, the breeze.

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