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Daiwa Ondine 3500 Spinning Fishing Reel Item #70668 Precision in a sleek metal spinning fishing reel from

Daiwa. Gyro Spin balanced, precision ball bearings, anti-reverse lever. BailSafe locks bail open on outcast. Advanced Locomotive Levelwind uses a unique cam design to move spool at a consistent speed, preventing tangles. Aluminum ABS spool maximizes core diameter for 100% usable line. Machined aluminum handle. Computer die cast aluminum body. Line capacities: 10 lb./240 yd., 12 lb./210 yd., 14 lb./170 yd. Size: 5 in diameter Weight: 14.2 oz. Closeouts. Thailand.

Yo-Yo Reels Automatic fishing reels are perfect for docks, boats, or bank lines because the hook is set without you being there. Choose from a durable bright orange polypropylene reel or tough galvanized. Both feature stainless steel springs. Available in a polypropylene 50 lb. test or galvanized 60 lb. test.

Salt Striker Penn SS/Boatrod Combos Get the finesse of a spinning rig with the backbone to fight deep-water fish like dorado and tuna. Salt Striker rods have aluminum-oxide guides and a gimbal butt with protective caps for comfort when gimbals aren't in use. Machined bronze main and pinion gears crank out serious power to brutes fighting at the end of your line. Four stainless ball bearings and an International&reg-style disc drag system give smooth performance when under heavy pressure.

Salt Striker/ Blue Runner Surf Combo When you pair the newly designed Blue Runner surf reel, that's especially designed for surf fishing, with our Salt Striker Surf Rods, you have a versatile combo ideal for tackling everything from buoys or jetties to long-range casting. The Blue Runner reel utilizes Super Long Stroke worm gear oscillation for extreme distance casting. The reel also features eight shielded stainless steel bearings, Continuous Anti-Reverse, magnum drag system, bail arm wiper, one-touch folding handle, Twist-Reducer line roller and Long Stroke spool. The Salt Striker Surf Rods feature oversized aluminum oxide 2

guides, graphite reel seats and foam grips. Each rod action is specially tuned for longdistance casting.

Penn Senator 113HN Baja Special Reel Designed with input from expert saltwater anglers from around the country, this all-new reel is ready to tackle everything from West Coast Yellowtail to grouper in the Gulf. Heat-treated stainless steel main and pinion gears, a high-speed retrieve, and five aircraftgrade sealed stainless steel ball bearings result in the performance level you've come to expect from any reel bearing the Penn name. Plus, they include an oversized soft-grip handle and a one-piece, narrow, open-top aluminum frame for reduced weight and comfortable use.

TICA TicaTeam Saltwater Trolling Reel Saltwater gamefish won't have a chance once you have them hooked up with one of these TicaTeam series reels. Their one-piece aluminum frame, spool and sideplate are precision machined for inherent toughness that compares to other higher priced reels. A dual-drag system provides strong, smooth drag performance. Two-speed gearing shifts easily and lets you crank in the big ones. Six stainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel gears/shaft for corrosion resistant performance, and a waterproofing system ensures that

the corrosive effects of marine environments never have a chance to affect the inner workings of the reel. Multi-stop anti-reverse mechanism for durability. Lever drag for easy control on big runs.

Salt Striker Bait Feeder Spinning Reel Our Salt Striker Bait Feeder spinning reel boasts a bait-feeder lever that disengages the spool to allow line to run freely with the bail closed. An easy-to-reach adjustment knob located at the back of the reel gives you precise control of the tension of the free spool. Nine ball bearings and one roller bearing provide a super-smooth drive, while the instant anti-reverse provides stout, slack-free hooksets. The three-piece machined aluminum spool with a titanium lip produces extended casting distances. Hydro Shield multi-disc front drag system adjusts quickly and keeps out water and debris. The reels have a titanium-plated ceramic line roller, along with a rugged, sealed housing. Machined aluminum handle can be switched to right- or left-handed retrieve.

Daiwa Opus Plus Spinning Reel The perfect balance of high-performance and an affordable price make this one the reel every saltwater angler should have in his arsenal. A four-ball-bearing drive produces smooth retrieves, and the infinite anti-reverse ensures solid hooksets. Daiwa's Advanced Levelwind System evenly distributes line on the spool for superior casting performance. Each also includes Daiwa's exclusive Twist Buster to reduce line twist, and a lifetimewarranted bail spring. Spare spool included.

Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reel For serious saltwater anglers who demand the absolute best in equipment, the Saltiga Spinning reel is a dream come true. Digigear digitally designed stainless and bronze alloy gears deliver flawless operation. The dual, full-time infinite anti-reverse offers a

solid feel and delivers a bone-jarring hookset when it's time to drive the steel home. Zero Friction Mainshaft design for a smoother, more powerful retrieve. The reverse-tapered, machined aluminum spool with cut proof Titanium Nitrided spool lip allows for effortless casts, superb line lay, and never compromises the integrity of your line with abrasion. A total of fifteen ball and roller bearings (14BB + 1RB) deliver silky performance. Twist Buster anti-line twist system with oversized ball bearing roller. Rigid, ultra-precision aluminum alloy body, sideplate and rotor. Super strong tubular stainless Air Bail. Bail lock prevents the handle and rotor from turning during a cast. Manual bail trip for reliability. Massive, ultra-smooth, water-resistant drag for superior performance wet or dry.

Okuma Epixor Spinning Reels Count on smooth casts and retrieves all day with the Epixor Spinning Reel. The 10 bearings (nine ball bearings and a one-way clutch bearing) make the Epixor Spinning Reel exceptionally smooth. It has a titanium-coated stainless steel spool rim for long casts and durability. Okuma Extra Drag System uses oversized stainless steel and felt washers to dissipate heat and put the brakes on trophy-sized fish. The Rotor Equalization System makes for wobble-free retrieves. Converts between right or left-hand retrieve. Folding handle for easy storage. Includes a FREE spare graphite spool with aluminum lip.

Okuma Epixor Baitfeeder Reels Baitfeeder reels contain 10 bearings (nine ball bearings and a one-way clutch bearing) for amazingly smooth retrieves, and they boast a baitfeeding design for more control when fishing live bait. In the baitfeeder mode, the spool releases line without the bail being open and keeps it under slight tension to keep control of the bait fish swimming around in the water. When the fish comes and takes the bait, the spool lets out line under the slightly heavier tension so it won't feel your resistance until you're ready. Engage the reel and set the hook. The Rotor Equalization system makes for a wobble-free retrieve, so you can fish all day long in comfort. It has a titanium-coated stainless steel spool rim for long casts and durability. Okuma Extra Drag System uses oversized stainless steel and felt washers to dissipate heat and put the brakes on trophy-sized fish. The Rotor Equalization system makes for a wobble-free retrieve, so you can fish all day long in comfort. Includes a FREE spare aluminum spool.

Van Staal Silver Spinning Reels - Silver Van Staal premium spinning reels are expertly crafted from high-grade titanium and steel, the same materials used to build today's advanced aircraft. This gives each reel unyielding strength and consistent peak performance each and everytime you take on a hard-fighting saltwater bruiser. Van Staal's patented maintenance-free drag system features stainless steel ball bearings and an impenetrable gear case. The reel is sealed and water-tight to keep salt, sand and problems out, so you can fight the biggest fishing in the harshest elements without a worry. Color: Silver.

Alvey Casting Reels Always a contender for the world's long-distance casting record, Alvey reels cast like an open-face spinning reel, then turn 90 for quick and easy retrieve. All offer unbelievably long casts, fast retrieves, a smooth disc drag, large counter-balanced handle and a fiberglass spool. Available: 55/C5: Stainless steel back, shallow fiberglass spool, star drag with on/off lever and fish alert ratchet. Uses: estuary and surf fishing. 500/C5: Stainless steel back, fiberglass spool, star drag with multi-plate clutch. Uses: Light saltwater, steelhead and slamon. 500/BCXL: Graphite back, fiberglass spool, right- or left-hand convertible, auto fish alert and graduated lever drag. Uses: Light line-casting. 550/C5: Stainless steel back, large-capacity fiberglass spool, multi-plate clutch with on/off lever and fish alert ratchet. Uses: Heavy-duty surf, pier- and boat casting. 600, 650/BCXL: Graphite back, fiberglass spool, multi-plate clutch, graduated lever drag, and on/off lever to disengage anti-reverse. Uses: 600BCXL light-line surfcasting and estuaries; 650BCXL light to medium surfcasting. 650/C5: Stainless steel back, fiberglass spool, multi-plate clutch, star drag, on/off switch to disengage anti-reverse and fish alert ratchet. 8

655/BC: Graphite frame, large-capacity fiberglass spool, tri-star drag adjuster, double handle, and multi-plate clutch. Uses: Saltwater bottom fishing and trolling. 700/C5: Stainless steel back, fiberglass spool, multi-plate clutch, star drag, on/off lever disengages the anti-reverse and fish alert. Uses: Medium- to heavy-duty surfcasting.