This community center is located on a 20.5 acre parcel in the middle of the Ballentinecommunity. Its amenities include a recreation building with meeting rooms, kitchen, crafts room, fitness room, basketball courts, soccer fields, playground, and a walking trail. This center is a multi-purpose facility and is ideal for all types of community activities; arts & crafts, dancing, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday celebrations, family reunions and meetings just to name a few. Maximum capacity of our facility is 125 people. For more information about these events or rental information, please contact Charlene Lyles at (803) 754-6720 x216 or email This facility is an official "GREEN ZONE"

General Information:
Our afterschool and summer camp programs area great service for parents of children in K5 through the 8th grade. Parents can be reassured that their children are in a safe and fun environment that helps to develop their child mentally and physically. Students are able to receive schoolwork assistance, enjoy physical fitness activities, travel on field trips and be exposed to cultural activities. They will also participate in RCRC's celebrated M.A.D. (Making a Difference) program which actively involves students in character building, leadership and citizenship programs

Neighborhood Parks
Welcome to the Richland County Recreation Commission's neighborhood parks! For more information about these parks, please contact James Brown, Jr. at (803) 754-6720 ext. 218 or Charlene Lyles at (803) 754-6720 ext. 216.

Anna Boyd Park Address 633 Anders Street | Columbia. SC 29209 Description: At the intersection of Anders Drive and Brookmont Lane. It contains a playground. and a dedication bench in loving memory of Constance Arielle Baker who attended USC in 2005. a multi-purpose playground.98 acre neighborhood park is located at Olympia Avenue down from Divine Truth Ministries by the Congaree River. Crane Forest Park Address 1220 Peachwood Drive | Columbia.83 acre neighborhood park is nestled down the road from Forest Heights Elementary School on Blue Ridge Terrace. nice trail good for jogging/walking. full basketball court and a picnic area. The park is located next to Anna Boyd Elementary School.35-acre location. This facility includes two picnic tables. SC 29203 Description: This. SC 29201 Description: This 4. . Olympia Park Address 1050 Olympia Avenue | Columbia. contains two playgrounds and a basketball court that fills this 2.

5 acre area contains a picnic shelter. a basketball court and a picnic area. SC 29203 Description: Before reaching the Crane Creek Community Center on Fairfield Road. This 21. a covered picnic shelter. SC 29201 Description: Located northeast behind the Columbia State Fairgrounds.44 acre neighborhood park boasts a playground. this . .97 acre location contains a impecable gazebo (ideal for portrait photography). picnic tables and benches. Sharpe Road Park Address 501 Sharpe Road | Columbia. Serenity Park Address 403 Riley Street | Columbia. this former elementary school has activity rooms. you will turn right onto Sharpe Road. This .9 acres. a small walkway with a bridge. SC 29203 Description: Situated in the Arthurtown Community. SC 29203 Description: Ridgewood is located between Dartmouth Avenue and Woodbrier Street. a playground. playground and parking area ideal for tailgating during the big game.Perrin-Thomas Neighborhood Park Address 1010 Andrews Road | Columbia. security lighting. a quarter of a mile recycled rubberized walking trail and exercise stations. Ridgewood Park Address 805 Crest Street | Columbia. On 5.

08 acres consists of a basketball court. The trails are a quarter mile long. Summerhill Park Address 210 Durango Avenue | Columbia.67 acre neighborhood park is located off of Blair Street/Blair Road in the Arthurtown Community. BACK TO TOP . playground.Starlite Park Address 4300 Laclair Drive | Columbia. Walking Trails Walking continues to be one of the top five popular outdoor recreational activities among adults. picnic shelter. Washington Park Address 175 Aster Circle | Columbia. playground and security lighting. a water fountain and baseball field. SC 29203 Description: This park. on 1. It consists of a full two-way basketball court. SC 29209 Description: This . nestled within Lake Elizabeth Estates residence. It consists of a playground.83 acre neighborhood park is centrally located off Candlelite Drive and 1 mile from Bluff Road Park. You can choose to join one of our Mall Walking programs or you can take advantage of one of numerous outdoor walking trails or tracks. SC 29201 Description: This 3. a large picnic shelter. a picnic shelter with tables and a grille.

The trail is made of paved. low-impact exercises. Special Events Denny Terrace Community Center 6429 Bishop Avenue Columbia. rubberized material which allows for ADA accessibility and full participation of all our patrons. 6429 Bishop Avenue. Enjoy the decorative lighting around the trail and relax on one of the four park benches located under the shade trees. baby strollers. We thank Richland County Community Development and the Richland County Conservation Commission for their support in all enhancements to Ridgewood Park. We are very proud of our neighborhood nature trail. canes. recycled. In addition to the walking trail. Pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic shelter and let the children play in the enclosed playground as you watch their every movement while walking along the trail. Many thanks to the Richland County Conservation Commission for providing grant funding to initiate and help make the trail a reality. Hopkins Park Meadowlake Park (lighted track) Olympia Neighborhood Park Perrin Thomas Neighborhood Park Polo Road Park Washington Neighborhood Park Ridgewood Park Walking Trail The walking trail is approximately a quarter of a mile in length. With conservational efforts directing the trail project. rubberized material leading from the entrance of the trail. The paved portion allows for easy accessibility. We anticipate the trail will provide more educational opportunities in the future with visits from the nearby Forest Heights Elementary School and participation from the neighborhood’s home schooled children. and anyone needing a smooth surface to walk on. as the surface is suitable for wheelchairs. past an outdoor classroom. Approximately 400 feet is paved with recycled. there are four exercise stations placed strategically along the trail to allow for a full body workout of 10 different.OTHER FACILITIES WITH WALKING TRAILS OR TRACKS Ballentine Community Center Blythewood Park Caughman Road Park (lighted trail) Eastover Park Friarsgate Park Gadsden Community Center Denny Terrace Community Center Walking Trail & Outdoor Classroom Located behind the Denny Terrace Community Center. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the playground or nearby tennis courts in a serene. we have created a safe space to observe nature and to provide for fun and respite for everyone. the nature trail is approximately two tenths of a mile. natural environment. SC 29203 .

provide a lot of fun and family entertainment.General Information: Richland County Recreation Commission offers a variety of special events throughout the year. Events that showcase cultural diversity promote health and wellness. Activities .

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