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Breakthrough genomics starts with quality DNA.

Combine simplicity and ultra-purity with PureGenome Tissue DNA Kits.

Whether youre performing PCR, genotyping, sequencing or methylation analysis, the quality and yield of isolated DNA will influence study outcomes. Trust PureGenome kits to obtain the maximum genomic information from your most precious samples.
Solutions for Whole Tissues and Tissue Sections
Choose the PureGenome Tissue DNA Extraction Kit for rapid isolation of total DNA from a variety of solid tissues or the PureGenome On-Spot Tissue DNA Kit for extracting DNA from targeted tissue sections (includes formalinfixed paraffin-embedded tissues). Furthermore, you can use these kits to process samples of virtually any biological liquids, such as whole blood, plasma, serum or cells from culture.

Speed, Flexibility and Sensitivity

Solid Tissues PureGenome Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

Range of Animal or Human tissues DNA Yield DNA Purity DNA Size Range Fast and Convenient
Targeted Tissue Section Isolation

Skeletal, heart, brain, liver, kidney, lung, tail-snips, ear-punches, etc. Skeletal, heart and brain tissues (13 g/mg), liver, kidney and lung (35 g/mg), blood (57 g/ 100 L) Optimized for maximal recovery of ultra-pure DNA (A260/A280 > 1.8) without RNA contamination 25 bp to 40 kb 14 h tissue lysis and 15 min purification on spin columns
PureGenome On-Spot Tissue DNA Kit

Samples DNA Yield DNA Size Range

Fresh tissue sections or paraffin archives (post-deparaffinization) on glass slides Typically 20 ng-150 ng per 0.5 cm2 75 bp-25 kb

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Rapid, High Yield and Quality DNA Isolated from Porcine Muscle Tissue

20 40 80 160 320 O/N

Time (mins)

Equal amounts of Muscle Tissue (25 mg) was processed using the PureGenome Tissue DNA Extraction Kit after incubation with PureGenome Proteinase K and PureGenome Lysis Buffer (provided in Kit) at the times shown (minutes) or overnight (O/N). The DNA yields (evaluated using absorbance (A260) and purity (A260/280) are shown. The DNA isolated is suitable for a wide range of downstream steps including Next Generation Sequencing library preparation (data not shown).

Ordering Information
Description Qty Catalogue No.

PureGenome Tissue DNA Extraction Kit* PureGenome On-Spot Tissue DNA Kit**

50 Preps 50 Preps

72635-1KIT 72636-1KIT

* PureGenome Kits contain optimized Proteinase K for tissue lysis, buffers, SpinPrep Columns and Collection Tubes. ** PureGenome On-Spot Solution is provided for selecting targeted section areas prior to Proteinase K digestion and Purification.

Related Products for Genomics and Tissue Research

Description Catalogue No.

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XX0060-4 17-20000 71975


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