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Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:59 AM (b) (6) FLOSSMAN, LOREN W; (b) (6)

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RE: Updated: Weekly meeting with IBWC

Attachments: 10_01_08_IBWC_Issues.ppt Attached is an updated briefing for today's conference call Thanks From: (b) (6) Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 2:57 PM Required: (b) (6) FLOSSMAN, LOREN W; (b) (6) Optional: (b) (6) Subject: Updated: Weekly meeting with IBWC When: Thursday, October 02, 2008 1:00 PM-2:00 PM. Where: 1 (800) 238-0210, Passcode #342193

Access number: 1 (800) 238-0210 Passcode #342193



SBI Tactical Infrastructure Program IBWC Issues
October 2nd, 2008

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Major Issues
• Fence in Floodplain • Fence on Levees • Hidalgo County • Miscellaneous Items



Fence in Floodplain
– Segments O-1 (3.8 miles), O-2 (8.8 miles) & O-3 (1.9 miles)
• DHS likely to drop fence segments from PF225

– Segment M-2A (0.75 miles)
• Baker modeled the retaining wall proposed for M-2A (in the flood plain) and concluded it will not impact the floodplain
– IBWC approved the construction of M-2A in the floodplain on 22 Aug – “No Issues” letter drafted and forwarded to Commissioner for signature.

– Segment L-1 (0.20 miles)

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Fence in Floodplain
– Segment O-21 (0.53 miles)
• CBP would now like IBWC to design and construct levee wall similar to Hidalgo using CBP funds

– Segment CV-1A
• CBP to install permanent fencing along canal, outside of the spillway and weir footprints for the dam. CBP still desires to locate temporary barriers across the weir until such time de-silting has been accomplished. USIBWC requires letter from CBP Commissioner prior to placement of temporary barriers. • Draft letter forwarded to DHS??



Fence on/near Levee
– Segments L-1A and L-1B (6 miles)
• • • • • Projects have been removed from PF225 CBP would now like IBWC to design and construct a levee wall within these segments CBP preparing written request Project has been canceled Current alignment has been determined to not be constructible; now looking at installing at the north toe of the levee (i.e. our original proposed location) Segment O-21 currently the only segment in which CBP believes sections of fence may need to encroach on the 15 ft desired buffer north of the levee The contract documents for all RGV segments in which fence is proposed north of the levee:
– – – – – – – –

– Segment K-1B (0.7 miles) – Segment K-2C – Segment O-21
• •

The minimum 15 ft buffer Contractor to stake out fence alignment prior to construction IBWC review/approval of staked-out alignment prior to construction Station 35+00 to Station 40+00 – USIBWC concurs with location closer than 15 ft from toe. Contractor must stake out area prior to construction and obtain USIBWC review/”no issues”. Station 220+00 to Station 224+00 – USIBWC will coordinate with owner of unauthorized structures to have them removed. DHS to maintain 15 ft offset. Station 236+00 to Station 259+00 – USIBWC concurs with less than 15 ft offset at station 236, if required to avoid tower. USIBWC currently surveying our right-of-way between stations 236 & 259 to determine if existing fencing is within right-of-way and 15 ft offset could be obtained within our right-of-way (OPEN ITEM). Station 369+37.50 to Station 397+77.50 – Nye Plantation segment; CBP terminated this work for FY 2008. No further action required. USIBWC understands that all other fence segments will provide a 15 ft offset from toe of levee. USIBWC will provide CBP with letter regarding our decision on abovementioned segments.



Hidalgo County
•SBI has decided to provide Hidalgo County additional funding to complete segments O-4A, O-4C, O-6A, O-6B/C, O-8 and O-9 Phase II – SBI evaluating the feasibility of constructing pedestrian fence on either side of the HCWD#1 pump station (O-4B) •SBI owes IBWC: – Draft letter from CBP on coordination efforts with property owners potentially directly impacted by the levee wall project is being routed for Mr. Giddens signature



Miscellaneous Items
•Tracking of IBWC Design Approvals – On-going; both CBP/Corps & IBWC tracking status •Segment K-1A (1.1 mile) – CBP moving forward with design assuming floating fence (PV-3) in TXDOT right of way – Proposed alignment/draft RFP submitted to IBWC – Need to discuss IBWC requested gate •Laredo Cane Control Project – CBP submitted letter to IBWC on June 22nd describing the proposed project – US IBWC has informed MX IBWC of proposed “pilot” project (1.7 miles) – Cane removal activities scheduled to begin on October 1st