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A successful training program is always a work in progress, and the training cycle isnt complete without an evaluation of trainings

effectiveness, which leads to decision-making and planning for future training. With the objective to lift the Placement Record of the students, the Department of Training and Placement organised many training programmes for the Final Year students by the reputed training companies in the academic year 2011-2012. The first to come to the campus was a Training Company named Innovative Services, Chennai. This 10 Day Intensive Training Programme on Aptitude & Reasoning was organised for the benefit of the final year students of all the branches with nil arrear. However, students with arrear also participated in this programme based on their willingness. The programme was held in two slots from 8th to 12th August' 11, & 16th to 20th August' 11. The focus was on development of skills in Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, & Logical Reasoning. 257 students actively participated in this programme. This time the services from the company was rendered by Mr. Eswar Lal, Mr. Prabhakaran, Mr. Naveen Kolla and Mr. Sunil. There was another 7 Day Intensive Training Programme on Aptitude & Reasoning, organized for the benefit of Final Year Students (with No Arrears) by experts from FACE (Focus Academy for Career Enhancement), Coimbatore. The programme commenced on 3rd Oct 2011, and continued on 4th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Oct 2011. Students were trained in the following areas: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Group Discussion, Resume Writing, & Interview. Ms. Nazma Nijami, Ms. Divya, Mr. Akshay, and Mr. Naveen represented the company and gave the training to the students. 215 students attended this training programme. A 2 Day Wipro-specific Training Programme conducted in our campus on 2nd & 3rd Feb 2012. The main purpose is to prepare the eligible students to participate successfully in the Common Recruitment Drive for M/S Wipro Technologies, by Anna University, Chennai, on 7th & 8th Feb 12. However, all clear students, who do not meet the eligibility criteria for Wipro, but who are interested in this company-specific training, are encouraged to participate in this 2 Day Training Programme. On the first day, four tests were held on Numerical Ability on the pattern of the question papers by Wipro. On the second day, four more tests were given on Verbal Ability. All the answers to the questions were discussed by the resource persons on these two days. Another One Day Programme was conducted on Verbal Aptitude for Final Year Students (with No Arrears) on 14th Feb 12. Two experts from TIME, Madurai, Ms. Raji Balasubramanian and Mr. S. Sivakumar administered the programme. 94 students participated and reaped the benefits. A special programme was conducted on C & C++ in order to make our students gain competency in programming in software. Two HR officials from reputed companies came twice to our campus to empower our students in the use of C & C++. Initially, the programme was started on 3rd March 2012. It was further continued for two more days by the company staff. Nearly 40 to 50 students volunteered to participate in the programme. A 2 Day CTS-specific Training Programme was conducted by Mr. Vineeth of FACE for all the 34 eligible students and some interested students on 5th & 6th March 2012. This training was given to the students to enable them to get selected in the Recruitment Drive for CTS on at

PSNA College of Engineering, Dindigul. On the first day, there were 71 participants(EEE=8, ECE=29, CSE=27, & IT=7). The focus was on Quantitative Aptitude, & Reasoning. On the second day 63 students (EEE=8, ECE=29, CSE=19, & IT=7) attended the programme which focused on English Language Skills. On 7th April 2012, there was a Company-specific Training programme conducted for Final Year Students particularly to benefit the 6 students participating in the Recruitment Drive for Infosys organised by AU, Chennai, at PSNA College of Engineering, Dindigul. The one day programme was conducted by two staff from FACE Ms Divya, & Ms. Keerthi. Thirty one students participated. The test on the pattern of Infosys Question Paper was administered, following which there was discussion of all questions and answers of the question paper. Mock Interview was conducted for the benefit of Final Year Students (with No Arrears) twice one on 22nd Jan 12, and another on 4th Feb 12. 154 and 103 students attended this mock interview on 22nd January and 4th February respectively. There were HR officials from reputed core and MNCs who conducted the Mock Interviews for our students. They interacted with the students on resume building and presentation skills. Students were advised to equip themselves with details of their projects, in-plant training, industrial visits, and their subjects of interest. In the first Mock Interview, students were individually informed of their lapses, and of how to overcome the same. And on the second occasion, students fared well, and averted most of their short-comings.

Besides, on-line tests are given every evening to students right from the First Year to the Final Year in order to empower them with the necessary skills not only Aptitude, but also Technical Skills of the relevant disciplines. All the company-based question papers are structured and administered to students, so that they will not face the situation of unpreparedness for recruitment in MNCs, when they come to final year of their studies. These ON-LINE Tests are meticulously planned and administered under the direct supervision and guidance of the Director.

We strive strenuously to foster faith among students in human values

to improve their psychological competence to enable them to successfully handle challenges of present contemporary society and excel in every aspect of life to develop life skills to develop job-ready talents to arrange industry training to help securing industry based project-works to offer guidance for higher studies to develop and sustain industry institute interaction to seek & facilitate suitable placement for students

Students Development Programs organized by Training and Placement Cell

Learning Skills Workshop Life Skills Program Personality Development Program Communication Skills Program Presentation Skills Program Group Discussion Practice Entrepreneurship Development Program Mock Interview Sessions In plant Training Memory Techniques Co-operative Learning Workshop Conducting industry expert interaction sessions Conducting German Language Course