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Fabrinet Thailand Case study

Customer Profile
Founded in 1999 and based in Thailand, Fabrinet offers advanced of products. The company manufactures, assembles, and tests products for customers at its main manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. The bulk of its own optical materials is designed and manufactured at their facilities in Fuzhou, the Peoples Republic of China, and New Jersey, USA. Fabrinet uses a variety of optical and electro-mechanical process technologies licensed for use by their customers or developed in-house. A number of internally developed operational systems are used as well to provide customers with improved efficiencies. Fabrinets customers include four (out of six) of the largest optical communications-components companies in the world. Market research has shown that companies that Fabrinet supports such as: voice and data communications, semiconductor processing, biotechnology, metrology, material processing, auto safety and medical devices are on the rise. precision manufacturing capabilities. The companys focus is low-volume production of a wide variety

The solution
In order to answer customers needs Gamatronic provided the Mega Power+ modular, parallel UPS solution offering: A totally green input power (Unity power factor of 96% and less than 5% THDI) provided by the Mega Power+ minimizes the size of the input upstream, generator, transformer, switch gears and feeding cables. The modular, parallel, redundant structure of the Mega system (25kVA=25VA power modules) provides the highest load availability (uptime) of output power. It ensures that even if one module or more malfunction, they isolate themselves from the rest of the functioning modules, allowing the power protection system to operate with the maximum possible uptime. Optimized sizing and scalability: the structure of the Mega Power+ enables the user to upscale the power protection solution when new equipment is added to the production line. At Fabrinet, the Mega Power+ operates as both a UPS and a static frequency converter, which converts the input power from 50 Hz into a stable, independent, high quality output power of 60 Hz. Small Footprint: Thanks to the hot swap feature of the Mega Power+, the downtime (MTTR mean time to repair) of the power protection system is reduced to a few minutes and Individual malfunction power modules can be replaced in a very short time , without shutting the whole system down. The high power density of the Mega solution ( per volume and per weight), allowed for 4 systems of 300kVA (scalable up to 500kVA) be positioned in a small room.

The Challenge
While building a new FAB which would allow it to enlarge its production line, Fabrinet requested a solution capable of ensuring a reliable, stable, continuous power supply and protection to its critical equipment while guaranteeing an uninterruptible production line at all times. The solution searched for had to convert the frequency of the power from 50 Hz to 60 Hz (the main supply in Thailand provides 50Hz while the Fabrinet production equipment operates at 60Hz frequency being an American made equipment) as well.

Fabrinet Thailand Case study

Mega Power + 125kVA/kW to 500kVA/kW
The Mega Power+ is a state of the art modular redundant UPS System - With a capacity to grow up to 500kVA (with 25kW increments). The products unbelievable small footprint and high efficiency makes it one of the worlds leading solutions in its range. The product is utilized in many Datacenter rooms, hospitals, manufacturing & industrial applications, telecom Datacenters as well as many other segments. System Characteristics Highest efficiency rate of 96%. Significant energy and cooling savings. Maximum Availability and Minimal Downtime. The Highest Power Density / Smallest Footprint (25kVA/ kW 3U and saves space in data centers, IT rooms and other critical hosted sites). All connections and cables are internal. Minimal access to the sides and rear of the unit is required FRONT access only. Highest level of load availability: Even if a module fails, it will not influence the system operation and load availability. The system will continue to work uninterrupted. Flexible scalability: Mega Power+ ensures future growth when load increases. This scalability feature enables the user/ designer unprecedented flexibility. Minimal maintenance: Mega Power+ delivers almost zero MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), which results in the best service with minimal costs. Minimal maintenance: Mega Power+ delivers almost zero MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), which results in the best service with minimal costs. Mega Power+ performs unity output PF 250kVA = 250kW. The UPS is perfectly suitable for loads, such as blade servers with lower power factor. Gamatronic understands that energy-savings is not only a matter of cost-savings, but also of social responsibility. Mega Power+ clean and globally responsible energy technology meets and exceeds power requirements, while minimizing environmental impact. Each Mega Power+ features a unique and proprietary Controller, which is the users main interface with the Mega Power+. The Controller features a colored, touch sensitive screen which enables the user to navigate through the system screens by pressing various icons. Multilanguage functions allow simple usage worldwide. The Controller is not a failure point and the UPS operation is not interrupted if the Controller is removed. Its interface offers up-tothe-minute, intelligent monitoring of all UPS parameters including intelligent battery monitoring functionality, system voltage, temperature etc. Each system element has its own Control and History Log. Built in SNMP/TCIP & optional GPSR/SMS interface provides complete control over units operation without installing software or using dedicated computers or control hardware.