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Don't let a flood drown your finances!

Of late, I have been spending as much time as the next person regarding the flood waters and the damages in numerous states. A word that has been repeatedly used made me think of the Merriam Agency and that now all important word, Insurance. Over the years and in different capacities, finding an Insurance Agent to meet our needs has been a responsibility that I am familiar with... I highly recommend Brian Merriam of the Merriam Agency. They will more than cost wise meet your every insurance need.
Rev. John W. Steinhauser Executive Director Union Gospel Mission, Inc. Jamestown, New York .

This policy does not cover ddamage from flood

dd(unless you are in the AGRM-endorsed IIIInsurance Program!)


There are floods in the news again seems incessant. Some blame global warming; others blame seasonal cycles and poor engineering. Whether a formally declared flood such as caused by hurricane Katrina, or a swamped basement because a sump pump could not keep up following a spring thunderstorm, most everyone experiences a surprise flood in one situation or another. There are multiple definitions of what constitutes a flood. Some floods are addressed easily by insurance; some are clearly excluded. Under the typical insurance policy the following clause exists: Water Exclusion Endorsement - We [the insurance company] will not pay for loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any of the following: Water. This includes flood, surface water, waves, tides, tidal waves, overflow of any body of water, or their spray, all whether driven by wind or not; water that backs up or overflows from a sewer, drain or sump; or water under the ground surface pressing on, or flowing or seeping through: foundations, walls, floors or paved surfaces; basements; doors, windows or other openings. Members of the AGRM, who are insured through the endorsed insurance program through Great American Insurance Company with Merriam Insurance, enjoy an automatic $25,000* coverage benefit in these areas where other policies exclude coverage. (*Higher limits available at additional cost)

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Brian H. Merriam, CPCU, ARM, AAI President, The Merriam Agency 877-MERRIAM (637-7426) ext.201