Ammonia Synthesis ,Heat exchanger design(123-C) and material balance of Syn gas converter(105-D


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04 Kg/cm2 One 1.55 Kg/cm2 One 1. Japan Surface area: 712 m2 Heat Exchanged: 22654800 Kcal/hr Type: Special (all welded) Design and Operating conditions: Fluid circulated Total fluid entering Fluid condensed/vaporized M. Operating Inlet temperature Outlet temperature Pressure Design Temperature Pressure No.DESIGN OF HEAT EXCHANGER 123-C Process Design of Ammonia converter feed water exchanger (123-C) Purpose: To recover waste heat from Ammonia converter outlet gas by preheating boiler feed water.20C 112.49 Kg/cm2 265.670C 163.703-1.5 mm 0.72 286.32 kg/cm2 298. of passes Corrosion allowance Pressure drop Shell side Boiler feed water 158875 kg/hr (Normal) 199506 kg/hr (design) 1240C 257.5 mm 0.560C 123.05 Kg/cm2 Tube side Converter effluent 266568 kg/hr 11.330C 141.598 Kg/cm2 . Kobe. Earlier design Specifications: Make: Kobe Steel.890C 153.WT.

2 mm Channel Inlet: 355. C.S. of tubes: 19 mm Length of tubes: 10670 mm Shell diameter: 939.6 mm Channel outlet: 355.D.S. TI-1-162 indicates temperature of water exist of the exchanger.3 mm Shell Outlet: 203. A 2” bypass valve has also been provided for use during startup and shutdown. C.Dimensions: No of tubes: 1130 O. (cold) Baffles: C. There is a conductivity analyzer indicator and a high conductivity alarm AI-8 and AAH-8.6 mm 123-C A part of the BFW is preheated by synthesis gas outlet of synthesis converter thus utilizing its waste heat.8 mm Material of constructions: Tube: C-1/2 Mo Shell channel: C.S. . C. Connections: Shell Inlet: 203. C-1/2 Mo (inlet).S. (outlet) Tube sheet: C-1/2 Mo (hot). There is a isolation valve and a non return valve on water line exist 123-C.S. (outlet) Channel cover: C-1/2 Mo (inlet).

Actual Operating Data of Control room interface: .



Data Given: 105-d inlet .

58 9.26 21.44 8.26 - Component H2 N2 Ar CH4 NH3 H2O Component H2 N2 Ar CH4 NH3 H2O Nm3/hr 218762 74608 18243 36119 63688 Nm3/hr 198501 67854 18243 36120 77195 - Mol % 53.13 4.08 19.78 15.Component H2 N2 Ar CH4 NH3 H2O 105-d outlet Nm3/hr 298569 101210 18243 36119 10483 - Mol % 64.78 3.40 - .17 18.05 4.48 Mol % 49.77 2.93 7.89 17.

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