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Some Activities

Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency in Administration We work continuously to audit functioning of various arms of government and public institutions for their efficiency and accountability. We use various tools available like the Right to Information (RTI), Prevention of Corruption Act, Lokayukta, etc. in these activities. We have succeeded in making defunct departments begin to work, corrupt officials face the law, prevent swindling of public money, getting roads repaired, garbage dumps cleared and so on Legal Awareness We regularly organize awareness campaigns on various laws and topics of importance to the citizens like the Right to Information Act, Constitutional Rights and Duties, Anti-Corruption Laws, Ethics, Leadership, Participatory Democracy, Environment & Sustainable Development, Education, Culture, Empowerment, Transport, Youth, etc. Destitution / Beggary / Social Security RASTR has carried out comprehensive study for over 3 years on Beggary and has conducted an Audit of the Beggary Relief System in Karnatak. Several recommendations have been made to the govt. for effective implementation of the Karnatak Prohibition of Beggary Act, 1975. The report and our interactions with the government may be obtained from our website Were also working actively to institute a universal Social Security Net for all citizens. Participatory Democracy We continuously organise dialogue and discussions between the citizens and the officials about development. We believe that towns and villages thrive and are best managed when citizens participate in making decisions.

Over sixty-three years have passed since we won freedom after a painful yet courageous and cheerful struggle. The struggle for independence was indeed a high watermark in the history of our civilisation. However, revivalist forces have slowed down in the past few decades. A general decline in moral values is witnessed in todays India. The diseases of ignorance, selfishness, corruption, intoleration, casteism, communalism, separatism, opportunism, violence and commercialization have engulfed our society. Poverty, hunger, malnourishment, illiteracy and exploitation are still the order of the day. Bad roads, poor water supply & electricity, ever rising prices, impotent justice system, worsening internal & external security, law & order, the I dont care attitude of politicians and above all the indifference of the Common Man towards all this. How long do we allow this disorder to continue?? Should we betray the great sacrifices of our reformers, freedom fighters and revolutionaries? Is this the India dreamt by the Ram Mohan Rays, the Vivekanandas, and the Vidyasagars? Is this the India for which the Lakshmibais, the Bhagat Singhs, the Azads and the Tilaks sacrificed their lives? Is this the India for which the Gandhis, the Nehrus and the Subhash Boses dedicated there lives to?? Do we let things go to the dogs??? Rashtrotthan Sankalp Trust (RASTR) is an initiative of the conscious people of India, who believe in action. RASTR is a socio-political movement comprising of people from different walks of life. RASTR provides a platform to all those who are eager to bring positive changes in the society by their efforts. Our aim is to cleanse the present rotten social and political system completely. We believe Change is Possible and it can be brought about not by talk alone but by right thought and Action. RASTR joins forces with all likeminded citizens and organisations including the government in this endeavour. Our Mission It is our solemn resolve to uphold and promote dharma; and to dedicate ourselves to the establishment of a just, honest and enlightened society; a resurgent, happy, prosperous and progressive India; and universal peace and harmony.

The revolution has begun! Are you not a part of it yet??? 9916135836; 9886024990

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