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GATE -1998
ME: Mechanical Engineering
Duration; Three Hours
SECTION-A 1. Write in your answer book at the space provided, the correct or most appropriate answer to the following multiple choice questions by writing the letter - A, B, C Or 0 - against each question number (25xl = 25)

Maximum Marks: 150

The normal stesses at a point are cr = 10 MPa and cr = 2 M~a; the shear stress at this'point is 4MPa: The maximum prtnclpal stress at this point is (/I) 16 MPa (b) 14 MFa (e) 11 MPa (d) 10 MPa The ratio of average shear stress to the maximum shear stress in a beam with a square cross-sect] on is
(II) 1 (e) (b) ~ 3 (d) 2



For x =~, x + cos" x + (n) 1f (c) co

the sum of the series f(cos

x)2n =cos?

.is (b) 3 (d) 1 1.10




(s (a)

+ 1)-2 is the Laplace transform of t' (b) t'
(d) te....

(e) e-21

1.3 If el> = (x)
(a) 2X2 (e)



dt, then

del> is dx


of the function

Heat transfer coefficients for free convection in gases, forced convection in gases and vapours, and for boiling water lie, respectively in the ranges of (n) 5 - 15,20 - 200 and 3000 - 50,000 W /m2K. (b) 20 - 50, 200 - 500, and 50,000 - lOS W!m2](. (e) 50 -100, 500 -1000, and 105 -10' W /m'K. (d) 20-100,200 -1000, and a constant 1O'W /m'K.
0; are the nozzle exit velocity and nozzle angle in an impulse turbine, the optimum blade velocity is given by (/I) V N cos 2 0; (b) V N sin 2 0;

1.11 If V Nand

(d) 1


The magnitude of the gradient f = xyzl at (1,0, 2) is (a) a (b)3 (d) co (c) 8 The probability birth-month is
I (a) -


VN coso;

(d) VN2




that two friends share the same

1.12 A Curtis stage, Rateau stage and a 50% reaction stage in a steam turbine are examples of






(e) 144 1.6

I (d) 24 1.13

(a) different types of impulse stages (b) different types of reaction stages (e) a simple impulse stage, a velocitycompotlnded impulse stage and reaction stage (d) a velocity compounded impulse stage, a simple impulse stage and a reaction stage The basic load rating of a ball bearing is (a) the maximum static radial load that can ~e applied without causing any plastic deformation of bearing components. (b) the radial load at which 90% of the group of apparently indentical bearings r~ for one million revolutions before the first eVldence of failure. (e) the maximum radial load that can be aPFlli:d during operation without any plashC deformation of bearing oompanen~• (d) a combination of ra,Qjai <IN1 iIxiAlmd$ tluJ,tl;all be applied without any plastic deionnatlon.

A car moving with uniform acceleration covers 450 m in a 5 second interval, and covers 700 m in the next 5 second interval. The acceleration of. the caris
(a) 7m/51

(b) 50 m/s' (d) 10 m/,s2

(e) 25 m/s1 1.7

'The buckling load for a column pinned at both ends is 10 kN. If the ends are fixed, the buckling load

changes to
(b) 2.5 kN (d) 20 kN


1.14 [k'crc.1sing grain size in a polycrystallinc (n) inCn!ilSCS rcsistnncc. (/I) decreases
resistance (e) decreases yield strength

material corrosion corrosion

yield yield

str engt h and st rength


1.21 Chills are used in moulds 10 (a) achieve directional solidification (b) reduce the possibility of blowholes (c) reduce freezing time (d) smoothen metal flow for reducing splatter. 1.22 One of the following statements about PRS (Periodic Reordering System) is not true. Identify.
(a) PRS

but increases corrosion

resistance (d) increases yield strength but decreases corrosion resistance. 1.15 Auto collimator (a) ro ughness
(c) angle

requires continuous inventory levels



is used to check
(II) [J n tness (d) automobile

(b) PRS is useful in control of perishabl.e items
(e) PRS provides


for variations

basis for adjustments in demand

to account

(d) In PRS, inventory

1.16 Failure of a bead weld between (l heavy steel section and a thin section is mainly due to the formation of
(a) spheroidite

in Fixed Recorder

holding costs are higher than Quantity System

(b) bainite
(e) carbon

free zone due to burning

of carbon


1.23 In inventory planning, extra inventory is unnecessarily carried to the end of the planning period when using one of the following lot size decision policies: (a) Lot - for -lot (b) Economic (d) Part Period 1.24 production (EOQ) lot size (P(X!) lot size Order Quantity

high temperature (d) martensite. 1.17 Ideal sur face rough ness, as measured by the maximum height of unevennes, is best achieved when the material is removed by (II) an end mill (/I) a grinding wheel (c) a tool with zero nose radius (d) a ball mill. 1.1S In the specification (a) allowance (b) allowance (.:) allowance (d) allowance of dimensions and fits,

(el Period Order. Quantity

total cost balancing

In a weaving operation, the parameter to be controlled is the number of defects per 10 square yards of material. Control chart appropriate for this task is (a) P-c:lart (b) C-cha.rt (e) R-chart (d)

X -chart

is equal to bilateral tolerance is equal to unilateral tolerance is independent of tolerance is equal to the difference dimension material, tate rate the material between specified increasing

1.25. Which one of the following forecasting techniques is not suited for making forecasts for planning production schedules in the short range? (a) Moving average moving analysis average (a) Exponential (e) Regression (d) Delphi 2. Write in YOU.f answer book in the spac.e proVided the correct or the most appropriate answer to the following multiple choice questions by writing the letter - A, B, C or D -against each sob-question number (20x2 '" 41}) 2.1 The general
2 dy x dx2 2

maximum and minimum by the tolerance. 1.19. In machining using abrasive abrasive gfa in size
(a) increases (b) decreases

the material the material

removal removal

(e) first decreases removal rate

and then Increases

(d) f rst inc reases and then dec rea ses the rna terial removal rate 1.20. With increasing temperature IC engine efticiency (a) decreases (b) of intake air,


of the differential




dy . dx + Y .. 0 IS (A, B are constants) (A, B are COllStants) (A.. B are COlIStan~

same on other factors

(e) remains

'... .(Ii) depends

(a) Ax + Bx' (b) Ax + B log x (c) Ax + Bxllog x (d) Ax + Bx log x



The best fit line using least Sql1MCS lor Ihe data (0, O), (10, 24), (20, 36) and (30,60) is
(a) 2)( - Y (e) 2:<-


(0) 2x - Y + 4

2.5. (Il) 16

the b~r in the second case to that stored in the first (b}400
(d) 2500

y - 4 =0

(d) None of these

(c) 1000


TIle maximum principal tank, having a radius of of 5 111mwhen subjected 1 MPJ., is (taking Young's Poisson's ratio as 0.2)
(a) 2.25 x 10-1 (e) 2.25 x 10-0

strain in a thin c)'lindriCill 25 em and walt thickness to an internal pressure of rnldulus as 200 GP" and
(b) 2.25 (d) 22.5

An IC engine has a bore and stroke of 2 units each. The area to calculate heat loss can be taken as (n) 4!l (b) 511 (e) 611 (ri) 811 An air breathing aircraft is flying at an altitude where the air density is half the value at grolll"d level. With reference to the ground level, lhe air-fuel ratio at this altitude will be



A square bar of side 4 em and length ]00 em is subjected to an axial load P. The same bar is then used as a cantilever beam and subjected to an end load P. The ratio of the strain energies, stored in

(~) V2
(e) 2



(d) 4


For the data listed below for two journal Bearing diameter (m)


A and B, predict the flow conditions Surface speed of shaft (m/s) 210 Viscosity 01 lubricant (Pa-s) 0.001

in the bearings

Radial clearance (m) 10-5 10-1

Density of lubricant

1000 850


0.01 0.05

(II) (b) (e) (d)



Iiminar in both A and B turbulent in both A and B laminar in A and turbulent in B
turbulent in A and laminar B




(c) Jg(H +h)

(d) 0


The isentropic

heat drop in the nozzle of an
with a nozzle efficiency 0.9,

steam turbine

blade velocity ra ti 0.5, and mean blade velocity 150
m/s in kJ /kg is (II) 50 (e) 60 2.9. (b) 40 (d) 75

2.11. A steel ball of mas 1 kgand specific heat 0.4 kJlkg is at .1 tcmperallire of 60°C. rr is dropped into 1 kg water at 20°C The final steady state temperature of water is (b) 30°C (II) 23.5°C (e) 35°C (d) 40°C 2.12. The temperature variation under steady heat cond uction across a composite slab of two materials with thermal conductivities K, and K, is shown in figure. Then, which one of the following statements holds?

Air (C = 1 k] /kg, y "" 1.4) enters a compressor at a r temperature of 27QC. The compressor pressure ratio is 4. Assuming an efficiency of 80%, the compressor work required in kJ/kg is (a) 160 (c) 182 (b) 172 (d) 225 velocity at the pipe exit in figure

2.10 The dicharge 2.10 is

(a) K, > K, (c) Kl =0



(d) K, < K,

2.13 TIll' earth (,III be n~s" mcd as a uniforrn sphere. SUPP""c' the earth shrinks by 1')(, in diameter, the new .1,,)' period
(n) will not change

from 24 hrs.

(b) will reduce by about 2% (,.) will reduce by about 1%
(d) will increase

A strip with a cross-section 150 mm " 4.5 mtTl is being rolled with 20% reduction 01 area Using 450 mm diameter rolls, The <Ingle subtended by the deforma tion zone at the roll centre is (in radian) (n) 0.01 (b) 0.02 te) 0.03 2.20 (d) 0.06

by about 1 % boiler, pick the correct


Pertajning statement
(n) Primary

to a steam

A flywheel of moment of inertia 9,8 kg m' fluctuates by 30 rpm for a f1uctation in energy of 1936 Joutes. The mean speed of Ihe flywheel is (in rpm)

among the following 3.

boiler hearsurfaces include evaporator section, economizer and alr preheater

600 (~) 968

«(0) 900 (d) 2940

(b) Primary boiler hen! transfer surfaces include evaporiltor section, super healer section and economizer.
(c) Secondary

boiler heat transfer surfaces include super heater, economizer and air preheater. boiler heat transfer section, super surfaces include and healer seclion

Match 4 correct pairs between List I and List II for questions 3.1 to 3 ..5 below. No credit will be given for partial matching. Write your answer using only the Ietters A to 0 and numbers 1 to 16. (5 x 2 =: 10) List I
(II) Heal 10 work



(tI) Primary evaporator

(1) Nozzle
(2) Endothennic chemical reaction (3) Heal engine (4) Hot air balloon/ evaporation (5) Thermal (6) Bimetallic radiation strips

reheat section 2.15. Consider Ihe triangle formed by the connecting rod and the crank of lin IC engine as the two sides of the triangle. occurs (a) 5 (el 3.73 2.16. The difference between when connecting

(b) Heat 10 lift weight (c) Hen! to strain (d) Heat to electromagnetic energy energy

If the maximum
the crank angle (v) 4 (d) 3

a rea of this tralngle is 75°, the ratio is


rod length to crank radius

on the tight and belt speed

List I Sand casting

List II


slack sides of a bell drive 153000 N.lflhe

is 15 mIs, the transmitted power in kW is 45 (b) 22.5
(d) 100 of a cam in a particular zone is given norma Ito the

(1) Symmetrical and circular shapes only
casting(2) casting Parts have hardened skins and soft interior

(11) Plaster mould
(e) Shell mould (d) Investment

(e) 90 2.17 The profile

(3) Minimum postcasting processing

by x '"

.fi cos e and


(4) Parts have a tendency
to warp

cam profile at

tox axis)

e = 11/4

y = sin e. The

is at an angle (with respect

(5) Parts have soft skin
and hard interior

(6) Suitable oniy for nonferrous metals




3.3 (d) 0

List I

List II

(n) High head, low flow (1) Streamlined
rate (b) Low head, high flow rate (e) Heal transfer (d) Low drag (2) Boundary (3)

body layer

2.18 In an orthogonal machining operation, the chip Ihlci<nes.s-and the uncut thickness are equal to 0.45 mm. If the tool rake angle is 0°, the shear plane ang)eis (a) 4QD (b) 30° (t) !So (d) 60



(4) Cent.rifu1s-l


(5) Axial

flow pWllP

(6) Nusselt

nUD\blr ' .


List I

List II


Aluminium brake (1) Deep drawing shoe (b) Plastic water bottle (2) Blow moulding (c) Stainless steel cups (3) Sand casting (d) Soft drink can (4) Centrifugal casting' (aluminium) (5) Impact extrusion (6) Upset (orging

Two castings of the same metal have the same surface area. O~e casting is in the form of a sphere and lh~ ot.her IS a cube. What is the ratio of the solidification time for the sphere to that of Ih cube? e The chemical for mula lor alcohol is C H O. Calculate the stoichiometric air /fuel ratio m~ss and the percentage ccmposttion of the products of cornbusition per kg 01 C,H,o.







List II


(1) Plastic shear {2}Erosion/ Britile fracture (e) USM (3) Corrosive reaction (d)LBM (4) Melting and vapouriza tion (5) Ion displacement (6) Plastic shC;lr and ion displacement The radial displacement in a rotating disc is governed by the differential equation (b) EDM


Answer any Ten questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

For the composite beam shown in figure flexural rigidities EI of AB and DC are ;qual to 10'. Nvcrn", add EL of BD is 2 x 10' N-cm'. Usmg moment - area theorem, determine the loacatlon and magnitude 01maximum deflection between Band C.



-- 2 +- --dx x dx


1 du

u ",8x x2


where u is the displacement and x is the radius. If u = at x == 0, and u = 2 at x = 1, calculate the


For the piping system shown in figure, [El) All = IOU N-crn' and (EI)oc = 8 x 101lN-anl. The axial rigidity of DC, (EA)oc 10' N. Determine the load on DC.


displacement at x == 5.




A component used in the Mars pathfinder can be idealized as a circular bar damped at its ends. The bar should withstand a torque of 1000 Nm, The component is assembled on earth when the temperature is 30cC Temperature on Mars at the site oflanding is -70°C. The material of the bar has an allowable shear stress of 300 MPa and its Young's modulus is 200 GPa. Design the diameter of the bar taking a factor of safety of 1.5 and assuming a coefficient of thermal expansion for the materiaL of Ihe bar as 12 )CI0~I"C

-!-,=~'_!-.-:~ -._.-tfh:~





the radius of curvature of its path was also equal to 1 km. With this data, determine the inHfal velocity and angle of projection from the the ground. Neglect air resistance, 12. A railway wagon (A) of mass 10,000 kg collides with another identical wagon (8) as shown in the figure. U A is moving at 5 m/ s and B is at rest at the time of collision, calculate the maximum compression in the spring 5 with a spring constant of2MN/m.

A cannon ball fired from the ground attained a maximum height of 1 Ian. At this maximum height,


gas filled tube has 2 mm inside diameter and 25

em length. The gas is heated by an electrical wire of diameter 50 microns (0.05 mm) located along the axis of the tube. Current and voltage drop across the heating element are 0.5 amps and 4 volts, respectively. If the measured wire and inside tube wall temperatures are 175°C and ISOac reSpectively, find the thermal conductivity of the the .tube.


~NN/m) A



I 00




A planar earn drives ~ translating follower as shown in the figure. The cam profile is given by r ~ 5 + 2 sin where.) is the "nglll", velocity_of the earn. The earn is i~itially pressed by the follower by ~ compreSSions";~~rn of stiff(lt'ss 2 kN/clII when r '" =' em. Calculate the maxrmurn operating speed of this system for the fOllow. g maintain contnc! with the earn profile. The mass of the follower can be taken as 1 kg. The initial s e: to . ._ pnng compression )$ " mrn. . A Ranking!' cyc': operates belween pn!SSlIreso! 80 ~ilr lind 0.1 bar. The maximum cycle temperature is 600"(. If the steam turbine and condensate pump efficiencies are 0.9 and 0.8, respectively, calculate the specificw and thermal efficiency. t~ele\'nnt steam table extract is given below: ark P bar TOC Spectfi c vol ume m'/kg Specific h, 191.9 1317 enthalpy h,~ 2392.3 14405 k]lkg Specific entropy


kJlkgK S


0.1 80 45.84 295.1 0.0010103 0.001385


14.68 0.0235


2584.2 2757.5

0.6488 3.2073

7.5006 25351

8.1494 5.7424

80 bar - 600°C Superheat table

v II


s 15.

18. A turbocharged six cylinder diesel engine has the following performance details :

A hot fluid at 200°C enters a heat exchanger at a mass flow rate of 10' kg/hr. Its specific heat is 2000J/kg K. It is to be cooled by another fluid entering at 25°C with a mass flow ra te 2500 kg/hr and specific heat 400 J /kg K. The overall heat transfer coefficient based on outside area of 20m2 is 250 W 1m' K. Find the exit temperature of the hot fluid when the fluids are in parallel flow. The minimum pressure and temperature in an Otto cycle are 100 kPa and 27°C. The amount of heat added to the air per cycle is 1500 kJ/kg. Determine the pressures and temperatures at all points of the air standard Otto cycle. Also calculate the specific work and the thermal efficiency of the cycle for a compression ratio of 8 : 1 [Take C.(air) as 0.72 kIrkg K and

(i) Work done d tiring compression and expansion =820 kW. (ii) Work done during intake and exhust ~ 50 kW.
150 kW.

(iii) Rubbing friction in the engine:

(iv) Net work done by turbine = 40 kW.


If the brake mean effective pressure is 0.6 MPa, determine the bore and stroke of the engine taking the ratio of bore to stroke as 1 and engine speed as
1000 rpm.


Select one of the following two bearings and justify why did you reject the other:
(i1) Deep groove ball-bearing Dynamic load rating:

47, 000 N

(~p). :
v .ur

radial factor (x) = 0.56 1.4J. axial load factor (y): 1.83
(b) Cylindrical dynamic load rating


Find the required air-fuel ratio in a gas turbine whose turbine and compressor efficiencies are 85% and 80% respectively. Maximum cycle temperature is 875°C. The working fluid can be taken as air (Cp'" 1.00 kJ/kg K, r : 1.4) which enters the compressor at 1 atm and 27"C. The pressure ratio is 4. The fuel used has calorific value of ~~ k]/kg. There is a loss of 10% of calorific value .m'k:C0mhusti.on chamber.

rolloer bearing = 28, 000 N

radial factor (x) : 1.0 axial load factor (y) '" 0.0 Life expectancy 10, 000 hr Rotation factor := 1 Reliability factor: 0.62 Load condition Radial load, '= 3,000 N Axial load : 1,600 N


RPM: 1,000


A flat road has a curve segment 100 m. While slipped particular negotiating Calculate above

with a radius of


this Curve, a vehicle this speed assuming the height if the tread ground a

on its tyres as well as tried to rollover at a speed, of 0.5. Also calculate

friction coefficient (distance is 1.2 m. 21. A cylinder between

of CG of the vehicle

the lyres at the front or rear)

A v.ertical jet of water is able to keep a he':JlIsph,encal shell as shown in Figure:The water Jet ISlssumg from a nozzle of area ~ with a velocity V N at the nozzle exit. USirtg Bernoulli's equation and momentum theorem, develop expression for Jet velocity at the shell and the height H at which ~he shell is balanced. Shell mass = m. Water density IS p, and asume ideal flow.

of mass 10 kg and area of cross-section down pressure with string in a vessel in Figure. bottom two gauge luquids as shown

0.1 m


is tied

containing Calcuiate

on the cylinder

and the tension in the string. Density of water B(water) = 1.0.

= 1000

kg/ m", Specific gravi ty of A = 0.8. Specific gravity of

t ._..... . - k-"":

II tum



The voltage (V) - length (1) chasracteristic arc is given by V = 20 + 41 Volt (1 in mm) During expected

of a d.c. is



a welding


the arc length


to vary between

4 and 6 mm with the characteristic, .

26. 27.

welding current limited between 450 and 550 amps. If the power calculate SOurce has a linear the arc power at an ac length of 5 mm.

What is the open circuit voltage? In a plain slab up-milling cutter, the diameter is 7.32 nun. Number A cylinder diameter 150 operation with a straight


Hot water flows with a velocity of 0.1 m/s in a 100 m long, 0.1 m diameter pipe. Heat Joss from the pipe outer wall is uniform and equal 10420 W 1m'. If the inlet water temperature is 80°C, calculate the water temperature at the exit. Neglect effect of pipe wall thickness. Cr (water) = 4.2 kJ/kg °C and density of water = 1000 kg/mJ.

is 50 rnm and the depth of cct of teeth on the cutter is S. Plot 150 mm a feed speed are of of the. feed

the variation of torque with the arbor rotation. of ]55 mm is to be reduced in one on turning and .: NC speed, cut with a cutting What lathe.

r, O.llIIff,_ __ =- s~,
23. A farmer wishes
lengths supplied One pipe The other diameter and

~ ~
lOa m to connect to a common




Q ",~20Wjm:

0.15 mm/revolution






rate. and the mateiral 28. A job shop has 6 ord are

removal rate? to be completed by a single

two pipes of different header



turning centre. TIle processing follows:

limes and due dates

with 8 x 10' rrr' Is of water from a pump. is 100 m long and 5 em in diameter. pipe is 800 m long. Determine the pipes factor the head the to be of the second pipe such that both pipes and friction for both loss in

Order Processing Due date Assume time


! 3 17


3 9


5 2

6 4


have the same flow rate. Assume laid on level ground pipes metres
3S 0.02.



15 24-

Also determine in the pipes.

that all orders are ready for processing, schedule that minimizes the this

of water Pressure

Give a production 1 pv'





D' where f is


average flow time. Compare that minimizes tradiness

schedule with one


friction factor.


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1. 1(b)

1. 2 (d) 1. 10 (a) 1. 18 (e)

1. 3 (a) 1. 11 (d) 1. 19 (a)

1. 4 (e) 1. 12 (d) 1. 20 (a)

1. 5 (b) 1. 13 (b) 1. 21 (a)

1. 6 (d) 1. 14 (d) 1. 22 (a)

1. 7 (a) 1.15 (e) 1. 23 (b)

1. 8 (e) 1. 16 (b) 1. 24 (b)

1.9 (b)
1.17 (e) 1.25 (d) 2. 2.1 (d)

2.2 (d) 2.10 (b) 2.18 (a)

2.3 (a) 2.11 (a) 2.19 (d)

2.4 (d) 2.12(d) 2.20 (a)

2.5 (e) 2.13 (d)

2.6 (e) 2.14 (e)

2.7 (d)

2.8 (a) 2.16 (a)

2.9 (c)
2.17 (e) 3.

2.15 (c)

3.1 (a) -3, (b) -4, (e) -6, (d)-5 3.3 (a) - 4, (b) - 5, (e) - 6, (d) -1

3. 2 (a) - 4, (b) - 6, (e) - 5, (d) - 3 3. 4 (a) - 3, (b) - 2, (c) - 5, (d) - 1

3.5 (a) -3, (b) -6, (el -2, (d)-4



S = cos -+cos -+cos -+ ...









.0 .e 1-+];".+ f)x "'1

kf) -


= iy~l + jyzl + k X 3xyzl

IV. f 1=8.

= i x 0 + j x 1 X 1l + + k x 0 '" j x 8




By firs] shifting theorem
L{e-'.t) '"

ProbabHity that first friend is born in any month = 100% '" l. Probability that second friend is bom in the same month as that of first friend

1.6 dl


1 1 ix-=-.








For t) = 5 sees, for ~ =:; 5 sees

Sl '" 450 m

S1 = 700 m
ut+-at 2

From the rela.tionS= ..

450 '" Su +..!. x a x 2S [siace jnjtial velocity ~ uJ or 450 '" Su+- 2Sa 2 .._.•(1:1 'I

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