Abbreviation A a A&O A&Ox3 A&Ox4 A&P A&W A-B A-line A-P a.c. A.D. A.S.


Interpretation assessment before alert and oriented Alert and oriented x time, place person Alert and oriented x time, place person, and situation auscultation and percussion alive and well apnea-bradycardia arterial line antero-posterior before meals (ante cibum) right ear (auris dextra) left ear (auris sinistra) assis/control (ventilator mode) albumin-globulin ratio above knee Alcoholics Anonymous abdominal aortic aneurysm antacid of choice active assistive range of motion Acute Abdominal Series abortion abdomen acute bacterial endocarditis aorto bifemoral bypass arterial blood gases ankle brachial index abnormal actual body weight fetal abdominal circumference anterior cerebral artery accommodation acceleration adrenal cortical hormone anterior cruciate ligament Adult Children of Alcoholics activated clotting time adrenocorticotropic hormone admitting diagnosis as desired (ad libitum) adduction antidiuretic hormone attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder Adult Partial Hospitalization Program activities of daily living admission adolescent admission day surgery assisted end diastolic pressure auditory evoked potential aerosol Anterior Fontanelle


amniotic fluid alpha fetal protein acid-fast bacilli (bacillus) amniotic fluid index atrial fibrillation ankle foot orthosis alpha fetal protein appropriate for gestational age acute graft-versus-host disease arterioschlerotic heart disease aortic insufficiency automatic implantable cardioverterdefib.device acquired immunodeficiency syndrome autoimmune hemolytic anemia Abnormal involuntary movement scale Africentric Intensive Outpatient Program above knee amputation arthroscopic knee surgery albumin alcohol antilymphocyte globulin alkaline phosphatase acute lyphocytic leukemia Allogeneic alkaline phosphatase amyotrophic lateral sclerosis alanine aminotransferase before noon against medical advice ambulate, ambulatory acute myocardial infarction acute myelogenous leukemia amniocentesis ampule ampere amount Anorexia Nervosa antinuclear antibodies autonomic nervous system before alcohol and other drugs antepartem approximately appointment abdominal peritoneal resection airway pressure release ventilation AIDS-related complex adult respiratory distress syndrome artificial rupture of membranes artificial Art Therapy AIDS-related virus aortic stenosis acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

i.ASAM ASAM PPC-2 ASAP ASCAD ASCVD ASD ASH ASHD AST ASU AT ATB ATC ATN AUTO AV AV Node AV Shunt AVB AVF AVM AVR AWOL AXB AZT B B Bx b. B. B/K or BK BA BAC BAER BAL baso BBB BBS BCC BCP BDI BE BEAM BEE BF BFA BICU bid BIL bilat BiPAP BKA American Society of Addiction Medicine American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria for the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders 2nd Edition Revised as soon as possible arteriosclerotic coronary artery disease arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease atrial septal defect asymmetric septal hypertrophy arteriosclerotic heart disease aspartate aminotransferase ambulatory surgery unit Adjunctive Therapy antibiotic around the clock acute tubular necrosis Autologous atrioventricular atrioventricular node arteriovenous shunt atrioventricular block arteriovenous fistula arteriovenous malformation aortic valve replacement absent without official leave axillary block azidothymidine (retrovir drug) Black breast biopsy twice a day (bis in die) bowel sounds below knee basilar artery Blood Alcohol Concentration brainstem auditory evoked response Blood Alcohol Level basophile bundle branch block bilateral breath sounds basal cell carcinoma birth control pills Beck Depression Inventory barium enema brain electrical activity mapping basal energy expenditure black female baby for adoption Burn Intensive Care Unit Twice a Day bilirubin bilateral bilevel positive airway pressure below knee amputation Blk BM bm BMI BMT BOO BOT BOW BOW-I BOW-R BP BPD BPH bpm BPP BPRS BPS BR BRP BS BSA BSC BSO BSSO BUN BW Bx C C c C&S C+DB C-section C/O C/S c/w CA CABG CAD CAP CAPD Card cardiac cath CAT cath Cauc CAVHD CBC CBI CBT CC CC UA C&S CCAM black black male bowel movement Body Mass Index bone marrow transplant bladder outlet obstruction base-of-tongue bag of water bag of water-intact bag of water-ruptured blood pressure Borderline Personality Disorder benign prostatic hypertrophy beats per minute biophysical profile brief psychiatric rating scale bilateral partial salpingectomy bedrest bathroom privileges blood sugar blood surface area bedside-commode bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy bilateral saggital split osteotomy blood urea nitrogen Birth Weight biopsy cervical centigrade (Celsius) with culture and sensitivity cough and deep breath cesarean section complains of cesarean section consistent with cancer/carcinoma coronary artery bypass graft coronary artery disease Community Acquired Pneumonia continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis cardiology cardiac catheterization Children's Apperception Test catheterized caucasion continuous arterial-venous hemodialysis complete blood count (cell) continuous bladder irrigation Cognitive Behavioral Therapy chief complaint clean catch urine analysis culture and sensitivity congenital cystic adenoatoid malformation .d.S.

CCPD CCU CD cd CDI CEA CF cGVHD CHD CHF CHI CHO chol CI CIC CICU CID cigs CIN Circ CIS CIWA-Ar CK-MB cl CLL CM cm cm CML CMO CMV CN CNM CNS CO CO2 coag COC COCM COD COE conc cont contr conv vent COPD CP CPA CPAP CPD CPK CPR continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis coronary care unit Conduct Disorder chemical dependency Children's Depression Inventory carcino-embryonic antigen cystic fibroses chronic graft-versus-host disease congenital heart disease congestive heart failure closed head injury carbohydrate cholesterol cardiac index cardiac inpatient care coronary intensive care unit cervical immobilization device cigarettes cervical intraepithelial neoplasia circulation carcinoma in situ Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol-Revised myocardial muscle creatinine kinase isoenzyme clear chronic lymphocytic leukemia cardiomyopathy centimeter costal margin chronic myelogenous leukemia consult made out cytomegalovirus cranial nerves certified nurse midwife central nervous system cardiac output carbon dioxide coagulation continuity of care congestive cardiomyopathy condition on discharge Computerized Order Entry concentration continuous contraction conventional ventilation chronic obstructive pulmonary disease chest pain cariopulmonary arrest continuous positive airway pressure cephalopelvic disproportion creatine phosphokinase cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPS CRC creat CRF CRH CRL crp CRP Cs csa CSA CSF CSS CST CT scan CTA Ctx CTX CUSA CV CVA CVC CVP CVS CVVH CWP Cx CX CXR cysto d D&C D&I D/O D5W DAP DAT DBP DCM DCU DDAVP DDS dec decel del Derm detox DHS DI DIC Diff DIG DIMS DIP complex partial seizures Clinical Research Center creatinine chronic renal failure corticotropin-releasing hormone crown rump length cardiac rehab program C-reactive protein consciousness compressed spectral activity Cyclosporin level cerebrospinal fluid Central Sterile Services contraction stress test computerized axial tomography Clear To Auscultation chest tube contraction cavitron ultrasonic aspirator cardiovascular cerebrovascular accident central venous catheter cenral venous pressure chorionic villus sampling continuous venovenous hemofiltration centimeters of water pressure cervix Culture chest x-ray cystoscopy Day dilation and curettage dry and intact Disorder 5% dextrose in water Diastolic Augmentation Pressure Dementia. Alzheimer’s type diastolic blood pressure dilated cardiomyopathy Day Care Unit Desmopressin acitate Doctor of Dental Surgery decreased deceleration delivery Dermatology detoxification dynamic hip screw diabetes insipidus diffuse intravascular coagulation differential blood count digoxin level Disorders of Initiating and Maintaining Sleep distal interphalangeal .

nose. drng drsg DSD dsg DSM-IV DST DT's DTR DU DVIU DVT DWI Dx E-STIM EAB EAP EAT EBL EBV EC ECCE ECF ECG ECHO ECMO ECT ED EDD disease discharge Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis Degenerative Joint Disease diabetic ketoacidosis deciliter double lumen catheter diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide diabetes mellitus Duchenne's muscular dystrophy Durable Medical Equipment do not resuscitate Do Not Resuscitate Comfort Care Do Not Resuscitate Comfort Care Arrest Did not show i. and throat ejection fraction external fetal moniter estimal fetal weight estimated gestational age esphagogastroduodenoscopy external jugular electrocardiogram elevated electromechanical dissociation electromyogram Emergency Medical Services Endocrinology ear. nose.e.S. F/U Electronic Discharge Instructions Excessive Daytime Sleepiness estimated dry weight electroencephalogram eyes. 4th edition dexamethasone suppression test delirium tremens deep tendon reflexes Dermal Pressure Ulcer direct vision internal urethrotomy deep vein thrombosis driving while intoxicated diagnosis electrical stimulation elective abortion Employee Assistance Program Eating Attitudes Test estimated blood loss Epstein-Barr virus enterocutaneous extracapsular cataract extraction Extended Care Facility electrocardiogram echogram extracorporeal membrane oxygenation electroconvulsive therapy Emergency Department Estimated Date of Delivery EDI EDS EDW EEG EENT EF EFM EFW EGA EGD EJ EKG elev EMD EMG EMS Endo ENT EOM EOMI eos EP EPAP epis EPS eps equip ER ERCP ERG ESP ESR ESRD ESS ESU ESWL ET ETCO2 ETOH ETS ETT EUA eval EVD exam exp ext F F f F F.dis disch DISH DJD DKA dl DLC DLCO DM DMD DME DNR DNRCC DNRCC-A DNS DO DOA DOB DOD DOE DOES DP DPT Dr. keep appointment Doctor of Osteopathy dead on arrival date of birth date of discharge dyspnea on exertion Disorders of Excessive Sleepiness dorsalis pedis diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (vaccine) delivery room drainage dressing dry sterile dressing dressing Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. and throat extraocular movement extraocular movements intact eosinophils evoked potential expiratory positive airway pressure episiotomy electrophysiological studies extrapyramidal symptoms equipment emergency room endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography electroretinogram Extra Sensory Perception erythrocyte sedimentation rate end stage renal disease endoscopic sinus surgery electrosurgery unit electrosock wave lithotripsy enterostomal therapy end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement ethanol endotracheal suction endotracheal tube examination under anesthesia evaluation external ventribular drain examination expired external/extremity degrees Fahrenheit Father (add circle) frequency Female full strength follow-up . ears.

elevated liver enzymes.unknown origin forced vital capacity full weight bearing fracture Gravida Guillian-Barre gastrostomy tube gauge gestastional age Generalized anxiety disorder Global assessment of functioning (scale) group B beta strep Guillian Barre Syndrome gonococcus gestational diabetes mellitus gastroenterology General Medicine Gastro-esophageal reflux disease gest GETA GH GI GIFT gluc gm GMA gr GSW GTT gtt GU GVHD GYN H H&P h.nose and throat hemolysis. Activity. Consolability flexion fetal lung maturity Family Medicine Fine Needle Aspiration father of baby floor of mouth family practice/ Family Practitioner flexor pollis longus french (ie.eyes. H/H or H & H HA HAA HAAb HACE HAMA HAMD HbA1C HBAB HbcAG HBO HBsAG HC HCG HCO3 HCT HCVD HD HDL HEENT HELLP hemo HEP Het HFV Hgb HGH HHN HI HIT HIV HKAFO HNP gestation/gestational general endotracheal anesthesia growth hormone gastrointestinal gamete intrafallopian transfer glucose gram gross motor activity grain gunshot wound glucose tolerance test drops genitourinary graft-versus-host disease gynecology high history and physical hour (duplicate) head at bedtime hemoglobin and hematocrit headache hospital administrative associate hepatitis A antibody hepatic artery chemoembolization Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale Hamilton Depressin Rating Scale hemoglobin A1C hepatitis B antibody hepatitis B core antigen hyperbaric oxygen hepatitis B surface antigen head circumference human chorionic gonadotropin bicarbonate level hematocrit hypertensive cardiovascular disease Hodgkin's disease High-Density Lipoprotein head. GERD forearm foreign body fetal breathing movements fasting blood sugar feeding flexor digitorum superficialis fetal electrocardiogram forced mid-expiratory flow fluid.FA FB FBM FBS fdg FDS FECG FEF FEN FEV FFP FH FHR FHRV FHT FIO2 FL FLACC flex FLM FM FNA FOB FOM FP FPL FR FS FSE FSH ft FTA FTI FTP FTSG FU FUO FVC FWB fx G G-B G-tube ga GA GAD GAF GBBS GBS GC GDM GE Gen. low platelets (count) hemodialysis heparin hetrophil high frequency ventilation hemoglobin human growth hormone hand held nebulizer head injury heparin induced thrombocytopenia human immunodeficiency virus (HTLV-III) hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis herniated nucleus pulposus . catheter) frozen section fetal scalp electrode follicle-stimulating hormone foot fluorescent treponemal antibody free thryoxine index failure to progress full thickness skin graft follow-up fever. ears.s. Crying. Legs. electrolyte. and nutrition forced expiratory volume fresh frozen plasma family history fetal heart rate fetal heart rate variability fetal heart tones fractional concentration of inspired oxygen fetal femur length Face. Med. h. h.d.

10th edition International Classification of Diseases. KO KS KTC KUB KVO L L L&D L&W L/S ratio LA lam LAO lap LAQ LAT LAV internal rotation intact on admission intraocular lens iontopheresis Intensive Outpatient Program intraoperative radiation therapy intraperitoneal inspiratory positive airway pressure idiopathic pulmonary fibroses intermittent positive-pressure breathing internal rotation incentive spirometry intermediate surgical unit idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura intrauterine device intrauterine fetal demise intrauterine growth retardation intrauterine pregnancy (pg) intrauterine pressure catheter intravenous intraventricular catheter inferior vena cava in vitro fertilization intraventricular hemorrhage intravenous immonuglobin intravenous push intravenous piggyback intravenous retrograde intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy jejunostomy tube Jackson-Pratt drain juvenile rheumatoid arthritis jugular venous pulse Kilocalorie knee-ankle-foot orthosis Kilogram keep open Kaposi's Sarcoma (AIDS related) knee to chest kidney. or Kg. 9th edition intracranial pressure intensive care unit infectious disease idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy insulin dependent diabetes mellitus intra dialytic parenteral nutrition intermittent demand ventilation immunoglobin idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis increased intracranial pressure internal jugular independent living skills intramuscular intermittent catheratization intermaxillary fixation impression intermittent mandatory ventilation incontinence information inpatient international normalized ratio int-rot IOA IOL IONTO IOP IORT IP IPAP IPF IPPB IR IS ISU ITP IUD IUFD IUGR IUP IUPC IV ivc IVC IVF IVH IVIG IVP IVPB IVR IVRO J-tube JP JRA JVP K Cal KAFO kg.A.HO HOB HOPI HPG HPI HPL HPLC HR hr HS HSM HSV ht HTLV III HTN HV HW hx hyst I I&D I&O I. ureter. I:E IABP IBW IC ICA ICCE ICD-10 ICD-9 ICP ICU ID IDC IDDM IDPN IDV Ig IHSS IICP IJ ILS IM IMC IMP imp IMV INC info inpt INR house officer head of bed history of present illness human pituitary gonadotropin history of present illness human placental lactogen high pressure liquid chromatography heart rate hour (duplicate) heart sounds hepatosplenomegaly herpes simplex virus height human T-cell lymphotropic virus (old.C. and bladder Keep Vein Open low left (with circle around)+C929 Labor and Delivery Lee and White coagulation lecithin sphingomyelin ratio left arm laminectomy left anterior oblique laparatomy long arc quad left anterior lateral thigh lymphadenopathy associated virus (AIDS virus) .HIV) Hypertension Hemovac Heparin Well history hysterectomy independent incision and drainage intake and output internal auditory canal inspiratory-expiratory ratio intra-aortic balloon pump ideal body weight inspiratory capacity internal carotid artery intracapsular cataract extraction International Classification of Diseases.

lb LBBB LBQC LCM Ld LD LDH LDL LE LEEP LFT LG lg LGA LH Li LIMA liq LL LLE LLL LLQ LMD LMP LOA LOB LOC LOF LOOP LOP LOS LP lpm/LPM LPN LPO LPR LR LSB LSD LSO LT lt LTCS LTD LTG LTM LUE LUL LUQ LV LVAD LVH LVL LVSW pound left bundle branch block large based quad cane left costal margin left deltoid Learning Disabilities lactic dehydrogenase Low-Density Lipoprotein lower extremity loop electrosurgical excision procedure liver function test left gluteus medius large large for gestational age leutinizing hormone lithium level left interior mammary artery liquid left lateral left lower extremity left lower lobe left lower quadrant local medical doctor last menstrual period leave of absence loss of balance Loss of Consciousness Leaking of Fluid Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement lift occiput posterior length of stay lumbar puncture liters per minute licensed practical nurse left posterior oblique Laryngopharyngeal reflux lactated Ringer's left sternal border Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25) left salpingo-oophorectomy long term left low transverse cesarean section long term disability long term goal long term memory left upper extremity left upper lobe left upper quadrant left ventricular left ventricular assist device left ventricular hypertrophy left vastus lateralis left ventricular stroke work LVSWI LWBS Lymph lytes m M MA ma MAC MAO MAOI MAP max MAX A MB MBP mc MCA mca mcg MCH MCL MCP MCV MD MDD MDI MDS mec. Mecfld med mEq mets mg MI MICU min Min A MIV ml MM mm MMPI MMSE MMT mo mod Mod A MOM monos MP MPD MR mr left ventricular stroke work index Left Without Being Seen lyphocyte electrolyte murmur mother mentum anterior milliampere monitered anesthesia care Monamine Oxidase monomamine oxidase inhibitor mean arterial pressure maximum maximum assist myocardial band mean blood pressure millicurie motercycle accident middle cerebral artery microgram(s) mean corpuscular hemoglobin midclavicular line metacarpophalangeal mean corpuscular volume muscular dystrophy major depressive disorder metered dose inhaler Myelodysplastic Syndrome meconium meconium stained fluid medium milliequivalent (s) metastasis milligram (s) myocardial infarction Medical Intensive Care Unit minute minimum assist Maintenance IV milliliter (s) multiple myeloma millimeter Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory mini mental state exam manual muscle test month moderate moderate assistance milk of magnesia monocytes mentum posterior Multiple Personality Disorder mitral regurgitation mental retardation .

O.S. N/A N/S NA NAD NB NC NCP nCPAP NCV NEC neg. O2 O2 SAT OA OB OBS OC toOR occ OCD OCP OCT OD ODADAS ODH OFD OG OHRP OM OMFS OMVI OOB OP OP OPC OR ORIF ortho OSA osmo OT OTA OTC OTR oz P P & PD non rebreathing mask normal saline Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer nursing care plan normal sinus rhythm non-stress test normal spontaneous vaginal delivery neural tube defect nasotracheal suction not verfied non-weight bearing Narcotic Withdrawal Scale objective right eye left eye occupational therapy both eyes Oxygen oxygen saturation occiput anterior obstetrics organic brain syndrome on call to operating room occasionally obsessive compulsive disorder oral contraceptive pill oxytocin challenge test overdose Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Ohio Department of Health occipital fronal diameter oral gastric open heart rehablilitation program otitis media oral and maxillofacial surgery operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated out of bed occiput posterior Out-patient out-patient catheratization operating room open reduction and internal fixation orthopedics obstructive sleep apnea osmolarity Occupational Therapy open to air over the counter (pharmaceuticals) registered occupational therapist ounce Para percussion and postural drainage . O.b.U.D. O.MR/DD MRA MRI MRSA MRSE MSAFP MSAP MSE MSLT MSPN MT MUGA MV MVA MVO2 MVP MVR MVV N&V n. Neuro ng NG NICU NIDDM NIF NIP NKA NKDA NMDP NMS Noc NOK non-STEMI norm NOS NOSIE NPC NPH NPN npo NR mental retardation/developmental disability Magnetic Resonance Angiography Magnetic resonance imaging methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureas methicillin resistant staphylococcus epidermis maternal serum alpha fetal protein mean systemic arterial pressure Mental Status Exam Multiple Sleep Latency Test medical student progress note mentum transverse multigated (cardiac exam) minute ventilation motor vehicle accident mixed venous oxygen tension mitral valve prolapse mitral valve replacement maximum voluntary ventilation nausea and vomiting note well (Latin abbreviation) not applicable neurosurgery Narcotics Anonymous no apparent disease newborn nasal cannula nursing care plan nasal continuous positve airway pressure nerve conduction velocity necrotizing enterocolitis negative Neurology nanogram nasogastric Neonatal Intenstive Care Unit non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus negative inspiratory force nipple no known allergies no known drug allergies National Marrow Donation Program Neuroleptic malignant syndrome night Next of Kin Non-ST elevation myocardial infarction normal Not otherwise specified Nurses' Observation Schedule for Inpatient Evaluation non-productive cough neutral protamine Hagedorn (insulin) nonprotein nitrogen nothing by mouth no reaction NRM NS NSAID NSCLC nsg NSR NST NSVD NTD NTS NV NWB NWS O O.T.

p. p. smear.n. regular.c.A.r.r. round. react to light. P2 pa PA PAC PaCO2 PACU PAF PaO2 PAP Pap PARS PAT PAWS PBI pc PC.o. react to light pupils equal. peak flow persistent fetal circulation pulmonary function test picogram prostoglandin Paternal Grandfather Paternal Grandmother hydrogen-ion concentration public health nurse partial hospitalization program present illness peripherally intravenous central catheter PID PIH PIP PIPJ PJC PK PKU Plt PM PMHx PMI PMP PMR PMS PNC PND PNV Po2 POC POD polio polys POM postop PP or pp PPBC PPBS PPD PPI PPN PPV PRBC pre-op PRL PRM prn PRO pro TIME PROM prox PRV PS/PSV PSA PSG PSH PSI psych PT pt PTA PTC PTCA pelvic inflammatory disease pregnancy induced hypertension peak inspiratory pressure proximal interphalangeal premature junctional contraction penetrating keratoplasty phenylketonuria platelets after noon past medical history point of maximal impulse previous menstrual period physical medicine and rehabilitation Premenstrual Syndrome prenatal care paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea prenatal vitamins partial pressure of oxygen products of conception post-op day poliomyelitis polymorphonuclear leukocytes pulse oximeter monitoring postoperative post partum Post Partum Birth Control postprandial blood sugar purified protein derivative proton pump inhibitor peripheral paterneral nutrition positive pressure ventilation packed red blood cells pre-operative prolactin partial rebreathing mask as needed protein prothrombin time premature rupture of membranes/passive range of motion proximal polycythemia rubra vein pressure support ventilation patient service associate polysomnogram past surgical history pounds per square inch psychology/psychiatry physical therapy patient prior to admission percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty . PCA PCC PCEA PCN PCO2 pcp PCP PCRM PCWP PCXR PD PDA PDR PE PEEP PEF PEG PEJ PERL PERRLA PF PFC PFT pg PG PGF PGM pH PHN PHP PI PICC percussion and auscultation after meals by mouth per rectum as needed pulmonic second sound pulmonary artery posterioanterior premature atrial contraction partial pressure of CO2 in arterial blood postanesthesic care unit paroxysmal atrial fibrillaton partial pressure of O2 in arterial blood positive airway pressure Papanicolaou (stain. p.P&A p. and accom. street drug (angel dust) pneumocystis carinii pneumonia patient care resource manager pulmonary capillary wedge pressure portable chest x-ray peritoneal dialysis patent ductus arteriosus proliferative diabetic retinopathy physical exam positive and expiratory pressure peak expiratory flow percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomy percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy pupils equal. test) post anesthesia recovery score paraoxysmal atrial tachycardia Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome protein bound iodine after meals patient controlled analgesia posterior cerebral artery patient care coordinator patient controlled epidural analgesia penicillin partial pressure of carbon dioxide Phencyclidine.

q. qns qs qt R r R R.S3. prescription reactions subjective Swan-Ganz catheter status post 1st. R/O R/T RA RAI RAIU RAO RBBB RBC RCC RCM RCV RD Rd RDS re REEGT rehab REM resp RET Rg Rh parathyroid hormone preterm labor Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder partial thromboplastic time percutaneous umbilical blood sampling (cordocentesis) peptic ulcer disease percutaneous ultrasonic lithotripsy pulmonary pulse oximeter premature ventricular beats premature ventricular contraction peripheral vascular disease paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction partial oxygen pressure of mixed venous blood pulmonary vascular resistance peripheral vasucular surgery persons with AIDS partial weight bearing every (_) minutes every hour .h. q. q. (1-2-3) m.PTH PTL PTSD PTT PUBS PUD PUL pulm pulse ox PVB PVC PVD PVFD PVO2 PVR PVS PWA PWB q. treatment.S4 SA SAB SAH SAM SAT SBA SBE SBF SBM SBO SBP SBP SBQC SCC schiz radio-immunoassay Ringer's lactate right lower extremity right lower lobe right lower quadrant room right middle lobe registered nurse right occiput anterior release of information Range of Motion rule out myocardial infarction retinopathy of prematurity right occiput posterior review of systems routine right posterior oblique respiratory rate regular rate and rhthym registered radiologic technologist right sternal border right salpingo-oopherectomy regular sinus rhythm respiratory therapy right Return to Work right upper extremity right upper lobe right upper quadrant right vastus lateralis right ventricular rhythm right ventricular stroke work right ventricular stroke work index Four times a day once weekly quantitiy not sufficient quantity sufficient quart reactions rub right (with circle around) resting energy expenditure rule out related to rheumatoid arthritis radioactive iodine radioactive iodine uptake right anterior oblique right bundle branch block red blood cells renal cell carcinoma right costal margin red cell volume registered dietician right deltoid respiratory distress syndrome regarding registered electroencephalographic technician rehabilitation rapid eye movement respiration/respiratory Rational Emotive Therapy right gluteus medius rhesus factor RIA RL RLE RLL RLQ rm RML RN ROA ROI ROM ROMI rop ROP ROS rout RPO RR RRR RRT RSB RSO RSR RT rt/RT RTW RUE RUL RUQ RVL RVR RVSW RVSWI Rx RXN S S-G S/P S1. 3rd.S2. 4th heart sounds (respectively) sacroanterior subarachnoid block subarachnoid hemorrhage self-administered medication saturation stand by assist subacute bacterial endocarditis Single Black Female Single Black Male small bowel obstruction systolic blood pressure systolic blood pressure small base quad cane squamous cell carcinoma Schizophrenia . 2nd.E.

T.SCI SCLC SD SDH sed rate seg SEM SFA SGA SGOT SGPT SH SI SICU SIDD SIDS SIEP SIMV SKC SL sl SLE SLP sm SMD SMR SMS SN SNA SNF SO SOB sol sp.V. T. SQ SROM SSEP SSN SSRI ST staph STAT STD STEMI stg stim STIs STM strep STSG spinal cord injury small cell lung carcinoma Spasmodic Dysphonia subdural hematoma sedimentation rate segmented (leukocyte) systolic ejection murmur superficial femoral artery small for gestational age serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase social history Suicidal Idealization surgical intensive care unit syndrom of isolated diastolic dysfunction sudden infant death syndrome serum immuno electrophoresis synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation single knee to chest sublingual slight sytemic lupus erythematosus speech-language pathology small senile macular degeneration submucous reconstruction somatostatin sinoatrial node student nursing assistant skilled nursing facility significant other (s) shortness of breath solution spinal fluid specific gravity sacroposterior specimen subcutaneous spontaneous rupture of membranes somatosensory evoked potential social security number Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor sinus tachycardia staphylococcus immediately (statim) sexually transmitted disease ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction short term goal acoustic stimulation systolic time intervals short-term memory streptococcus split thickness skin graft STV SVBG SVC SVD SVG SVR SVT SW SWF SWM Sx sxn synd SZ T&A T&C T&H T&S T-surg t.fl. sp. SPE spec. T3 T3UP T4 tab tach TAH TAM TAS TB TBSA TCA TCD TDK TDWB TECAB TEE TEF tele temp or T TENS TER TF TH THA THC Ther ex THOR TIA TIBC tid tinct short term variability saphenous vein bypass graft superior vena cava spontaneous vaginal delivery saphenou vein graft systemic vascular resistance supraventricular tachycardia social worker Single White Female Single White Male symptoms suction syndrome seizure tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy type and crossmatch type and hold type and screen thoracic surgery three times a day Therapeutic Recreation transthoracic transvenous triiodothoyronine T3 uptake thryroxine tablet tachycardia total abominal hysterectomy total active motion transabdominal sonography tuberculosis total body surface area tricyclic antidepressant transcerebeller diameter Tardive dyskinesia touch down weight bearing Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass transesophageal echocardiogram trachoesophageal fistula telemetry temperature transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation total energy requirement tube feeding Talbot Hall total hip arthroplasty Tetrahydrocannabinol therapeutic exercise Thoracentesis transient ischemic attack total iron binding capacity three times a day tincture . T.

Infant and Children Weschsler Intelligence Scale for Children Weschsler Intelligence Scale for Children Revised white male within normal limits .TIPS TKE TL TLC TM TMA TMJ TO TOCO tol TOL Tot Prot Tox TPM TPN TPPV TPR trach TRH TRH-ST TSB TSH TSS TT TTN TTP TUIP TUR TURB TURBT TURP TV or VT TVD TVH TVR TVS Tx U. Well Nourished white female within functional limits Federal agency for Women. pulse and respirations) ventricular septal defect vital signs stable venous stasis ulcer ventricular tachycardia ventricular tachycardia vertex well Wet to Dry work-up Wet to Wet Weschsler Adult Intelligence Scale Weschsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised weight bearing as tolerated white blood cell Well Born (Baby) Nursery wheelchair watery diarrhea.O. fib. pulse and respiration tracheostomy thryrotropin releasing hormone thryrotropin releasing hormone stimulation test total serum bilirubin thyroid-stimulating hormone toxic shock syndrome thrombin time transient tachypnea of newborn thrombolic thrombocytopenia purpura transurethral incision prostate transurethral resection transurethral resection of bladder transurethreal resection of bladder tumor transurethral resection of prostate tidal volume triple vessel disease total vaginal hysterectomy tricuspid valve replacement transvaginal sonography treatment urinary output ultrasound urinalysis up ad lib usual body weight uterine contraction Unit Clerical Associate unassisted diastolic pressure urine drug screen upper extremity urine filtration rate upper gastrointestinal urine immuno electrophoresis utilization review upper respiratory infection unassisted systolic pressure UTI UUN V. VAD vag VAS VBAC VC VCD VD VDR VDRL VE vent. VER VF Vit VJ VM VO VO2 vol VP VR VS VSD VSS VSU VT Vtach VTX W W/D w/u W/W WAIS WAIS-R WBAT WBC WBN WC or W/C WDHA WDWN WF WFL WIC WISC WISC-R WM WNL urinary tract infection urine urea nitrogen ventricular fibrillation ventricular assist device vaginal Vascular vaginal birth after cesarean vital capacity vocal cord dysfunction venereal disease volumetric diffusive respiration Venereal Disease Research Laboratory vaginal exam ventilator visual evoked response ventricular fibrillation vitamin ventricular jugular shunt ventimask verbal order Oxygen consumption Volume ventricular peritoneal shunt ventricular rhythm vital signs (temperature. U/S UA UAL UBW UC UCA UDP UDS UE UFR UGI UIEP UR URI USP transjugular intrahepatic portcaval shunt terminal knee extension Tubal Ligation total lung capacity tympanic membrane transmetatarsal amputation temporomandibular joint telphone order tocodynometer tolerate trial of labor total protein sceen toxicology screen total passive motion total parental nutrition trans pans plana vitrectomy temperature. hypkalemia and achlorhydria Well Developed.

Psychological Y/O yr Z-E ZMC years old year Zollinger-Ellison (syndrome) zygomatical maxillary complex .WPW WRAT wt y Wolff-Parkinson-White (syndrome) Wide Range Achievement Test weight Psychology.

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