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SCHB Joseph Sabol Sunday, August 19, 2012

True Stories of Success and Best Practices from Chemical Entrepreneurs - AM Session Location: Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom Salon I&II Cosponsored PROF, YCC by: Organizers: Patrick McCarthy Presiders: Patrick McCarthy Duration: 8:15 am - 11:55 am
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Entrepreneurial adventure with light scattering Philip J. Wyatt
Wyatt Technology Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA 93130-3003, United States Light scattering techniques have long been popular for their ability to measure very small particles. With the advent of lasers, however, the very science itself began to change. This is the story of how lasers were used to develop a class of analytical instruments that would launch a remarkable company. The path to success was a tortuous one filled with disappointments, intrigues, and a great amount of luck, but when the call came from the Coca Cola Company asking what we were trying to do with "...those lasers" and their secret formula, it became apparent that something very good was going to happen. Location: Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom Salon I&II

Small Chemical Businesses Division of the American Chemical Society 8:50 2 Pre-seed workshop: Success in launching higham tech start-up companies Judith J. Albers
Neworks LLC, Victor, NY, United States The Pre-Seed Workshop (PSW) is a 2 ½ day “build-a-company” event which brings 40-60 community-based professionals together with scientists from local universities and labs. Six to eight teams are formed for each workshop, and through an intense, handson curriculum, these teams 1) investigate the commercial potential of new technologies and 2) transform the more promising technologies into pre-seed stage companies. Short, intense, productive and locally-based, the PSW has been an extremely effective tool for encouraging high-level researchers to take that “first step out of the lab” into the world of technology commercialization and science entrepreneurship. The PSW is currently being offered in 10 Host City locations. As of March 2012, 48 PSWs have been held with nearly 2000 participants. 288 high-tech ideas have been analyzed to form or strengthen over 132 high-tech companies. PSW alumni companies have already raised an estimated $70M in follow-on funding and created about 400 jobs with the potential to create many more. This presentation will provide examples of some of the chemical start-up companies which were launched at the PSW and their success to date. Further, in the strange duality of life, the PSW itself is a start-up venture launched by a PhD chemist and an Engineer and has its own story of highs and lows as it continues to grow and scale as a business. Location: Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom Salon I&II 9:20 am 3

Exploiting your niche: Identifying and marketing your expertise Daniel J Spandau
DJS Consulting Inc., Boca Raton, FL 33428, United States Every professional has developed a set of expertise. A successful business entrepreneur needs to identify and market these skills. Determining what your value added is to a specific industry is the key to maintaining strong business relationships. A business or consulting practice grows by finding out how to address client needs. This presentation will explore how a consulting firm can exploit this process to gain a successful client niche service. Services need to be identified, refined and successfully marketed to a set of potential clients. Critical to the continued success is the constant review of what you have to offer and how to get this information to potential clients

Small Chemical Businesses Division of the American Chemical Society
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Challenges and triumphs of starting and building a cancer diagnostics company Paul T Henderson, George Cimino, Chon-xian Pan
George Cimino1, Chon-xian Pan2. (1) Accelerated Medical Diagnostics, LLC, Dublin, CA 94568, United States, (2) Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology, The University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA 95817, United States
Accelerated Medical Diagnostics LLC is developing a diagnostics test for cancer patients. Our mission is to predict cancer patient response to platinum-based drugs prior to initiation of chemotherapy. The test, called PlatinDx, features administration of a microdose (1% of the therapeutic dose) of chemotherapy, followed by mass spectrometry analysis of blood and tumor biopsy samples for the presence of drug-DNA adducts, whose concentration in patient tissues correlates with response to therapy. PlatinDx is currently entering multicenter clinical studies with the goal of obtaining FDA clearance. In addition to discussing our technology, we will discuss the reasons for and process of founding Accelerated Medical Diagnostics LLC as a spin-off from University of California-Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, including our business model, SBIR funding, and some of the challenges, successes, and failures that we have encountered to date. Location: Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom Salon I&II

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