Manifesting Fields of Reality: Aaity Olson, Scribe Starfield Foundation When people have a limited access to knowledge of their

local environment they have to make uninformed guesses about their personal lives. Educated and experienced people have the same problem. There is so much to know about our world; so many factors involved in understanding, that no one can claim to know it all. In primitive times, when people lived in isolated tribes they had special problems to solve the best way they could. They looked for ways to predict the weather, or the harvesting of a good crop. They needed to know if their enemies planned a war against them. They needed to know why their children got sick and what to do about it. There was less information available to them then, but their concerns were the same as in families today. Time and Space was a narrow conscious band in their thoughts. Maybe because of their desperation they developed a human ability to effect their realities. Can thoughts be changed into materials and actions? We know of a mature study called 'Evolution'. But, the theme of the 'survival of the fittest' in that study may not be enough to answer HOW changes take place for living creatures. How can a bird adjust the size of its bill to find a new food source in a dry season? How can a tree bug develop wing that look almost like the flower of the tree it feed upon? Why does a mother pray to a GOD/GODDESS, making wish after wish, to save her child's life. What is the difference between the concepts of Need, Wish, Prayer, and Fear and Want. It is these feelings that influence changes in living conditions. Yet, so little is known for certain about how these processes are manifested. How do time cycles develop in this adaptation process? There is major evidence that humans have a duplicate body and mind which is essentially within the Ether. Within that Ether framework there is life, both individual and collective. Some cultures have called this invisible personal body/mind a soul. It seems that this soul has both a history and personal associations with other souls. Within that realm there are oversouls. Since manifestation of living organisms have been associated with a soul, it can be said that it takes a soul to make an evolutionary change, consciously or unconsciously. This soul in the Ether Fields makes decisions about what its earthly offspring may truly need. The soul, in close touch with its human host, seems to be intelligent in its own right. It can be supposed that the soul has a long life cycle, entering a physical body and leaving it many times. With the soul is a memory of its life cycle and of its family origins. That means that the soul has more information to offer concerning the life of one human being. That therefore, means that the soul has a lot to think about concerning the evolution of an individual. (It seems clear from experience that animals also have an organizing soul.) Changes in a DNA and changes in attitudes can be said to be executed from the Etheric Being, along with the garnered experience from the living earthly individual. The Etheric Being is the boss over the earthly being. Those changes usually are scheduled to adhere to normal life cycles, but can also take place quickly, within days. Are Oversouls or Devas involved in manifestations? It could well be the case.

But larger planetary plans seem to overtake lives and sweep clean a land to provide for new growth.900 BC. Most adaptation responds to genuine need along with a Karmic agreement to be part of a larger cultural movement. It seems that human or animal conscious outreaches to the Ether Fields on a regular basis. Would an individual elect to have his entire people killed off violently? Not likely. Those who study manifestation as part of a religious practice reach the Ether fields through meditation and expectation. Did the eruption of volcanoes or a comet strike in Canada in about 11. Do events of earth's natural forces play into evolutional changes in animals? It seems to work that way. Thought combined with deep feeling (especially fear) activates the thrust necessary to break the boundary between the fields. That is how we can affirm the presence of the soul. . Is all evolution progressive? If people can communicate and correct their mistakes then it might be true. That is a secret that few dare to explore. it is real and accessible to most of us. Is the human animal in charge of his own decisions? Not usually. Because the Ether is invisible to most human eyes it is hard to identify. that killed off the big animals like the Saber tooth tiger and woolly mammoth along with all the paleoindians called Clovis People. change people in an evolutionary way? We know it destroyed a population and made way for new arrivals in the American Continent.People often have moments of direct contact with their own soul in the Etheric Fields. The mystery remains as to just how the soul in the Ether Fields maneuvers changes in the animal human DNA. yet.

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