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For Christopher Hitchens

Matthew Lee Knowles

July 2012

All capitalised words in groups

of two or more extracted from
Hitch-22, a Memoir,
by Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens
(1949 - 2011)

W.H. Auden, Deaths Echo We

Sahara Certainly
Newton We
Richard Dawkins, Unweaving
Rainbow Ah,
John Clare, Remembrances
Foreword Do
Pindar Pythian
United States
New York,
Boston. My
Cary Goldstein,
Stage Four
Stage Five.
Hitchens Day,
Horace Manns
Stage Four
Christopher Hitchens Washington, D.C., January
Premonitions What
- George Orwell: England Your England: Socialism
English Genius
- Leopold Bloom
Ulysses Before Me Is
Londons National Portrait Gallery. It
Martin Amis
Friends. The
Angela Gorgas,
James Fenton
Sacre Coeur. (Perhaps
Amis: Martin
New Statesman,
Christopher Hitchens
Julian Barnes
Pat Kavanagh, Martins
Shadow. T.S. Eliots Hollow Men
Kingdom. The
National Portrait Gallery,
Sandy Nairne,
Pat Kavanagh
Kingsley Amis.
Pat Kavanagh
Pat Kavanaghs
Julian Barnes,
Be Frightened Of,
Philip Larkin,
Eugene Levine
Mark Twain,
Ernest Hemingway,
Marcus Garvey
Robert Graves
Somme. Bob Hope
Paul McCartney, Pope John Paul, Harold Pinter, Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
Alfred Nobel,
Horace Mann,
Christopher Hitchens.
Wall Street-managed
Martin Amis,

Rue Mouffetard,
A Moveable Feast. (Or
Jewish. And
Mark Boxer,
Amschel Rothschild,
Princess Diana - Adam Shand-kydd
(Stephen Spender
W.H. Auden
Edward Said
Norman Mailer
Gore Vidal Edwin Shneidman,
Kingsley Amis:
William Dunbar
Timor Mortis
Oscar Wilde
Yvonne There
- Graham Greene: The Power
Glory Something
Rudyard Kipling: Kim I Of Course
(Salman Rushdie,
Is Not Great,
Grand Harbor
Roman Catholic
Christendom. But
Maltese Catholic
Communion Host
Royal Navy,
Napoleonic Wars. Much
Commander Hitchens.
Nazis. He,
Scapa Flow,
Orkney Islands
North Sea. She
Womens Royal Naval Service
Wren. (My
Adolf Hitler
Portsmouth. Wartime
And Yvonne
- The Commander
Mrs. Hitchens.
Penny Lane
Frank Hauser,
Oxford Playhouse,
Louise MacNeice,
Autumn Journal
The Earth Compels. What
Pandoras Box,
Susannah Munday,
V.S. Naipauls
The Enigma
Arrival. He
Portsmouth Harbor.
MacNeice (Rupert Brooke,
Palgraves Golden Treasury),
Balliol College, Oxford,
John Betjeman -

Budleigh Salterton.
Danny Williams
Moon River,
Oxford Playhouse
The Cherry Orchard
Oh Yvonne,
New Age
Gayelord Hausers Look Younger, Live Longer
Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet. As
New Statesman
High Street
The Queens College. We
Queens Lane
Timothy Bryan,
The Commander
Mr. Bryan. The
Trafalgar Square,
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
The Perfect Master
London. Feeling
The Ganges
Gerrard Street. This
Mr. Bryan
Shaftsbury Avenue
Yom Kippur War
Ramadan War,
(Oh Mummy,
Fleet Street
No. Well,
What? Perhaps
London Times? No. Well,
North Oxford
Sixties. That
Western European
Cold War
Oxford Union
Helen Vlachos,
Phaleron Bay
U.S. Sixth Fleet. The
Athens Polytechnic
The Internationale
With Yvonne
Dimitrios Kapsaskis. It
Z. In
Constantine Costa-Gavras, Kapsaskis
Gregory Lambrakis
Captain Nicholas Balaskas
Lekkas Street
Labour MP
Francis Noel-Baker
Syntagma Square
Chester Kallman. This
W.H. Auden
Carole Lombard.
Christ Church Cathedral

James Fenton,
Eric Gregory Award
Stephen Spender
Charles Monteith
Brigadier Tsoumbas. (Soom-bass:
Acropolis. For
Berlin Wall
Greek Orthodox
George Seferis,
Sylvia Plath. When
The Bell Jar
Otto Plath
Prussia. Her
German-Polish Prussia,
Ted Hughes.
Ben Sonnenberg,
MS? Oh,
Old Man River.) Who
Giles Romilly Feddens
Othello. Its
Al Alvarez,
The Savage God,
Cesare Pavese,
Strega Prize,
William Styron
Hartford, Connecticut,
Many English
Emile Durkheims
William Styron.
Darkness Visible. It
Styron. Oh,
- Captain Oates
Albert Camus
Juggernaut. The
But Yvonne
Oh Mummy,
Cesare Pavese
And Alvarez
Jan Palach,
Wenceslas Square
Saul Bellows Augie March
The Commander He
- Arthur Koestler: Arrow
Oh Boy. The English
- The Beatles: Sergeant Pepper: A Day
Life An Ancient Piece
Commander Eric Ernest Hitchens
Royal Navy
Gore Vidal
West Country
Gulf Stream
First World War
Bertie Wooster
Alfred Ernest Hitchens
Thomas Hardys Wessex
Portsmouth. The

Royal Navy
North Sea,
Vectis. The
Horatio Nelson
Victory. The
Charles Dickens
Rudyard Kipling
Arthur Conan Doyle. Here
Great-Uncle Harry. The
Young England
Jutland (There
Admiral Beatty
North Sea
The Senior Service.
Navy. When
Admiral Cochrane
Patrick OBrians Jack Aubrey. When
Sir Francis Drake. Every
Great Britains)
Hitchens?) In
Charles Ryder
Brideshead Revisited
The Commander
Nazism. The
Second World War,
Royal Navy.
Jack Hawkins
The Cruel Sea:
Nicholas Monsarrat
The Commander,
HMS Jamaica
(Boxing Day
Scharnhorst. Sending
Joseph Stalin
Red Navy
Boxing Day
The Empire
Senior Service
In Malta
Sir Winston Churchill,
Sir Anthony Eden,
United States. International
Union Jack
The Commander
Buckingham Palace
British Conservatives
France. His
Captain Aubrey
Commander Hitchens). He
Becket. The
Marxist Welshman Raymond Williams,
Commander. More
Brooks Club.
Fats Waller,
Your Feets Too Big)
Jamaica. But

New World
Northern Ireland
Channel Tunnel
New Statesman. Rather
Commander. This
South Atlantic
Eastern Mediterranean
Indian Ocean,
Union Jack
Khyber Pass,
Falkland Islands
New York,
Royal Navy
South Atlantic,
The Heroes
Bonapartes Old Guard,
Conservative Party
Harold Macmillan. If
The Longest Day. This
Royal Navy
Lord Mountbatten
British Royal Family
Royal Navy
The Commander
Honestly, Eric,
Sutton Courtenay,
George Orwell
Eric Blair. Strangely,
Eric Ernest Hitchenss
Portsdown Hill,
Arthur Conan Doyle
The Narrow Sea. This
Lord St. Vincent
General Eisenhower
United States. Commander Hitchens
(My Aunt Ena
The Commanders
Susannah Munday
Navy Hymn
Eternal Father
St. Paul
United States. My
New Testament (Philippians)
King James Version
The Commander
Carolinas. These
Luxury? That
Education Orwell, Connolly, Waugh, Betjeman,
- Anthony Powell: Infants
- Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisited
I Now Claim Stanford, California,
Edward Said,
Ian Watt.

Joseph Conrad
The Rise
Novel. On
Ian Watt
The Bridge On The River Kwai, The Burma Railroad, Changi Jail
Oh God
Tonbridge... My
E.M. Forster
Tonbridge School
A Passage
W.H. Audens
Beating, Bullying
Winston Churchills
Rum, Sodomy,
Big Bs
Tonbridge. Have
Winston Churchill:
Tonbridgean. It
Commander. This
Camdean. On
Nigel Molesworth,
Paul Pennyfeather
Waughs Decline
(Face-crime!) Hitchens,
Waughs Decline
Sundays. In
Mr. Witherington
Eastbourne School. And
John Buchan
G.A. Henty
Percy Westerman,
The Commander
Alexander Waugh,
Franz Kafkas Letter
My Father.
Such, Such Were
Hugh Wortham,
Rex Harrison. His
Commander. His
David Blaize
E.F. Benson
Hugh Walpole
Mr. Robertson - Rubberguts,
Peace. Emboldened
Prescotts History
Mexico. Of
Aztecs. In
Henry V,
King Henry
Pierre Bezukhov
Evelyn Waugh. The
P.G. Wodehouse. How
Paul Pennyfeather
Mr. Mulliner,
Gustave Flaubert
Billy Bunter
Arthur Ransomes

Manchester Guardian
First World War,
Aunt Pam
G.K. Chesterton
George Orwell)
John Buchans Richard Hannay
Nevil Shutes
Australia, Malaya,
Dennis Wheatleys
C.S. Foresters Hornblower
Royal Navy
British-run Malaya
Central African Federation
Southern Rhodesia,
Harold Macmillan
Gyppos (Egyptians)
Suez Canal. On Guy Fawkes
Sir David Eccles,
Mr. Wortham,
Tradesmens Entrance,
Upstairs, Downstairs
Jessica Mitford,
How Green Was My Valley. One
Richard Llewellyns
Huw Morgan
North London
Hackney Downs
London Fields. Once,
South Wales
William Blake
Port Talbot.
Bristol Channel
Joseph Conrads Congo. Several
H.G. Wells. Second
How Green Was My Valley
Uncle Toms Cabin:
Harold Isaacs
Richard Llewellyn
Richard Llewellyn
Ignatius Loyola. Or
Sir Francis Drake
O Lord God,
Lionel Trilling
George Orwells
The Ninety Percent? Because, Hitchens,
Tom Brown
Ut Prosium (That I May Be Useful),
Thee My Country
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended (To
St. Augustine
Mount House,
Englishness. The
Cambridge My Mother Having Decided
Mount House Mr. Wortham
The Leys School,
Cambridge. The

Alan Barker,
Mr. Worthams. Since
Common Entrance
Passed For Leys Congratulations Wortham. This
Hah, Pugh
Cambridge. That
Most English
The Leys
John Wesley
Tory Party. Many
Cromwell). For
Jack Sprat
Navy. In
Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
Cam. Both
All Souls
Apostles Club
E.M. Forster
John Maynard Keynes,
Kim Philby
Sir Anthony Blunt? (At
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
William Paley,
Natural Theology
Cavendish Laboratories
The Eagle
President Kennedy
Richard Dimbleby
When Kennedy
Mount House
West Indies. Two
The Leys
The Leys
Jewish Nobel Prize
Perutz. As
Elie Halevy
Eric Hobsbawm
Donald Soper,
Tribune, George Orwells
New Statesman,
Fabian Society
J.G. Ballard,
Ian Watt
Japanese (Empire
The Leys
The Leys
E.A.M. Smith,
Glanton Brethren,
Smith. The
Michael Prest. He
Jesus College.
R.H. Tawney
Wilfred Funk
The Leys

North B
North A, East, West,
Arthur In
E.A.M. Smith!
Its Hitchens
C.H. Rolph. The
New Statesman:
Inspector Bill Hewitt
Arthur Koestler. Before
Kings College
Yehudi Menuhin
Rubens, Adoration
The Leys
James Hilton (Mr. Chips
W.H. Balgarnie)
Malcolm Lowry
J.G. Ballard.
Aladdins Cave
Mr. Chippings
British Empire
Boer War
Bertrand Russell,
Philosophy, Politics
The Lit:
Debating Society
Terence Rattigans
The Browning Version. And
Napoleonic Wars. At The Leys
Thomas Essay Prize
Martin Bubers
True Living Lies
Meeting. (How
Edward Said
Paul Cavafy
Spratling. This
Canterbury Tales
Colin Wilcockson,
Punishment. Yet
Wilfred Owen
George Orwell. It
Huw Morgan
Owens Dulce
Decorum Est
Sean Watson
First World War, In Flanders Fields,
Leon Wolff,
All Quiet
Western Front
John Harris
Siegfried Sassoon
Edmund Blunden
Robert Grave.
The Great War
Rupert Brooke
Lawrence Binyon,
Even Winston Churchill
Finest Hour,

Winston Churchill
Finest Hour. When
Spanish Civil War
Animal Farm
Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Cold War.
Animal Farm
Aspidistra Flying
A Clergymans Daughter
Coming Up
Air. In
Miss Austen
Mr. Dickens
George Eliot
Wigan Pier (James Hilton,
Mr. Chips,
Michael Prest
Combined Cadet Corps.
United Nations Association
Perse School. Here
Janet Montefiore
Edmund Blunden
Wilfred Owen. She
Great St. Marys,
University Church,
W.H. Auden
Major Danbys
Hugh Montefiore
MacArthur Park.) so
Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love / Human
My Faithless Arm. The
Lytton Strachey
Gore Vidals
Mr. Chips
Simon Raven,
Fielding Gray
Anthony Powell. The
Peter Raper:
North Wales
Jerusalem. On
Michael Prest
Labour From King Lear: Thou
Mary Renault. If
Middle Earth,
Alexander. The King Must Die; The Bull
Sea: Athens
The Leys
Sir Winston Churchills
Henry Fairlie
Boldly, Michael
Labour HQ. We
Alderman Ramsbottom National Health Service
India. Satirically
Suez! Of
Bevis Sale. Still

Tory MP, Sir Hamilton Kerr,

Sir Percy Rugg,
Alan Barker,
Lady Trumpington. So
Lytton Stracheys Eminent Victorians
Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels Communist Manifesto. He
Arthur Koestler
Herbert Butterfield
Walter Ullmans
Poetry Society
Bob Dillon.
Philip Larkin
Hard Rain,
Cuba. Then
Mr. Tambourine Man, She Belongs
Baby Blue ? Ive
Professor Christopher Ricks
Vietnam. This
Wilfred Owen
At Easter
Trafalgar Square.
Bertrand Russells
Trafalgar Square
Julie Felix,
Paul Jones
Manfred Mann. Patrolling
Balliol. It
The Saints,
Buddy Holly-style
Rising Sun. The
Eric Burdon
The Animals,
The Sixties.
The Sixties: Revolution
Brideshead Regurgitated) Contradiction
- Gustave Flaubert
I Suppose You Know,
Bloody Mary
Oxford. We
Kings Arms,
Bodleian Library Codrington Library,
All Souls. The
James Fentons
Mike Rosen
Oxford Playhouse. It
Royal Court
Sloane Square,
Look Back
Mike Rosen
Old Left.
Stalinism. During
Oxford Playhouse
Gunter Grasss
The Plebeians Rehearse
Bertolt Brecht

East German
East German Communism:
Stalin Street Brandenburg Gate. It
Oscar Wilde
Kenneth Tynan
Zuleika Dobson
Sebastian Flyte,
Norman Mailer
William F. Buckley
Labour Party
President Johnson. At
Social Democrat
Oxford Town Hall
John Berger,
Communist Party. He
Vietnamese. Then
Henderson Brooks. He
Left Book Club
Coming Up For Air. It
Great Helmsman
Maos Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.
Peter Sedgwick. He
International Socialists.
Left Opposition Marxism
Eastern Europe
South Africa,
From Peter
Then, Peter
Great Depression
Soviet Union
International Socialists),
Rosa Luxemburg
Leon Trotsky
Stalin? Was
Balliol College, Oxford,
International Socialist
France. That
Peter Sedgwick
Africa. In Prague,
Czechoslovak Communist Party
Franz Kafka,
New Frontier
British Labour
Social Democratic
Vanessa Redgrave,
Garry Healy
OK. Looking
Third World
Herbert Marcuse
R.D. Laing. The
Socialist Register
Peter Sedgwick,
Jacek Kuron,
Karel Modzelewski
Poland. These
The British

David Rosenberg,
Cold War
The Polish
Communist Party
Polish Solidarnosc? The
C.L.R. James,
Guardian. His
Minty Alley,
V.S. Naipaul Black Jacobins,
Toussaint LOuverture
Haiti. This
French Revolution
Ruskin College, Oxford
Russian Revolution. He
Third World
Vanity Fair
Eurocentrism. The
Victor Serge. This Belgian-born
Our Power
First World War
Third International
Soviet Union
Left Opposition,
Red Tsar. His
- The Case
Comrade Tulayev Great Terror. Ending
Hitler - Serge
Shakespeare Avenue
Railton Road Black Jacobins
Revolutionary. As
Peter Sedgwick
Oxford University Press. My
Alan Barker
American Civil War,
Colin Wilcockson
Piers Plowman,
Peter Sedgwick
To Chris,
Christopher? Perhaps
Christopher Hitchens
- Terry Eagelton,
Reason, Faith
There Was
Chris Price,
P. Whereas
Chris Hitchens
University Challenge
St. Davids, Lampeter,
North Wales
Jim Melican.) My
At English
BO.) There
A.D. Lindsays

Lord Nuffield
Evelyn Waugh
Oscar Wilde
Max Beerbohm
Oxford Union
William Morris.
Christopher Hill English Civil War
English Revolution),
King Charles
Wadham College
Sir Maurice Bowra,
Dr. Steven Lukes,
Emile Durkheim
Power: A Radical View. Thanks
Nuffield College
Noam Chomsky,
John Locke
Sir Isaiah Berlin.
Oxford Union
Isaiah Berlin,
Karl Marx. The
Oxford University Labour Club,
Social Democrats,
Secretary: Chris Hitchens (Ball). This
St. Petersburg
Marxism. He
George Orwell,
Philip Larkin
Labour Club
English Club,
Dylan Thomas.
Beaumont Street, Berlin
Henry James
Winston Churchill. Having
First World War,
Admiralty. James
Henry James
Noam Chomsky. Having
John Locke
Old Testament
Pascal Bruckner.
American Maoist
Progressive Labor. Through
Oxford Union,
International Socialists
Saigon. Not
Martin Luther King. In Poland,
Enoch Powell
Dr. King
(Take Your Desires For Reality
Bobby Kennedy
Lyndon Johnsons Great Society;
Barry McGuires
International Socialists
Middle East
Christian. But

Phil Ochs
Bob Dylan. For
Antonio Salazar,
Angola, Mozambique,
Guinea-Bissau. Angola
South Africa. Thus
Dr. Eduardo Mondlane,
Labour Club
Robert Resha,
Mandelas African National Congress)
After Mondlanes
Michael Prest
Dr. Mondlane
Nathan Shamyurira,
Rhodes House
Oxford. He
Robert Mugabes
Nelson Mandela,
Labour Club
Robben Island
Ruskin College
Oxford Union.) At
History Workshop,
E.P. Thompson
John Clare. The
Raphael Samuel
Kristallnacht. Taking
History Workshop
Edward Thompson
Socialist Worker
Social Democrats
Oxford Union
Charles Ryder
Christ Church
Gridiron Club
(The Commander,
Paris.) In
David Levy,
Charles Maurras
Action Francaise,
Salazars Portugal
Francos Spain,
Giovinezza. Gaily
Margaret Thatchers
John Sparrow
All Souls. How
The Warden,
All Souls
The Importance
Being Earnest.
Lady Chatterlys Lover D.H. Lawrence
American Ghetto. Some
Sparrow.) Like Lord Marchmain
Brideshead, Sparrow
Walter Pater
A.L. Rowse,

Shakespeares Sonnets
Mrs. Hitchens
James Fenton
Clarendon Building
The Warden,
Oxford Left.
James Fenton,
Rhodes Scholars
United States
Leckford Road
Frank Aller,
Bill Clinton.
Martin Walker,
Strobe Talbott, Robert Reich,
Richard Nixon,
Milton Friedman
Alan Greenspan
Presidential Commission
Ira Magaziner Hilary Clinton
Brown University
Rhode Island.
Ring Ira
Irish Republicanism.
Mr. Cord Meyer
Grosvenor Square
Leckford Road
Dr. Anthony Kenny,
Philosophy. Descending
Thomas Aquinass
Catholic Church
Bishops Cranmer
Grosvenor Square
We Shall Overcome.
South African
Your Honor,
Peasants Revolt. The
The Internationale,
John Lennon
Mick Jaggers Street Fighting Man,
Tariq Ali,
You Say You Want
Prague Within
- Fidel Castro Ex
- Thomas Aquinas At
- Ernesto Che Guevara Socialism
- Alexander Dubcek
The Expedition To Cuba
Havana. Not
International Socialists,
Kitchener Scholarship,
World War One
Your Country Needs You! Available
Oxford Union. Didnt Her Majesty The Queen,
At Gatwick Airport
United States
Jose Marti Airport

Berlin Wall
Campamento Cinco
Rio. Here
French, German, Italian, African
Havana. But
Latin American
Paris Commune
Spanish Civil War,
Had Che Guevara
Czechoslovakian Communist Parties? On
Revolution, Trotsky
Karl Marx
Charles Darwin. Anyway,
Was Cuba
Communist Party
San Andres. As
San Andres
Fidel Castro
Santa Clara,
Che Guevara
Although Guevaras
Che Guevara
The Cuban
Heroic Guerrilla
Guevara. It
The Imitation
Christ. So
Fidel Castro
Santa Clara
Maximum Leader
Czechoslovakia. The Cuban
Moscow. The Cuban Communist Party
Jacobo Timerman
Cuba. Certainly
Socialism With A Human Face
Czechoslovak Airlines
La Rampa
Tomas Guitierrez Alea,
Closely Watched Trains). Almost
Pontecorvos Battle
Campamento Cinco
Angry Brigade,
Red Brigade,
Old Bailey
Angry Brigade
Rio.) At
Santiago Alvarez.
President Johnson
Soft Answers,
With Yvonne.
The Commander.
Country. The Commander
King George
HMS Ajax.
England. Malta,
Another Hitchens
Hitler: Yvonne

Royal Navy.
Nathan Blumenthal,
Sarah Blumenthal.
Great-Uncle Harry,
Young England,
Michael Prest
Bevis Sale
File Down Your Deans
J. Palmer I. Glick
Workers Of All Lands Unite Karl
International Socialists Membership Card
Labour Party
Membership Card
Name Mr. C. Hitchens Address
Huntingdon St. Islington London N1
Islington South And Finsbury Thornhill Ward
In Cuba,
Billett Potter, Oxford)
John Kennedy, Martin Luther King,
Robert Kennedy,
Luther, Bobby,
Miriam Makeba,
Stokely Carmichael. For
Carlos Franqui, Heberto Padilla, Jorge Edwards,
The Cuban
Now! The Russians
Czechoslovakia. The
Eastern Europe
Prague. The Red Armys
Havana University,
The Chinese
Double Happiness. The
Ho Chi Minh
Vietnamese Communists
Russians. This
Fidel Castro
Hotel Nacional
Graham Greenes
Captain Segura
Central Committee
Cuban Communism
United States,
Western Europe. Once
Latin America
Berlin Wall
Peter Uhl? Anyway,
International Socialist
Socialist Worker
Russians Get Out
Czechoslovakia! To
Panzerkommumismus (Ernst Fischers
Prague. Yet
Third World,
Havana Airport Democratic Party
Chicago. Tourist
Thomas Paine

Socialist Worker
West: Tanks
Cops Defend Freedom. To
Vietnam. The
South African
The Personal Is Political. At
The Warden
High Street. He
Leszek Kolakowski,
Poland. He
Eastern Europe,
All Souls. Kolakowski
Communist. When
Victor Laszlo
Ronald Reagan
Communism. In
New Left
Left. Kolakowski
The Polish
Marian Dobrosielski,
St. Anthonys College,
Ambassador Dobrosielski
Main Currents
Communism. Yes,
Balliol-man Anthony Powell
Books Do Furnish
Bill Clinton:
John Evelyn
Patrick Cockburn,
Spanish Civil War,
Private Eye,
New Left Review,
T.S. Eliot,
Christo Hird,
John Evelyn
When Richard Nixon
Henry Kissinger
- Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart
Oxford Union
Indochina. The
Her Majestys Government
James Long,
BBC.) Nobody
Minute Book
Mr. Stewart,
Jack Straw,
National Union
Vietnam War,
Tony Blair United Nations
Saddam Hussein
Grosvenor Square, Michael Rosen
D.H. Lawrence
The Fenton Factor The
- Hamlet: Act I, Scene
Of Course
Kings Arms. He

Our Western Furniture

Commodore Perrys
Japan. It
Nagasaki Bay. On
Commodore Perrys
East India Company). It
Sycamore Press
Magdalen College, John Fuller). To Christopher Hitchens
James Fenton
When Jamess
Terminal Moraine
To Chris,
Roy Fuller,
Benson Place. Youre
Redmond OHanlon
English Protestantism. He
Michael Prest,
James Pettifer,
Cowley Road
English. The
Oxford. He
George Steiner,
Silence. In
Isaiah Berlin, James
China. Steiner
Vietnam. And
Magdalen Bridge:
I Am The King
China And I Like A Tight Vagina:
It Lets Me Show The Things I Know Like The Prose Style
George Steiner. Jamess King
I Am The King
China And My Court Is Crammed With Sages.
But When I Want A Bit Of Bum,
I Ring Around My Yellow Pages.
Sycamore Presss
I Am The King
China. Im A Patron
Prize-Ring. And Every Time My Mans On Top You Can Feel My Boxer Rising.
Steiners Language
Tragic Imagination,
Luke. Jamess
Canon Fenton
Wales. This
Aunt, James
St. Georges Cathedral
Edward Said
Aunt E
American Colony Hotel. Having
(Incidentally, Pettifers
Sue Comely. Michael Prests
Liz Horn. Mine
Teresa Sweet. Later, James
Elizabeth Whipp,
Comely, Horn, Whipp,

Players Number Six

Teachers Scotch
Turl Street
Alexandra Wells,
Sir A.J. Ayer,
Language, Truth
Labour Club
Left. (Hes
Sir Roy Vandervane
Kingsley Amiss
Amis? Yes,
Martin Amis.
Simon Raven
Robert Conquest
Vietnam. This
Exeter College. Alma
Richard Burton
Tariq Ali
Chancery Lane
Paddington Station,
Chancery Lane
Fleet Street. There
Fleet Street
Anthony Thwaite,
Philip Larkin
Robert Conquest. He
New Statesman,
Bertrand Russell,
George Bernard Shaw. In
H.G. Wells. The
Great Turnstile
Lincolns Inn Fields
Z. The
International Socialists
New Statesman
Eric Hobsbawms
New Statesman? Hitchens
Eric Hobsbawm? Who
Blackfriars Bridge
Ludgate Circus
Theobalds Road
Covent Garden
Marx Memorial Library
Clerkenwell Green
British Museum Reading Room
Charlotte Street
Fitzroy Square,
Anthony Powell
Shaftsbury Avenue,
Private Eye
New Left Review,
Gerrard Street,
Dr. Johnsons Club
Burke, Gibbon, Reynolds,
Fleet Streets Tory
London. The

Peter De Vries,
Mackerel Plaza,
Grub Street
All Souls
The London Times
Social Science Correspondent
Trafalgar Square?
British Establishment
Mr. Grant,
Printing House Square,
Blackfriars Station
St. Petersburg. It
Graham Greene
Mr. Grant
Then: Interested
Labour Party
Haringay, North London. The
Turkish NATO
Labour Party
Turkish Cypriots,
Costa Brava
General Francos Spain. These
May Day
TIGMOO (This Great Movement Of Ours)
TMAAW (The Movement As A Whole)
Britains Indian
National Health Service
Toryism. Free
Vitamin C Gore Vidals Judgement
National Health Service,
Official Britain
World War. The
Jean Jaures
Karl Liebknecht
Lloyd George
Labour Party;
Peter De Vries
Harold Evanss Sunday Times
London Weekend Television,
Daily Express
Evening Standard. This
Beaverbrook Newspapers:
Evelyn Waughs
The Daily Beast. Writing
Waughs Fleet Street
Fleet Street
(The Street
(The Street
Shame). Here
Shumble, Whelper
Punch Tavern
English? In Martin Amiss
Fleet Street, Yellow Dog,
Idi Amin
Saudi Arabia

Islam). His
United Kingdom. When
Sir Oswald Mosley,
British Union
Fascists. Since
Second World War,
Paris. As
Josef Goebbels
Lady Diana Mitford,
Adolf Hitler
Sir Oswald,
Sir Roderick Spode,
Black Shorts
P.G. Wodehouses
The Code
Ugandan Asian
East End
Sir Oswald
Seventies. When
Great War. Hints
Jazz Age. In
London School
Sixties. The
Lady Diana Jessica Mitford New Statesman,
Philip Dosse. Mr. Dosse
Auberon Waugh
Mr. Dosse
Inland Revenue,
Mrs. Simpson. The
Sir Oswald,
London Times,
Sir Oswalds
Lady Diana
Third Reich
South Bank
London. Looking
St. Pauls Cathedral. What
Irish Republican Army
Old Bailey:
International Socialists,
Ulster Six County
Bloody Sunday
Royal Navy
British Army
With James Fenton
International Socialists)
Northern Ireland
New Statesman. (One
Irish Protestants
Wolfe Tone
James Connolly
Jim Larkin. In
Lebanon, Gaza, Cyprus,
Northern Ireland
Woodvale District

Ernie Elliot
Provisional IRA. He
British Army
Kevin Myers
Maire Drumm,
Ulster Volunteer Unionist
British Army
Bloody Sunday
Cuba. But
The Europa Hotel
Holiday Inn
Mahogany Ridge:
Elbow Room
Royal Victoria Hospital
Falls Road
British Army. Rising
Irish. Getting
Graham Greene
John Buchan
The Thirty-Nine Steps
Hyde Park.
Hyde Park,
Seventies. First
John Bunyans Mr. Facing-Both-Ways. Northern Ireland
Christopher Hitchens,
East End
Socialist Worker
International Socialism. (On
New Statesman
Socialist Worker
James Fenton
Carry On
Paul Foot,
Oscar Wildes
The Central
East End
Oxford Circus/Regent Street
When Paul
Socialist Workers Party
West End
John Birt,
Frost-Nixon. (He
Private Eye
Christopher Robin Hitchens,
No Idea
P.G. Wodehouse: Webster
John Self
Martin Amiss Money,
Fleet Street,
Bill Cater
Harry Evanss Sunday Times
Francis Wheens
Tom Driberg
Left. In
Evelyn Waughs Brideshead
W.H. Auden

Stephen Spender. He
The Waste Land,
Edith Sitwell
Aleister Crowley
The Beast
Guy Burgess,
British Intelligence
KGB, Tom
Labour Party
Londoners Diary
New Statesman,
Stoke Poges. This
Anthony Holden,
Quo Vadis
Dean Street,
Karl Marx
Doges. So
Venice? But
Colony Room Club,
Muriel Belcher. Renowned
Peter OToole
Francis Bacon
London Blitz,
Mrs. Hitler. OTooles
First World War! This Pythonesque
Fleet Street
Noel Coward,
Gore Vidal
The Master. Not
Gertrude Lawrence? Gore
Miss Lawrence
Chester Kallman
Erika Mann. At
Through Tom
Gore Vidal,
Via Veneto
Kingsley Amis
Tom Driberg. He
W.H. Auden, Constant Lambert,
Oxford Book
Light Verse. Might Tom,
Well, Tom, Kingsley
Martin My
May. - Martin Amis: The Independent
National Portrait Gallery
Events Only Elicited
April. Still,
Yom Kippur/Ramadan War
Salvador Allende
Chile, W.H. Auden
James Fenton
Indochina War)
Eric Gregory Award
New Statesman, Peter Ackroyd,
Tory Spectator,
Middle East,
Oxford. Anyway,

Bung Hole
New Statesman
Clive James,
Graham Greene:
Camden Town,
Then Yvonne
Our Mutual Friend
The Rachel Papers. Chat
Times Literary Supplement
English. Thus
Robert Conquest,
Stalinism. In
International Socialists
The Great Terror
Vietnam. Yet
Kingsleys Girl
Clive James,
Pont Street
Cadogan Hotel. Perhaps
Oscar Wilde
The Wilde
Clive James,
Incidentally, Kingsleys
The Green Man
Craig Raine
Wailing Wall. He
New Statesman
Holland Park,
The Pregnant Widow
Delilah Seale,
Dr. Zhivago
The Rachel Papers
F. Scott Fitzgeralds Early Success. Of
Rockville, Maryland London Sunday
Casanova, Martin
Sea. Over
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Sir Leicester Dedlock
Bleak House;
Humbert Humberts
Alexander Portnoys
Humboldts Gift. Loved
John Updike
Massachusetts General Hospital
John Updike
Amis. With
Mass Gen
Saul Bellow,
Bellows Ravelstein
Sea Island
Sea Island
Vladimir Nabokov,
Lepidoptera. But
Edgware Road
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Flask Walk

Philip Larkin. Amis

Jazz Record Requests: ?Archie Shepp
Nogood Deaf Poxy Sam
One-Titted Woman Blues: Wawawawa
Jane Austen
Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Graham Greenes
The Human Factor (Absolutely
At All!)
America, Kingsley
The Women. This
New York,
Times Literary Supplement,
Stanley. Kingsley,
Northanger Abbey,
Miss Austens
London. We
Garrick Club,
Eddie Murphy
Nelson Mandela
United States
Augie March,
Saul Bellow
George V. Higgins,
The Friends
Eddie Coyle. Higginss
Park Lane
American Hotel
The Inn
The Park
Park. This
New York,
Money, Martin
Lexington Avenue. And
Antonia. He
Jean Tarrou
The Plague,
No. No
Martin. If
John Self
The Happy Isles. There
Great English Novel
Jane Bonham Carter
Ian Le Fresnais,
Final Solution
Perry Anderson,
New Left Review,
Anthony Powells Dance
Like Perry, Martin
Ancient Mariner-like. There
James Fenton. Uncharacteristically
New York Times
Jacob Amis
Raymond Mortimer
The Friday
Clive James
Peter Porter, Craig Raine (T.S. Eliots

Terry Kilmartin
Scott Moncrieffs
Marcel Proust,
Gore Vidal
Mark Boxer,
Anthony Powells
Russell Davies,
Ian McEwan
Julian Barnes, James Fenton
Robert Conquest
England, Kingsley
Dr. F.R. Leaviss
Philip Larkin. The
Margaret Thatcher
Ronald Reagan. These,
Walter Bagehot
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Tory Party
Robert Conquest
Social Democratic
Moscow Olympics
Cold War. At
United States,
Philip Larkin
Once Martin
This Be
Going, Going,
Edward Heath,
White Paper
However, Larkins
Fucking Fools First Eleven
John Berger
Sock. OK: Bleak Sock, Heartbreak Sock, The Fall
Usher, The Sock
Atreus, The Sock
Seven Gables, The Sock
Rising Sun ? This
Thus: A Cunt
All Seasons, A Cunts
All That, He Was
Cunt: Take Him
All, The Cunt Who Shot Liberty Valance, Batcunt, Supercunt
The Prong
Golden Gun, Our Prong
Havana, Prongs
Women, Those Magnificent Prongs
Their Flying Machines,
Clive James
A Shropshire Cunt. By A.E. Sockprong. This
Peter De Vries
New Review
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pumping Iron
Leonid Brezhnevs
New Statesman
Robert Maxwell,
Labour Partys

Dirk Bogarde. He
Prince Charles. The
Ygael Gluckstein,
International Socialists,
Tony Cliff,
Rosa Luxemburg,
Sisyphus. Whenever
Social Democratic
Pushy Tupper. You
Stuffy. The
Robert Conquest,
Rye Tupper. Ought
New Statesman
New Yorker
Graham Greene
Cook-sacker. As
Kook-socker. As
Cork-soaker. As
Kirk-sacker. As
Cox-hooker. Simple
Seven Ages
Seven Ages:
Lenin Who
Robert Conquest
Labour Party
Ian McEwan. It
Somerset Maugham Award). By
First Love, Last Rites
In Between
Sheets. Met
Brixton. What
Clive James
New Statesman
Thomas Pynchon
Ian McEwan
Larry Kramers
British Customs
Mr. Pynchon
Milan Kundera.) From
Right. But
Woodstock. His
New Age,
Roseberry Room
Lord Butler,
Conservative Party
New York Times
New Statesman,
Conservative Party
Mrs. Thatcher
Mrs. Thatcher
Rhodesia. And
Sir Peregrine Worsthorne,
Meikles Hotel
Sir Roy Welensky,
Ian Smith. Its
Mr. Verse-torn,
Ifrica. Perry

Leader? Who
Margaret Thatcher
Poland In Retrospect
International Socialists
Levant. One
Second World War
Cyprus. The
Hercules: Francos Spain
Western Sahara
Israeli Jewish
Salvador Puig Antich:
Latin Quarter
Palma Inacio
Lisbon. Some
Democratic Front
Freedom Square
Orwells Homage
North Africa
Sartre. As
Famagusta, Larnaca, Limassol, Kyrenia
East. In Cyprus,
NATO. In Portugal,
NATO. Likewise
Greece. In Spain,
Washington. Thus
In Cyprus,
Manolis Glezos,
Comrade Glezos
Enver Hoxha
Stalinists. And
Lusitania Mediterranean
Atlantic Ocean
East Timor
King Henry
Tivoli Hotel
Avenida Libertad,
Chile. There
South Africa. Other
Portuguese-speaking Brazil,
Southern Cone
The Three Marias
Esquerda Libidinosa
Libidinous Left,
Socrates, Einstein, Beethoven, Spinoza, Shakespeare,
Charlie Chaplin, Louis Armstrong, Karl Marx
Sigmund Freud. (There
Avenida Libertad
Rossio Square,
Battleship Potemkin
Winter Palace. And,
St. Petersburg
French Communist Party
Gaulle. This
In Portugal

Alvaro Cunhal,
Portuguese Stalinists,
St. Petersburg
The Portuguese Socialist Party
La Republica,
Chemical Workers Union,
Socialist Party, Mario Soares,
Social Democrat,
Lisbon. If
International Socialist
Russia. Thus
Campo Pequeno
Socialist Party
Socialismo Si! Dictatura Nao! The
Down With Social Facism
Portugal: Nem Kissinger, Nem Brezhnev!
Colin MacCabe
Communist Party,
James Joyce
Jean-Luc Godard,
Deng Xiaoping
Louis Althusser
Ecole Abnormale.
International Socialists
But Portugal
Conor Cruise OBrien
Communist Poland,
Dr. Franco Nogueira,
Banco Spiritu Santu
Comericial (Bank
Holy Spirit
Phil Ochs
Love Me, Im
Liberal. Arrested
South African
Liberal Party. Attending
Marxist. After
Russian-backed Communist
Federal Germany. (An
Answer: The Germans. Business Before Pleasure. You
Jacek Kuron,
Oxford. He
Workers Defense Committee/Komitet Obrony Robotnikow
Solidarity. Rabbi Tarfon
Chilean Communist
Luis Corvalan
Cold War
Vladimir Bukovsky. No
Polish Communist
Nazis. But
My American Trotskyist
Christopher Bobinski,
Barbara Kopec,
Joseph Stalin
Jacek Kuron

The British Foreign Office

Soviet Union
Mikhail Gorbachev
Trotskyism. The
Reds. It
Jacek Kuron
Polish Jewry. We
Second Vatican Council. Polish Catholicism,
Pax Christi
Christmas Cardinal Wyszynski
Communist Party
Edmund Baluka,
Warsaw Pact
West German
Prague. Discovering
East German
Trotskyism.) Our
Christmas Eve
George Orwell. (This
NOWA.) Even
Polish Communist Party
Witold. Two
Polonais! It
Adam Michnik,
Professor Leszek Kolakowski. Having
Franco Spain,
Jacek Kuron
Adam Michnik
Gazeta Wyborzka,
Argentina: Death
Infinite Library) At
Barack Obama
Hector Timerman.
Argentina. In
Dr. Kings
President Obama,
Jacobo Timerman,
La Opinion
Buenos Aires,
Rio Grande:
New Order
Ronald Reagans
And Timermans
Name, Cell
General Jorge Rafael Videla
Henry Kissinger. So
Buenos Aires
Jacobo Timerman. The
General Videla. The
Jorge Luis Borges.
William Safire
General Videla
Casa Rosada,
Amnesty International
Los Madres:
Plaza Mayo. (Todo

Ford Falcon
Buenos Aires
Claudia Inez Grumberg,
Argentines. And
Senorita Grumberg. He
- El Presidente Jacobo Timerman
Jew. While
Karl Marx,
Sigmund Freud,
Albert Einstein,
And Senorita Grumberg,
Jew. We
Adolfo Scilingo,
South Atlantic
Navy Mechanics School
Dr. Emilio Mignone,
The Catholic
ESMA, Father Christian
The Papal Nuncio,
Cardinal Pio Laghi,
Admiral Emilio Massera,
Argentine Navys
Heres Timerman
Jew? Clipped
Jew? Clipped
Buenos Aires
Martin Amiss John Self
Robert Cox
Buenos Aires Herald
South Atlantic
Navy School
Calle Maipu
Plaza San Martin,
Jorge Luis Borges.
Edmund Blunden,
Juan Peron,
National Library Evelyn Waugh
Buenos Aires
Kiplings Harp Song
Dane Women,
G.K. Chesterton: Such
Catholic. Kipling: Unappreciated
USA. The
(Sonnet XXIX
Dante Gabriel Rossetti) - Inclusiveness General Pinochet?
Colin MacCabe
New Statesman
Southern Cone. This
Kai Bird,
Victor Navasky,
The Nation
New York. My

(Dear Ms. Bird,

Denis Matyjascek,
National Union
Journalists. Would
World Cup
Tony Blairs
Jacobo Timerman,
Robert Cox
English-language Buenos Aires Herald
The MacShane-sponsored
Falkland Islands,
Argentine Right
Las Malvinas
Falkland Islands Committee
Lincolns Inn.
Austrian, Bonaparte Corsican. In
Cyprus. The
Irish Republicans
New York). Sun Yat Sen,
Hong Kong. The Serbian
Western Herzegovina. Falklands
Britain. It
Commander Hitchens,
Royal Navy
Mrs. Thatcher
Iron Lady.
Labour Party,
Old Labour
Northern Ireland. Labours
Roy Mason,
New Statesman. The
Irish Left
Present Crisis)
New Left, Perry Anderson
Tom Nairn
Right. Christopher Hill
Mrs. Thatcher
Conservative Party
Windsor. Moreover,
Northern Ireland
Southern Rhodesia,
Old Labour
Berlin Wall
Then: Why
Gerry Fitt
Frank MacManus,
Irish Mps
Mrs. Thatcher. And
Tory, Dr. Samuel Johnson,
A Second Identity: On Becoming
(Anglo) American Who
- Walt Whitman: Leaves
Grass We
Americanized. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
The American
- Henry James: The Ambassadors It

- Max Ascoli
It Doesnt Happen
Washington, D.C.,
Chevy. Behind
Then: You
Normandy? Yes
Churchill Society,
U.S. Army
Medgar Evers
Deep South
Second World War. It
Americans. They
Yanks. Real
The Commander
Second World War
Mr. Roosevelt
Yanks: British
George Orwell
Hampshire. Until
Beatrix Potter-type
Rupert Bear
Dan Dare
Caryl Chessman Mrs. Moss,
British Empire
Mark Twain,
The Lone Ranger,
Clint Eastwood
Rowdy Yates
Rawhide. So
West Side Story
New York
Crapstone?) Anyway,
Henry Jamesian
Warren Powers Laird Myers,
U.S. Air Force
Cambridgeshire. Trousers
The Leys School
Norfolk, Virginia).
Con-federate. From
Jamie Auchincloss
White House. His
Jackie Kennedy
Mr. Miller,
J.D. Salinger,
Mr. Millers
United States
W.H. Auden
Great St. Marys Church
United States
American? As
Oscar Wilde
P.G. Wodehouse

Jessica Mitford,
Evelyn Waughs Loved
Oakland, California. American
Rolling Stones
American TV
Midtown Manhattan,
United States
If You Can Believe Your Eyes
Ears. Many,
California Dreamin
Monday, Monday,
Michelle Phillips,
Go Where You Wanna Go,
Rhode Island
Philadelphia). So,
President Johnson
President Nixon,
Coolidge Atlantic Crossing
Pathfinder Scholarship,
Balliol College
American Way. The
Mr. William Appleton Coolidge,
Thomas Jefferson
Massachusetts. He
Coolidges. Once
Also, English
Richard Nixon
Hugh Scott,
Norman Mailer
San Francisco
Hugh Scott
Uncle Sam
American Flag. This
British Right. Trying
John F. Kennedy Airport. Sometimes
Port Authority Terminal
Midtown. The
James Buckley
William F.)
Senate. Join The March For America!
Evelyn Waugh
New York
New York
In Babylon, Iraq,
July Is A Symbol Of Arabs Everlasting
Struggle For
Freedom And Socialism
Babylon Museum
In Iraq
Gulf War.
With Jalal Talabani
Liberating Iraq.
In Iraq
Paul Wolfowitz,
General Videla
Juan Perons
In Zimbabwe,

Archbishop Makarios, President

With Sayeed Khomeini,
Qum, Iran,
With Ugandan
Lords Resistance Army,
Sean Penn, Douglas Brinkley,
The Romanian Revolution,
In Nicaragua
Vice-President Sergio Ramirez,
Balliol College
USA. But Americans
Go Where You Wanna Go
Jet Plane. Should
Great Lakes
New York
American Airlines
First Class. In Britain,
Richard J. Daley, Mayor,
International Womens Day. All
Mr. Coolidge
Topsfield, Massachusetts,
New England
Nathan Pusey
United States
Seeing America
Woodstock Nation,
Bob Dylan. (It
Central Park,
He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying,
Make The Pigs Pay!*)
United States
Bob Dylan
The Vandals,
Dylans Subterranean Homesick Blues,
International Socialists. This
Detroit. We
Carl Haessler,
First World War
Eugene Victor Debs,
American Socialism,
Black Caucus
Black Panthers)
General Motors
Salt Lake City,
Mormon Tabernacle
John Birch Society
Salt Lake City
Las Vegas. The
Bay Area,
United States,
San Francisco
Steve McQueens
Bullitt. Over
City Lights
North Beach

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Haight-Ashbury
Wild West
Telegraph Avenue,
The Thirty-nine Steps). If,
New York
Black Panthers,
North Korea,
David Horowitz
International Socialists,
Hal Draper,
Heinrich Heine. He
Salinas Valley
Cesar Chavez
In Europe
United State:
General Motors
Fremont. Just
Communist Peoples Daily World
Late Sixties
Fremont: At The Midnight Hour. (Down
Salvador Allende
Chile.) The
West Coast
La Jolla
Herbert Marcuse
El Paso
New Orleans
Bourbon Street
United States. Oh,
United States. Nobody
Deep South,
New York
New Statesman,
Carey McWilliams,
The Nation
California, Island
Golden State,
Lou Goldblatt,
Random House
Midtown Manhattan
New York
The Loved One
Penn Kimball,
Columbia University. Surely
Journalism. And
Westport, Connecticut,
Professor Kimball
Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward Democratic Town Committee
New England
John Updike. This
Gene McCarthy
Hubert Humphrey
Richard Nixon

New Deal-type
Cold War,
The File
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.,
New York.
Pan Am Building
West Side Story
Hebronics. (Explain
Rolling Stone
Straight Arrow
United States. And
Washington Square
Guggenheim Museum,
Bell Telephone
New Jersey Turnpike,
Judy Collins
Bob Dylans
New World.
Richard Parker
John Kenneth Galbraith)
Bay Area Left. He
Keith Griffin. Together,
U.S. Air Force
Upper Heyford
New York Times
Mrs. Thatcher,
Richard Nixon
United States
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus,
Big Brother
Holding Company
Henry Kissinger
Martin Luther King
Hunter Thompson
U.S. Constitution
The Justice Department
Washington Post,
White House
Official Secrets Act
United States
First Amendment
Pentagon Papers
Official Secrets Act
Special Air Services
His Worship
In America,
Skokie, Illinois,
American Nazi Party
Germany. Nice
American Civil Liberties Union! That
Socialist Worker
Aryeh Neier,
Nazism. The First Amendment
Washington, D.C.,
Ku Klux Klan

Grosvenor Square
White House,
Elliot Richardson,
Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox (Sack
White House
Bob Conquests
New Statesman
State Department
Dr. Kingman Brewster
Black Panther
New Haven,
Ambassador Brewster
Winfield House
Regents Park - Barbara Huttons
El Salvador. The
Ambassador Brewster
United States
New York
Pan Am
Pan Am Building
Park Avenue
New York,
The Nation,
Victor Navasky
Long Island
West Village
Hitch-proof Oxford
Gully Wells
New York
Los Angeles. They
Earl Grey
The Loved One
An Anglo-American Tragedy):
Englishry. Here
Red Cross
New York, Tom Wolfe
The Bonfire
Park Avenue
Fifth Avenue,
Great Britains
Peter Fallow. True,
Fifth. To
West Coast
Mother Jones. This
Richard Burton,
WASP. First
E. Digby Baltzell
The Protestant Establishment,
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Except
Anglo-Saxon Catholics
United States,
If Anglo-Saxon
George Wallace
Jerry Falwell
WASPs? After

William F. Buckley,
Irish Catholic,
Richmond, Virginia, Tom Wolfe. Could
Q.E.D. Those
Anglo-Saxon Protestants
H.L. Mencken
Anglo-Saxondom. Thus,
As Sir Ambrose Abercrombie
The Loved One: You
American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Committee.) And
Fifth Avenue
New York. But
Fifth Avenue
America. There
Anglo-American. But
Rio Grande
Salvadoran-American. They
Latino. And
New York,
Public Broadcasting System
Petroleums British Subsidiary
Mobil Masterpiece Theatre)
Brideshead Revisited
William F. Buckley
Alistair Cookes
Central America
The Nation
Mother Jones
Brideshead Castle
Tom Wolfes
East Tenth Street,
Tompkinss Square,
Ian McEwan,
Twin Towers
World Trade Centre. My
Di Robertis,
W.H. Auden
St. Marks Place. (Auden
New Yorker.
Leon Trotsky,
New York
New York
Hispanic. By
United Kingdom. Yet
United States. And
New York
Keith McNally,
Bright Lights, Big City). Just
East Enders, Keith
Alan Bennett

Jonathan Miller)
Blitz-era Ealing Studios Cockney
Falkland Islands. Far
Buenos Aires
Atlantic. It
Washington. Indeed,
Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Reagans UN
General Alexander Haig, Ronald Reagans
Buenos Aires
The Nation
The British
Rule Britannia
Alexander Chancellor,
The Spectator,
Toryism: Chancellors Spectator
New Statesman
Mrs. Thatchers
Oliver North
Ronnie.) On
British Empire,
Sir Nicholas Nico Henderson,
Sir Edwin Lutyens
New Delhi)
Massachusetts Avenue.
Foreign Office
Sir Nicholas
Royal Navy
Caspar Weinberger
Defense Department
Winston Churchill
United States
Latin American
Eventually Reagan
Ronald Reagan,
The Great Communicator
(South Africa
Second World War. The Russian
Svoboda? On
Los Angeles
President Carters
New York Times
Pentagon Papers. Nobody
The Leader
Free World
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson:
Martin Amis
Apocalypse. He
White House
Abraham Lincoln Battalion
Alexander Haig,
With Haig, Reagan
Menachem Begin
Ariel Sharon
Catholic Phalange. In
Chancellor Helmut Kohl

West Germany, Reagan

Bitburg (Ich
(Mark Felt),
Deep Throat
Federal City
Victor Navasky
Kai Bird
Washington, Victor
Pennsylvania Station. Known
Calvin Trillin
The Nation
I. F. Stone. This
Bob Woodward
Carl Bernstein
Deep Throats
But Carl Bernstein
Nora Ephron,
Annie Navasky,
Annie. She
Alger Hiss Deep Throat
Henry Kissinger Felt. For
Izzy Stones
Susan Sontag
Roger Strauss.
American. It
New York
Connecticut Avenue
Union Station
Capitol Hill,
White House
World Bank,
Capitol Hill,
Dupont Circle, African-born
Dupont Circle
In Adams-Morgan,
Latin Quarter,
El Salvadoran
Joan Bingham. In
Katharine Graham
Susan Mary Alsop
Evangeline Bruce
Kay Halle,
Oscar Wilde
Frank Harris,
American Left.
Civil War;
Eugene Debs;
Izzy Stone
Then Ralph Nader
Cold War,
United States
El Salvador. In

Joseph McCarthy
Joseph Stalin. But
South Africa
Noam Chomsky
Cyprus. He
Soviet Union,
Gore Vidal
Lynchburg, Virginia,
Jerry Falwells
America, Gore
Norman Podhoretz. He
American. This
The Nation
Alexander Cockburn
Navasky. With
Well, Gore
Gore. This
Newt Gingrich,
Gore. The
Republican Speaker
Changing Places All
New York.
- Claude Levi-Strauss
The Stages By Which
London Times Literary Supplement,
American Notes. But
Neil Kinnocks
Labour party,
Bill Clinton,
European union. All
New York
Dulles Airport
Seattle. It
Henry Kissinger. Whitman College,
Walla Walla
Washington State,
Senator Henry Scoop Jackson,
Leonid Brezhnev
Walla Walla
Henry Kissinger
Washington, D.C. The
Washington Post.
Henry Jacksons
Lord Rochester
East Coast,
Henry Kissinger
Weather Channel
Weather Channel
Vulnerable? This
Charles Manson
More Mansonism
Defense Department
White House
State Department. The
Continental Divide
United Flight
Newark Airport

Capitol. From
New Yorks
Pentagon? Well,
Barbara Olson. She
Norman Mailers Armies
Allen Ginsbergs
The Company
Social Democratic
Michael Walzer
White House. And
New Yorkers
Whitman College,
Noam Chomsky
The Nation
Against Rationalization.
United States Islamic Face. In
Alexander Dubceks
Human Face,
Susan Sontags
Human Face. Obviously,
Comparing Al Quaedas
President Clintons
Al Quaeda
Noam Chomsky
United States
United States
Gore Vidal,
Pearl Harbor!)
Caucasus. His
President Bush
TV. Vidals
Normal Mailer
New York Review
Whitman College
South Africa
Chile (Salvador Allende
Tariq Ali,
New York
In Manhattan,
Audens September
Union Square
New York
Ground Zero
New School
Social Research New York
Street: Where
Collective Man, Each
New York
Strawberry Fields
Devils Decade
Titanic, George Orwell
[First World] War
New York Times
Twin Towers

Abu Ghraib
Vanity Fair
For Patriot Dreams)
Stephen Jay Gould
David Halberstams
Christopher Hitchenss
New Yorker
Titanic. It
My Country Right
USA: My Country
United States
President Bush
New York. But
World Trade Center
New York
Oliver Stone,
The Nation,
Reverends Pat Robertson
Jerry Falwell
United States
Charles Lindbergh
Grassy Knoll
Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan,
Martin Amis
United States
Norman Mailer, John Updike,
Susan Sontag Noam Chomsky Gore Vidal
Michael Moore,
Saddam Hussein
Saudi Arabian
United States
America. Without
Al Quaeda
Attorney General John Ashcroft,
United States
United Nations
Bosnian Muslim
Mother Teresa? Reckoning
Bosnian Muslim
Hibernian. Only
America? When
Class Reunion
White House
The American
Terence: Nothing
Naturalization Service
Alcohol, Firearms,
Homeland Security,
Circumlocution Office
My Canadian
David Frum,
White House
American. Ian McEwan
First Lady
Sunni? When

Shia? (Not
Virginia. There
The British
United States?
Federal Government
United States
Q: What
Emancipation Proclamation
A: It
Thirteenth Amendment,
United States
King James
Authorized Version
American Declaration
United States Constitution
Professors Lockhart, Kamisar,
Choper. To
United States
United States
Madisons Virginia Statute For Religious Freedom, Congress
Second Amendment
Eighth Amendment,
Emancipation Proclamation,
Abraham Lincolns
United States Constitution
Thirteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment
Twenty-second Amendment,
Republican Congress
FDR. Things
Reverend Shuttlesworth
Good Friday,
The Twenty-sixth Amendment,
Fairfax County
Robert E. Lee. In
George W. Bush
Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff,
Queen. Husbands
Finally Ms. Lopez
Give Me Liberty
Give Me Death!
Patrick Henry
Revolution. There
Iraq. Asked
Ms. Lopez
Michael Chertoff,
Homeland Security Department,
Kuwait. (Its
Saddam Hussein
American. Now,
National Security Agency
Liberty. In
Jefferson Memorial
Tidal Basin,
Thomas Jeffersons
United States

America. Here
Susan Sontag
Umberto Eco
Dr. Timothy Dwight
Mr. Coolidge
Annette Gordon-Reed,
Sally Hemings
Virginia Statute
Religious Freedom
Sally Hemings
Emma Lazarus
James Baldwin
Michael Chertoff
Jefferson Memorial
Ayaan Hirsi Ali,
Since September
United States? When
Edward Gibbon
Andrew Cockburn
First Amendment
Captain Seamus Quinn
U.S. Marine Corps. Tell
U.S. Marines
Al Quaeda
Mesopotamia, Seamus
Al Quaeda
Washington, Professor Norman Birnbaum
Steven Lukes. He
Old New Left,
New New Left
Partisan Review,
Zagreb? Well
Professor Rudi Supek
Mr. Hitchens,
Buchenwald. Yes,
Michael Chertoff,
Homeland Security
City College
New York
America. And
Susan Schneider,
Edward Kennedys
Peace Corps,
(In El Salvador,
Tidal Basin
Mr. Jeffersons
United States. Instead,
Virginia Statute
Religious Freedom. For
Her Britannic Majestys Secretary
Foreign Affairs. The American
Cold War
North Korea,
United States
Francis Scott Key
Fort McHenry

The Star-Spangled Banner

Gettysburg Address,
Dr. Martin Luther King,
Old Glory
Saddam Hussein
Marine Corporal Edward Chin,
The Satanic Verses Where
- Heinrich Heine,
Notting Hill
Sir Oswald Mosleys
Portobello Road
Colin McInnes
Absolute Beginners
Notting Hill
Spicy Indian
Westbourne Grove,
West Indians
All Saints: Irish
Michael X
Mr. Rachman. The
Racial Adjustment Action Society
John Lennon
Mr. X
Corin Redgrave,
At Oxford
Michael Dummett
All Souls
The New Statesman,
Notting Hill
Holland Park
Hugh Grants
David Cameron
Tory. It
Notting Hill. It
Londons West Indians
John Ryles
Salman Rushdie,
If Midnights Children
Booker Prize,
John Berger. But
Rugby School
Kings College Cambridge
Paul Scott,
Raj Quartet
Third World
Michael Dummett
All Souls
Michael X)
Benazir Bhutto,
Midnights Children. We
Washington. He
The Jaguar Smile,
Paul Scott,
Colin MacCabe. We

(I Left My Dick
San Francisco, Bury My Dick
Wounded Knee, Dick
Darkness, The Dick
(Dickbreak Hotel, The Sacred Dick, The Dick
King, The Jack
Dicks, An Affair
Dick, The Dick Has Its Reasons, The Dick Is
Lonely Hunter)
Woody Allen
The Fucked One, The Man Who Fucked Women,
Fuck, Fuck Me Do, She Fucks You,
Fucked Not Wisely But Too Well, Fuck Thy Neighbor,
The Allegory
Hysterical Sex, Hysterical Sex Is
Many-Splendored Thing, What Is This Thing Called Hysterical Sex?
Hysterical Sex
Cold Climate, Hysterical Sex, Actually, Free Hysterical Sex,
Hysterical Sex Story, Hysterical Sex Potion Number Nine
Hysterical Sex
Aint no Cure
Hysterical Sex. In
John Staglione. This
Bullshit Galore, Whats New Bullshitcat? The Owl
Bullshitcat Went
Sea? Ding Dong Bell, Bullshits Down
Well, Bullshit
Robert Ludlum-style
The Bourne Inheritance, The Eiger Sanction;
Salman: Hamlet
Ludlum! At
The Elsinore Vacillation. Fluke? Not
Produced The Dunsinane Reforestation
The Kerchief Implication, The Rialto Sanction,
Urdu. This
Mughal Empire,
Bombay. At Cambridge
British Asians
Regents Park
Kurdish Left
In New York
Edward Said
Covering Islam West. The
Riverside Drive,
Andrew Wylie Agency
Midtown. He
Salman Rushdie.
Dear Edward,
Washington Post
Valentines Day
Ayatollah Khomeinis
First Amendment
President George H.W. Bush
Susan Sontag, Americans
Third World. But
Norman Podhoretz

A.M. Rosenthal
Charles Krauthammer,
Ronald Reagan
The Jaguar Smile. In Britain,
Hugh Trevor-Roper, Lord Shawcross, Auberon Waugh,
Paul Johnson,
Sephardic Chief Rabbi
The British Chief Rabbi, Immanuel Jakobowitz,
Germaine Greer,
The Rushdie
John Berger
Professor Michael Dummett
All Souls
Michael X,
Salman. Nonetheless,
New Left. That
Labour Left
Tony Benn
Mps: Bernie Grant
The House
In Pakistan,
Jamaat Islami
Notting Hill-ers
The Satanic Verses. This
Arthur Miller
Susan Sontags
New York
The Crucible,
Susan Sontag
Ayatollah. She
Salman! Its
Cold War. The
If Salman
Her Majestys Foreign Office,
Lebanon. So
Salman Rushdie
Why I Have Embraced Islam. There
Ben Sonnenberg,
Inquisition. The
Day One,
Regents Park Mosque,
Islamophile Prince Charles
Foreign Office
Vaclav Havel
Prague. President Mary Robinson
Dublin. He
Proust Questionnaire
Vanity Fair. One
George H.W. Bush
White House
Oval Office.
New York
The Susan Sontag
George Stephanopoulos. Again,
White House,
The Clintonian

Tony Lake, Clintons

State Warren Christopher,
White House. The
Sir Robin Renwick
Katharine Graham
Washington Post
Thanksgiving. The
Vanity Fair.
Truman Capote
Eadweard Muybridge
Taj Mahal
Shah Jahan
Folger Shakespeare Library,
First Folios
Stratford. At
Paul Valery
Vladimir Nabokov,
Kreutzer Sonata,
New York Public Library
Nabokov Under Glass
White House. (Is
Andrew Wylie,
As Salman
But Stephanopoulos
The Eagle Has Landed
Kemal Kurspahic,
Oslobojenje (Freedom): Muslim Bosnia
The Big Gatsby, A Farewell
Weapons, For Whom
Bell Rings, Good Expectations, Mr. Zhivago, Two Days
Ivan Denisovitch? Talking
Nicholas Rubashov
Koestlers Darkness
Salmanovitch. Interesting
Counterterrorism (Drugs
Foggy Bottom)
State Department. Salmanovitch,
The State Department,
British Foreign Office,
The Ayatollahs
The Satanic Verses. The
Susan Sontags
New York,
Norman Mailer
Diana Trilling
Don DeLillo. It
Times Literary Supplement,
Islam. It
Norman Mailer
Germaine Greer,
Harlots Ghost
Tough Guys Dont Dance
The Face,
Martin Amis, Ian Hamilton,

Ian Hamilton. After

The Ground Beneath Her Feet,
Why I Have Embraced Islam
No! Aargh! He
The Satanic Verses. Indeed,
Hanif Kureishi, Nadeem Aslam, Vikram Seth, Monica Ali,
Both Sides Terror,
- H.F.B. Lynch: Armenia: Travels
In July Of
New Statesman
Young Hitchens
Middle East. The
John Maynard Keyness
Baath Party. The
Ahmad Hussan Abu Bakr,
Saddam Hussein,
Saddam Hussein
Middle East,
Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait. This
Left. The
Baath Party,
Gulf Arab
Alwiyah Club
River Tigris, Iraq
Gavin Young,
Marsh Arabs
Baghdad Airport
Adolf Hitler
Oscar Wilde, If
The Importance
Being Earnest.
Gwendolyn. The
Lady Bracknell
Gavin Young.
Baath Party
Rashid Ali
Baath. There
Susan Sontags
But Mazens
But Iraq
Henry Kissinger
Shah. This
Iraqi Kurds
Saddam Hussein.
Marina Warner,
Gertrude Bells National Museum
Abu Nidal
Yasser Arafats
Abu Nidal
Said Hammami,
London Times
Israel/Palestine. Well
Middle Eastern
Abu Nidals
Peoples Republic

Iraqi Communist Party,

Dr. Rajim Ahina. It
East Germany:
Abu Nidal
Beijing. But
Dr. Ahina
English. Could
Yahya Thanayan
British. The
Nadim Kzar,
Saddam Hussein
However, Thanayan
And Mazen,
Saudi Arabia
Kanan Makiya
The Republic
Fear. What
Dr. Ahina;s
Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein
Iraqi Communists,
Iran. He
New Years Day
Abu Nidals
Said Hammami
Abu Nidals
Issam Sartawi,
Socialist International,
Vassos Lyssarides,
Socialist Party
Cyprus. Every
Even Iraqis
Fear. My
Naji Sabry
English-language Baghdad Observer,
The Iraqi
Iraqi Jews
Kurds. But
Mr. Ben-Trickle
CARDRI (Campaign
Democratic Rights
Fran Hazelton. It
South Africa
Jimmy Carter,
Iraqi Left. (My
Dr. Rajim Ahina
Karl Marx
Highgate Cemetery.) In
Aspen, Colorado,
George H.W. Bush
Margaret Thatcher. Mrs. Thatcher
Chancellor Kohls
Ian Gow
Provisional IRA
Saddam Hussein
United Nations,
Arab League,

The Iraqi
Ali Hassan
Chemical Ali
Kurdistan. On
Saddam Hussein
President Bush
White House
Central American
Michael Dukakis
Willie Horton. During
Mrs. Thatcher
Helmut Kohl
Owl Farm
Woody Creek,
Hunter Thompson. In
United States
Saddam Hussein
Ambassador April Glaspie,
United States
Kuwaitis. Had Saddam
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Edward Said
Saddam Hussein
Air Force One
Saudi Arabia,
Field Marshall Idi Amin
Uganda. Then
Any Iraqi
Saddams Republican Guard
Kuwait City
Mutla Pass:
Fred Halliday
Left: You
Saddam Hussein. You
Comrade Halliday
With Bush,
Saddam Hussein
General Norman Schwarzkopf
Iraqi Shia
Saddam Hussein,
Saddam Hussein
Green Left
Rome. The
The Kurdish
Saddam Husseins
Zab River
Scottish Highlands
T-34 Russian-built
The Kurdish
Iraqi Air Force
Ed Kashi
Iraqi Kurdistan
Desert. Mesopotamia
Kurds.* The
Saddam Hussein. From Shaqlawa

Jalal Talabani,
Patriotic Union
Pesh Merga
Hoshyar Samsam
President George Bush Mr. Bush,
Mr. Bush. The Western
Latin American
United States Air Force
Turkey. Though Bush
Iraqi Kurds
Mahabad Republic,
Iranian Kurdistan
Second World War
Saddam. With Ed Kashi
Barham Salih,
Saddam Hussein
- Bosnia, Rwanda Saddam Hussein
Baath Party
National Socialism
Al Capone.
United Nations
Genocide Convention
Saddam Hussein
Allahuh Akbar (God Is Great)
Iraq. He
Middle East,
All Battles. He
Islamic Jihad. An Iraqi
Iraqi Liberation Act,
Saddam Hussein
Spike Milligan
British Army
Adolf Hitler: My Part
His Downfall. The
Saddam Hussein
Kanan Makiya. In
The Republic
The monument. It
Saddam Hussein
No, Christopher,
Baathism, Arab
Iraq Memory Foundation,
Brandeis University,
Gulf War. It
Left Opposition
Gulf War,
The Kurdish
Peter Galbraith,
The Affluent Society,
Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Whether
Benazir Bhutto
South African
Euphrates River
Congress. One

Saddam Hussein
Ann Clwyd,
New Statesman
Tony Blairs
Memory Foundation
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Rolf Ekeus. He
Swedish Social Democrat,
Nelson Mandela
Gulf War
United Nations
Iraq. It
Iraqi WMDs
Tariq Aziz, Saddams Catholic Christian
(Ambassador Ekeus
United Nations
Rolf. And
Saddam Husseins
Kofi Annan
Rolf Ekeus
The French
North Korea
Barham Salih,
Kenneth Pollack,
National Security Council. In
Saddam Hussein
The Threatening Storm,
Saddam Hussein
Sopranos. To
Barham Salih
Jim Hoagland,
Washington Post
Ahmad Chalaby,
Iraqi National Congress.
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Iraqi Army
The Shia
Iraqi Communists
Trotsky. On
Bloomsbury Group
Lytton Strachey
John Maynard Keynes. Perhaps
An Anglo-Arab Trotskyist;
Swedish Social Democrat
Saddam Hussein
United States, Britain, France
Saddam Hussein
Pentagon. It
Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfelds
Defense Department,
Gulf War
Policy Planning Staff
Leo Strauss
Republican Party. The

Situation Room
President Reagan
Donald Reagan,
Wolfowitz. He
Ferdinand Marcos
Cory Aquino.* It
South Korea
Tiananmen Square
Saddam Hussein
Kanan Makiya
Cleveland Park
Iraq. It
Ground Zeros
Vaclav Havel
Lech Walesa
Committee - Kanan
James Fentons
The Snap Revolution.
Saddam Hussein
Iraq: Hitler
State Department.
General Ariel Sharon
West Bank. The
Middle East Studies Association
United States
American Jewry
Saddam Hussein
Iraqi Kurdistan
United States
Army Corps
Iraq National Museum? But,
Commander Hitchens
As Peter Galbraith
Saddam. Some
Ukraine. But
One Party/One Leader
One God. Some
Nick Cohen
Muslim Brotherhood
British Stalinism,
International Socialists
The Nation
American Central Command
Labour Party
Blackpool. This
And Tribune,
George Orwell
My Life
Bear Pit,
David Blunkett,
Tony Blairs
Christopher Hitchens,
Saddam Hussein
Ian McEwans
Not In Our Name.

In Paris
James Fenton
Martin Amis
Angela Gorgas,
Angela Gorgas)
With Angela Gorgas,
Martin, Paris,
(Martin Amis
Angela Gorgas,
Angela Gorgas)
With James Fenton
The Skip.
With Martin
Cape Cod,
Louis Amis
Alexander Hitchens, Cape Cod,
In Cyprus
Andrew Wylie, SR, David Rieff, Your Humble Servant, Ian McEwan, Elizabeth West;
Erica Wylie, Carol Blue
Martin Amis
Elizabeth West)
West Egg,
Elizabeth West)
With Ian
Charles Darwins
Is Not Great.
Christopher Hitchens.
New Yorker
David Sipress/CondeNast Publications/
Advising George Bush
Christopher Buckleys
Lucy Buckley
Camilla Horne
With Nelson Mandela
British Embassy
Washington, D.C.
On Firing Line
William F. Buckley, Harrison Salisbury,
Robert Conquest.
Michael Chertoff
Thomas Jeffersons
Virginia Statute
Religious Freedom.
With Susan Sontag, Victor Navasky
Carol. (Annie Leibovitz)
First Lady
Sidney Blumenthals
Mrs. Clintons
Barack Obama
Edward Said
Columbia University.
With Professors Daniel Dennett
Richard Dawkins
Dr. Sam Harris,
Four Horsemen
Josh Timomen)
Barham Salih

Rolf Ekeus
Chris Mullin,
Commons. May
(A view
Foothills: The Diaries
Chris Mullin),
Christopher Hitchens,
Iraq. He
Saddam. He
General Galtieri
Argentina; Milosevic
Belgrade; Kosovo
Mullah Omar
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Hans Blixs
Chris Mullin
Abu Ghraib
Romania. Absent
Iran, Turkey,
Saudi Arabia. Everything
Defense Department. Underneath
Iraqi WMD,
Coda: Amateur Archaeology
Iraq During
Rebecca Wests
Black Lamb
Grey Falcon,
Iraq. In
George W. Bush
Saddam Hussein
Kuwait City
Saddam Husseins Scud
Fedayeen Saddam
Stalingrad. And
Jonathan Raban,
Paul Wolfowitz
Edward Saids Orientalism,
Naguib Mahfouz,
The Seven Pillars
Gertrude Bell,
Lawrence Rosen, The Culture
Bertie Wooster
Florence Craye
Thank You, Jeeves,
Rabans Guardian
Saddam Hussein
Paul Wolfowitz
Jonathan Raban,
Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Wolfowitz
John Hopkins University
Azar Nafisis
Reading Lolita

Edward Said
Naguib Mahfouz. If
Jonathan Raban,
Paul Wolfowitzs
Colonel X
All Souls
Sir Max Mallowan Lady Mallowan.
Lady Mallowan
Agatha Christie. Sir Max
Gertrude Bell
Iraq National Museum. The
Wallingford. Around
Middle Eastern
Agatha Christie
Raymond Chandler
They Came
New World Order,
Paul Wolfowitz. It
Saddam Husseins
Dr. Mahdi Obeidi
Hans Blix
Russian-built MIG-25
Baath Party
Saddam Husseins
Saddam Husseins
Saddam Hussein
Al-Hilla. On
Coalition. By
Major Schmidt
New Jersey
Dr. Rafed Fakher Husain,
Saddamist-Al Quaeda
Abu Ghraib
Naji Sabry
Saddam Husseins
Jalal Talabani,
Saddam Hussein
Socialist International
In Kurdistan
Barham Salih
Fedayeen Saddam,
In Saddams Iraq,
Anyway, Najis
Patrick Cockburn,
Marsh Arabs
Americans. In
Naji Sabrys
Abu Nidal
Baghdad Airport,
Abbu Abbas,
Leon Klinghoffer
Achille Lauro
An Iraqi
Mr. Mehmet Yassin,
World Trade Center
Rolf Ekeus

West African
Wissam Zahawi. He
Mazen. He
Niger, Saddam Husseins
Holy See
Niger? Obviously
Wissam Zahawi
United Nations,
Saddam Husseins
Western European
Baghdad. The Vatican
Niger. This
Ambassador Zahawi
Gordon Correa
A.Q. Khan. This
Libya, North Korea,
North Korean
Damascus * This
Kim Jong Ils
Mr. Correa,
Saddam Hussein
Mr. Bush
Mr. Blair
Adolf Hitler
Agatha Christie
Oscar Wilde Postscript
Seen This? The
Teresa Watanabe
Los Angeles Times. It
Mosul, Iraq,
Mark Jennings Daily,
Christopher Hitchens
Mr. Daily
IED? Over-dramatizing
William Butler Yeats,
Houlihan. He
Echo: Did
Lieutenant Dailys MySpace
Dropkick Murphys
Warrior Code. And
Ms. Watanabe,
United States,
Iraq. He
Iraq. He
Lieutenant Daily
Comanche, Company
Second Battalion
Seventh Cavalry Regiment General Custers
Mosul. On
IEDs. He
Donald Rumsfeld
Linda Daily,
Mark Daily
George C. Marshall Award
West Point). Why

Michael Kelly,
The Atlantic Monthly,
Marguerite Kelly
What Is History?, Professor E.H. Carr
Mark Daily
Saddam Hussein
Mark Daily
Green Party
Native American
Why I joined
Iraq. If
United States
Mosul. He
California. We
John Daily
Snejana (Janet) Hristova,
Bulgaria. Her
Iraq. These,
Orange County Republican
Iraq. (Mr. Daily
Janets MySpace
Mothers Day,
Fort Knox, Kentucky,
Fort Bliss, Texas, Mark
Neskowin, Oregon,
The Dailys
South Dakotan
Matt Gross. As
John Daily
If America
But Mark Daily
Thomas Paines The Crisis, War
Peace, Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged
Stephen Hawkings A Brief History
Time, John McCains Why Courage Matters,
George Orwells Animal Farm
Nineteen Eighty-four. And
Harry David Milton,
Spanish Civil War
Mark Daily
Abu Ghraib)
Mark Daily,
Myself Ah
- Robert Burns
- T.E. Lawrence
- Kurt Vonnegut: Wampeters, Foma
About Once Or Twice
Enough. The
New School
Social Research,
Erich Fromm
The Struggle Against Pointlessness.
GI Bill
Axis. They
Vatican, Baron Ernst

United Nations,
Flushing Meadow
In Damascus,
General Hosni Zayim. In America,
National Committee
(Cant?) The International Court
The Hague
Corfu Channel
Albania. At
UN, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko
Chinese Communist,
Peiping. All
Vanity Fair
The Proust Questionnaire. The
Dennis Barlow, Humbert Humbert, Horatio Hornblower,
Jeeves, Nicholas Salmanovitch, Rubashov, Funes
Memorious, Lucifer. Who
Socrates, Spinoza, Thomas Paine, Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky. Who
Afghanistan, Iraq
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Azar Nafisi
Maggie Tulliver, Dorothea, Becky Sharp, Candy, O, Berties Aunt Dahlia. Your
Goya, Otto Dix. Your
J.S. Bach, Bob Dylan. The
Faith. Closely
Salman Rushdie
Martin Amis,
James Fenton
Robert Conquest. Your
Prometheus, Oscar Wilde, Emile Zola. Your
Insecurity. What
Blue. Sometimes
Garlic. What
Philip Larkin, Robert Conquest, W.H. Auden, James Fenton, W.B. Yeats,
Chidiock Tichbourne, G.K. Chesterton, Wendy Cope. What
Alexander, Sophia, Antonia, Celeste, Liam, Hannah, Elizabeth, Wolfgang. What
Stanley Baldwin,
Ayatollah Khomeini. Which
Henry Kissinger, Osama
Laden, Josef Ratzinger. Which
Thermopylae, Lepanto,
Little Round Top
German Army
German General Staff
Royal Navys Artic
Allons Travailler!) (This
Emile Zola,
E.M. Forster
Anthony Powells
Stream, Against
Current, Minority
One, Breaking Ranks
Harold Rosenbergs
Henry Kissinger
New Hampshire

Bill Clinton
New Democrat,
Pope John Paul
Mother Teresa
Devils Advocate,
Zdenek Mlynar,
Czech Communist Party,
Mikhail Sergeyevitch Gorbachev. In
Vaclav Havels Charter
Franz Kafka,
The Party
Nelson Mandela,
Marcel Proust,
William Morris
The Dream
John Ball
Prague Communist
Rude Pravo,
Leon Trotsky. As
Bronstein. Every
Erbil Airport,
New School
Christopher Hitchens
Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno
Hays Office,
Hays Office,
Hays Office. When
Green Zone.
Chaim Tannenbaum,
Moses. You
Jorge Luis Borges
Cosa Nostra
Special Relationship
Ian McEwan
Hays Office
Bertrand Russell
Groundhog Day. And
Werner Heisenbergs
Hays Office Wellbutrin. But
Karl Marx
Ronald Dworkin
Christopher Buckley. Its
Henry Kissinger
Gore Vidal,
TV. It
William F. Buckley
Firing Line
American Rights
Hays Office
Every November
Their Christian
Northern Ireland Our Friday
In Sarajevo
John Burns,

In Afghanistan
Saul Bellow). On
Parnassus. As
American Special Forces
Afghanistan: Were
Michael Moore
DuPont Circle,
Vice President Dick Cheney,
Graydon Carter
Tina Brown
Vanity Fair
John Rickatson-Hatt
With Graydon
Christians, Druze, Sunni Muslims,
Hamra Street,
Syrian Social Nationalist Party. (As
Shia-run Hezbollah,
Greek Orthodox Christian
Michael Totten
Jonathan Foreman,
Sunni Arab
Socialist Party
American University
Druze Socialist
Graydon Carter
Small Planet,
North Korea. Every
North Korean
Erich Fromm
Tom Driberg
British Parliaments
Dylan Thomas. (It
Thomas. And
Theodor Adornos
A short Footnote
Grain In
Young Contrarian,
Johnnie Walker Black Label. Its
Kingsley Amis,
Paul Scott
Mr. Walkers
New Testament Judaea. The
Omar Khayyam,
John Steinbecks Tortilla Flat,
United States
Guantanamo Bay
Cuba. There
White House
Martin Amis
Thinking Thrice
Jewish Question? The Jewish
- Leo Strauss: Why We Remain Jews
- Sylvia Plath: Daddy
Ben Sonnenbergs
Grand Street
Worst. It

Sylvia Plath,
Anglo-American. This
Mrs. Dorothy Hickman Shes Jewish,
German Prussia,
Mr. Nathaniel Blumenthal,
English Midlands
English Jews
New York)
Lionel Levin,
Polish Jews. My
Dorothy Levin,
First World War
Lynn. This
British Royal Family
Mountbatten. But
Yom Kippur
Jew-conscious: Dodo
Lionel Hickman
Gentile. She
Private Eye
Denis Thatcher
German. The Commanders
Morgenthau Plan,
Labour Party
Sidney Silverman, John Mendelson, Tom Driberg, Ian Mikardo
Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan,
Tom Driberg
HMS Jamaica,
Dear Ray, Many
Africa. On
Christian Bible
Nazarene Jesus
Second World War
Final Solution,
In Cambridge
Nobel Prize
New Statesman; Wertheimer,
Hanging Is Murder. They
Jewishness. In
Jew. In
Peter Sedgwick,
Israel. It
Eastern Mediterranean,
Israeli Socialist Organisation
Palestine Democratic Front,
Wailing Wall
Palestinians. But
Shalom! She
Shalom, shalom
Memory The
English Channel
Spanish Civil War,
Lower Slaughter. Upper Slaughter
British Labour

West Wittering
Gilbert White
Alton. Some
Jane Austen
Miss Austen
Napoleonic Wars,
Captain Frederick Wentworth
Hampshires New Forest
Stanstead House
Richard Adams
Watership Down
The Wind
- Sylvia Plath: Daddy If
Upper Silesia,
P.G. Wodehouse
Lower Silesia
Kempen/Kempno. When Dodo
Roger Moorhouse, Norman Davies
Seven Years War. Wars,
Winston Churchill,
Kaiser Wilhelm
Imperial Germany Army,
Breslau. The Kaiser
White Silesian Cuirassiers
German Army
Winston Churchill
Sylvia Plath
Dear Mr. Hitchens,
Norfolk. One
Ben Sonnenberg,
On Not Knowing
It. Cast
Nathan Blumenthal,
Jane Austen
Marshal Blucher
Kempen/Kempno. In
Kempen Jews
National Geographic
Central Europe
British Isles. And
In Breslau/Wroclaw,
Professor Leszek Kolakowski
Mr. Jerzy Kichler,
Edith Stein,
Auschwitz. Max Born,
Kempen. (Maxs
Olivia Newton-John.) Borns
Edith Steins
Jew. Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Jew. He
W.H. Audens
Alois Alzheimer
Max Born, Professor Fritz Haber

Mr. Kichler
Ernst Geiger,
Reform Judaism,
Ferdinand Lassalle,
German Social Democratic
Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Thomas Jefferson, Seamus Heaney, Alan Clark, Eudora Welty,
Orlando Letelier. The
Nathan Blumenthal
Philosophical Manuscripts
Rosa Luxemburg
Rover Oder
White Stork
Oliver Goldsmith
Thomas Gray,
John Clare,
Old Mr. Kichler
America. The
Siberia. Nobody
Amos Elon
The Pity
It All.
James Fentons
A German Requiem: It
European Union
Yiddish. These
Mr. Kichler,
Professor Friedrich Julius Stahl. (Hed
Joel Golson,
Amos Elon
Jews. It
Mr. Miroshaw Lapa,
Polish Kepinscy Zydzi. Its
Every Blumenthal
Auschwitz. So
Try Vladimir Nabokovs
Aunt Rosa,
Watership Down
David Szmulevski,
They Fought Back,
European Jews
Communist Party.
Daniel Singer,
Isaac Deutscher,
New York

David Szmulevski Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp. But

Tel Aviv. From
Vatican. This
Professor Max Born
Olivia Newton-John? Szmulevskis
Simon Pirsky,
Shimon Peres,
Betty Pirsky
Lauren Bacall.)
Szmulevskis Polish Communist-era
Communist Party
Palestine. His
Jewish-Socialist Bund. However
Spain. He
International Brigade
Adam Mickiewicz. He
Spanish Fascism, Szmulevski
National Service
British Army
Ernest Halperin,
Spanish Republic:
Francoist General Jose Moscardo
Luis. His
Yom Kippur
Kol Nidre
Auschwitz-Birkenau? To
Yom Kippur Eve
High Holy Days. These
Popular Front
Primo Levi,
Auschwitz. In
Allies. He
Josef Cyrankiewicz,
Polish Ministry
Hoover Institution
Department Seven
Milicja Obywatelska
Citizens Militia,
Berlin Wall
Stalinism. One
Professor Timothy Snyder
Yale University. In
Operation Reinhardt,
Polish Jewry,
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,
National Socialist
Grass Market
Rafal Dutkiewicz,
Professor Snyder:
Second World War. The
Poland. To
Soviet Union,

Third Reich
Ernest Gellner,
Eastern Europeans
Eastern Europe
Jews. And
David Szmulevski. There
East Germany,
Red Army
Jewish. Nobody
Albert Camus,
Russian Hebrew
(Jewish Slavery
A Report To An Academy. Berlin
- David Aberbach
Isaiah Berline, June
Die Judenfrage,
Jews. The Jewish Question.
Gertrude Stein
Anne Applebaum
Artur London
Lazslo Rajk
Jews. Interestingly,
The Jewish
Marxism. My
Israel. In
Middle East
Yom Kippur War
WRENS [Womens Royal Navy Service]. At
Royal Navy
On HMS Jamaica
Warren Tute,
The Cruiser,
Lieutenant Hale. At
HMS Antigone,
Stoker First Class Danny Evans
Second Class
Leave. He
Blacksmith First Class Rogers
Telegraphist Jacobs
Karl Marx
Martin Amis
Rogers. By
Harold Abrahams
Telegraphist Jacobs. How
Karl Marx,
T.S. Eliot
After Strange Gods. If
Old Testament,
Islam. Much
Moses Mendelssohn,
Isaiah Berlin. (The
Menachem Schneerson,
The Non-Jewish Jew Tamara Deutscher,
Leon Trotsky,
Polish Communist Party
Nazism. The

Jew? For
Rosa Luxemburg,
Mathilde Wurm: What
D.H. Lawrence,
Jew. Does
Susan Sontag
David Rieff. On
Muslim, Croat,
Serb. No
The Jewish Orthodox
Jerusalem. One
Covenant. This
Western Wall
Edith Steins
Jews.) The
Jews. And
The Jews
Mohammed. In
Moses. Nearer
Einstein, Jewish
Messiah. The
Zionism. The
Utopia: Theodor Herzls
Marcel Proust
Tel Aviv). Arthur Koestler,
Novaya Zemlya
Birobidjan? By
Holy Land
Philip Roth
Jews. This,
Israel. They
Palestinian Arabs
In Ramallah
Raimonda Tawil,
In Jerusalem
Christian Church
Great War. Jerusalem:
Jeff Goldberg
La Tomate
Palestinian Arabs. Is
In Palestine,
Crusaders. In
New York
Gush Emunim
English - The Bloc
Faithful. Why
Palestine. Take
Holy Land
Jacob Talmon
Prime Minister Menachem Begin
Fort Condo
French Jews
Hebron. Never
Israeli Jews
Avishai Margalit
Isaiah Berlins
New School. The Zionist

European Jew In Palestine. The

Leon Uris
Mosaic Law,
Nuremberg Laws,
Israeli Law
Leo Strauss
The Jews
Victor Klemperers
Edward Said
In The Course
Edward Said. It
Monty Python
George Steiner?
Birzeit University
Ramallah. Everybody
Democratic Front
Soviet Union. Its
Middle East
George Orwell
After Cyprus,
New York. And,
Morningside Heights,
Jimmy Carter-Anwar Sadat-Menachem Begin Camp David
Palestinians. Perhaps
Professor Edward Said
Columbia University
Rwanda Patriotic Front,
Omar Sharif
Kitchener House)
United States. He
Lionel Trilling. However,
Martin Buber
New York,
Edward Said,
Palestinian. It
Palestine National Council,
Martin Amis
Morningside Heights
New Statesman New York
Parr Professor
Comparative Literature
Isaiah Berlin Andalusia (Al-Andalus)
Modern Art,
Annie Leibovitz
Islam. He
Upper West Side,
George Eliot
Daniel Deronda,
Sir Leslie Stephen
Virginia Woolf,
F.R. Leavis
Lord David Cecil,
Proust, Sainte-Beuve,

Steven Marcus. Considering

Frank Leavis
St. Georges Church
Lambeth Conference
Arab Christians
Western. It
George Habash
Nayef Hawatmeh
Islamic Jihad. There
Edwards Orientalism
Orient. (My
Robert Hughes,
Far East,
Near North.) In
Covering Islam,
Carnegie Endowment
New York,
Covering Islam
Ayatollah. Yes,
Middle East
Ibn Warraqs Defending
Iranian Kurdistan
Islamic Republic, Azar Nafisi
Reading Lolita
PLO. Together
Professor Bernard Lewis
Leon Wieseltier
Middle East Studies Association
Yasser Arafat
James Fentons
The Ballad
Manila Envelope
At Algiers, Edwards
George Habash
Nayef Hawatmeh,
Professor Israel Shahak. This
Spinoza. One
Islamic Jihad? You
The Islamic Jihad
Musa Budeiri,
Birzeit University
West Bank,
Darwin? As
Allahu Akhbar
Edward. To
Palestinians. Once
PLO. This
United States
Saddam Husseins Baath Party,
CIA. But
Halabja, Edward
United States
Edward. What
United States

Kosovo? Here
Catholic Christians. There
Ariel Sharon
Henry Kissinger,
Azmi Bishara,
Israel Shahak
Hebrew University
Balkans. Why
Noam Chomsky, Edward
United States
Edward. He
What, Edward,
Long Island Jewish Hospital Susan Sontag
Palestine National Council,
Yasser Arafat. In
Marshal Petain
Papa Doc. But
In Edwards
The Chairman
White House
Yitzhak Rabin
Bill Clinton
George Stephanopoulos New York
Christian Arab-American
White House
Really? Then
Its Discontents,
Ariel Sharons
Al Asqa
Zeev Jabotinsky
Sinai. But
Tel Aviv,
The Nation
Kanan Makiyas
Saddam Hussein
Tel Aviv
English. In
Arabs - Fouad Ajami
London Review
Paul Wolfowitz
Al Quaeda. Again,
Iraq National Museum
United States
Mr. Darcy
In Martin Amiss
Saul Bellow
Vermont. On
Cape Cod Israel. (No
Rashomon. Bellow
Angus Wilson
Whittaker Chambers
John Berryman. Everything

Anton Chekhovs
Edward Said: Professor
New York
Norman Podhoretzs
Edwards. But Martin
William Wordsworth. Replying
Augie March.
National Museum
American Jewish History
Philadelphia. It
Bob Dylan, Betty Friedan, Sandy Koufax, Irving Berlin,
Estee Lauder, Barbra Streisand, Albert Einstein,
Isaac Bashevis Singer. There
Oscars. (It
London Jewish Chronicle
Goldstein Fifteenth.) However
British Isles
Robert Goldburg,
Arthur Miller
Marilyn Monroe
Annie Navaskys
David Rieff
Steve Wasserman
Iraqi Kurdish
Middle East
Eastern Europe. But
Decline, Mutations,
Metamorphosis? When
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Toward The Close
Hearing Secret Harmonies,
Robert Conquest), Anthony Powells
The Pilgrims Progress
John Bunyans Puritan
Giant Despair, Doubting Castle,
English? They
The Evil One
Commander Hitchens
Straw Dogs
Captain McWhirr,
Typhoon. Always
At Mount House Peter
Mr. Wortham
Mr. Wortham
In Peters
The Broken Compass,
Al Quaeda
John Bunyan,
Christopher Hills
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson,
Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Inner Party
English. Orwells
By The Known Rules
Ancient Liberty -

John Milton. This

Peter Hitchens
Catholic. (When William Tyndale
Oxford, Im
Hychyns.) This
A Comfortable Stop
Damascus. The
Yugoslav Milovan Djilas,
Friedrich August
Provisional Irish Republican Army,
David OConnell
Protestant. Well,
Austrian Marxist Ernst Fischer,
Paris! The
Champs-Elysees. Fischer
Whittaker Chambers
Alger Hiss
Old Joe Stalin
Soviet Communism
Dorothy Healey,
American Communist
Angela Davis
The Party. Dorothy
Moscow. Once,
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Cold War
Soviet Union? At
Communist Party. Yet
Nazism? There
Marxist Left, Martin Amis
Hitch. No Eric Hobsbawm,
Communist Party
Berlin Wall
Julian Barness
Be Frightened Of,
Right). There
Pasha Antipov
Dr. Zhivago. Perhaps
Dorothy Healey
Monica Lewinsky. You
Balkans. Yet
Right, Peter Hitchens
Julian. There
Joe McCarthy.)* Alteration
Brian Lamb,
Young Contrarian,
Hugo Chavez
Elia Kazans On
American Left. On
Left. It
Bill Clinton
New Left Review,

From Bosnia
Slobodan Milosevic
In Hungary
Bernard-Henri Levy
La Regle
Can One Be
Neoconservative? Impatient
How I Became
Neoconservative. Perhaps
Average Man
Bend Sinister:
John Burns,
National Library
United States Air Force
Channel Islands
Les Isles Anglo-Normandes. This Anglo-Norman
Nazis. Straying
St. Helier,
Jackboot. Its
Channel. The
Michael Scammells
Arthur Koestler
St. Helier
The God That Failed. Without
(Hannah Arendt
Red Army
Horst Wessel Song. That
In Bosnia,
Muslim Turkish
Noam Chomsky
Susan Sontag. At
Vaclav Havels
Czechoslovak Communism
For Havel
Capitol Hill,
El Salvador,
United States
American Communist
Chomsky. Anyway,
Edward Herman,
United States
Professor Chomsky
Susan Sontag
Vietnam War,
B.F. Skinner,
East Timor,
Kahane Commission
Hilton Kramer
David Rieff
Ridiculing Kramer
New York
El Salvador, Reflecting
Edmund White
City Boy,

New York.
United States.
Fascism. Fascism
Edmund White
CIA-backed Readers Digest
The Nation
New Statesman. The
Even Susan,
The Nation
New Statesman,
The Nation
Readers Digest
Left * You
Melvin Lasky
Ronald Reagan. But
North Korea
Latin America National Socialism,
White House
Europe. Which Susan
Hannah Arendt
Like Hegels
United States
Bernard-Henri Levy, Peter Schneider, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Adam Michnik,
Oscar Wilde,
Plan B:
Dorothy Parker
Richard Dawkins,
James Fenton
Phnom Penh
War. One
Prison Island.
Karl Marx
Richard Dawkins
Daniel Dennett,
Sam Harris. To
Commander Hitchens,
I Have Tried To Defray
Jonathan Karp, Colin Shepherd, Bob Castillo, Cary Goldstein
Toby Mundy
Steve Wasserman,
Robin Blackburn
New Left Review
Maciej Sikierski,
Hoover Institution
Stanford University,
Victor Serge,
Paul Barker, Anthony Howard, Harold Evans
Tina Brown, Charles Wintour, Alexander Chancellor, Charles Moore,
Jeremy Treglown, Sally Emerson, Peter Stothard, Victor Navasky
Richard Lingeman
Hamilton Fish
Betsy Bochoda, Barbara Epstein, Michael Kelly (RIP)
James Bennett
Cullen Murphy
Ben Schwarz, David Rieff, Jon Meacham
Mark Miller, Jacob Weisberg, David Plotz

June Thomas, Lewis Lapham

Gerry Marzorati, Perry Anderson
Robin Blackburn, Mary-Kay Wilmers
Inigo Thomas, Deirdre English,
Conor Hanna. All
Windsor Mann
Edwin Blue,
Graydon Carter, Aimee Bell, Walter Owen,
David Friend. Its

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