Abstact: Amritananda (Dr. N. P. Sastry) performed a Devi Yaga in Vizag in april 1983.

At that time a 3 acre plot was donated at a place we call Devipuram now. It is in Sabbavaram Mandal, Vizag District, A.P. He used to come here. There were no roads, no water, no way. He was looking for confirmation that this was the place intended for the Devi temple he wanted to build. He discovered an oval rock about 9 feet with a triangular with a 6 ft pit in it. It had the features of a female genital. It was obviously cut by human hands long time ago. He used to meditate there. He went into a trance and saw Devi Kamakhya in front of him. When he accepted Her invitation to do puja, she opened herself to him and initiated him into ancient erotic rituals. She inspired him to build three temples: one for Herself, one for Father, and one for Sri Chakra. The Kamakhya Guru Peetham was built by him around the oval rock in 1983. Temple for Siva was built on top of the hill the same time. Then Sri Meru was completed in 1994 in the donated land. Kamakhya showed him in meditation the goddesses of Sri Chakra. He could describe them to the sculptor. This article is what Kamakhya Devi told him. In essence, it describes how acceptance of Eros can heal, empower women and men. Eros is seen in the context of freedom and social empowerment.

KAMAKHYA TOLD AMRITA Kamakhya told Amrita: "In the olden days enjoying sex was a proper aim of life and so Kama was sacred. Kama was the God of Love, same as Siva, with Rati, myself, happiness of sexual union, being his wife. Use of erotic rituals used to be performed to pleasure me. They are carved in all sacred temples. Eros is pro-life. It is the fountain of semen, blood, milk and white and pink light which sustains passion, joy, creativity, power and love. This method of worship is available to every one. It is the easy path to me. My name means sex desire. I am the source of all life. "There are many temples for me which are following Dakshinachara available only to elite Brahmins. But I am life in every one, not only the elite. I love fun, I am very sexual, I am prolife. So I am in everyone as erotic desire. I am accessible to everyone who has passion for sex. I am there in Deva Dasis, and prostitutes also. Every woman, no matter what her state in life is, has the right to be worshipped. She only has to ask for it as I did to you. Make sure that Her decency is not violated. No one should be forced, compelled or bribed into the puja. Only volunteering adults may willingly and joyously participate in my erotic rituals called chakra pujas without any sense of shame. The female genital is my temple. I should be

that my temple is the life giving womb Garbha. You need a society free from male AND female domination. sense of I and mine. any potent mantras like the thousand names of any Goddess should be recited or heard. Enjoyment doesn't hurt anyone. "There is no restriction really that only husbands should worship their wives. So there should be an orgy of celebration. or sense of shame are creations of ego. What is puja without bhakti? Husbands may not like their women to become free. "How should the worship be done? I accept all enjoyments as worship. offering water and milk to drink. with singing and dancing and fine arts. Why can't you make love in temples like in olden days? Who teaches you the fine arts of satisfying the partner if both partners are ignorant? Must you learn from dull. You may worship me through any consenting woman thus: Inviting. worship is considered obscene. I am pleased by such pujas. injuring and rape being shown publicly while love play is forbidden? How come you have become so anti-life and pro-death? Did your Vedas or Shastras prescribe violence as a purushartha? Can guns and weapons feed or educate a poor child. What was the relationship between you and your wife before marriage? Any one could have been your spouse. to be liberated. puja would never happen with real bhakti. "I have blessed the world. sensual massage with herbal oils followed by bath. scented flowers and decorations to every part of the body. that Ganapathi stands at the G-spot. Inhibitions. how can they ever receive the adoration and love they deserve? Should they then miss the opportunity to be adored at least once in their life time to be a Goddess? In this age. anointing all body parts with perfumes. makeup. or the wives don't like to be worshipped by others because tradition goes against it. or elaborately. and that the vehicle of Shiva is the testes? Did you know that flowers are the genitals of trees. and waving lights. My puja can be done simply. ornaments. washing hands. Then I will bless you through the woman receiving the puja to fulfill all your desires if they involve no injury to any one. giving delicacies to eat. offering a seat. They empower the women receiving the puja to become divine. or heal a single suffering person? "Did you know that Shiva's emblem is Ananda Bhairava. offering lovely clothes.worshipped there. I will put life into all your arts. How this can happen? "I know in this age of repression of women. holy ashes represents semen and kumkum the menstrual flow? Did you know that love play is my puja? Why should you be ashamed of your rich culture which is pro-life and sexy? . At least for the duration of puja. the unhooded penis Linga. people should let go of them in the temples here and everywhere. If only husbands are allowed to do puja to their wives and they are unwilling to do it. repetitive pornographic films and books secretly with a feeling of sin? Why did the fine arts of erotic rituals involving transformation of lust to love become wrong and became black magic? What kind of legal norms are you having if it doesn't object to fighting. "Such pujas done to women are the core of bhakti to me. that KundaliniKumara's seat is the clitoris. All the time the puja is going on. billions of women need to become free of domination from bondage and aggression. right? If such restriction were to be placed.

You tell people. You have my blessings. Don't ever worry about that. Let people exercise their choice. being open to being loved. more and more people will start accepting these ways. weapons of mass destruction. The best form is service. You don't have to believe in something you know first hand to be true. Misery is sin. One more prison around it doesn't matter. "Every one tells you."Throw away your inhibitions. It is Ok to see people enjoying good sex. they will say this will destroy culture and civilized behavior. Let people judge you as they think fit. They will have to convince themselves. It is not even belief. no prison can hold you. There is no such thing as death. People will bring bouquets and brickbats. There is no adversity that will come to them if they don't come here. I am the . "It is Ok to be nude. You don't have to change. You are already in a life long prison called your body. "For worship to yield fruit. Have one law for every one. because that is how they have been programmed by society. It is Ok to give a ritual bath to a woman. they may go to another place. I am the way. mind and ego. illegal and unlawful. Temples are indeed the places for promoting social intercourse and empowerment. shed their inhibitions for enjoyments. Enjoyment is virtue. they will say it is nonsense. The person being empowered should repay the debt through some form of service to the Goddess temple. Let people be nude in the temples if they so wish. poison you. It is not your job to convince people. A fact can't be reduced to belief. Make violence. The whole of nature is nude except you silly humans. And be worshipped like that. and explain the concepts of sexual fulfillment. treat all equally. kill you. If you know how to get out of the prison of your body. "If people object to these values. That is normal. I will bring the right people to you. There is more hope with the younger generation than old people with set attitudes. All that matters is are you convinced "this is the way"? Make information available to them. who are able to create a new world order of love. "Initially people will listen but shake their heads in disbelief. It is Ok to have fun with a willing partner. empower and enrich the lives of people. There is more hope with villagers who are in tune with nature than urbanites. not alienation and darkness. The best service is to convince people that loving is empowering. that puja really empowers women and men by making them Goddesses and Gods. I will keep sending more. Divert the resources from creating mass destruction to educate. it is high time. some form of energy exchange has to be there. what will other people think? How will you be judged? How will it reflect on the society? They will try to imprison you. "I have sent many many people before you. So I have chosen this rural setting. do what you feel is right openly. Change your laws. Allow yourselves to enjoy. how can it be abnormal? As the society realizes the roots of its ills. They will leer. Be firm in your belief. There is no compulsion to come here. It is Ok to know that ejaculation and orgasm can be and are different. You must reach out to adolescents. When entire population of the world want sex and like to show it and see it at least in their privacy. Nudity is the symbol of having nothing to hide. but don't compel them. Move into a world of love and light. It is Ok to practice from a learned Guru the fine arts of worshipping Goddess.

Take it or leave it. Beyond time. Only try to see for yourself. A reflex or instinctual act leading to loss of . calm and quiet breathing. Dependency. Come here if you like. aware of the God(dess) within. in the subtle invisible body and in the surrounding environment. The erotic energy sublimates and is transmuted in ever more refined forms of Inevitably." Independence. telepathic perception of the other through empathy. Think it is true or false. Both man and woman expand endlessly their merged consciousness into the Universe. Nobody compels you. lasting indefinitely therefore is contiguous with Infinity. Inside as well as outside the physical body. Woman active/man passive. the erotic energy is lost energy which are gradually accumulated in permanently and uselessly. All beings and objects seem to make love at the same time. It doesn't matter. Heavy breathing. the maker of life. expanded consciousness. Woman passive/man active. Don't come if you don't like. The most important differences between an ordinary orgasm with ejaculation and TANTRIC orgasm without ejaculation are illustrated in the following comparative analysis: ORDINARY ORGASM (with ejaculation) TANTRIC ORGASM (without ejaculation) Implosion (inward-bursting energy). The two lovers become gradually long time to reach the peak of excitement). Man can share woman's multi-orgasmic capacity without losing the erection. the yoni. these are the words that Goddess spoke to Amrita. The intensity of the following sexual acts increase constantly and do not diminish in the end. Hyper-conscious and fully controlled act Playing with the other. Don't blindly accept what others say. Ocean-like state of beatific fulfillment felt by BOTH man and Lasts a very short time. The other "disappears" due to the spontaneous transfiguration.gate of life. Easy. In the physical body only. producing extremely following sexual act diminishes greatly refined and intense states of pleasure and compared to what was felt at the beginning. Playing within yourself with a simultaneous. The intensity of a the depths of our being. the source of life. Explosion (outward-bursting energy). "I feel the other as if he/she is myself. creating a nostalgic woman as a shared feeling of happiness and state of frustration due to the partial lack of joy of living which expands the perception of fulfillment (especially for women." Yes. who need a pleasure.

clairvoyance. contraceptives when she makes love with him. irrepressible experience. The erotic vitality of the instinctive repulsion for the other or as lack of couple amplifies leading to a clear state of self-esteem. overflows to other human beings as love and compassion. Complete freedom of any restrictions or fears. an unconscious. leading to ever more fulfilling sexual experiences. through a reflex mechanism. opening the Due to the huge loss of sexual energy. This leads to a totally natural birth control. possessiveness and oneself and of tender happiness which jealousy. Fear of undesired pregnancy. A state of overwhelming euphoria grows gradually. Due to the complete transmutation and sublimation of the sexual power. leading to a state of peace with Attachment. Because of the total semen retention irrespective of the duration of the sexual act. Detachment. inner power and of complete sexual fulfillment. desire transcended into fulfillment. Man becomes a completely safe effects such as hormonal imbalances leading lover and his woman will never have to use to obesity. Unlimited sexual availability making possible an overwhelming erotic experience of a Limited sexual availability due to the paramount intensity which can last eight to exhaustion which follows ejaculation. Chaotic movement. affectionate feelings. . sexual experiences become less and less Dramatic increasing of vitality fulfilling and. the couple to positive. leading gradually to ecstatic. sleep and awakening of the creative imagination and lucidity. Non-movement followed by slow wavelike movements to which the other's body answers tenderly and insatiably in a perfect harmony. the psychomental potential is increased leading to the awakening of paranormal powers (telepathy. etc. The use of pregnancy is out of the question when contraceptives has many unhealthy sideundesired. erotic abandon and happiness which lasts as long as two to three days after a successful TANTRIC experience. This ten hours without interruption --providing that leads gradually to a state of permanent BOTH man and woman perfectly CONTROL fatigue and drowsiness which can manifest as the sexual energy. animalistic.control.). the leading to the shortening of the need for psycho-mental potential decreases. selfish desire. Man's virility and woman's pluri-level multi-orgasmic capacity awakens and amplifies to the highest extent.

fed with new and unexpectedly delicious experiences. Desire transforms gradually into genuine and pure love. . of one's own inner profile. Monotony kills the desire and the relationship becomes ever more trivial. a feeling rarely known by humans and which grows constantly. Reference: Multi orgasmic man and other books by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava. Sanfrancisco. The dynamics of the couple is enriched every day with new and amazing discoveries of the other's inner world and. through reflection. Harper.The dynamics of the couple decreases with time and desire transforms quickly into habit. Habit cannot survive due to the hyper-intense and spontaneous living in the ever-changing present.

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