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Lucas - TVS established in 1961 as a joint venture between Lucas UK and T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons (TVS), India

to manufacture Automotive Electrical Systems. Lucas-TVS is the Leader in Auto Electricals in India today with 50 years experience in design and manufacturing. 4 out of 5 vehicles rolled out daily are fitted with Lucas-TVS products. Lucas - TVS is a TS16949 and OHSAS 18001 certified company. Lucas-TVS has bagged the Deming application price in 2004 from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE).

Human resource is an asset never disclosed in a company's balance sheet. We at LucasTVS strongly believe that an organization's most valued assets are its people who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. Keeping this in mind, Lucas-TVS's management style lays great emphasis on employee involvement and actively encourages participation and commitment through Small Group Activities (SGA), Suggestion Schemes, Voluntary Work Teams and the like.

A highly visible culture of Commitment, backed up by Discipline & Positive Attitude prevails across the organization. We believe in the following equation: Employee Performance = [Knowledge + skill] X [Will]

Trust, Value, and Service are the key words and beliefs practiced always internally and externally. Openness and transparency are seen in leadership styles/ meetings. Internal customer- Supplier equations are extremely strong. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure-shop floor) & SWP (Standard Work Procedure-office areas) are base points of DRM in line and staff functional departments. TEI (Total Employee Involvement) is the foundation of the organization. Learning culture prevails at all times and all places in the company. 5S is the first step in every function. Approach and outlook of engineers / managers is always bi-focal (short term and long term). PDCA is the belief and the Continuous improvement is the driver of growth. Systems and procedures are always put in place in reality to recognize an orderly workflow. Performance culture is encouraged and visible results are rewarded. Customer, economy in operations and Gemba are the basics of business culture. We take care of our employees and they in turn take care of our customers.


To be a respected supplier of global auto industry, by developing innovative products and solutions of value to customers using contemporary technologies and creative skills and involvement of our employees, suppliers and other partners. Through these activities LucasTVS expects to contribute to auto industry and Indian society.

Dominant supplier of rotating electrical products to Indian industry. Significant supplier of customized motors to specific non-automotive applications in India Supplier to global car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Customer delight and employee's pride to build Lucas-TVS brand. Sales turnover of 4000 crores [USD 800 Million] by 2015 and achieve stakeholder's expectations. "Vision without action is merely a dream Action without vision passes the time Vision with action can change the world"