 Mechanic suffers injury while replacing end rollers In replacing the end rollers on a lift truck, the lift cylinder was detached at the connecting part and the inner mast was being listed up with a crane. A mechanic was holding the tip of the lift cylinder with his right hand so that it would not fall off forward. Then the inner mast suddenly dropped instead of rising for some unknown reason. The mechanic got caught his right hand between the lift cylinder tip and the inner mast. He suffered an injury at the hand..

Corrective Action 1. In work using a crane, check the slinging wire and the slinging condition for any abnormality prior to starting lifting up. 2. Start lifting up only after confirming a signal from a signalman.

Fork falls when replacing chain, injuring mechanic's foot. In the mast chain replacement work, a mechanic put himself in between the mast and the operator's platform to inspect the upper part of the mast. But he lost his balance and unwittingly grabbed the fork control lever, trying to support him. The fork was actuated and went down all of sudden. He got his right foot pinched and injured.

Corrective Action 1. Provide for a scaffold that enables a mechanic to do the work, taking a stable and safe posture. 2. When inspecting lift trucks, be sure to stop the engine first.

Lower the fork to the ground before starting with the work. Check the power train only after stopping the engine. his sleeve got caught with the fork control lever and jerked it. . Corrective Action 1. 2. 3. . Wear clothing suitable for the safety work. The fork was activated and went down all of sudden. He got both insteps of his feet crushed by the falling fork.echanic's feet injured by falling fork in checking electrical system. While a mechanic was checking the electrical system near the operator's seat in a lift truck.

. when he removed it for repair. who happened to be just below. Take precautions to ward off fall of parts before starting with the work. . 2. Corrective Action 1. engaged in overhauling the brake system. The reel hit the left side of his head. causing a deep cut. Mechanic A let fall the hose reel for the hinged fork by mistake.Mechanic lets hose reel fall. It landed on the head of Mechanic B. hitting fellow mechanic below.. determine signals beforehand and make a start on the actual work only after confirmation. In work of pair or more.

be familiar with the mechanism. Corrective Action 1. The moment he loosened the plug. a mechanic tried to loosen a plug on the gauge board in order to measure the set hydraulic oil pressure for the work equipment. hydraulic oil spurted out and the fork went down almost simultaneously. The fork was kept in a raised position during the work. . be sure to use a pillar or block to support the fork for safety. If it is required to do the work with a fork lifted up. 2. review the work process and confirm safety in the work before starting the actual work.Spurted-out oil lets fork fall. In servicing hydraulic systems. seriously injuring mechanic In course of inspecting a lift truck. The mechanic was crushed under the dropped fork and seriously injured.

an operator wanted to see how the repair work was going on and stuck his head through an opening of the backrest.Backrest guillotines operator while repairing pinched chain The chain got caught in between the chain wheel and the mast. disabling the fork to go up and down. Right at that moment the pinched chain returned to normality. Do not allow any third person to get in a workplace involving danger. support it with a pillar or block to prevent the danger. The operator got his head caught between the cylinder and the backrest and was seriously injured. . 2. While a mechanic was fixing the trouble. If repair work is to be done with parts or component that may accidentally fall off. Corrective Action 1.

Corrective Action 1. 3. Appoint a work conductor for such work involving danger. Then the jack slipped up all of sudden and fell off on him. 2. But he found the chassis height was a bit too low for him to creep in. Apply chocks so that a machine will not move back and forth.Slipped-up jack drops lift truck on mechanic. so he lifted it up further and started the work. Prepare for supporting frames of appropriate height. Do not forget to support a lifted machine with steadfast frames. after it has been jacked up. He was seriously injured. 4. . injuring him seriously A mechanic put a lift truck on supporting frames and tried to get under the chassis in an effort to check the brushes of the electric motor.

Corrective Action 1. . nor step on them. When taking measurements with moving parts. Then the mast slid down all of sudden and pinched his left foot. while working on a hydraulic valve. 2.Lowering inner mast catches mechanic's foot. appoint a measurer and operator independently. Do not stick part of the body in moving parts of the machine. If the two parties are wide apart from each other. A mechanic was measuring the hydraulic oil pressure of the lift cylinder on his own. He put his left foot on a lateral bar connecting the mast pillars. appoint a signalman separately and let them follow his signals.

be sure to check if the commutation failure protection circuit functions properly. Start a test run at a low speed and bring it up to a high speed.Runaway lift truck hits sweeper. A mechanic was operating a battery-powered lift truck for the test after finishing repairs on the malfunctioned controller. keep a wide area. 3. The truck started to run away all of sudden and hit a nearby sweeper. Corrective Action 1. put up a fence to keep bystanders off as well as post a work conductor. applying load in several stages. causing her an injury of three months. After repairs on controllers. When conducting a test operation. Wrong wiring he made by mistake was to blame for the accident. . 2.

Fasten loose cargos. . cargos. While running. Signal the operator to stop the truck and then walk up to him. or put them in a large box and carry it on a pallet. 3. and repair tools were in the cart. Do not get near a running lift truck. part of the tools in the cart threatened to fall off due to the truck's vibration. 2. Run a lift truck at the lowest speed possible. leaving a leeway for the operator to pay good attention to the conditions of floor surface. neighborhood.Running lift truck runs over helper. Corrective Action 1. but he was run over by the truck and had his leg broken. a nearby worker ran up to the lift truck to push the falling tools back to the cart. etc. At the sight. A lift truck was carrying a cart on the fork.

If it becomes definitely necessary to begin with the work with the fork in a lifted position. Do not go under any object that may fall off. slide down. letting down the fork on the mechanic's foot. he loosened the adaptor of the hydraulic oil pressure gauge. . take precautions so that the fork will not drop during the work. A mechanic fixed an oil pressure gauge to a lift cylinder piping in order to measure hydraulic oil pressure in the lift cylinder. as a result of which the lift cylinder rod was pulled in. injuring mechanic. 10 cm. which was to blame for the fallen bucket. or overturn.Removed adapter lets fork fall. or put any part of the body beneath it. Start with inspection or maintenance work on lift trucks only after it has been confirmed that the fork was lowered to the ground. Corrective Action 1. He was naturally injured. 3. 2. Then hydraulic oil spurted out suddenly. but had a clearance of approx. Put on safety shoes for the work. As he finished to take the measurement. The lift cylinder rod was not completely drawn to the end.

if the circumstance so requires. Moreover. Corrective Action 1. he stretched an arm for the fork control lever intending to raise the fork. too. . appoint an inspector and an operator independently.Falling fork breaks mechanic's finger. A mechanic was checking the clearance between the inner rollers and the inner mast. but he lowered it by mistake. Operate the control levers only in the operator's platform. Standing in front of the operator's platform. He had a finger pinched in between the lowered fork and the mast. When checking the machine condition. 2. while in check. for assuring safety in the work. appoint a signalman. as they caused abnormal noises presumably due to friction. Do not touch the mast.

2. he once loosened the bolts. Evacuate the worker from under the fork to a safer place before loosening the piping connection. A mechanic tried to fix the trouble by retightening the bolts on the piping. A worker. was crushed by the falling fork and injured. . who stood under the fork to shine a light on the work with a flashlight. Oil leakage was found on the lift side of a lift cylinder piping. injuring worker. after lifting up the fork to the height of 1. but he did so excessively. Corrective Action 1. Now that the oil leakage could not be stemmed somehow.5 meters. take every precaution to ward off fall of the fork. which in turn let fall the fork. As a result the hydraulic oil began to flow out.Oil leakage causes fork to drop. Do not allow anyone to go under the fork. If it becomes definitely necessary to do so.

Keep inexperienced workers under the control of a work conductor during work. When a mechanic tried to creep under the chassis that was raised and rested on supporting blocks. . letting fall the machine. He was crushed under the fallen machine and seriously injured. 3. Do not use a jack for supporting equipment. Then the jack slipped up all of sudden. he found the height was a bit too low to do so. Corrective Action 1. seriously injuring mechanic. Be sure to use appropriate supporting devices after jacking. He further raised the chassis with a jack and went under it for inspection. while servicing it.Slipped jack lets fall chassis. because it may possibly collapse due to a failure. Use chocks to secure a machine firmly. 2.


pallets have been piled onto the forks of a forklift and are being raised with a worker on top of them toward the light bulb. Tips for preventing similar accidents .FORKLIFT ACCIDENT To replace a light bulb suspended from a warehouse ceiling. causing the worker to fall to the warehouse floor. When the forklift operator moved the forklift slightly to adjust its position. the pallets became unstable and fell over.

install handrails or a frame of an adequate height around the pallet. such as securing the pallet to the forks.1. ensure that machinery in a location where it is not at risk of tumbling over. Do not work on top of loads or pallets. 2. and ensuring that the worker uses a safety belt. Use appropriate machines and equipment. . If work must be performed on a pallet. and ensure all necessary measures are taken. such as aerial work platforms and scaffolding.

taking little heed to the movement of the lift truck. though he heard the warning buzzer sound. whose operator failed to thoroughly check rearward. was hit from behind by the lift truck. The worker A. but he thinks it is still far away and keeps walking. and got a leg injured. . who did not stop and wait. Meanwhile another worker A is walking along the isle. He heard the backup buzzer sound to tell a lift truck was backing up.FORKLIFT ACCIDENT An operator worker is backing up a lift truck to make a 90-degree turn after loading in a parts warehouse.

Tips for forestalling similar accidents 1. Provide a sidewalk exclusively for pedestrians along the isles and see that they walk on the sidewalk without fail. . 2. 3. If a worker is obliged to step in the area where a lift truck is operated. A lift truck operator will check safety in the traveling direction in advance. he/she will caution the operator and both parties will confirm mutual safety.


Corrective Action 1.Loosened rim flies off. He was injured seriously. seriously injuring mechanic. a mechanic loosened the bolts securing a split type rim by mistake. lest the wheel should spring out or fall forward. when doing the work. first deflate the tire and then start with the work. Let only the licensed workers do the work. When dismounting a wheel equipped with a split type rim. 2. . The loosened rim flew off and hit him directly. When dismounting a wheel. Do not stand direct in front of the wheel. He had had little experiences in the work and was ignorant of the split type rim.