The following major items of Plant and Equipment are required for the installation of sheet piles. i. ii. iii. iv. v. 65 Ton Crawler mounted crane 50 – 90 Ton Vibratory Hammer w/power pack. BSP Type Pneumatic Pile driving hammer w/compressor and suitable lead. Total Station for surveying. Suitable pitching frame / leader. 

The first step in the construction of a sheet pile wall is the installation of the pitching frame. This is required to ensure the verticality and alignment of the piles during their driving. The pitching frame is installed with accuracy using appropriate surveying tools. The installation of the pitching frame is done in the same alignment as the sheet pile wall to be installed. Once the pitching frame is in place 10-12 sheet piles are pitched in it. The crawler crane is used for handling and pitching of the sheet piles. The piles are joined together by placing the thumb of one pile into the fingers of the previously placed piles. After a set of piles has been joined the driving hammer is used to drive the pitched piles to approx. 1/3 of their length. Then the next set of piles are pitched/joined and driven to a depth at
IVCC Engineering (PVT) Limited Sheet Pile Installation Methodology

Throughout this whole operation the verticality and alignment of the piles will be checked periodically with the use of a plumb line and surveying instruments. IVCC Engineering (PVT) Limited Sheet Pile Installation Methodology . We then go back to the initial set of piles and drive them further. This procedure is repeated till all the piles are driven to the required depth. However if it is necessary the pitching frame can be extended for each subsequent set of piles. Thus enabling us to pitch the rest of the piles without the use of the pitching frame. In this way the last (and partly driven) pile of the previous set serves as the guide pile for the next panel.which resistance is encountered.

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